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By Mike Johnson on 2013-10-27 22:56:00
World champion Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena

Cena looked excited when he came out for his entrance.

Del Rio went right after the elbow and Cena went to the floor to check the guard he was wearing.  Cena returned to the ring and locked in a side headlock.  He shoulderblocked ADR down but hurt his arm.  He backed into the corner. ADR went after him but the referee stopped him as Cena slipped through the ropes.  Cena checked his arm and locked up with ADR but was attacked and drilled with a series of rights.  Del Rio went right after the arm.  Cena tried to defend himself and slugged it out with the champ, the nailed a bulldog for a two count.

Del Rio dropkicked Cena and knocked him to the apron, then hit a sprinting kick to the bad arm.   He slammed the arm into the steel ring steps.   Del Rio unloaded with offense, beating Cena with measured kicks and shots.  Cena tried to maneuver him into the STF but was kicked off and grabbed for a German suplex.

ADR covered Cena for a two count, then locked in a hammerlock.   ADR worked on John's arm, trying to wear it down for the cross armbreaker.   The announcers talked about how Cena may have come back too soon.  Cena used the bad arm to set up throwing off ADR and dropkicked him.  ADR kicked him down before he could really build any true momentum.  ADR went to the ropes and came off with a flying strike for a two count, then went right back to the arm.

Cena avoided a ADR charge and the champ took a nasty bump through the ropes to the floor.  Cena went to grab him but was snapped on the ropes throat-first.   ADR went to the ropes but was dropkicked as he came down.

Cena made the comeback with a series of shoulderblocked and went for the five knuckle shuffle, nailing it.  He went for the Attitude Adjustment but ADR slipped behind him and nailed the Backcracker for a two count.   ADR went for the rolling armbreaker but Cena shoved him off.  Cena missed a charge in the corner but came back with a tornado DDT off the top.

Cena went to the top but was caught with a leaping enziguiri.  They showed Damien Sandow in the back ready to run to the ring.  ADR missed another kick and Cena went for the STF.  They went into a good back and forth sequence that ended with a tilotowhirl backbreaker on Cena for a two count.

Del Rio turned Cena upside down in the corner but when he charged for a diving attack, Cena pulled himself up and ADR nailed the ringpost.   Cena nailed a flying bodypress for a two count.   Cena went to grab ADR but was drilled down on his bad arm.  ADR locked on the cross armbreaker but Cena rolled through and turned it into an STF. ADR was able to touch the ropes so it was broken.

ADR nailed a superkick on Cena, then followed up with another.  ADR covered him for a two count.  He locked the cross armbreaker on Cena.  Cena tried to block it but failed and it was sunk in deep.     Cena teased submitting, then rolled it over and pulled up ADR into a powerbomb, Carlos Newton style.  

Cena went for the Atttude Adustment.  Del Rio tried to break free but was caught again and nailed with it for the pin.

Your winner and new WWE World champion, John Cena!

If you like John Cena matches, you liked this.  They told a nice story and had some good exchanges.  It's pretty amazing that Cena was back at that form.

Cena got teary-eyed after the match. He told JBL, "You were wrong.  I'm good

WWE Divas champ AJ Lee (with Tamina) vs. Brie Bella (with Nikki Bella)

Bella was worked over early.   It was all AJ early.  Bella fired back with punches and a kick to the stomach but was caught in a front guillotine choke.  

Bella drove her into the buckles to free herself, then nailed a missile dropkick.    Brie nailed several clotheslines for a two count.  Lee caught her and slammed her into the buckles face-first.  She went for the Black Widow but Brie avoided it and locked on a one-legged crab.

Tamina got on the apron but Nikki attacked her and pulled her off.  They fought on the floor.  Brie went after AJ but missed her and knocked her sister off the apron.  Lee locked on the Black Widow and forced her to tap out.

Your winner and still WWE Divas champion, AJ Lee!

Short but they tried to pack a lot in.

They did a backstage bit with the Primetime Players and Bob Backlund to promote the WWE 2K14 game, ending with them doing the "Millions of Dollars" dance.

Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton to determine the new WWE champion inside Hell in A Cell with Shawn Michaels as the special referee.

Before the Cell was lowered, Triple H came to the ring with the belt and showed it to each competitor.  He offered his hand to Bryan, who looked at him and shook his head "No."

Orton took control early with a powerslam.    He tried to set up for the hanging DDT but was fought off.  Bryan nailed a missile dropkick.  He went after Orton but was caught with a dropkick for a two count.

Orton picked up Bryan and slammed him across the ropes.   Orton knocked Bryan off the apron and sent him flying into the cell.   Orton followed him to the floor and worked him over.   Orton grabbed the ring steps and drilled him with them.

Orton ripped at Bryan's face, forcing it across the cage.  He tried to whip Bryan into the ring steps, which were set up in the corner of the cage but the whip was reversed and Orton ate steel.  Bryan drilled Orton into it again.

Bryan brought Orton back into the ring and and drilled him again and again with battering kicks.  He placed Orton on the top and placed him upside down in the corner for a series of kicks, culminating with a dropkick to the face.

Bryan dropkicked Orton over the top, knocking him into the Cell as he went over to the floor.  Bryan nailed a pair of dives, drilling Orton into the cage but missed a third as Orton sidestepped him and Bryan crashed headfirst into the cage.

Orton drove Bryan into the ringpost, crotching him, then nailed his backbreaker on the floor.   He worked over Bryan and placed him on the top, nailing him with headbutt after headbutt.  Orton went to nail Bryan with a superplex but Bryan fought him off and caught him with a sunset flip powerbomb into the ring.

They recovered and battled back and forth on their knees before returning to their feet, where they fired back and forth with forearms and European uppercuts.  Dory Funk Jr. would be proud.  Bryan came back with a leg lariat.  Bryan nailed a pair of running knees in the corner and drilled Orton with several kicks.

Bryan nailed a top rope rana on Orton and went to the top for the flying headbutt.   He nailed it and covered Orton but only received a two count for his efforts.  Bryan nailed several kicks.  Orton ducked one and went for a rollup but Bryan turned it into a Yes Lock. Orton tried to grab the ropes but Michaels told him that he didn't have to break it, since there are no rules.

Orton pulled himself to the floor, where Bryan ran him into the cage over and over, then nailed a leaping kick to the face, driving Orton into the cage.  Bryan went under the ring and grabbed a steel cage, driving it into Orton's mid-section, then nailed him over the back.

Bryan began pulling chairs out from under the ring and tossed at least a dozen in.  There was a small "ECW" chant.  Michaels tried to say something but Bryan told him to get out of his way.  He returned to the ring but Orton kicked him as he approached with a chair, then nailed Bryan over the back.

Orton worked over Bryan with a chair and covered him for a two count.   Orton killed Bryan across the back with one for another two count.  He nailed Bryan with another but Bryan kept kicking out.  Orton began piling up the chairs in the center of the ring as the announcers wondered what he had in mind.

Orton, who was bleeding a trickle from the leg, tried for a superplex off the top onto the chairs.  Bryan fought him off but was nailed with a headbutt.  Orton nailed the superplex - with Bryan's legs landing on the corner of the pile.

Michaels counted the pin but Bryan kicked up at two.  Orton began arguing about the speed of the count.  Triple H came down to the Cell and wandered around at the outside.  He began arguing with Michaels over how he was officiating.  Michaels told him to just let him do his job.

Orton cleared the chairs and nailed a head and arms exploder suplex on Bryan but there was no referee to count it because of the argment.  Orton went to the outside and complained about Michaels not being in position.  Michaels told HHH to leave him alone and let him do it.  Did they just tease a Montreal Screwjob?  I sure hope not.

Bryan fought back but Orton nailed a hanging DDT.  Triple H ripped off his jacket and yelled, "This is it Shawn!" and climbed the cage.  Orton went to hit the RKO but Bryan slipped out and shoved him away, knocking out Michaels, who was distracted by HHH.

Bryan nailed the running knee but Michaels was out.  Bryan tried to wake him and tell him to count.  Triple H entered the cage and threw Bryan down.  He checked on Michaels, but Bryan charged and nailed him with the flying knee to the face, KOing HHH.

Bryan began leading a Yes chant, but Michaels nailed him with "Sweet Chin Music."  Orton covered Bryan and Michaels slowly counted three, obviously not happy about it.

Your winner and new WWE champion, Randy Orton!

Michaels walked off.

The officials helped Bryan to the back.  Orton helped a woozy HHH up.  HHH was surprised when he saw Orton with the belt but happy.

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