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By Richard Trionfo on 2013-11-25 23:00:36
We are back and remember that the night after Thanksgiving, we have Smackdown and it will have a Thanksgiving Theme.

Renee Young is in the ring and she brings out CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.

Renee congratulates them on their victory last night and asks them about their handicap match tonight.

Punk asks if they survived at Survivor Series against Rowan and Harper? Bryan says yes.

Punk asks if the deck is stacked against them having to face all three men? Bryan says yes.

Punk asks if it is great that they get to face Bray Wyatt? Bryan says yes.

Punk asks if it is weird they have mics and Renee is not asking any questions? Bryan says Yes.

Punk asks if their team should be called the G.O.A.T. or the Beard and the Best. Bryan points out that this is not a yes or no question.

Punk says that handicap matches are the rage and that is how the Authority deals with things. Punk calls it very creative, but I don’t think he means it. Punk says that you can put anyone on their side. Punk says that it does not matter who it is on the other side because they are going to burn them all to the ground. He mentions the Bushwhackers, the Rock and Roll Express, the Midnight Express, the Ring Crew Express, all of the Russians, and the team of Scotty Goldman, Matt Classic, and Colt Cabana

Bryan says that he has looked into the soulless eyes of Bray Wyatt and he is not done playing his games until he has finished him and Punk. Bryan says that they will not let it happen. Bryan asks Punk what time is it and Punk says that it is Clobbering Time.

Match Number Five: Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan, and Luke Harper versus CM Punk and Daniel Bryan

Punk and Rowan start things off and Punk with kicks to Rowan but Rowan sends Punk to the mat. Punk with a kick and forearms to Rowan. Rowan with a forearm in the corner followed by a slam attempt but Punk gets to his feet and Punk with kicks. Bryan tags in and he kicks Rowan. Rowan with a back elbow.

Harper tags in and he connects with a head butt. Bryan flips over Harper on an Irish whip and Bryan with a flying clothesline. Punk tags in and he kicks Harper but Harper blocks a snap mare. Harper rakes the eyes and Irish whips Punk into the turnbuckles but Punk with a boot and he connects with a shoulder in the corner before tagging Bryan back in.

Bryan with a kick to the thigh followed by a dragon screw leg whip and European uppercuts. Harper with European uppercuts of his own. Harper tags in Wyatt and Bray with an uppercut. Wyatt kicks Bryan back to the mat when Daniel tries to get back to his feet. Wyatt with a head butt and a diving head butt. Rowan tags in and he kicks Bryan. Rowan with a slam and head butt. Rowan with an Irish whip but Rowan misses a running boot in the corner.

Punk tags in and hits a springboard clothesline followed by a series of clotheslines but Rowan stays on his feet. Punk with a leg lariat followed by a knee to Rowan against the ropes. Rowan falls to the floor and Punk with a suicide dive onto Rowan.

Punk rolls Rowan back in and Punk with a swinging neck breaker. Punk goes up top and he hits the elbow drop for a near fall. Punk says that someone is going to sleep but Harper tries to interfere and Punk knocks him to the floor. Rowan picks up Punk and tosses him to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Rowan with a rear chin lock and he works on Punk’s back. Rowan with forearms to the back and Wyatt tags in and he kicks Punk. Wyatt with a slam and then he gets a near fall. Harper tags in and he does the Gator Roll into a side head lock. Harper with a European uppercut to Punk and Rowan tags in. Rowan with a bear hug on Punk and he throws Punk around like a rag doll while in the bear hug.

Punk with an elbow and he tries for a sunset flip but Rowan picks Punk up. Punk with a kick to the temple and both men are down. Harper and Bryan tag in and Bryan with a drop kick to Wyatt on the apron. Punk with forearms and Bryan with a suicide dive onto Wyatt. Bryan drops Harper on the top rope and then Bryan with a missile drop kick and kip up.

Bryan with Kicks of Yes but Harper blocks the round kick. Bryan counters with a rana and he applies the Yes Lock but Rowan breaks it up. Bryan with a drop toe hold to Rowan in the corner. Bryan with a drop kick to Harper and then to Rowan. Harper with a Michinoku Driver but Punk breaks it up.

Wyatt and Harper attack Punk and the referee has lost control of the match and he calls for the bell.

No Contest

Wyatt and Rowan pulls Bryan out of the ring while Harper hits a discus lariat on Punk. Bryan is sent into the ringside barrier. Rowan carries Bryan to the back.

From out of nowhere, Roman Reigns spears CM Punk at ringside. Rollins, Ambrose, and Reigns stand over Punk. They bring Punk into the ring for the Cerberus Bomb.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look back at the end of the handicap match.

The announcers wonder why did the Shield attack CM Punk and why did the Wyatts take Daniel Bryan.

Miz is in the back with his co-star and she asks him about his match tonight.

We see footage from the Kickoff Show and Kofi slapping Miz.

Match Number Six: Kofi Kingston versus Miz

Kofi offers his hand to Miz and they both slap each other. They lock up and they go around the ring. Miz with a side head lock take down and Kofi with a head scissors. Kofi with a side head lock take down and Miz with a head scissors. Kofi and Miz alternate arm drags. Kofi with a hip toss and Kofi has a laugh about what happened with Miz earlier.

Miz with a hip toss and Kofi lands on his feet. Miz with a waist lock and Kofi with a standing switch. Miz with a snap mare but Kofi with a drop kick and clothesline that sends Miz over the top rope to the floor. Kofi teases a dive to the floor but Miz moves and Kofi bounces off the ropes.

Kofi with a drop toe hold into a front face lock. Kofi floats over but Miz catches him and kicks him in the ribs. Miz with a boot to the head and he gets a near fall. Miz with a reverse chin lock. Miz with a kick and he tries for a belly-to-back suplex but Kofi lands on his feet. Miz misses a charge into the corner. Kofi with chops and a drop kick followed by a leaping clothesline.

Kofi with the Boom Drop. Kofi sets for Trouble in Paradise but Miz blocks it and he tries for the Figure Four Leg lock but Kofi kicks Miz away. Kofi with SOS for a near fall. Miz sends Kofi into the turnbuckles but Kofi with a pendulum kick and a springboard cross body for a near fall.

Miz with a crucifix cover for the three count.

Winner: Miz

Mick Foley is in the merchandise area to do the hard sell for WWE Merchandise. We see the Three Faces of Foley Merchandise sales.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Jerry Lawler is in the crowd with the winner of the Superstars for Sandy Contest.

R Truth is in the ring and he wants New York to make some noise and he asks ‘What’s Up’. He says that him and Brodus Clay got together and had a talky-talk and they came up with some somethin’ somethin’ to give a brother a chance.

Match Number Seven: Xavier Woods (with R Truth, Cameron, and Naomi) versus Heath Slater (with Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal)

Slater with a waist lock but Woods with a reversal and wrist lock. Slater with a reversal. Woods rolls through and reverses and takes Slater to the mat with a wrist lock. Slater with punches to Woods. Woods floats over on an Irish whip and hits a head scissors. Woods with a chop to Slater but Slater with an Irish whip. Slater catches Woods on a float over and he hits Snake Eyes.

Slater with boots to the chest. Slater with a reverse chin lock. Slater gets a near fall. Slater with a kick and punches. Slater misses a forearm in the corner and Woods with jabs. Woods with a head butt and a punch. Woods with a running forearm and a running drop kick that sends Slater into the corner. Woods with the Honor Roll followed by Lost in the Woods for the three count.

Winner: Xavier Woods

Michael Cole talks about the History of WWE DVD and we take a look at Saturday Night’s Main Event.

We are back and the Bellas are with Michael Strahan and they wish each other belated birthdays. They say that they are Eagles fans and Strahan still signs them. The Bellas leave and Cameron and Naomi enter for autograph. Eva Marie enters and she tells Michael that she has her own show on E!.

Goldust enters the room and he breathes heavily in Michael’s face.

John Cena and Michael Strahan are in the hall. Michael talks about John’s appearances on Michael and Kelly.

John Cena walks and we go to commercial.

Match Number Eight: Randy Orton and Alberto Del Rio versus Big Show and John Cena

Del Rio and Show start things off and Show backs Del Rio into the corner and Show with punches to the midsection and a chop across the chest. Show with an Irish whip into the corner followed by the Shhhhh chop. Show with a shoulder tackle to Del Rio. Show with another Shhhhh chop attempt but Del Rio was able to move out of the way. Del Rio with some kicks but Show with a head butt.

Orton tags in and he punches Orton and he goes for the Shhhh chop and connects. Show with another Shhhh chop. Show with an elbow drop and he gets a near fall. Show chokes Orton in the ropes. We go to commercial.

We are back and Del Rio tags in and he kicks Cena in the back of the leg. Del Rio continues to work on the leg and then he punches Cena in the head. Del Rio puts Cena in the Tree of Woe and he rubs his forearm across Cena’s face. Del Rio goes for a shoulder but Cena pulls himself up and Del Rio hits the post.

Del Rio with a step up enzuigiri and he gets a near fall. Orton tags in and Del Rio stomps on Cena before Orton connects with a European uppercut. Orton with punches and elbows in the corner. Del Rio with a punch when Orton tried to distract the referee. Orton with a near fall. Orton with a near fall. Orton with a reverse chin lock.

Ortoin with a side head lock but Cena with a belly-to-back suplex to escape. Del Rio tags in and Del Rio with a DDT for a near fall. Del Rio mocks Cena. Del Rio goes to the floor when Cena moves out of the way. Show makes the tag and he brings Del Rio back into the ring with a biel. Show with clotheslines followed by an Irish whip and back body drop.

Show misses a splash and then Del Rio with a shot to the knee and Del Rio with a super kick and Show goes down and he finally shows the effect of the kick from Orton last night. Show has trouble getting back to his feet and the referee checks on him. Del Rio chokes Show and Orton tags in. Orton with boots to Show’s head. Orton gets a near fall. Del Rio tags in and hits a super kick but Show kicks out at two.

Del Rio with kicks and the referee holds Del Rio back while Show has trouble getting back to his feet. Show tries to make the tag but he does it in Orton and Del Rio’s corner. Orton tags in and Orton with a knee drop to the head. The doctor comes into the ring and the doctor checks on Show.

Show has to use the ropes to stay on his feet. Orton with a forearm but Show grabs Orton by the throat. Orton with a kick and DDT. Cena says something to the referee. Orton backs up but he misses from 45 because Show with a spear and both men are down.

Cena tags in and so does Del Rio. Cena with two flying shoulder tackles followed by the Blue Thunder Bomb. Cena shows that it is time for the five knuckle shuffle but Del Rio with a kick to the head and a tilt-a-whirl back breaker for a near fall. Big Show is down on the floor and he is being checked out.

Del Rio floats over into the cross arm breaker but Cena escapes and he applies the STF and Del Rio taps out.

Winners: Big Show and John Cena

After the match, Del Rio attacks Cena from behind while Cena checks on Big Show. Del Rio with kicks to Cena. Del Rio tries to float over again but Cena with an Attitude Adjustment. Orton hits Cena with the WWE Title belt. Orton looks at the World Title belt and he brings it into the ring. Orton holds both belts over his head as we go to credits.

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