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By Jaimie Riggs on 2013-11-08 08:30:00

*CM Punk challenged the Wyatts but instead out came IbC champion Curtis Axel. Punk beat him with the GTS. The Wyatts menaced Punk but nothing happened after.

*AJ & Tamina defeated Cameron & Naomi.

*Alberto Del Rio called out John Cena for a match. Cena came out but Vickie Guerrero then put them in other matches and announced they would fight at the next PPV.

*Alberto Del Rio defeated The Great Khali. You know what it's like to think you are going to get a good World title match and instead you get Khali?

*The Usos and R-Truth defeated 3MB.

*Daniel Bryan defeated Luke Harper by disqualification after Rowan attacked him. CM Punk made the save.

*John Cena defeated Ryback with the AA but was attacked by Del Rio.

After the taping ended, they featured Cena beating Del Rio to send us home happy.

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