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By Mike Johnson on 2013-11-23 10:00:00
With the news that Total Divas has been renewed it made me wonder about the people that appear on the show. Do they get paid more for being on a hit show or is it just considered part of their job and they get no benefit from it? It seems like they should be making out quite well due to the success of the show. I'm happy for Nattie and hope that she at least would be getting more money out of this since they hardly use her for wrestling. Most of the other women I could care less about.

The women that are on Total Divas are paid for their time on the show. They are making a salary regardless of how the show does, although if the show continues to build into a massive success, you can expect the women involved with be greatly compensated.

I have a quick SS question. They announced on raw that Bret Hart, Mick Foley and Booker T will be hosting the pregame kickoff party at 7:30. I have tickets to survivor series and was wondering does this mean the three of them will be live in the building or is this pretaped somewhere?

It will be live in the venue in one of the upper sections of the building - so it will be in plain view of the audience, but the talents involved will be seen from behind as they talk to the cameras.

I was watching Punjabi Prison match between Batista and Great Khali on YouTube. Seemed to be an interesting structure and match was not as bad as other GK matches. Now that GK is sidelined and may never return to main event picture, what are the chances of WWE bringing back "Punjabi Prison" match for other wrestlers? I remember reading WWE has Elimination Chamber structure saved in a particular location, is PP also saved somewhere or fully dismantled?

The Punjabi Prison is stored away in CT with the rest of WWE's material that are housed in case they are needed. I don't see them bringing it back, but it's possible they could.

Any update in Batista returning to WWE?

Batista was backstage at NXT earlier this week, but there's been no real talk about him returning. His acting career is doing pretty well and I don't see it happening, but you never know. He's not getting any younger and he's often talked about doing one last run, so perhaps it's going to happen down the line.

Favorite Doink?

I was always partial to Matt Osbourne as the original.

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