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By Mike Johnson on 2013-10-27 22:56:00

CM Punk vs. Paul Heyman & Ryback - Hell In A Cell

Ryback came to the ring alone.  Payul Heyman was nowhere to be found and then showed up on a cherry picker, which was driven to the ring.  They were having trouble getting it to drive down to the ring. 

Heyman took the mic and announced that he was the Best in Hell.  He told Punk that little did he know that when he was breaking in, he sold his soul to the Devil.  Heyman said that he's not just Paul Heyman in WWE but he is Satan.  He said that Ryback was here to collect the soul of CM Punk for all the deeds he committed.  As this was going on, Heyman was being elevated to the top of the Cell.  Heyman said he rose from the depths of hell to the heavens.  Heyman is now on top of the Cage, with Ryback and Punk locked inside.

Ryback and Punk battled back and forth early.  Punk sent him to the outside and hit a tope, driving Ryback into the cage.  Punk lit him up with some Singapore Cane shots but Ryback charged him, driving Punk backward into the Cage several times.  He beat down Punk with the cane and kicked him.  Heyman stood atop the cage confidently.

Punk returned to the ring but was nailed again with the came.  They showed some nice camera shots from inside the Cell of Heyman looking down at the beating with a maniacal look on his face.    Ryback beat down Punk and locked on a bear hug variation, trying to squeeze the life out of him.   Punk fired back with some shots, then ducked down as Ryback charged, sending him over the top to the floor, crashing into the cage.

Punk went to the top and nailed a clothesline to the floor.  He went under the ring and pulled a table out but was attacked and sent backwards into the steel ring steps.  Ryback used his feet to choke Punk down.  Ryback grabbed Punk on the floor and suplexed him into the cage, but didn't let go and brought him back down, then suplexed him again and again into the steel.

Punk was tossed back into the ring.  Ryback nailed a belly to back suplex for a two count.   Ryback locked in a chinlock.  Punk tried to grab the Cane but was pulled away.  Punk fired back with punches but Ryback cut off his momentum with a kick and nailed a sit down driver.  He went back to the waistlock, trying to hurt Punk.

Punk finally mounted a comeback but was caught going for his springboard clothesline and was powerslammed down for a two count.   Ryback called for the Shellshock and lifted Punk, who fights out of it.  Ryback missed a charge and hit the turnbuckles.  Punk grabbed the cane and nailed Ryback in the mid-section and the back.  Punk kept looking up at Heyman.

Punk nailed the running knee in the corner into a short arm clothesline.  He nailed the flying elbowsmash off the top for a two count.    Punk worked over Ryback with cane shot after cane shot, then went to the floor to retrieve the table he didn't get a chance to use earlier.

Punk began setting up the table but Ryback recovered and nailed him.  He set the table up on its side and went to powerbomb Punk onto it.  Punk escaped and worked over Ryback but was caught after a kick was ducked and dropped across the table, crotched.

Ryback covered Punk for a two count.   He set the table up as Heyman yelled for Ryback to finish Punk off.    Punk low blowed Ryback  and placed him on the table.  Punk went to the top rope and nailed the flying elbow through a table.  He was too stunned to cover Ryback at first but grabbed the Cane and dripped Ryback in the side of the face with it.  Punk nailed the GTS and pinned Ryback.

Your winner, CM Punk!

Heyman had this, "Are you kidding me?" disgusted face, sort of like my brother whenever the New York Mets lose.  It was great.

Punk told him that he had nowhere to go and grabbed another Singapore Cane.  He stuck it in his tights and began climbing the cage like he was Snake Eyes in G.I. Joe.   Heyman freaked out as Punk made his way to the top of the cage. 

Punk toyed with Heyman, poking him with the cane, then grabbed him by the jacket.  Heyman was begging for mercy.  Punk drilled him with the cane and beat him over and over with it.   It was brutal.  He then called for a GTS on top of the Cell.  The crowd chanted, "Go to Sleep."  Punk nailed the GTS and Punk screamed, "Best in the World!"

He left Heyman laying and played to the crowd, celebrating.

A decent brawl and a nice spectacle at the end with Heyman.  Where they go with this from here on should be interesting, as this certainly felt like the blow-off.

Backstage, Renee Young interviewed Daniel Bryan and asked him what his motivating factor has been all this time.  Bryan said that all this time, he's just wanted his chance to prove he can be the WWE championship and tonight, he's got his chance one on one with Randy Orton.  He said that Shawn Michaels will be there and he hopes Michaels does the best for business.  He said that the night after Wrestlemania 28, the Miami crowd started the "Yes" phenom and tonight, he will bring them the WWE championship.  He thanked everyone for giving him the chance and he's going to do it for everyone who ever had to come from behind to achive their dreams.  Good promo.

They took some time getting Heyman removed.

Los Matadores vs. The Real Americans

Cesaro and Diego started off.  Diego avoided him and nailed a rana. He then hit a leaping head scissors.  He went for a handstand on the top into another scissors but was shoved off to the floor, where Swagger nailed him with a football tackle to the floor, hurting his knee.

JBL went on a rant that everyone except the Lone Ranger who ever wore a mask was a criminal.  Michael Cole named a bunch of super heroes and JBL responded, "Green Arrow? There's no Green Arrow!"  Might want to check your TV listings on Wednesday nights John!

 The Americans controlled Diego, working him over.  Cesaro used a big boot to kick Fernando off the apron.  He nailed the big swing on Diego.  The crowd loved this and counted along.  Diego acted like he wasn't effected but Cesaro kept going, doing 31 rotations and making himself dizzy too.  He covered Diego but Fernando broke it up.

Fernando finally tagged in and nailed some high flying moves including a shoulderblock off the ropes on Swagger, followed by a DDT.  Cesaro drilled one Diego into the guard rail on the floor.  Fernando went to come off the ropes but was drilled in the knee by a Swagger tackle in the air.  Swagger grabbed him for the Patriot Act but he was able to escape and knock him into Cesaro.

Los Matadores double-teamed Swagger and pinned him.

Your winners, Los Matadores!

After the match, Zeb Colter was upset on the mat, protesting and didn't realize his charges rolled out of the ring.  This left him with Los Matadores and Torito.   They set him up for Torito to nail him but Cesaro tried to get involved.  He was hit with a rana into the corner, sending Cesaro back to the floor.  Torito gored Zeb out of the ring, then hit a springboard dive on Swagger.

Match itself was OK but nothing great.  I didn't get the impression the Matadores deal was really over live. Elite subscribers are able to enjoy PPV coverage on an ad-free version of the site, and will also have access to our exclusive post-PPV audio show. You can subscribe by clicking this link and if you've never checked us out before, you can sign up for our three days free offer.

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