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By Dave Scherer on 2013-10-27 20:11:05

World Title match time. ADR came out first, John Cena second. Cena got a big cheer at first, then loud boos. The same thing happened when he was introduced by Lilian Garcia. She introduced ADR en Espanol.

The match started with ADR in control but it didn't take long for Cena to come back. By the way, as mentioned earlier Cena is, smartly, wearing the protective sleeve. They quickly went back to ADR on top. The early story is that "Cena maybe have come back too soon".

They showed Damien Sandow in the back, watching the match with his briefcase in hand. He can cash in you know! ... Cena made his big comeback and hit a lot of big moves. He went to the top but ADR hit the kick to the head. He set up for second but Cena moved. ADR got a two off of a tilt a whirl backbreaker. ... The story is Cena isn't 100 percent. Cena is selling that the left after isn't 100 percent it seems. ... ADR went to hit Cena in the corner but he moved and ADR missed. Cena hit a cross body from the top. FYI, Cena is using the arm at times, so he is selling. Out of nowhere, Cena locked on the STF. ADR reached for the ropes. He got his fingers on the rope. Break the hold. ADR went on the offensive with kicks and got a two count. ADR locked on the cross arm breaker. Cena locked it out but ADR brock the lock. ADR pulled down the sleeve and Cena went prone for a two count. Cena then did a SICK power out and dumped ADR on his back. AA followed, John Cena is your new World Heavyweight Champion and king of the other house show tour that until now couldn't draw. It will now. Damien ain't coming out folks. They had a good match. I didn't like that ADR got sacrificed but you know how WWE is with Cena.

Divas Title Time, AJ vs. Brie Bella. Tamina is with AJ, Nikki is with Brie. AJ in control early, Brie comes back. The fans don't sound like they care. Blame creative for that. Anyway on the floor when Brie was in control, Tamina went to get involved and Nikki stopped her. So then Brie went to hit AJ and hit her sister by accident. Do you really need me to say more?

PTP is in the back when Bob Backlund showed up. He is crazy, they respect him and we should all buy the new video game. Titus asked him if he knows how to dance. Bob did something weird. Then they danced as a threesome.

Time for the main event! HHH comes out with the belt and wants to shake Bryan's hand. Bryan says now. The Cell comes down. Party time.

The match started out hot, with Bryan in control about after a couple of minutes, Orton took over. ... And then pizza came, so I watched but I didn't type. I apologize for that. ... Here is what happened. The work was outstanding, back and forth good stuff. And then HHH came down and interjected himself. He did a pow wow with HBK. H opened the door and went into the ring and Bryan laid him out, as he should. HBK did what dopes think is right for business and set Bryan up to be pinned, which he was. Orton is the new WWE champ.

Here is my take on the events. Despite the fact that WWE has dealt with fans hating that PPVs are transitional shows that set up Raw, they once again made a PPV just that. That is their right but folks, these things are not worth your money as long as WWE wants to use them to set up free TV. When the Network starts, and you get these shows and much more for a third of the PPV price, fine. But now? Nope. That finish sucked hard and worse, it was a cliff hanger where they wanted the most hardcore 5% get screwed. Those five percent all watch Raw. So, the PPVs are now a way to make them watch a show they already watch. I have to pay for it, but if you don't, just wait for Raw.

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