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By David Pee on 2013-11-21 20:04:10

NXT Taping Results - November 21st, 2013

Tensai and Byron Saxton start the show out on commentary.

The opening match is gonna be Angelo Dawkins vs Slate Randall. Looks like it's the dark match. For what it's worth, I'm reasonably sure his wife and daughters are here, because they won't stop screaming. Dawkins takes a beating, comes back and hits what I think is his finish. Dawkins wins the dark match.

HHH comes out to start the show to announce that we're celebrating the 200th episode of NXT. Talks about everyone that came from NXT and how every episode will be better and better from here out.

The intro plays and Sami Zayn is here for the first match of the night... teaming with Tyson Kidd! He wasn't even billed to be here, and the crowd is feeling it. They'll be teaming against Leo Kruger and Antonio Cesaro. Kidd and Kruger start, but after a quick flurry, Cesaro and Zayn tag in, and the Match Of The Year chants start. Cesaro is dominant early - a few right hands, a few pinning predicaments. Zayn gets to kidd for a Sunset Flip-esque pinning combination, but Kidd quickly ends up in Kruger's corner. Few tags back and forth, Kruger hits a devastating spinebuster and stacks Kidd up for a near fall. Gutwrench suplex and another near fall into a side headlock brings Kidd into the corner yet again for some double-team offense. Every time Kidd gathers himself for a comeback, he's shut down. Tyson finally tosses Cesaro into a turnbuckle and makes the hot tag to Zayn. Flurry of offense, Kidd takes Cesaro out with a suicide dive, and a big boot in the corner takes care of Kruger for the 3 count.

Sasha Banks comes out with Summer Rae to face the NXT Women's Champion Paige. Sasha Banks is still getting "ratchet" chants and seems to be playing into them a bit more, pulling hair and throwing frenzied open-handed slaps. Sasha has a body scissor on Paige, Paige escapes and backs up into a turnbuckle and goes on a flurry of offense. Paige runs for the ropes but Summer grabs her ankle; Sasha goes to kick Paige in the mouth but she moves and the kick lands squarely on Summer's chest. Paige hits her finish and gets a 3 count.

The Ascension is next to come out; they'll be up against the American Pitbulls. Despite a few attempts at offense, the Pitbulls can't find their groove. The Ascension. One of the Pitbulls got spiked on a back body drop, but makes a tag upon his recovery and both Pitbulls hit a double suicide dive, but the Ascension quickly hit their tag finish and end the match. The spike looked really bad, I'm surprised he was good to finish the match with a couple of high-flying spots.

After the match, Hunico and Camacho come out and run their mouth on the Ascension, and the Ascension hit their tag finish on the remaining Pitbull. They both get carted off by refs. Seems like Hunico and Camacho are next up to challenge for the tag straps.

Howard Finkel is here to be the guest ring announcer for the next matchup: a lumberjack match pitting Bo Dallas against Adrian Neville. (Refreshingly, Tyler Breeze seems very uninterested in this, and hasn't stopped looking at his phone. Bo is met with his usual warm reception of "No More Bo". Bo is dominant early, but Neville comes up with a rollup to get the first near fall. Neville gets tossed to the outside - Breeze tries to throw him in and Neville slaps him in the mouth. The crowd is more interested in the collection of lumberjacks, which is unfortunate, because this match is quite good. A solid back and forth between the two, with plenty of stiff shots. Bo has more heat than anyone on the roster. All of his offense takes the wind out of the crowd, unless they're chanting "Drop the Title." A massive clothesline from Bo puts him in position for a long 2-count, but Neville mounts an offensive with a series of kicks leading to another near fall. A beautiful enziguiri and a standing shooting star press (!) lands another near fall for Neville. Bo is set up near the corner but he rolls out to the lumberjacks, who are quick to hold him still for a senton into the group. (NXT! NXT!) Bo is set up again for the finish, but Breeze pulls him out of the way, and Neville comes up short. Bo retains the title, much to the chagrin of the crowd. All the lumberjacks get up at once and head to the back, which is pretty amusing.

Byron Saxton has just been informed that Tyler Breeze has entered the building.

Rusev is out, wearing a full-length garment for a change, set to go one-on-one with Kofi Kingston. Kofi looks like a civilian compared to Rusev, who starts dominant. Kofi's selling makes Rusev look like a million bucks; he's really able to make Rusev's slow, powerful offense look effective and dangerous. Kofi makes a sudden comeback and hits the Boom Drop, then a cross body into a near fall. Rusev's manager comes up the stairs behind Kofi for the distraction, and Rusev throws him off the turnbuckle and slaps the Camel Clutch on Kofi to get the win.

Natalya is here to go one-on-one with Emma for the #1 Contender spot for the NXT Women's Championship. Lots of back-and-forth holds to start off; head scizzor, arm drag takedown, a few side headlocks. A bit of corner offense for both of 'em, and the sequence ends with Emma's tarantula locked in on Natalya. Natalya turns it arounds after Emma's near fall and has Emma in one hell of an abdominal stretch, followed by a submission I've never even seen before. If you're not a fan of either Natalya or Emma, you will be when you seen this match. Emma rolls up Natalya after the Sharpshooter attempt for a near fall, then applies a Sharpshooter-esque hold of her own to win by submission. Natalya lifts her hand after the match.

Renee Young is here to announce the first ever NXT sing-off. Aiden English is here to compete in a sing-off... against Big Cass, Colin Cassidy. I'm still not sure if Aiden English is supposed to be face or heel, but the crowd is loving his singing. Cassidy is surprisingly good at singing - seriously - and works "Sawft" into the end of the song. Cassidy wins the first round, and English demands a rematch. Cassidy sings a rendition of "My Girl" but works "You Suck" in instead of My Girl. English has had enough and takes him out at the knee.

Tyler Breeze makes his first appearance of the night! He's going one-on-one with "the Welsh Batista", Mason Ryan. Mason Ryan is offensive early, but once he goes out of the ring to clothesline Sylvester Lefort, who is here at ringside to bribe Ryan, Breeze is able to regain his composure and his a spinning heel kick to win the match quickly.

Byron Saxton has just been informed that Tyler Breeze has left the building.

Kruger comes out for a two-out-of-three falls match against Sami Zayn. Kruger is on the offensive early, tossing Zayn out of the ring twice, both times equally effortless. After a sudden comeback and a boot to the face by Zayn, Kruger goes down and loses the first decision. Kruger gets picked up and put on the top turnbuckle, but makes his comeback by tossing Zayn to the outside. He stays out for a 9 count, followed by a near fall for Kruger. A series of offense for Kruger on the ropes shows Zayn's resilience - he refuses to let go of the ropes. Zayn makes a sudden comeback and hits his sitout for a near fall. A hangman's spinning cutter nets Kruger another near fall. Zayn keeps trying to come off the top but Kruger won't let it happen. Kruger's big clothesline gets countered from a drop toe hold into a submission, and Zayn wins the second fall and the match. Intermission time!

Summer Rae, accompanied by Sasha Banks, is set to go up against Bayley, with Natalya in her corner. Summer Rae has a headband on, and she wants a hug, but Bayley rips it off her head and gets a near fall off a Sunset Flip. Back and forth offense for a few minutes leads to Bayley's come back and a near fall. A spinning elbow from the top leads to another near fall, but a belly-to-belly helps Bayley pick up the win.

Big Cass is here to get revenge on Aiden English after his attack during the singing contest. Cassidy is dominant early with a few big forearms and a near fall. English makes his comeback after Big Cass hits a turnbuckle. Back and forth offense for two or three minutes, English hits his finish and wins the match. There's no encore tonight - English yells to us that we don't deserve it.

Xavier Woods is here for his first match since his debut on Raw. Kane comes out in his suit, revealing that Woods put the petition together to bring back Big Show. The Authority hasn't forgotten, and it's time for Woods to be punished, in a match against Alexander Rusev. Rusev hits a big samoan drop to start the match, but the crowd is more interested in reminding Kane of his former gimmicks, from Fake Diesel to Isaac Yankem. Woods hits his clothesline out of the corner, but Rusev refuses to let him hit his finish, and makes Woods tap with the Camel Clutch.

Kane comes back into the ring to discuss Survivor Series, but Sylvester Lefort comes out and runs his mouth about wanting to join the Authority. Kane says there's an initiation process, and Lefort is plenty interested, until he finds out it's a chokeslam.

We've just been informed that Tyler Breeze has entered the building.

Adrian Neville is going against Tyler Breeze, presumably because Breeze cost him the NXT title. Breeze gets little offense in until he dropkicks Neville to the outside and stops to check his reflection after a near fall. Neville takes advantage with some kicks of his own and a near fall. Breeze catches Neville flush with a dropkick after Neville springboards from the corner. Breeze misses his spinning heel kick, Neville misses his corkscrew, a few near falls later and we have a stalemate. Breeze gets caught trying his heel kick again and Neville powerbombs him, another near fall. Breeze tries a hurricanrana from the top rope, falls, Neville hits his finish and wins the match.

CJ Parker, who has been saddled with one of my least favorite gimmicks of all time, is up against Jason Jordan. Parker wins in about 90 seconds, which was to be expected, as Jason Jordan's entrance video only has shots of him standing in an empty ring and smirking.

People love Mojo Rawley. He had the biggest pop of the night, and his support is only growing since he'll be facing Bo Dallas in a non-title match. Mojo comes out strong, and Bo ends up on the outside early while Mojo rallies the crowd. Dallas finally mounts some offense after a kick to the knee, but Mojo refuses to stay down. Mojo rushes Dallas in the corner and Dallas ducks and wins with a rollup. (The Bo Dallas gimmick has come full circle; smart marks are cheering him to be contrarian now.)

Rusev's manager is screaming at us about the Bulgarian Brute, Alexander Rusev, going one on one with Kofi Kingston. Kofi Kingston is really not afraid to take a bump, and Rusev looks like a million bucks despite the crowds lack of interest. Kofi fights out of a rest hold but gets shut down. Kofi sends Rusev to the outside, attempts a dropkick and misses, and ends up getting thrown to the steps. Kofi jumps over the steps and hits a flying clothesline. Rusev hits a huge powerbomb in the middle of corner punches followed by a near fall. Rusev tries to get the crowd on his side, but the crowd responds with Ryback chants, and thenn logically progress to Goldberg chants. The wave starts after a Rusev near fall. Kofi gets a 2-count off a backslide, but Rusev hits his Samoan drop. Kofi hits the SOS for a 2 count. The crowd has completely given up on the match, chanting for a baby until Kofi gets them back into it for a Boom Drop and a Trouble in Paradise. Kofi wins.

Howard Finkel is back to call the main event, Antonio Cesaro vs William Regal. Cesaro comes up with an arm drag early and stays on his arm for the first few minutes despite Regal's attempts at escape. A test of strength leaves Regal on his back for a few 1-counts, but Regal turns it around on Cesaro for a near fall. Cesaro grabs Regal by the neck in a Stunner-esque position and suplexes him over by his neck for a 2-count. Cesaro hits him at the knee, and works on his left leg for a bit. Regal with a series of quick rollups, Cesaro with ten European uppercuts and the Cesaro swing. Cesaro goes for the Neutralizer, but Regal reverses and mounts an offense. Cesaro hits a headbutt, but the second one finds Regal's knee. Cesaro flips Regal and bridges for a pin, but Regal escapes and finds the beginnings of a Regal Stretch. Cesaro finds the ropes, and does a running jump onto Regal's face. It's not long til Cesaro hits the Neutralizer and Regal is out for a 3-count.

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