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By Jose Perez on 2013-11-19 08:55:34

The World Wrestling Council (WWC) presented their event “Crossfire 2013” this past Saturday evening 11/16 in Bayamon, PR. There were approximately 1,000 fans in attendance. The following are the results from the show:

Mike Mendoza & Xix Xavant defeated A.J. Castillo & “El Diabolico”

“Face of Fear” ASH defeated Sebastian Guerra

Mighty Ursus w/ his manager Juan Manuel Ortega defeated “Tough Man” Andy Levine

Syler Andrews became the new WWC Jr. Heavyweight champion after he defeated Rikochet and Tommy Diablo in a Triple Threat Match.

Sons of Samoa (Afa & Lloyd) reclaimed the WWC World Tag Team belts after defeating Chicano, who was forced to defend the titles by himself due to his partner Abbad not showing up. (More on this later in the report)

Mask vs Hair Match: Carlito defeated Rey Fenix after interference from Bronco #1, who hit Rey Fenix with some brass-knux. Fenix was umasked and revealed to be… Ricky Santana! This infuriated Carlito, who started beating on Santana for a couple of minutes until Rey Gonzalez came in for the save. Carlito left the ring momentarily. Gonzalez turn to attend to Santana and Carlito came back in the ring and delivered another beating; only this time Gonzalez was the focus of his anger. He left both men a bloody mess in the ring. Carlito took the mic and told the crowd that he was sorry that they had wasted gas and money to come and witness the travesty that Gonzalez and Santana planned. He then asked everyone to go the ticket box office and ask for a refund… Although on second thought, they came to see him, so they got what they wanted. Then he stated: “besides, Jovica is so cheap that he would never give them their money back anyway…”

After intermission, the representatives from the Commission come out and announced that after what happened in the previous match and taking into consideration a request from Victor Jovica to re-instate Rey Gonzalez, they had decided that Gonzalez will be allowed to come back out of the forced retirement he was subject too since the “Summer Madness” event.

“El Leon” Apolo became the new WWC Puerto Rico Heavyweight champion after he defeated Bronco #1. After the match, Bronco used the brass-knux on Apolo.

“El Karateca Ninja” T.N.T. w/ El Profe became the new WWC Universal Heavyweight champion after defeating Chris Angel. Towards the end of the match, T.N.T. had the cobra-sleeper on Angel and Jose Chaparro went up on the apron to distract the referee. El Profe ran to the other side and took Chaparro’s feet from under him, as he fell to the floor. The referee was distracted attending the situation outside of the ring between the managers, which open the door for Angel to hit a low-blow on T.N.T., who fell on the canvas in one of the corners of the ring. Angel prepared to spear him, and as he started running towards T.N.T. he was received with “fuego verde” (green mist), followed by the “painkiller” sidekick for the win. After the match, TNT and Profe were walking to the back when out comes Mighty Ursus with his manager Ortega and points at the title, signaling that he wants to be the next in line.

WWC also held a second event on Sunday 11/17 in Yauco, PR. This was also billed as part of Crossfire, although it was used as their TV taping for next week’s TV show. The following are the results from the event:

Mike Mendoza defeated “El Diabolico”.
Syler Andrews defeated Samuel Adams.
“Face of Fear” ASH defeated Erick Scorpion.
Ray Gonzalez defeated Chris Angel via DQ after Carlito interfered attacking Gonzalez. Apolo made the save. Carlito took the mic and stated that he knows that Gonzalez was Rey Fenix, but that does not matter because he still has his full head of hair. Apolo then told him that he needs to be focusing on him and their match later in the evening.
“El Karateca Ninja” T.N.T. defeated Bronco #1. After the match, Mighty Ursus comes out and attacks T.N.T., busting him open and having to be separated by a couple of wrestlers and referees.
Sons of Samoa & Mighty Ursus defeated Chicano, Xix Xavant and Andy Levine.
Carlito defeated “El Leon” Apolo. After the match Carlito was going to attack Apolo with the PR title belt, but Apolo saw him and countered by hitting “fondo del abismo” (rock bottom) on Carlito to send everyone home happy.

As we mentioned earlier in the report, Abbad did not show up for his Tag Team title defense. This was the 4th consecutive weekend that he had been scheduled to appear and did not show. He later posted in his Facebook account that he was no longer part of WWC and that he thanked Carlos Colon and Victor Jovica for believing in him and trusting him over the years to entertain the fans. He also thanked his partner Chicano for his friendship and vowed to always be there for him. Abbad also stated in his message that he will be focusing on his wrestling project “Noche de la Evolucion” (Night of Evolution), which is a wrestling event dedicated to bringing to the forefront child abuse and collaborating with different organizations to help the community.

There is more to this story: As we have reported in the last couple of weeks, several talents have decided to abandon the company, putting them in a precarious situation. After the “Aniversario” event we have seen the departure of Thunder & Lightning, jay Velez, Steve Joel, Zion RT1, Abbad, “The Precious One” Gilbert and Orlando Toledo. In talking to people close to the situation, there seems to be one common denominator that apparently has triggered this. All I will say at the moment is that is not because of Victor Jovica and/or Carlos Colon Sr. I will have more on my next report.

Another one that posted a message on Facebook stating that he was no longer with WWC is referee Pelayito Vazquez. He stated that he needs to spend more time with his family as the reason he had made the decision to leave. He thanked the fans and everyone in the company for their support.

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