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By Mike Johnson on 2013-10-20 19:07:55
TNA Knockouts champion ODB vs. Gail Kim vs. Brooke

ODB controlled her challengers early. Kim slipped out of the ring to avoid a charge but was shoulderblocked off by ODB.  Brooke and ODB went back and forth.  Kim tried to roll up ODB after she rolled up Brooke.  Brooke came back with a spear that sent Kim to the floor.  They were working really hard early.

Brooke worked over ODB and nailed a spinning neckbreaker for a two count.   Kim pulled Brooke out to the corner and locked on the ringpost figure four leglock.   ODB took Kim out.  She and Brooke battled back and forth.  Brooke slipped out of a Fireman's Carry and rolled up ODB.  ODB turned it into a single leg Boston Crab.

Kim returned to the ring and attacked Brooke, then kicked ODB in the back.   Kim went to the top but Brooke met her there and they battled back and forth.  ODB joined them and clunked their heads together.  ODB went for a double superplex into the ring.  They fought her off.  Kim nailed a missile dropkick on ODB but before she could capitalize, Brooke came off the top with a flying elbowsmash.

Everyone was down and the referee counted them down.  They returned to their feet.  ODB controlled them both.  She held Kim for a lon vertical delayed suplex but Brooke broke up the pinfall attempt.   ODB whipped her into the corner but when she charged, referee Brian Stiffler was caught and nailed in the corner.  Kim went after ODB with a dropkick but nailed the ref when ODB moved.

With the ref down, ODB grabbed both challengers on her shoulders for a move.  Brooke escaped but was kicked down.   ODB nailed a DVDR onto Brooke and covered them but no referee.  Lei'd Tapa came out on the stage with ring music.  ODB took a swig of her flask and charged Tapa but was kicked down with a pair of boots.

Tapa came down to the ring.  Brooke dove on her on the ramp but was caught and powerbombed into the ring.  Kim covered her and scored the pin.

Your winner and new TNA Knockouts champion, Gail Kim!

Tapa grabbed the belt and presented it to Kim, so they are in cahoots.  Kim hugged her.  Yes they are.  So TNA now has their own AJ and Tamina I guess?

The match itself was really good with all three busting their asses.  It was far better than most WWE Divas bouts.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Bobby Roode.  He said it was a shocker that Angle declined his HOF induction and that he hasn't lived up to being a true Hall of Famer.  Roode said that was true and everything that Roode said on Impact was true.  Roode said he was more worthy than Angle and he's in Angle's head because he made Kurt Angle do something that no one else has ever done - he made Angle tap out.  He said that tonight he's going to do that again and prove to the world that he's a better man and a better wrestler.

Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode

They played up the idea that Angle may have ring rust.  They started slowly.  Angle was pulled to the outside but Angle blocked a suplex attempt on the floor and reversed it.    Angle drilled Roode with a shoulderblock into the ring.  He attempted a suplex out of the ring to the floor but Roode blocked it and nailed Angle, who fell to the apron outside.  Roode worked over Angle and brought him back in the ring, where he locked in a side chinlock.

Angle finally fought his way out and nailed a series of German suplexes.   Roode came back and locked in the Crossface.  He placed Angle on the top but Angle fought him off and went for the moonsault  Angle missed and Roode went back to the Crossface.  Angle teased he was going to tap out but grabbed Roode's ankle and turned it into an anklelock submission.     They reversed submissions and went back and forth. 

Roode blocked a clothesline and locked back on the Crossface.  Angle powered out and nailed a suplex for a two count.    They battled back and forth on their knees with punches and strikes.   Angle began nailing German suplexes and they had some nice near falls.

Roode went for a Fireman's Carry but Angle slipped down and grabbed the anklelock.   Angle scissored his leg.  Roode teased tapping but reached for the ropes.  Roode was able to touch the rope when the referee picked his arm up and it fell onto the ropes when it was dropped. But, Roode was out and the idea was that Angle had him beat.  Angle set him up on the top rope and drilled him with several right hands.    Angle nailed a superplex but both men were laid out.  Roode recovered first and covered Angle.

Your winner, Bobby Roode!

Good match but it was the usual Angle match and nothing above and beyond the norm for him and Roode. Athletically, it was the best thing on the show.

The idea was that Roode had shocked the world by pinning Angle and I guess, that Angle has hit rock bottom.

Angle wasn't able to get up, so they did a stretcher deal. The story was that Roode worked on Angle's neck and after the superplex, Angle hurt himself and wasn't able to recover and was pinned. They spent a lot of time taking him out but he refused and finally walked out under his own power.

They showed at AJ Styles getting ready.

Bully Ray was talking to someone off camera, playing the idea that Aces & Eights had played everyone and had fooled them, but tonight is about the crew.  He teased Devon was there by making the Team 3D sign.  We'll see.

Ethan Carter III vs. Norm Fernum

Fernum was Pro Wrestling Guerrilla's Peter Avalon. He played a skinny guy billed from San Diego. The idea was that gave Carter a scab.

They gave Carter a big time entrance to put him over.  Carter locked up with him and nailed a hiptoss.    Carter controlled Fernum and showed a lot of swagger and arrogance.

Carter pretty much wiped the mat with Fernum and locked in a chinlock.  Fernum tried to fire back but was small and ineffective against Carter.  He then nailed a pair of dropkicks and a flying bodypress on Carter for a two count. 

Carter cut him off and nailed a drilling DDT similar to Dean Ambrose's and scored the pin.

Your winner, Ethan Carter III!

A solid debut.  Carter showed a lot of poise and arrogant aura in comparison to how he was presented in WWE when he was Derrick Bateman.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Magnus, saying tonight was the biggest match of his career.  Magnus said they have arrived at the biggest night of his life.   He said before tonight, the biggest night was joining the Main Event Mafia.  He said that Sting is a legend and they are in his backyard but Magnus has nothing to lose.  He said that he has a date with destiny and she's getting impatient.

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