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By Richard Trionfo on 2013-12-04 21:55:59
Last week, Antonio Cesaro was asked about William Regal’s action last week. He tells William not to stick his nose in his business . . . sunshine. Leo Kruger enters and he thanks Antonio for what he did to him. He took him to a place he has not been for a long time. Leo has a proposition for him. He says that he could be a ‘Real American’. He says that he has a match with Sami Zayn and he knows that Antonio has a past with Sami.

Antonio says that he has an idea. He will talk to Zeb about becoming a ‘Real American’ if Leo does something for him. He whispers something in his ear and Antonio leaves.

We saw Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville battle for the chance to face Bo Dallas for the NXT Title. Now that Adrian Neville has earned that shot at Bo Dallas, will he capitalize on it or will Bo find another way to extend his title reign.

We are in Winter Park, Florida and your announcers are Byron ‘The Gator who does not throw up’ Saxton, Alex ‘Flutie Flakes’ Riley, and Renee ‘The Real Diva of WWE’ Young.

Match Number One: Paige versus Natalya for the NXT Women’s Title

They both shake hands before locking up. Natalya with a side head lock take down and Paige with a head scissors and Natalya escapes. Paige with a side head lock take down and Natalya with a head scissors and Paige escapes. Natalya with a double leg take down and she works on the leg. Paige with an arm bar and wrist lock. Natalya with a reversal into a back drop and she applies an arm bar.

Paige with a head butt and O’Connor Roll for a near fall. Paige with a jackknife cover but Natalya bridge and gets a near fall with a back slide. Paige blocks a kick but Natalya takes Paige down and applies a version of the Haas of Pain. Paige with a side head lock. Natalya with a side head lock take down.

Paige with a rollup for a near fall. Natalya with a shoulder tackle and a rollup for a near fall. Natalya tries for the Sharpshooter but Paige gets to the ropes and Natalya has to release the hold. Paige goes to the floor and we go to commercial.

We are back and Natalya is sent into the turnbuckles and Paige with punches to Natalya. Paige chokes and stomps Natalya in the corner. Paige with a near fall. Paige with a reverse chin lock. Paige sends Natalya to the mat and she gets another near fall. Paige with an abdominal stretch on Natalya and she gets in a few shots to the midsection to add more pressure.

Natalya with a reversal and she gets in a few shots to the midsection. Natalya picks up one of Paige’s legs to add more pressure. Paige with a hip toss to escape. Paige slams Natalya’s head into the bottom turnbuckle and then she stomps her in the corner. Paige with a kick to Natalya while Natalya is on the apron and then she hangs Natalya over the ropes and connects with knees.

Natalya with kicks to Paige. Both women go for a cross body and both women are down. Paige misses a leg drop and Natalya with a clothesline and kick followed by a slap and suplex. Natalya with a Michinoku Driver for a near fall. Paige with a kick but Natalya hits the discus clothesline. Natalya gets a near fall.

Natalya gets Paige set up for the Sharpshooter and she locks it in but Paige is a few feet from the ropes but Natalya pulls Paige into the center of the ring. Paige crawls into the corner and Paige rolls through and sends Natalya into the turnbuckles.

Paige struggles to get to her feet while Natalya is down in the corner. Paige holds her leg while Natalya holds her neck. They both get back to their feet and Paige hits the Paige Turner for the three count.

Winner: Paige

After the match, Natalya and Paige hug before Natalya raises Paige’s arm.

We go to Alexander Rusev and Lana. She tells Alexander something and Tyler Breeze enters. He thanks Alexander for the help last week. He says that Kassius is a total ugo and a fatty. Lana cuts off Tyler and she says that Mr. Rusev appreciates his gracious services and he can go.

Tyler says that he is going to invite Lana and Alexander to something, but she tells him to leave. Lana tells Alexander to crush Kassius Ohno on his way to the NXT Title.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Mojo Rawley is in the interview area with Dan Avone. Dan asks Mojo if he is as hyped as he was when he debuted. Mojo says that he always stays hyped. He is going to be NXT Champion someday and then he will be on Raw and Smackdown.

Sylvester Lefort and Scott Dawson enter and Sylvester will be the one to take him to the top to make a lot of money.

Mojo says that Sylvester is the one who is shorting Scott on his paychecks every week. Mojo tells Sylvester that he saw people like him when he was playing football. He is not helping Scott, he is hurting Scott’s career.

Scott tells Mojo that he will not talk about them like that. He says that Frenchie has been looking out for him, even if every once in a while the checks are not signed or a little late.

Sylvester makes his excuses for any problems.

Scott says that he has an idea. Why not have a match between the two of them next week.

Mojo accepts the challenge.

Before Aiden English’s opponent can be introduced, Aiden interrupts and he sings for the people of the NXT Arena.

Match Number Two: Aiden English versus Anonymous Wrestler

They lock up and English reverses a wrist lock. After a reversal, English has to get to the ropes to get the hold released. English with a side head lock and he pulls his opponent down with a pull of the hair. English with a kick and running neck breaker followed by forearms to the back of the neck.

English with a suplex followed the Director’s Cut for the three count.

Winner: Aiden English

After the match, English demands his spotlight and he gives everyone an encore. Roses are thrown into the ring to show the crowd’s appreciation of English’s work.

Antonio Cesaro makes his way to the stage and he has something to say.

Antonio says that he came out this week to apologize personally to Byron Saxton. He says that he lost his temper and his cool last week. He would like Byron to join him on the stage so he can give him an apology.

Saxton gets up from his position at the announce table and he joins Antonio on the stage.

Antonio offers him his hand and Byron eventually shakes it. Antonio says that he is truly sorry about last week. He thought Byron would have known better not to touch the flag, but he lost his temper. He apologizes in five languages and he asks Byron to accept his apology.

Byron says thank you.

Antonio says that as an example of his goodwill, he will let Byron join him in a ‘We The People’. Byron does not show a lot of enthusiasm for the ‘We The People’ so he asks Byron if he thinks this is a joke.

Cesaro pulls Saxton’s jacket down to trap his arms and then he grabs Saxton. Antonio asks Byron where Regal is and Byron says that he does not know. Cesaro slaps Saxton in the face.

We see comments from Sami Zayn after last week’s match against Adrian Neville. He says that the better man won tonight. It is hard to come so close to that title and then get close to that opportunity again, only to come up short. If it is going to be anyone, he is happy that it is Adrian. If it is Adrian or Bo, he will be coming for the winner.

Leo Kruger attacks Sami Zayn and he tells him Tata as we go to commercial.

We are back and Tom Phillips has taken Byron’s spot at the announce table.

We see footage from February when Tyson Kidd was attacked by Leo Kruger.

Match Number Three: Tyson Kidd versus Leo Kruger

Kidd with an elbow and kicks followed by a corkscrew drop kick and a back heel kick. Kidd with a drop kick to the temples and then he stomps on Kruger. Kruger tries to get to the floor but Kidd pulls him back in. Kruger kicks Kidd away and Kruger punches and kicks Kidd while the referee tries to pull him out of the corner.

Kidd with kicks and a suplex for a near fall. Kruger gets to the ropes to avoid a Sharpshooter. Kidd with a swinging neck breaker for a near fall. Kidd with forearms and chops to Kruger. Kidd with shoulders to the midsection but Kruger with a knee to stop Kidd and then he chokes Kidd in the corner.

Kruger with a European uppercut and kicks to Kidd. Kruger with an Irish whip but Kidd gets his boot up. Kruger grabs the leg and he drops down to hyperextend the knee. Kruger kicks the back of the leg to take Kidd down.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Kruger continues to work on the injured knee and he has his knee in Kidd’s thigh. Kidd with punches to try to get Kruger to release the hold. Kruger tries for an atomic drop to the knee but Kidd with a sunset flip for a near fall. Kidd with a backslide for a near fall. Kruger with an uppercut and he gets a near fall.

Kruger drops the knee to the mat and he kicks Kidd. Kruger with a dragon screw leg whip and Kidd backs into the opposite corner to try to stop the attack by Kruger. Kidd has trouble getting back to his feet and Kruger with punches. Kruger with a Sharpshooter and he applies it.

Sami Zayn appears at ringside and Kruger loses his concentration on the match and Kruger releases the hold. Kidd with a rollup for the three count.

Winner: Tyson Kidd

We go to commercial.

We are back and we are told that Sami Zayn will face Leo Kruger next week on NXT.

We get comments from Hunico and Camacho about beating The Ascension. Hunico says that they are from the barrio so they have never been given anything. They will win the titles when they face The Ascension next week.

Match Number Four: Adrian Neville versus Bo Dallas for the NXT Championship

They lock up and Neville with a wrist lock and he works on the arm. Bo with a reversal but Neville with a reversal of his own. Neville gets a near fall and Bo rolls to the apron. Bo gets back into the ring. Bo with a kick and forearm to Neville followed by an elbow.

Bo with an Irish whip but Neville floats over and he hits a cross body for a near fall. Neville with a drop kick for a near fall. Dallas rolls to the floor to stop Neville’s momentum.

Bo gives himself a motivational speech before re-entering the ring. Bo with a front face lock and Neville backs him into the corner. Bo with a forearm when the referee was out of position on the break. Bo with another forearm and he gets a near fall. The middle turnbuckle in the corner is accidentally exposed.

Bo with knees and a cravate on Neville. Bo with a knee and hard Irish whip to Neville. Bo with another Irish whip and a clothesline in the corner followed by a bulldog for a near fall. Bo with a slam and he drops knees to the chest and Bo gets a near fall. Bo pulls down his knee pad and he goes to the turnbuckles and he goes for a knee drop but Neville moves and Bo favors his knee.

Neville with kicks to the knee and Neville with a flying forearm or two. Neville with a back heel kick and drop kick to the temple for a near fall. Bo rolls to the floor. Neville with a corkscrew plancha onto Bo. Neville rolls Bo back into the ring but Bo kicks out at two.

Neville with a slam and he goes to the turnbuckles for Red Arrow but Bo rolls to the floor. Neville decides to visit Bo on the floor for a cross body onto Bo and both men are down.

The referee starts his count and both men have trouble getting back to their feet. Neville returns to the ring at nine but Bo is still on the floor and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Adrian Neville (by count out)

We go to credits.

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