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By Dave Scherer on 2013-10-27 20:11:05

Welcome to tonight's Hell In A Cell blog. Not much happened on the pre-show other than Kofi Kingston losing to Damien Sandow. The fans voted Undertaker Mr. Hell In A Cell, by a wide margin. That was pretty much it.

The PPV is opening with The Rhodes Boys defending The WWE Tag Team Titles against The Usos and The Shield. The champs came out first, followed by The Usos. The Usos have a fun entrance. The announcers reiterated that Big Show can't appear tonight. That usually means count on Show appearing tonight. The Shield came out last as they showed the Spanish announcers. Rey Mysterio is doing commentary with them.

The teams went back and forth early. The first near falls came when Reigns and Dust were in the ring. Reigns was in control and Dust got a two on a roll up. But Reigns kept beating him up as the fans cheered for him. Dust finally got a chance to tag Cody but his brother was down on the floor, taken out by The Shield. The idea was Dust should tag the Usos. He finally went to do that and The Shield took them out too. So Dust kept getting beaten on. ... Finally he got to tag in Cody, who went to town. He got a two count on Seth Rollins after a Moonsault from the top. He then went for the Disaster Kick but an Uso tagged his back. Cody was out and Jimmy went to work on Rollins, getting a few near falls. Reigns came in and Dust jumped on him. An Uso knocked them to the floor and then splashed them. The other Uso got a few near falls on Rollins. Uso tagged in Cody but Rollins made his own comeback. He put Cody on the top turnbuckle and they went up. With both standing on the top, Cody suplexed Seth from the top onto the other four guys on the floor. Great spot! This left all four laid out on the floor. The fans chanted "This is Awesome".

Back in the ring, Cody had Seth pinned when an Uso came in and broke it up. Uso went to drag Steh to the corner to tag and make himself legal when Roman broke it up. Cody came in and got away from Rollins, who ran into a Goldust punch. Cody hit Crossroads and the champs retained. ... That was an excellent match to open the show.

The Miz came out and said that the Wyatts have been stalking him. He talked about what they did to him on Smackdown and he said he is not cleared to wrestle. But he is fine to fight. He called out Bray Wyatt to come out, alone. Wyatt music hit. Bray appeared on the Tron and said it pained him to see Hollywood (Miz) like this. If Miz could only see the monster behind his eyes. Bray laughs and the arena goes dark. When the lights came on, Rowan and Harper are in the ring. They beat down Miz. The fans chanted "We want Kane" and they got him. Out came Kane. He nailed Rowan and then went to slam Harper but couldn't get him up. Looked like a miscommunication. Harper and Rowan left. Miz stood there dumbfounded. He should have run. Kane chokeslammed him. They did his fire gimmick on the ringposts. Kane is back.

Fandango came out next. He told Miami that they think they know about salsa dancing but what they know is primitive and crude. He is the master. He then salsa danced. At least we got to see Summer Rae. Out came the Oddities, er Khali, Nattie and Horny. What the hell, they are the Oddities. This will be a mixed tag match. I guess by mixed they mean some of them can wrestle and some can't. Yeah, that's the ticket. ...

The women started off. Summer Rae was better than I expected. She then tagged in Goo and Natty tried to put him in the Sharpshooter. He rolled to the floor and Horny was laughing. Before Goo could hurt him, The Slow Khali stopped him. Goo took Slowli down and beat on him. ... JBL told the same bad joke twice and Michael Cole said, "Nobody popped the first time". Yes, typing that was more intresting than the action. ... Anyway, Goo tags in Raw. She tried to seduce Slowli when Nattie came in and just beat the crap out of her. But Nattie got caught coming in, Rae bashed her into the second rope face-first and rolled her up. The heels win. It was eh at best. There was no real reason to have this on a PPV.

They went to the panel, who talked about everything we already saw. No need to recap that.

Curtis Axel is hurt so Big E. Langston lost his shot at a secondary title, but not for long. He will now take on Dean Ambrose for the US Title because, well, is there a real difference between the two? ... The match starts with Big E in control but then Ambrose came back. Ambrose stayed in control for a while. The story as Big E kept trying to come back, which is weird given the size difference. The first big spot came when Ambrose was standing outside on the apron an Big E speared him to the floor. Ambrose got wiped and chose to be counted out to retain the title by being counted out. Big E then brought him back in and laid him out. They also collided heads and Big E was really bloody. They sold it like he was lucky it was under the eye, which makes sense. ... The match was OK, nothing special. It may have been cut short due to the blood.

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