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By Mike Johnson on 2013-10-21 16:10:49
Former TNA star Alex Shelley, who's currently working for New Japan Pro Wrestling and is out of action with a bad back injury, wrote an update on his Twitter account, which you can check out by clicking here. Shelley recounted several injuries he's suffered over the last year before writing, "Finally, September 2013, severe sciatica via Liger Bomb from @taichi0319. Bad enough injury that I had to let a bunch of people down...And forego my chance to become a 3 time IWGP Jr. Tag Champion. Had a hard time walking, couldn't workout, and totally rethought my life. I don't consider myself tough, persay. I just really love wrestling. And @njpw1972 is wrestling. I was "orphaned", by my choice, and NJPW...Gave me a home. So while I waited in the doc's office, I really thought that 2012-2013 was my favorite year of my career. I grew the most as a wrestler, I (hopefully) won over @njpw1972 fans and proved to everyone I could adapt and learn and go in the ring. This was the first time I thought "Maybe I need to get out." So, understandably, I was pretty scared when I went in again last week. But nope. I am supposed to continue wrestling, I think. Cleared to lift weights, burnout on cardio, and should make a full recovery. :)"

Former AWA World champion and WWE Hall of Famer Verne Gagne Verne Gagne was one of 12 inducted into the Inaugural Class of Robbinsdale High School's Athletic Hall of Fame last night. Verne was not in attendance due to his ongoing health issues, but Greg and Donna Gagne were there on his behalf, with Greg accepting the award. The Gagnes stayed for the entire ceremony and greeted fellow inductees and alumni afterward. They were said to be very appreciative of the sentiment expressed for their father. To watch the induction, click here. The Gagne induction begins about 49 minutes in.

Terry and Dory Funk will be wrestling for All Japan Pro Wrestling this weekend, making their first appearance in the ring together in a few years on 10/27, facing Masa Fuchi and Osamu Nishmura.

There was an issue over the weekend between Justin Credible and Matt Striker following their match for the New York Wrestling Connection in Deer Park, LI. The two were working a scientific match with the angle being that if Credible beat Striker (the heel in their storyline) clean, he could have a hardcore match at the 11/30 return. After losing, Striker nailed Credible and legitimately busted him open hardway. Backstage, Striker tried to apologize but Credible cursed him out in the locker room and stormed off.

Former World Class and UWF star Steve Cox was interviewed by, discussing the Bill Watts era, Sting, Buff Bagwell, Sean Waltman and more.

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