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By Mike Johnson on 2013-11-15 23:08:00

Panda Man & Andy Lee Ray vs. Jigsaw & Fire Ant

Ray and Jigsaw went back and forth until Jigsaw nailed a big dropkick.  Panda Man tagged in as did Ant.    They went back and forth.  Panda missed a tag and Jigsaw nailed him.

Jigsaw and Ant beat down on Panada.  Ant nailed a pair of senton splashes for a two count.   The crowd tried to rally Panda Man.   Ant chopped away at him in the corner.  They both whipped Panda into the corner but he ducked their charges and tagged into Ray.

Ray nailed a series of shoulderblocks.  He and Panda beat down Jigsaw and nailed a double muscle buster for a two count.  Ant made the save and chopped away on Panda.   He missed a running clothesline and was nailed with an inverted tiltowhirl slam.  Jigsaw nailed him, then nailed a superkick into a German suplex on Ray for the pin.

Your winners, Fire Ant & Jigsaw!

Good match.

LAX vs. Anthony Nese & Ricky Reyes

Reyes and Homicide started with some nice back and forth scientific wrestling.  Reyes shoulderblocked him down but was caught with a Japanese style armdrag.  Homicide began ripping at his fingers, trying to break them.  Reyes escaped but was hiptossed back over again.  Homicide used his knee as a weapon, drilling it into Reyes' back as he pulled on his arm.

Reyes fought back and worked Homicide over in the corner.  He went up and over but missed Homicide and was taken down again.   Homicide focused on Reyes' arm and elbow before tagging in Hernandez.  He grabbed Reyes in a belly to belly overhead suplex out of a bearhug, then slammed Reyes down.

Homicide tagged back in and drilled Reyes with several rights.  He rebounded off the ropes but was drilled in the knee by Nese.   That allowed Reyes to take over and tag in Nese.  Nese hit the ring and began beating down Homicide in the corner with knees and chokes.  Reyes and Nese tagged in and out.

Reyes ran Homicide into the buckles several times, then covered him for a two count.   They took turns working over Homicide.  Hernandez wanted to help but was admonished by the referee.   Reyes drilled him with a kick to the face and locked a front facelock on Homicide.  It's nuts how smooth Reyes is in the ring.

Homicide tried to fight his way out of enemy territory and leapt to tag Hernandez but failed.  Nese worked over Homicide, who battled back with right hands.  Nese took his legs out and hit a double springboard moonsault for a two count.

Homicide finally fought off Nese and nailed a DDT off the ropes.   The crowd rallied him to make a tag and he finally did.  Hernandez cleaned house on both and nailed a big splash in the corner on both.  He nailed a Border Toss on Reyes, then shot Nese up into the air for a flapjack. 

Hernandez nailed a big sitdown powerbomb on Reyes but Nese attacked him and broke up the cover.  Hernandez nailed Nese and Homicide nailed the Gringo Killer for the pin.

Your winners, LAX!

REALLY fun match!

We are now at intermission.

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