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By Mike Johnson on 2013-11-30 19:05:50

Blake Morris & DJ Hyde vs. Dickie Rodz & Nikki Adams

Rodz and Morris started out.  Morris demanded he let Adams wrestle him instead.  Rodz and Adams are wearing matching shirts that read "Sack" and "Rack."  Adams tagged in but was overpowered and shoved down.  She armdragged him and nailed a sunset flip for a two count.  She and Rodz double teamed Morris in the corner.

Adams went for a tornado DDT out of the corner but Morriso blocked it.  She ducked a clothesline and nailed a back suplex.  Rodz tagged in but Morris ran from the ring.  Hyde tagged in and Rodz nailed him but Hyde chopped him down with stiff shots.

Adams tagged in and began chopping away at Hyde.  He kicked her in the mid-section and chopped her hard in the corner.  She went down and you could feel the entire crowd get mad about how hard she was hit.  Rodz hit the ring and attacked Hyde but was taken down.  Morris tagged in and drilled Rodz with an enziguiri.

Rodz was beaten down stiffly by Hyde and Morris.  Hyde spit on Adams, allowing the referee to get distracted so Morris could continue working over Rodz.    Morris locked on a sleeper but Rodz nailed a back suplex to break it.   Rodz finally tagged Adams, who charged across and nailed Hyde in the corner, then hit a high cross bodyblock on Morris for a two count.  She followed that up with a bulldog for a two count.

Adams worked over Morris until Hyde caught her with a spear.   Hyde signaled for the lariat.  Rodz shoved her out of the way and took it.  Adams got in Hyde's face but Morris rolled her up and scored the pin.

Your winner, Blake Morris & DJ Hyde!

Another good, well laid out match.

NYWC Fusion champ Francis Kipland Stevens vs. Mike Mondo with NYWC Starlet champion Marti Belle

They went back and forth with some very good wrestling early.  Stevens got control but missed a charge, spearing the top of his head into the middle turnbuckle.  Mondo choked him against the ropes.

Mondo tied Stevens to the ropes by his own suspenders.  Stevens battled back but missed a  high cross bodyblock.  Mondo covered him for a two count and then cinched in a chinlock on the mat, using his own weight to smother the champ.

Mondo worked over Stevens until missing a charge.  Stevens, who's the underdog of the company, got a lot of cheers fighting back and scoring several near falls.   Stevens nailed the X-Factor Faceplant for a two count.  They went back and forth with near falls.  Stevens kicked out at the last second from a clothesline, which the crowd thought was the end, getting a nice pop.

Mondo went for a double underhook suplex but was charged back into the corner.  Francis slammed him and went to the top rope   He nailed a double knee strike but Mondo rolled through with the Maple Leaf submission.  Kipland fought his way to the ropes, breaking the hold.

Belle grabbed the Fusion championship and held Stevens but Mondo to nail with the belt.  The referee took the belt away but Mondo decided to charge anyway.  Stevens ducked and Belle was knocked hard off the apron to the guard rail.  Stevens rolled up a shocked Mondo for the pin.

Your winner and still NYWC Fusion champion, Francis Kipland Stevens!

A really good back and forth match.  Stevens improves every time I see him and Mondo is a wrestling machine.

Mr. Entertainment, Brian Vitko came out.  He said that tonight, he's very disappointed because tonight was supposed to be Matt Striker vs. Justin Credible, but Credible showed his true colors.  Tonight was supposed to be a hardcore match but Striker isn't here.   He said he will have a hardcore match himself and take down Justin Credible.   They played Credible's music but he didn't appear.   Vitko told the referee to count out Credible.  He did.

Your winner by countout, Vitko!

Striker was booked overseas, which is why he isn't here.

JT Kasin & Alvin Alvarez & King Mega vs. Brian XL & Justin Toxic & J-Red

XL and Mega started out.  The crowd was strongly behind Mega.   Mega backed him up in the corner and put him on the top turnbuckle, then patted him on the head.  XL tried to mount some offense but Mega was too big and powerful. 

Alvarez tagged in, as did Toxic.     They battled back and forth.  Toxic whipped Alvarez into the corner but was caught with a back elbow.   He ran for a tag and tagged in J-Red.   Kasin tagged in and controlled him, including a delayed vertical suplex.

Kasin was caught in Team XL's corner and they triple teamed him as his partners argued with the referee.  XL hit a nice springboard splash on Kasin for a two count.  The crowd tried to rally Kasin but the onslaught continued.

Mega finally made the hot tag and did some Dusty Rhodes-like clubbering, then hit a belly to belly suplex.  They tried to triple team Mega but he battled back. 

J-Red laid out Alvarez.  He and Kasin ended up outside the ring.  Red and Toxic were splashed in the face with beer as they went for a dive.  Mega hit a big boot on XL and chokeslammed the others for the pin.

Your winners, King Mega, Alvin Alvarez & JT Kasin!

As they say, a lot of shenanigans in this one. 


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