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By Mike Johnson on 2013-11-15 23:08:00

HOG Tag Team Tournament Semi-Finals: Young Bucks vs. Amazing Red & Mikey Whipwreck

Red and Nick Jackson started off.  Jackson went to hit a dive on Red but he moved and took out his own brother.   Red hit an awesome corkscrew dive on both.  Mikey went for a dive but then thought better of it.  He grabbed Red and they went to the back and came out with a crash pad mat.  They put it outside and pulled the Bucks onto it...and then Mikey hit a dive to the outside.

Mikey and Red worked over the Bucks outside the ring.    The Bucks took control and slammed Red into a steel-paneled wall and then doubled up on Mikey in the ring.  Mikey tried to battle his way out but Jackson thumbed him in the eye.  Bucks swarmed over Mikey and beat him down. 

Bucks kept working over Mikey and holding him to the mat, nailing him with rights when he tried to get to his feet.  Red tried to enter but the referee wouldn't allow it.  The Bucks tagged behind the referee's back and Jackson raked Mikey's eyes against the ropes.    Jackson missed a charge into the corner and Whipwreck nailed a legdrop off the ropes.

He made the tag to Red who dropkicked both Bucks off the ropes.  Almost immediately they cut him off but he turned a rana into a head scissors,  Red used a forward roll for a two count.  Mikey and Red worked over the Bucks but they drilled Red and caught Mikey with a knee in the face. 

They killed Mikey with a superkick but he battled back with one of his own, only to eat two at once. Mikey whipped the Bucks into each other and nailed a Whippernapper.  Red came off the ropes with a frog splash but Nick Jackson kicked up.  The crowd chanted, "This is awesome."

Mikey and Matt battled over a backslide.  Nick supericked Mikey and he went over and was pinned.

Your winners and advancing to the finals, The Young Bucks!

This was the match of the night at this point.  A really, really, really great back and forth battle with a fun brawl on the outside and some cool spots.  The right mix of action with some comedy early. Great stuff.

House of Glory Tag Team Tournament Semi-Finals: Jigsaw & Fire Ant vs. LAX

Homicide and Ant started out.  LAX took forever to come out so Ant was dancing to their music, which cracked the crowd up.   Homicide controlled the action early and tried to unmask Ant.    They had some nice back and forth wrestling on the mat.

They returned to their feet, where they locked up and Homicide grabbed a side headlock.  He missed a charge into the corner and Jigsaw evaded him and was nailed with a hiptoss.  Hernandez tried to nail him but was hiptossed as well.

Jigsaw hit the ring and began brawling with Homicide.  Hernandez tagged in and nailed his slingshot shoulderblock.  Hernandez drilled Jigsaw with an over the shoulder backbreaker.  Homicide nailed the Three Amigos, which got a huge "Eddy" chant.

They worked over Jigsaw and Hernandez locked on a Camel Clutch.  Jigsaw was worked over but came back with a huge knee striker on Homicide.  Jigsaw tagged in and took out Hernandez.  Ant hit a big dive to the outside, then nailed a missile dropkick into the ring on Homicide.

LAX cut off Ant.  Hernandez pressed and dropped him but Jigsaw hit the ring.  Homicide nailed him with an Ace Cutter.   Hernandez came off the top with a splash for the pin.

Your winners, LAX!

So it's LAX vs. Young Bucks in the finals.  NICE!

Another strong match. It's a shame this show isn't on a bigger stage because it's been great.

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