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By Mike Johnson on 2013-11-15 23:08:00

Anthony Gangone came out and introduced New Japan's Taka Watanabe.  He called out Brian XL.  XL came out and introduced Sumie Sakai, who he said was from New Japan.

Sumie Sakai & Brian XL vs. Watanabe & Anthony Gangone

They all brawled.  XL hit a dive on the villains.  Sakai then hit a dive off the top to the floor.   The crow chanted "HOG." 

XL and Gangone faced off but Watanabe tagged in.  He offered XL a handshake.  XL refused so the referee shook it.  He then offered it again to XL and kicked him in the gut.  They went back and forth until XL caught him with a big hiptoss.

Sakai tagged in and hit a missile dropkick. She tried to wrestle Watanabe but he easily overpowered her and whipped her into the corner.  She avoided a splash and used a forward roll for a two count.  Sakai came off the ropes but was caught and slammed.  Gangone tagged in and covered her for a two count.  He drilled her across the chest with a clubbing blow.

Watanabe and Gangone tagged in and out, working over Sakai   They worked her over and covered her for a pair of two counts.  They went for a double suplex but she turned it into a double DDT.  XL made the hot tag in and cleaned house with a series of chops.  He nailed Watanabe with a leg lariat in the corner, then drilled Gangone with a tilowhirl backbreaker.

XL whipped Sakai into Gangone, who she drilled with a forearm smash.  They doubled on him and both covered him but Watanabe broke it up.  He sent Sakai into the referee, who went down.  She rolled up Gangone but there was no referee.  She went to wake him but Gangone rolled her up from behind and hooked her tights, scoring the pin.

Your winners, Watanabe & Gangone!

They stomped the hell out of XL.  Sakai protected him, then lowblowed him and all three of them began stomping him.  Red and the HOG students hit the ring to make the save, running the trio off.

Fun match.  So random to see a New Japan talent here.

House of Glory Tag Team Title Tournament Final: LAX vs. Young Bucks

Lots of back and forth chants and jawjacking between the two sides early.  Matt Jackson and Homicide started out and they went back and forth.  They finally faced off.  Homicide gained control and stomped the hell out of Matt.  Nick tried to intervene but fell on his face.

The Bucks worked over Homicide but Hernandez tagged in and Nick Jackson up for a full minute in a delayed vertical suplex.   Jackson takes control on Homicide but Homicide reverses a suplex and takes over Matt.

Matt retreats to the outside but gets attacked by Hernandez.  Homicide brought Nick in and everyone brawled.   It ended with Nick trashing Homicide on the outside, allowing Matt to work him over after the former ROH champ was tossed back into the ring.

Homicide tried to mount some offense but Nick cut him off.  Jackson did a back flip and then raked Homicide's back.   Nick tagged in and stomped away at Homicide.  They tossed Homicide to the floor, where a "fan" got in their face and ate a double superkick.

They trashed Homicide and brought him back into the ring.  Homicide fought back but was cut off with a dropkick.  The Bucks worked over Homicide.  He backdropped one over the top to the apron.  Matt charged but Homicide ducked and Nick kicked his own partner.

Hernandez tagged in and cleaned house on everyone with big power spots.  They nailed a crazy high backdrop on Matt.  Hernandez did a double over the shoulder backbreaker on both Bucks.  The crowd chanted "Holy sh**."  He covered Matt for a two count.

Hernandez went for the Border Toss but was kicked by Nick Jackson.  The Bucks went for superkicks but Hernandez blocked them and drilled them with a double clothesline.  All four battled in the ring.  Homicide missed a chance to nail the Gringo Killer.  The Bucks placed Homicide on Hernandez in a tombstone position and then kicked his legs out, so he dropped his own partner down.  They nailed a double superkick on Hernandez for a two count.

The Bucks drilled Homicide with More Bang For Your Buck and scored the pin.

Your winners and the first HOG Tag Team champions, The Young Bucks!

Great ending.  This was probably the best top to bottom card in HOG history.

That's all from HOG tonight!  Thanks as always for logging in with PWInsider!

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