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By Mike Johnson on 2013-10-20 08:00:00

October 20th

On this day in history in ....

1922 - Clarence Eklund defeats Helmar Myre to win the World Light Heavyweight Title in Sheridan, Wyoming.

1955 - Bill Savage and Buck Weaver defeat Luigi Macera and Dick Torio for the NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team Title.

1964 - Mad Dog Vachon defeats Verne Gagne for the AWA World Heavyweight Title in Minneapolis, Minnesota, ending Gagne's seventh reign with the title and beginning his own second run with the belt.

1969 - Jackie Fargo and Dennis Hall defeat Don and Al Greene to win the NWA Southern Tag Team Title in Memphis, Tennessee.

1972 - Dick Steinborn and Argentina Apollo defeat Skandor Akbar and Ox Baker to win the NWA Georgia Tag Team Title in Atlanta, Georgia.

1979 - Dutch Mantel defeats Dennis Condrey for his fifth NWA Mid-America Heavyweight Title in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

1983 - Buzz Tyler wins his second NWA Central States Heavyweight Title reign by defeated Super Destroyer in Kansas City, Kansas.

1984 - Dusty Rhodes & Manny Fernandez defeat Ivan Koloff & Don Kernodle for the NWA World Tag Team Title in Greensboro, North Carolina.

1986 - Crusher Yurkov (Bam Bam Bigelow) defeats Steve Simpson for the WCCW Television Title in Fort Worth, Texas.

1986 - Tracy Smothers begins his second reign as NWA Mid-America Heavyweight Champion by defeating Boy Tony (Tony Falk) in Memphis, Tennessee.

1987 - Chigusa Nagayo defeats Yukari Oomori to win the WWWA World Singles Title and Bull Nakano and Condor Saito defeat The Red Typhoons (Kazue Nagahori and Yumi Ogura) to win the WWWA World Tag Team Title in Tokyo, Japan.

1989 - Kerry Von Erich defeats The Punisher (The Undertaker) for the USWA Texas Heavyweight Title in Dallas, Texas.

1989 - Stan Hansen & Genichiro Tenryu defeated Jumbo Tsuruta & Yoshiaki Yatsu for the All Japan World Tag Team Title in Nagoya, Japan, ending Tsuruta & Yatsu's fifth, and final, title reign. On the same show, Masanobu Fuchi defeated Joe Malenko to win the All Japan World Junior Heavyweight Title.

1989 - Kerry Von Erich defeated The Punisher in Dallas, Texas to win the USWA Texas Heavyweight Title.

1995 - Terry Gordy pins Brad Armstrong to win the SMW Heavyweight Title.

1996 - WWF held their eleventh "In Your House" Pay-per-view, nicknamed "Buried Alive" and held at the Market Square Arena in Indianapolis, Indiana. Here are the results:
- In a dark match, Barry Windham defeated Justin Bradshaw.
- Steve Austin defeated Hunter Hearst Helmsley with a Stone Cold Stunner. During the match, Curt Hennig went to ringside and charmed Helmsley's valet for the night into leaving with him.
- WWF World Tag Team Champions Davey Boy Smith & Owen Hart defeated The Smoking Gunns when Owen pinned Billy with a spin kick.
- Intercontinental Champion Marc Mero defeated Goldust. Mero was supposed to face Faarooq, who was attacked backstage by Ahmed Johnson prior to the match. Mero defeated Goldust with the Wild Thing (Shooting Star Press), and Curt Hennig came into the ring to raise Mero's hand.
- Sid Vicious defeated Vader with a chokeslam. As a result, Sid earned a World Title match at Survivor Series.
- The Undertaker defeated Mankind in a Buried Alive match when Taker hit a tombstone piledriver, chokeslammed Mankind into the grave, and shoveled some dirt on him. The Executioner (Terry Gordy) then made his debut, hitting Undertaker with a shovel and helping Mankind out of the grave. Goldust, Crush, Bradshaw, and Triple H then came out to help Mankind and Executioner bury Undertaker completely, filling the whole grave. After they left, a "lightning" bolt came down and hit the tombstone near the grave and Undertaker's arm shot up from the dirt to end the show. .
Matches held after the PPV went off the air:
- The Godwinns defeated The New Rockers.
- WWF World Heavyweight Champion Shawn Michaels defeated Goldust.

2000 - WCW officially released Bret Hart, who then announced his retirement from wrestling. WCW had used Hart sparingly since the death of his brother Owen, and scaled him back to only occasional non-wrestling appearances after suffering a concussion against Bill Goldberg the previous December. WCW stopped using him altogether after Hart wrote a scathing editorial about WCW and their product in his weekly newspaper column in the Calgary Sun, so his release was not unexpected.    Hart would return to the ring in limited fashion for WWE in 2010, including a Wrestlemania win over Vince McMahon and a final match, a six man tag, in Madison Square Garden.

2001 - Chris Hero defeats Trent Baker to win the IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Title in Charlestown, Indiana, ending Baker's second reign and beginning his first.

2002 - Momoe Nakanishi defeats Kaoru Itoh to win the WWWA World Singles Title and noki-A defeats Kayo Noumi in a tournament final to win the WWWA All-Pacific Title in Kawasaki, Japan.

2002 - WWF held their No Mercy Pay-per-view at the Alltell Arena in Little Rock, Arkansas. Tim Whitehead's original report:

WWE No Mercy 2002
by Tim Whitehead

WWE's No Mercy (10/20 from Little Rock) was largely a two match show, but both those matches were great and made the PPV a clear thumb's up in my mind. The rest of the show was okay, with some of it good, some of it weak, and some of it average. The dual division commentary was good again, except during the Triple H vs. Kane match when Jerry Lawler dwelled unceasingly on the moronic "Kane's a murderer" angle. I know it's an announcer's job to get angles over, but Lawler was pushing the murder deal as if it were a good angle, when in fact it's one of the most idiotic ideas anyone in wrestling has ever come up with. The crowd seemed kind of slow getting into some of the matches. Even during the two excellent bouts they didn't really get heated until the last few minutes, but in both cases it was more like they were watching intently, like in an All Japan match where they study things and then get excited when the time limit starts to get close.

The show opened with Kane encountering Undertaker backstage. He sardonically asked UT how his week was. UT just glared at him.

CHRIS JERICHO & CHRISTIAN defeated BOOKER T & GOLDUST in 8:45 to retain the RAW World Tag Titles. Jericho was doing an angle where he was scared of Booker and kept avoiding tagging in against him. Booker went to work on Christian with lariats and kicks. Goldust sent Christian out to the floor and then vaulted Jericho out on top of him. Jericho hit a missile kick on Goldust. Goldust and Christian did some good standard spots together. Goldust was actually wrestling here rather than just doing his usual routine. Booker hot tagged in and finally got to go against Jericho, scoring some near falls. Goldust delivered shattered dreams to Christian and then sent Jericho head first into Christian's crotch. Jericho hooked the walls on Goldust but Booker broke it up. Booker nearly pinned Jericho with a scissor kick, with Christian making the save. Booker missile kicked Jericho and did the spinaroonie. Jericho went for a lionsault but, in a scary moment, the ropes broke and Jericho took an unexpected bump. Goldust bulldogged Jericho. Booker began chasing Christian, who fled through the crowd. Meanwhile, Jericho gave Goldust a bulldog on one of the title belts and pinned him after a moonsault (with the lower ropes broken, he couldn't do a lionsault). A solid opening match.

While the ring crew fixed the broken ropes, Sho Funaki interviewed Al Wilson (Torrie's dad, not the 70's pop singer who had that hit called "Show And Tell"). They showed footage of all the recent incidents where Al was caught in compromising situations with Dawn Marie. Al kept stammering, trying to explain things. I think stammering is a side effect of a viagra overdose. Finally, Al said, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman". It was far more believable than when Clinton said the same thing. Of course, how could it not be?

TORRIE WILSON beat DAWN MARIE in 4:40. Not good, but both are pretty so that made it watchable. Torrie dropkicked Dawn before the bell. They were trying to do a real match but the crowd just wanted to see T & A. They did a lot of near falls. The ref got tangled up with them at one point, on purpose so he could feel them up. Torrie won with a neckbreaker, and said the win was for her dad. Dad was probably happy with the result, since every time Dawn loses to Torrie, she puts out for Al afterward.

Jonathan Coachman interviewed Rob Van Dam. RVD did a funny Ric Flair imitation where he called himself a chair smashing, frog splashing, risk taking, yinging yanging, van daminating dude. This was done in the same style as Flair's "kiss stealing, wheeling dealing" promos, complete with the Flair strut. Brock Lesnar happened to walk by, accompanied by Paul Heyman & Tracy. Coach ran after them, saying that even though he's a RAW guy, he needed to ask them some questions. Lesnar & Heyman ignored him, but Tracy went off on Undertaker, calling him a liar and a scumbag. Jim Ross called her a jezebel. Lawler, who was right, said she's hot.

ROB VAN DAM defeated RIC FLAIR in 7:59. This match pretty much settled it. Flair needs to hang it up and stop wrestling a regular schedule. He just couldn't keep up with RVD here, making this the weakest match on the show other than the women's matches. RVD hit Flair with a thrust kick on the floor and a legdrop from the apron across the security rail. Flair did his heel begging routine. Flair once again failed to make it over the turnbuckle when he did his flip into the corner. Lawler went off again on Flair's age, predicting Dawn Marie will come on to him next. Flair probably does need to be reminded of his age, but not by Lawler. Flair did his trademark chops and began working on RVD's leg as a prelude to setting up a figure four. RVD reversed the figure four, and Flair made the ropes. RVD scored some near falls. Flair went to the top and, as always, got bodyslammed off. RVD hit the rolling thunder but Flair made the ropes. RVD then won with a kick and a very high frog splash.

Eric Bischoff caught Big Show talking to Stephanie backstage. He seemed to be wanting to jump to Smackdown, which he can't do without Bischoff's consent. Steph excused herself when she saw Bischoff. Bischoff began yelling at Show. Show complained that he hasn't wrestled on a PPV in months and hasn't headlined one in years. He accused Bischoff of holding him back. Show was acting like he's a potential headliner being misused. Bischoff kept yelling at him, so Show slammed him into a bunch of carts and threatened to snap his neck like a twig next time. I guess this will lead to something on RAW.

JAMIE NOBLE beat TAJIRI to retain the Cruiserweight Title in 8:15. Both guys traded kicks early. Tajiri did a neat flip out of the ring, followed by a kick to Noble's head. Noble got Tajiri up on his shoulders and then dropped him hard. Lots of near falls throughout. Tajiri hit a scary looking tornado DDT. Tajiri also threw a series of rapid kicks, like a kickboxer might throw. Tajiri went for a pin after a tarantula and a big kick but Nidia distracted the ref by kissing him. Noble came back with a powerbomb. Tajiri went up for a victory roll, but Nidia interfered, causing Noble to fall on Tajiri for the pin. Afterward, Tajiri grabbed Nidia and kissed her. She liked it, so Noble got mad and kissed her himself, allowing Tajiri to lay him out from behind with a kick. A solid cruiserweight match, and it was good to see the title highlighted on PPV.

Backstage, Chris Benoit told Eddie Guerrero that nephew Chavo was being beaten up by Kurt Angle. Benoit led Eddie to a door. From behind the door, banging noises could be heard, along with Chavo yelling for help. Eddie figured it was all a set-up, and said he's too smart to fall for something like that, and said it was someone imitating Chavo's voice. He refused to go in the room. Finally, the door flew open and Chavo came flying out. Angle had indeed beaten him up, and then threw him out the door. Angle & Benoit laughed and walked off, leaving Eddie to tend to his battered nephew. Funny stuff!

HHH beat KANE to retain the RAW World Title and unify the IC Title in 16:11. Kane used power moves to thwart HHH. Kane dominated for the first few minutes, hitting lariats and other basic moves to score several near falls. Lawler was harping like crazy about the murder allegation, which made the whole match seem like a bad joke even though they were doing a basic, solid match. Kane bumped out and HHH posted him. HHH scored some twos with standard moves like a neckbreaker and a spinebuster. HHH hooked the sleeper but Kane suplexed his way out of it. Kane hit a boot to the face, but Lawler was busy talking about semen in Katie's body. Flair ran in, and Kane walloped him. Flair really looks bad in this role. HHH used the title belt on Kane but only scored a two count, which popped the crowd and they came to life for the rest of the match. Hurricane ran in and attacked Flair. HHH rescued Flair by pedigreeing Hurricane on the floor. I thought managers were supposed to rescue wrestlers, not the other way around. Kane scored a near fall with a powerslam. HHH blocked a chokeslam. The ref got bumped. Kane chokeslammed HHH through the announcers' desk. Flair chopped Kane, who didn't sell. Did I mention how bad Flair looks in this role? Flair got the sledgehammer but Kane took it from him. HHH came back in and got the hammer just as Kane was lifting him up for a move. HHH hit Kane in the ribs with the weapon. Kane still managed to chokeslam HHH. The ref was still out, so a second ref ran in, but Flair slugged him up. Kane chokeslammed Flair. HHH nailed Kane again in the ribs and hit the pedigree as the ref revived and counted the pin. So Kane went through the most moronic and degrading angle of the year, and ended up with no belts (after originally going for three). HHH is still king on RAW. The work was okay in this match but all the interference and the bad commentary hurt it badly.

Stephanie called Tracy into her office, and acted like they were having a private "girl talk" type of conversation. I guess Tracy didn't see the cameras there. She also didn't notice that Undertaker was hiding in the room. Anyway, Tracy admitted to Steph that her affair with UT was back before he was married and that Heyman had her lie about it. She said she now wants "Mark" back and doesn't care that he has a pregnant wife. UT emerged and called her a lying bitch for claiming their affair was recent. Steph told Tracy to hit the bricks, babe. UT said he owes Stephanie one.

KURT ANGLE & CHRIS BENOIT defeated EDGE & REY MYSTERIO JR. in the finals of the Smackdown World Tag Titles tournament in 22:02. Kind of interesting that the two big Smackdown matches got higher billing than the two big RAW matches. It was a good thing, too, because they were the show stealers. Angle did some good mat stuff with Mysterio, including tossing him hard across the ring. Mysterio came back with fast kicks, smacking Angle to make him mad. Edge came in and armdragged Angle. Benoit hooked a headlock on Edge, who broke free and hit a backbreaker. Edge and Benoit traded hard chops. Edge ducked a Benoit lariat and speared Angle off the apron. Angle and Benoit were working well together, which was part of the storyline that they are starting to respect each other after prior distrust. Angle tied Edge up in a chinlock before hitting a belly-to-belly suplex. Matches like this are really great for re-establishing actual wrestling holds as the real deal. Benoit hit his multiple German suplexes on Edge. Edge superplexed Benoit. There were near falls throughout all this. Mysterio hot tagged and hit a spinning headscissors on Benoit. He kicked the hell out of both Angle and Benoit. Mysterio did a springboard legdrop on Benoit, who was dangling over the ropes. Benoit hooked the crossface on Mysterio but Edge saved. Benoit caught Mysterio on the 619, which was cool. Benoit had Mysterio up but Edge missile kicked Mysterio and he fell on Benoit for a near pin. The crowd heat finally started to pick up. They got a ton of near falls on Mysterio, who kept kicking out after high suplexes and hard backdrops. Edge gave Angle a big backdrop and then speared Benoit. Edge hoisted Mysterio up and he gave Angle a huracanrana off the top. Benoit went for a diving headbutt on Edge but Edge rolled clear and Angle took the hit. There was a huge pop when Angle kicked out of Edge's pin attempt. Edge went for a spear but Benoit tripped him and hooked the crossface. Mysterio made the save with the 619. Angle gave Mysterio the Olympic slam. Angle went for an ankle lock on Edge, who blocked it and scored a near fall with a roll-up. Edge speared Angle but again only scored two. Edge helped moonsault Mysterio out onto Benoit on the floor. The closing sequence, which was awesome, had Angle block and Edgecution and hook the ankle lock. Edge reversed it into an ankle lock of his own, but Angle reversed it again and Edge tapped out. Excellent match! And it was great that there was no interference from Eddie & Chavo so the match stayed pure.

The doctor shot UT's broken arm up with pain killer. He didn't want to do it, claiming it was unethical, but UT insisted. It wasn't nearly as eerie as that time Akira Hokuto got shot up with pain killer before a match on that Japanese video. But then, she really was being shot up with pain killer.

TRISH STRATUS defeated VICTORIA to retain the Women's Title in 5:32. This was put on here in this spot to separate the two great matches. They both worked like crazy as always. Lots of brawling with some pretty stiff kicks. Some of the wrestling moves didn't quite click. Trish hit a huracanrana. Lots of near falls as they kept going at each other pretty hard. Victoria blocked the stratusfaction but Trish still managed to roll her up for the pin. Victoria booted Trish hard in the face afterward.

Rikishi appeared at The World and predicted UT would win the Hell in the Cell since it's his specialty match. Footage aired of Rikishi bumping off the cage in his Hell in the Cell match a couple of years ago.

BROCK LESNAR defeated UNDERTAKER in the Hell in the Cell to retain the Undisputed WWE World Title in 27:16. Undertaker swung at Lesnar with his cast, with Lesnar avoiding. UT finally landed a blow across the ribs and Lesnar sold it. UT stalked Lesnar on the floor, with Heyman yelling from outside the cage to try and keep Lesnar on track. Lesnar went after the broken arm but UT walloped him with the cast and he juiced. On the floor, UT took command as Heyman was in a state of panic. He repeatedly rammed Lesnar into the cage and raked his face across it. UT kept pounding Lesnar with the cast and delivering lariats. A stiff, brawling style that really got over. The live crowd, again, wasn't that hot at first, but they were following the match intently. Heyman was up against the cage shouting instructions and UT kicked him. Heyman juiced, as it was set up to look like the cage cut him. Lesnar was sent crashing into the stairs. UT charged Lesnar but he sidestepped and UT careened into the cage. Heyman sort of tied UT to the cage with a leather belt and Lesnar mauled him. Lesnar used a chair on the broken arm. Lesnar tossed UT into the ring and, after a struggle, removed the cast. He stomped UT's broken arm. Lesnar hung from the cage top and kicked UT. UT mounted a comeback that sent Lesnar out to the floor. UT hit a tope through the ropes. UT further bloodied Heyman by using his tie to ram him into the cage. UT tried to use the stairs but his arm gave way and he dropped them. Lesnar then hit UT with the stairs and he juiced one of the biggest gushers in PPV history. Blood was just spurting out. Lesnar stomped the arm some more. UT, despite all the blood, blocked the F5 and hit a chokeslam. Huge reaction when Lesnar kicked out at two. UT delivered a last ride and this time Lesnar made the ropes to break the count. Lesnar blocked a tombstone piledriver attempt and hit the F5 for the pin. Awesome match, and very dramatic, and they did it without going to the cage top and doing the dangerous stuff. Tazz & Michael Cole put over huge that Lesnar was going to be a legend. Cole said UT made Lesnar famous, but not in the way he intended. Lesnar climbed to the cage top and hoisted the belt as the bloody UT watched in defeat from inside. UT put Lesnar over so well that it actually sort of justified last month's screwjob ending.

2003 - During an edition of Raw from Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, World Tag Team Champions The Dudley Boyz defeated Rene Dupree & Rob Conway with the Doomsday Device, the Road Warriors' finishing move. The Dudleys also wore armbands with "Hawk" written on it, and laid the tag title belts on a sign on the runway commemorating Michael "Road Warrior Hawk" Hegstrand, who had passed away the day before.

2006 - WWE celebrated the 700th episode of Monday Night Raw with this press release:

WWE issued the following press release this afternoon:

WWE(R)'s Monday Night RAW(R) Reaches 700th Episode Milestone
Friday October 20, 4:09 pm ET
STAMFORD, Conn., Oct. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- WWE Monday Night RAW, a perennial cable ratings powerhouse, celebrates another milestone on Monday night, October 23, when it presents its 700th episode at 9/8 CT on USA Network.

The first episode of Monday Night RAW aired on January 11, 1993, from the Manhattan Center in New York City and since has been broadcast from arenas around the world, including Madison Square Garden, Staples Center in Los Angeles, as well as London, England and Tokyo, Japan.

On August 1, 2005, Monday Night Raw surpassed previous record holder, Gunsmoke, as producer of the most original episodes of any weekly fictional entertainment program ever on American television.

Monday Night RAW is currently seen on USA Network. Since its return to USA last October, Monday Night RAW has averaged a household rating of 4.03 and delivered an average of 5.1 total viewers including 2.6 million P18-49. RAW is consistently the most watched year-round program on ad-supported cable television.

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE: WWE) is an integrated media and entertainment company headquartered in Stamford, Conn. WWE has offices in Los Angeles, Toronto and London, and a sales office located in New York City. Information on the company can be found at and

Seen in 90 million homes, USA Network is cable television's leading network of original series and feature movies, sports and entertainment events, network shows and blockbuster theatrical films. The USA Network Web site is located at Characters Welcome.

USA Network is a program service of NBC Universal Cable a division of NBC Universal, one of the world's leading media and entertainment companies in the development, production, and marketing of entertainment, news, and information to a global audience.

Trademarks: The names of all World Wrestling Entertainment televised and live programming, talent names, images, likenesses, slogans and wrestling moves and all World Wrestling Entertainment logos are trademarks which are the exclusive property of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Forward-Looking Statements: This news release contains forward-looking statements pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, which are subject to various risks and uncertainties. These risks and uncertainties include the conditions of the markets for live events, broadcast television, cable television, pay-per-view, Internet, entertainment, professional sports, and licensed merchandise; acceptance of the Company's brands, media and merchandise within those markets; uncertainties relating to litigation; risks associated with producing live events both domestically and internationally; uncertainties associated with international markets; risks relating to maintaining and renewing key agreements, including television distribution agreements; and other risks and factors set forth from time to time in Company filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Actual results could differ materially from those currently expected or anticipated. In addition to these risks and uncertainties, our dividend is based on a number of factors, including our liquidity and historical and projected cash flow, strategic plan, our financial results and condition, contractual and legal restrictions on the payment of dividends and such other factors as our board of directors may consider relevant.

2006 - WWE broadcast Smackdown.  Phil Lowe filed the following TV report:

Smackdown! started with a video package showing highlights from last week's number one contender match ahead of tonight's King Booker vs Batista main event for Booker's World Heavyweight Title. From there, the opening credits roll, and after pleasantries from Michael Cole and JBL, we're off and running.
The show starts with Smackdown's #1 Power Ranger, MVP, making his way to the ring. He cuts a promo saying how he wasn't ready to face Kane last week, but tonight he's more than ready. Kane makes his way out and after making the ringposts explode, we get straight into it. MVP tries to go on the attack early but gets brushed aside by Kane, who then nails him with several right hands. MVP manages to get back into things and tosses Kane into the ringsteps on the outside. Kane gets back into the ring where MVP continues to work over the knee that met the ringsteps earlier. Kane responds with a boot to the face and follows it up with a side slam before coming off the top rope with a clothesline. Kane then goes for the chokeslam but MVP counters with an obvious lowblow, and the referee calls for the bell to end a very short opener. Winner via DQ: Kane.

Backstage we see King Booker and Batista both preparing for their match later in the show.

Mindy Sterling from the Austin Powers movies was shown at ringside, continuing WWE's success of attracting A-List celebrities to this week's TV, before Elijah Burke comes out for his match with Vito, accompanied by Sylvester Turkay. Burke grabs the mic and says he's the only guy who is tough enough and man enough to hang with Turkay, and calls himself one half of the greatest fight team in the world. Vito comes out in a French Maid outfit, and we get our weekly 5 minutes of Michael Cole getting overly excited about a guy in a dress. Vito has early control of the match before missing an elbow from the top rope allowing Burke to get back into it. The most entertaining thing over the last few weeks when Vito has been on TV has been JBL ripping into Cole and Vito, and this week was no different. A pretty basic and short match that came to a quick conclusion after Vito went for his finisher but Burke countered and pushed Vito onto the ropes. With the referee distracted, Terkay interfered and laid out Vito, allowing Burke to make the cover. Winner via Pinfall: Elijah Burke.

Todd Grisham tells us that the Newcastle leg of next month's UK tour (if you're outside of the United States, this report is being put together via the UK feed of the show, and WWE are doing the hard sell on next month's shows) will feature Cena vs Edge, DX vs Orton & Umaga, plus Sabu & Tommy Dreamer vs Big Show & Test.

Backstage, Matt Hardy and Gregory Helms argue over who the better man is. Helms says he can beat anybody, which is overheard by Teddy Long, who says he'll give Helms the chance to prove himself in a match against The Undertaker. Helms looks scared, Hardy walks off laughing.

From there we cut to a backstage promo from William Regal. He says that at one time he was one of the greatest wrestlers, but now he's a joke after dressing up as a buxom wench for a pirate (Paul Burchill) and being caught in a shower with a cross-dresser. Regal says he's no longer a servant, and says he has Dave Taylor with him to make sure he's no longer treated like a doormat.

Yet more footage and hype for tonight's Booker T-Batista match is shown.

We return with William Regal and Dave Taylor making their way to the ring for a tag team match with Scotty 2 Hotty and Funaki. For those who don't know Taylor, he's a former WCW star who had a great run in the 1990s and has spent this year working as a trainer in Deep South Wrestling. The match gets underway with Regal taking it straight to Funaki with a knee to the face before tagging in Taylor, who continued the assault on Funaki with several uppercuts before tagging back out to Regal. JBL does a great job of explaining Taylor's background and history as Michael Cole says virtually nothing and comes across as not knowing anything about anything that happens outside of WWE. They continue to make quick tags while Funaki takes a heck of a beating. This continues for a few more minutes before Regal basically allows Funaki to tag out, and after a very quick interaction between Regal and S2H, Taylor is tagged in quickly pins Hotty in what was a huge, huge squash match that put over Regal and Taylor very well. Winners via pinfall: Regal & Taylor.

A video package airs ahead of tonight's Rey Mysterio-Chavo Guerrero I Quit match, which is up next.

Chavo comes out accompanied by Vicki Guerrero, to very little reaction. With this show being in California, Mysterio gets a huge pop when his music hits, as you'd expect. Eddie chants start up right away, and I REALLY don't understand why fans keep thinking that the chants would help Mysterio (Eddie's friend) more than Chavo (Eddie's Nephew) in the match. Mysterio hits an early head scissors that sends Chavo to the outside and follows it up with a senton over the top rope to the outside which connects. Mysterio repeatedly bounces Chavo's head against the steel steps at ringside, and asks Chavo if he quits. He doesn't, and Mysterio continues his attack outside the ring, tossing Chavo into the ring post and then nailing him with three chair shots back in the ring before dropkicking a chair into his face. He continues with a chair shot to the head which set Chavo up for the 619 (and looked really well done). He hits the 619 then goes to the top rope, only for Vicki to interfere and knock Mysterio off the ropes. Chavo gets back into the match and works over Mysterio's injured knee. Chavo grabs the chair and attacks Mysterio's knee with it before locking in a half Boston Crab.

Chavo traps Mysterio's knee in the chair and comes off the top rope, connecting and continuing to work over Rey's knee. They go out of the ring and up the ramp towards the stage, with Chavo attempting a suplex off the stage. Mysterio blocks it and hits a suplex of his own on the ramp. Mysterio then kicks Chavo in the head, causing Chavo to fall off the side of the ramp. Mysterio then takes a run-up and jumps off the stage and hits Chavo with a very impressive looking Senton. Really, really good match so far. They continue the fight in the area below the stage as the crowd is in silence....a "what the hell is going to happen next?" kind of silence. Mysterio chokes Chavo out using a chair as Vicki looks on, encouraging him. Chavo fights back with uppercuts and tries to attack Mysterio using crates around the stage area. Mysterio escapes, but Chavo catches up with him and hangs Mysterio upside down on a lighting rig. He repeatedly attacks his knee with a chair until Mysterio eventually quits. Winner: Chavo Guerrero

That was one of the best TV matches WWE have produced this year. The crowd not being particularly hot didn't matter one bit. The fact that they didn't cut to a commercial break at all during the match (which went around 20 minutes) was also a huge plus and added to the match. If you miss the show, catch a replay if you can as this was fantastic.

Next up, Gregory Helms vs The Undertaker. After another UK promo, we return as the match starts with Undertaker setting Helms up for Snake Eyes. Michael Cole reminds us this is a non-title match, just in case anybody thought Taker had dropped 100lbs. Mr Kennedy's music plays and Kennedy comes to ringside only to be taken out by Taker, who tosses him into the steps on the outside. In the ring, Taker hits a chokeslam and the Tombstone, and we've a quick ending to a quick match. Winner via pinfall: The Undertaker.

Post-match, Kennedy attacks Taker, but gets a chokeslam for his troubles and bails.

Backstage we again see King Booker and Batista getting ready for tonight's main event, but up next, we've got the Diva Dance Off! This was just awful. After The Miz takes up a few minutes on the mic, he introduces the Divas (Jillian, Kristal, Michelle, Layla and Ashley), then introduces guest judges Nick & Aaron Carter. Wow, the A-Listers are out tonight. Miz sings a Backstreet Boys song for Nick, and the Mysterio-Guerrero match I watched 30 minutes ago seems like a lifetime ago. This is quite possibly the worst and most embarrassing segment on WWE TV for a long, long time, and why they're giving Miz a spot on the roster is beyond me. Each diva gets 20 seconds to dance, and I really can't bring myself to type anything else about this as it ends up in a catfight. A truly awful segment.

John Cena and Big Show make their way to ringside ahead of tonight's main event as we cut to commercial.

We return as Batista makes his way out to the ring for tonight's title match, followed by King Booker. They do the introductions once both men are in the ring to try and give this the big match feel, but after the last segment, it flops badly, and this title match doesn't seem special at all. At least not to me. The match gets underway with Batista gaining an early advantage as he knocks down Booker with a shoulder block then takes it to him in the corner with a flurry of elbows to the head. Booker responds with a thumb to the eye and follows it up with a knife edge chop. Booker goes for an ax kick but Batista ducks out of the way, and clotheslines Booker over the top rope. Booker crawls back into the ring as Sharmell distracts the referee, allowing Finlay to clothesline Batista on the outside and give Booker the upper hand.

Booker drapes Batista over the ring apron and hits a legdrop for a near fall before working over Batista arm as John Cena and Big Show watch on from ringside. Batista fights back with a clothesline out of an Irish Whip and follows it up with a powerbomb, and then a spinebuster. After another near fall they go to the outside, sending Big Show crashing off his chair in the process. The go back in the ring and Batista sets up Booker for a Batista Bomb but Big Show interferes as the referee calls for the bell. Winner via DQ: Batista.

Cena gets into the ring, and he and Batista double up to take out Big Show. Teddy Long's music hits and the SD GM says that if he has his way, he'd make Batista/Cena vs Show/Booker for next week's show. Cena and Batista look happy about that, as Booker and Big Show make their way to the back, looking less than happy to end the show.

2007 - During the UFC PPV, former WWE champion and Wrestlemania XIX main eventer Brock Lesnar was seated in the front row. He was later interviewed by Joe Rogan and introduced as the latest signee for the Ultimate Fighting Championships.    Lesnar would go on to become the only man to hold both the WWE and UFC Heavyweight championships.

2007 - One of the all time great wrestling convention fiascos took place.  The first and last ever Wrestlefanfest convention in San Francisco was said to have drawn in the 200 range, at the Cow Palace, the same building Eddie Guerrero won the WWE title from Brock Lesnar).    There were issues with pay and all sorts of chaos, so we will take it from the top:

-A number of booked wrestlers, including The Steiners and Brian Knobs, staged something of a sit-in at the lobby of the hotel where they were booked, waiting to be paid for their appearances.  They began waiting at 8 AM Pacific for the wife of the promoter, Chris Salsbury, to arrive with their pay as they had been told they would be paid half of their money via cash and half via check.  The wrestlers waiting were originally told that the bank was "three hours away", which was followed by a story that the wife was "pulled over while driving back", and later that there was traffic returning to San Francisco.  Salsbury's wife finally returned with cash. There was  a procession of talent lined up outside of Salsbury's hotel room receiving half of their agreed upon fee in cash and a check for the remainder.  Salsbury was showing talent proof on his laptop that there would be a large sum of money available to draw the checks from this Monday and that he was claiming problems with a business partner were the reason for the money issues.

-Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Dan Severn and Missy Hyatt were among those announced that did not appear.  Hall and Nash claim there were no deposits sent per their contractual agreements.   Fanfest posted in response that first class plane tickets were bought for the pair, but didn't mention the deposits.   In the case of Severn, the promoters noted that they dropped the ball on their site and were trying to make arrangements.

-Kurt Angle missed the event due to illness.  His airfare and pay was taken care of in advance as he was booked via the TNA office.  

- Roddy Piper was paid with a personal check that the locak bank would not clear when he brought it to them.  He demanded cash and received it.  Piper would eventually appear.  

-Lex Luger, who had flown in from Georgia to the event, suffered paralysis, something that he still deals with today following years of physical therapy.  At the time, in regard to Lex Luger's health, Rob Serita, who was identified as the event's marketing director, posted, "LEX IS FINE.... it's not a stroke. he was not feeling well after his morning workout so he went in for a few tests. HE IS 100% FINE!!!!!!!!" Luger would be hospitalized for many, many months.

- Sid Vicious did also not appear despite a statement from the convention's braintrust that there were no issues with Vicious once word got out.  

-The original main event for the convention's first live event was Kevin Nash and Scott Hall vs. Sid Vicious and a mystery partner.  None of the four appeared.  The live event ended up being headlined by The Great Muta vs. Steve Corino vs. The Sandman and Billy Kidman vs. Ultimo Dragon.    No footage from the event was ever released, although they were filmed by Big Vision Entertainment for a future national DVD release.  The convention intimated that Big Vision was a sponsor of the event, but in reality, they were simply contracted to film the live events for DVD distribution.

-A scheduled Saturday night MMA event, (which was also slated to be a DVD taping) was canceled due to lack of ticket sales.  The sales were absolutely abysmal, as in less than 100, although MMA website claimed there were 300 sold. California State Athletic Commission executive officer Armando Garcia was quoted on Sherdog as saying that the show was canceled due to the cage structure missing two of the support beams.

-Ring of Honor ran an event the next day as part of the convention but only did so after having to pay the rent on the venue themselves.

-The Wrestlefanfest website's message board forum was yanked offline over the course of the weekend, likely due to a number of negative posts complaining about the convention.

-As if all the chaos surrounding the Wrestlefanfest convention wasn't enough, MMA legend and former New Japan star Don Frye was also involved in a fight at the convention's hotel. The jist of the story is that Frye ended up in a verbal confrontation after the promoter of the canceled MMA event was informing the fighters that they wouldn't be paid. Frye and the other party went to step outside to physically settle their issues when Frye was struck (described as a "sucker punch") by a third party, described as associated with Dog the Bounty Hunter. Police were called and a warning was issued that if any further incidents occurred, everyone associated with the convention would be ejected from their rooms at the hotel. Frye was sporting a huge shiner.

Alan Cookson filed the following report on the wrestling event that came off as part of the convention:

I decided to go and check out this Fan Fest and show.  I got there about 6:30 with the matches set to
start at 7:30 . there were a few vendors inside and I did see  some wrestlers but it was no big deal.  It's sad when you see some of these people selling photos and autographs and even some "Hollywood Stars" such as Traci Bingham from Baywatch and the kid who played Bud Bundy on Married with Children.  I ran into Mike Lano which is always a thrill, and he claimed he was really the one running this show.
Matches started about 8 pm:

*The Steiners Beat Team 3D.
*Gail Kim beat Traci Brooks and Cheerleader Melissa.
*Blue Meanie and Al Snow beat Alcatraz and Luke Hawxx.
*Warlord and Barbarian beat Kamala and One Man Gang.
*Shark Boy and Abyss beat Lance Hoyt and French Stallion.
*Vampire Warrior, Black Pearl and Rikishi beat Orlando Jones, ????, and Vic Grimes.
*32 Man Battle Royal.  Chavo Guerrero Sr was in it  and after he was eliminated he tried to get into a
fight with a fan.
*Greg Valentine and Brutus Beefcake beat Koko B Ware and Dr Death Steve Williams.
*Ultimo Dragon beat Billy Kidman.
*In the main event it was Steve Corino  (with Francine) vs. the Sandman (with Baby Doll) vs. Great
Muta.  Muta pinned Corino after DDP ran in and hit Corino with the Diamond Cutter.

2008 - MMA promotion Elite XC shuttered operations due to a ripple effect caused by former WWE star Ken Shamrock being medically disqualified from a fight against Kimbo Slice that was to air live on CBS.  CBS was looking into buying the promotion but backed out of any interest in the wake of MMA fighter Seth Petruzelli (who substituted for Shamrock when he was disqualified after suffering a bad cut that required stitches during a training session the day of the fight) making statements, but later backing off from them, that Elite XC had offered him money to keep his fight against Kimbo Slice standing.  Since the Florida State Athletic Commission was investigating whether any wrongdoing was involved in the fight (as there were bets being taken on the fight) which Petruzelli won in 14 seconds, CBS wanted no part of the company.  With massive debts, Elite XC shut down.

2008 - Former New Japan talent Naofumi Yamamoto made his official debut for WWE developmental.  He would make it to the main WWE roster as Yoshi Tatsu.

2008 - WWE broadcast Raw on the USA Network.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

This Sunday is Cyber Sunday and it is time for the final build for the Raw brand. What will Batista and Jericho do to prepare for their guest referee? Will Randy Orton honor us with his words of wisdom? What will the Next Generation superstars do tonight? Will they try to get some votes for their possible match on Sunday? Who will Charlie Haas be this week? After the commentary from hell two weeks ago, and the Jackass segment from hell last week, what can we expect this week? What is going to happen with the Honk-a-Meter?

We are live from Corpus Christi, Texas and your announcers are Michael 'subscribership' Cole and Jerry 'If the World Series goes five games will we beat their ratings' Lawler.

Match Number One: Kelly Kelly and Candice Michelle versus Jillian Hall and Katie Lea

Before the match starts, Jillian dedicates a song for her friends in the Lone Star state. Kelly with a drop kick while Jillian continues to ‘sing’ and the match is ready to start. The bell rings and Jillian with a kick to Kelly. Kelly with a back flip and clothesline for a near fall. Candice tags in and they hit a double elbow drop and Candice with a leap frog neck breaker for a near fall. Jillian with an Irish whip and Candice gets out of the way and Candice drops Jillian on the top rope. Candice with a head scissors but Katie with a kick to the midsection and Katie gets tagged in. Katie rolls Candice back in and gets a near fall. Candice with an elbow but Katie with a half nelson back breaker for a two count. Jillian with a handspring back elbow for a near fall. Jillian with an Irish whip into the corner but she takes care of Katie. Kelly tags in and hits a series of clotheslines and punches followed by a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Jillian charges into a boot and Kelly with a cross body for a two count. Candice takes care of Katie. Jillian with a bridge but Candice breaks it up. Kelly with a Fameasser for the three count.
Winners: Kelly Kelly and Candice Michelle

It is time to take a look back to last week’s Raw when Chris Jericho set up a lumberjack match between Shawn Michaels and Batista. Then we see Chris Jericho versus CM Punk with guest referee Batista.

We go to commercial.

We are back with countdown clocks aplenty. First we see how long until Wrestlemania 25 tickets go on sale, and then we count down to Chris Jericho.

Chris is in the ring and he has something to say because he isn’t dressed to wrestle right now. Chris tells Lillian Garcia to introduce him as the World Champion. Jericho talks about the lack of respect that he gets from Lillian Garcia when he is the World Champion. He says the disrespect does not end with Lillian. It permeates the entire locker room and then it spread to all of the hypocrites in the arena. Everyone thinks that Jericho will lose at Cyber Sunday. Jericho blames the referee situation on Mike Adamle, a man who is on his disrespecting list. Jericho runs through the referees and mentions Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels, and Steve Austin. Jericho suggests that everyone forgot who he is. Jericho reminds us of his achievements to beat the Rock and Steve Austin as well as when he won his most recent title, including winning a ladder match against Shawn Michaels. When he retains on Sunday, everyone will have to admit that Chris is the best in the business.

Batista interrupts Jericho and comes out in a shirt that actually fits him this week. Batista asks if Jericho is seriously out here demanding respect. Batista says that you don’t demand respect, you earn it. Batista says that if Jericho beats him on Sunday, and that is a big if . . . Jericho will earn a lot of people’s respect. Until that day, Batista asks Jericho to please stop whining and crying. Batista asks Jericho if he needs to shut it for him.

Mike Adamle comes out and he tells them to save it for Cyber Sunday when they will be able to put their hands on each other. Mike focuses on the word respect. Their performances will determine who earns respect. They will participant against the same three people in a gauntlet match. That would be a gauntlet match. It will be different, it will be unpredictable, and it will be another Adamle Original.

We go to commercial with Batista and Jericho staring each other down until Jericho slaps Batista and gets out of the ring.

We are back with the Slam of the Week: Bradshaw facing Haas Hogan.

Before our next match, Bradshaw gets on the mic and he says that it besmirches his integrity to come out and compete against a has been impersonator. He is a man of wealth. He tells the crowd to stop whatting. In a hard economy, certain things are certain. The rich, like him become richer; and the poor become poorer.

Glass breaks and Stone Cold Charlie Haastin comes to the ring. Haastin gets on the mic and cuts off Bradshaw with whats.

Match Number Two: John Bradshaw Layfield with JBLimo versus Stone Cold Charlie Haastin
Haastin with a Thesz press and punches. Haastin with a forearm to Bradshaw followed by punches. The ref pulls Haastin off but he returns to the corner and kicks Bradshaw. Bradshaw with a knee. Haastin tries for a stunner, but Bradshaw gets out of the hold and hits a big boot. Bradshaw with the Clothesline from Wall Street for the three count.
Winner: Bradshaw

After the match, Bradshaw says that is the bottom line because JBL said so. Then Bradshaw mimics Austin’s pre beer salute.

Rey Mysterio is walking in the back and he puts on his protective outer mask as we go to commercial.

We are back with a Mike Knox video package. You can see him on ECW.

We hear some comments from Snitsky in the corner square before the match.

Match Number Three: Rey Mysterio versus Gene Snitsky
Snitsky with forearms to Rey but Rey tries for a tilt-a-whirl head scissors and Snitsky counters with a back breaker. Snitsky with elbows to the ribs for a two count. Snitsky runs Rey into the turnbuckles. Snitsky with a kick and Irish whip but Snitsky misses a boot into the corner and Rey punches Snitsky and hits a springboard senton followed by a drop kick. Rey with a double stomp from the turnbuckles and then Rey with a rana that somehow sends Snitsky into the ropes for a 619. Rey with a splash from the top rope for the three count.
Winner: Rey Mysterio

We go to commercial.

We are back with comments from other ‘celebrities’ about John Cena.

The Miz gets on the mic and he says that there is still time to vote for them to wrestle on Cyber Sunday. Miz and Morrison say that they are the best tag team. Morrison mocks Hunter’s DX entrance.

Match Number Four: John Morrison and The Miz versus Kofi Kingston and CM Punk
Punk and Morrison start things off and Punk with a waist lock and take down. Morrison tries to gets out of the hold with elbows and he succeeds. Miz tags in and he punches Punk. Punk with an enzuigiri and Kingston is tagged in. Punk and Kofi with a series of kicks to Miz for a near fall. Kingston with an arm bar. Kofi with a drop kick to Miz and Miz goes to the floor. Punk is tagged back in and he kicks Miz and then he works on the arm followed by kicks to the chest. Punk gets a near fall but Miz kicks out. Punk with forearms and Kofi is tagged back in and they hit a double suplex to Miz. Kofi and Punk hip toss and catch Morrison and then they send Morrison onto Miz on the floor. Kofi with a snap mare and near fall. Punk tags in again and Miz is sent into a boot from Punk. Kofi with a jawbreaker followed by a flying double sledge by Punk. Miz with forearms to the back and head. Punk with a kick and Kofi is tagged back in. Kofi with a European uppercut followed by an arm wringer for a two count. Kofi with a front face lock and then Miz with punches. Kofi with a monkey flip and then he tries for the leap into the corner but Morrison kicks him off the turnbuckles when Miz distracts the referee. Morrison tags in. Morrison punches Kofi and the referee warns him. Kofi fights out of the corner but Morrison keeps him from getting to Punk. Morrison with a Northern Lights suplex and bridge for a near fall. Morrison with a reverse chin lock as we go to commercial.

We are back and Morrison continues to work over Kofi and isolates the arms. We see footage during the commercial of Kofi trying to make the tag only to be stopped by Miz and Morrison. Back to live action and Miz tags in and he connects with an elbow to the back and kicks. Miz with a reverse chin lock. Miz with an Irish whip but Miz is sent into the apron but Miz pulls Kofi down by the hair. Morrison with a forearm out of a catapult followed by a slingshot splash to Kofi. Kofi with a kick to Morrison and then he punches Miz. Punk is tagged in and he hits a swinging neck breaker and clothesline followed by a spinning back kick and back fist and kicks. Punk with a knee into the corner followed by a bulldog. Punk with a power slam. Kofi goes to the floor and Punk sends Miz to the floor. Punk hits the Go To Sleep, but Miz had made the blind tag and he gets a rollup on Punk for the three count.
Winners: John Morrison and The Miz

Christ Jericho is in the Adamle Office and he says that he is not getting respect. You don’t get respect for being in a gauntlet match. Adamle says that he is giving Jericho the chance to earn respect. We go to commercial.

We are back with the latest Did You Know about sponsorship for Wrestlemania.

Santino comes out as a mixture of his three potential opponents with Beth Phoenix. Rodney the Honky Dust Marella has the mic and he says that choosing his opponent looks like a difficult task. He says that he is going to make it easy. His opponents are one in the same. They are all washed up. He is here to prove that point. Santino talks about Rodney the Piper and says that he is not ‘Hot Rod’ any more. Piper’s Pit should be Piper’s Paunch. Santino tells Rodney to try some sugar free gum to choose. Santino talks about Golden Dust and his career has flamed out. Santino talks about the Honky Donkey Man. He has the pork chop side burns, eats pork chops, and brushes his hair with pork chop grease. Santino talks about how Honky Donkey based his career off the king. Not Jerry Lawler or Jason Priestly. He talks about Elvis. If his carcass can be wheeled out, he will flush him into the Heartbroken Hotel.

Jim Duggan comes out and he has a flag and 2x4 with him. Santino tells Duggan that he could use a hose down, a meal, and a ticket to somewhere. Duggan likes the USA chants from the crowd and then Duggan tells Santino that he is on the last minute of his fifteen minutes of fame. Duggan says that he has seen a lot of flashes in the pan and Santino is the flashiest. Duggan says that he does not appreciate Santino disrespecting his generation. Santino wants to know why Duggan is so angered. Maybe it is because he doesn’t have a Honk-A-Meter. Santino is now champion for 10 weeks, only 54 weeks behind the Honky Donkey Man. Santino asks Duggan if he remembers when he was Intercontinental Champion. Maybe he cannot remember because he was never the Intercontinental Champion.

Duggan says that if it wasn’t for Santino’s boyfriend, he wouldn’t be Intercontinental Chapmion. Santino gives Beth is guitar as he gets ready for Duggan. Santino tells Beth that they should give the clothes to Duggan. Beth throws them in Duggan’s face and Santino hits Duggan with the guitar.

We go to commercial.

We are back and the WWE were in Puerto Rico last weekend.

Match Number Five: Cryme Tyme versus Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase with Manu . . . Not really too much of a match
Cody, Manu, and Ted attack Cryme Tyme and all five men battle. Manu with a belly-to-back suplex into a neck breaker to JTG and a splash to Shad. The attack continues and then Ted goes for the title belts and he brings them into the ring.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler talk about Wrestlemania, coming next year from Houston, Texas. That is a few pay per views away, so we need to talk about Cyber Sunday.

It is time for the Chris Jericho portion of the gauntlet.

Mike Adamle is now in the ring and he has a clipboard.

Batista’s music plays and he comes out.

Mike says that this will be the first time that we will see Jericho and Batista battle the same three men in a gauntlet.

Match Number Five: The Batista/Jericho Gauntlet featuring William Regal with Layla El, Mark Henry with Tony Atlas and his sleeveless shirt, and special guest star Kane

Regal with a kick and forearms to Batista. Batista with a spinebuster and then he hits the Batista Bomb for the three count.

Jericho gets his chance to face Regal and he tells the referee to get Batista out of the ring. Regal gets to his feet and Jericho hits the Codebreaker for the three count.

Jericho starts with Mark Henry. Jericho with forearms but Henry pushes Jericho down. Jericho clips Henry and he tries to put Henry in the Walls of Jericho but Henry’s legs are too strong. Henry punches Jericho and kicks him followed by an Irish whip. Henry kicks Jericho in the corner. Henry with a splash into the corner while Jericho has some words for Batista. Henry misses a splash and Jericho hits the Lionsault for a two count. Jericho with a kick and then he exposes the turnbuckle. The referee fixes the turnbuckle and Jericho hits Henry with the belt. The referee sees it and Jericho is disqualified.

Batista waits for Henry to get up and he punches Henry. Henry pushes Batista away. Batista with a spinebuster for the three count.

Kane comes out for the final participant and we go to commercial.

We are back and Kane with a DDT to Jericho as the third set of gauntlet matches has begun during the commercial. Kane with a punch to Jericho followed by kicks. Kane with more punches. Jericho kind of clips Kane and he kind of goes down. Jericho works on the leg as he tries to weaken Kane’s base. Jericho sends Kane’s leg into the ring post. Kane with a punch to Kane but Jericho with a kick and he tries to get Kane into the Walls of Jericho. Kane is still able to power out despite the fact that Jericho has been working on it for a minute or two. Kane with a clothesline to Jericho followed by an Irish whip and running clothesline. Kane with the side slam and then he misses an elbow drop. Jericho tries for the Codebreaker but Kane pushes him off. Kane goes up top and Jericho hits the ropes and Kane is crotched. Kane with a head butt that sends Jericho to the mat. Kane with the jumping clothesline for a two count. Kane sets for the choke slam but Jericho with an elbow. Kane drops Jericho on the ropes and then Jericho is sent to the floor. Batista keeps Jericho from leaving and that also allows Kane to bring Jericho back in. Kane with a big boot for the three count.

Batista with a spear to Kane for the three count.

Batista poses in the ring, but Jericho still has the title. We go to credits.

2009 - Former Ring of Honor champion Nigel McGuinness debuted for TNA at an Impact Wrestling taping in Orlando, Florida under the ring name Desmond Wolde.

2009 - THQ released the WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 videogame.

2009 - WWE broadcast ECW on SyFy.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

Abraham Washington is in the back with Tony ‘Giggles’ Atlas. Abe says that he is the host tonight and he points out that he is better looking than last night’s host. Abe is interrupted by Chris Jericho who walks past him. Jericho says that he doesn’t care what Abe is doing and Jericho asks for the general manager’s office. Abe tells Jericho where the office is. Abe asks Jericho to be a guest on his show. Jericho says that Abe probably would want to have Jericho on his show.

We are live on tape from Columbia, South Carolina and your announcers are Josh ‘I probably get to appear on Bragging Rights’ Mathews and Matt ‘I want to have a child named Falcon’ Striker.

Match Number One: Yoshi Tatsu versus Zack Ryder in a Number One Contenders Match

They lock up and Ryder with an arm drag. Ryder with a rollup for a near fall and then Yoshi with a drop toe hold and rollup but Ryder is in the ropes. Ryder with a kick and forearm to the back of the head. Yoshi with an elbow but Ryder with forearms and kicks. Ryder with an Irish whip but Yoshi floats over and then he hits a few Japanese arm drags followed by a drop kick for a near fall. Ryder gets Yoshi up as he blocks a suplex attempt. Ryder drops Yoshi on the top rope and then he hits a baseball slide that sends Yoshi to the floor. Ryder rolls Yoshi back in and gets a near fall. Ryder with a kick to the ribs and a knee drop. Ryder sends Yoshi into the turnbuckles as he continues to work on the back and ribs. Ryder with a slam and another knee to the ribs. Ryder with a head lock but Yoshi with kicks and an elbow. Ryder with another kick to the ribs and Yoshi is down again. Ryder with a body scissors as he continues to focus on the midsection. Yoshi with an elbow and a jackknife cover for a two count. Ryder runs Yoshi into the turnbuckles one more time and then he connects with shoulders. Yoshi with a roaring elbow. Yoshi hits a series of kicks and then running knees into the corner and a kick to the back of the head for a near fall. Yoshi goes up top and Ryder stops him with a forearm. Ryder tries for a superplex but they fall to the floor instead and we go to commercial.

We are back and Ryder has Yoshi in a modified abdominal stretch. We see footage of the fall to the floor and then we are back to live on tape action. Yoshi gets to his feet and he elbows Ryder but Ryder with an elbow of his own. Yoshi with kicks from the mat and Ryder goes down. Yoshi with a chop and back body drop followed by a kick to the leg and a catapult into the turnbuckles. Yoshi with a knee to the back and a rollup for a two count. Yoshi with a drop kick and another near fall. Yoshi with another near fall after a rollup. Ryder with a forearm and knee to Yoshi. Yoshi with a kick to Ryder. Ryder sends Yoshi to the apron but Yoshi with a roundhouse kick and slingshot splash for the three count.
Winner: Yoshi Tatsu

Rosa Mendes is with Tiffany and she says that he is looking forward to being a part of ECW and contribute in any way. Rosa is asked to leave when Chris Jericho enters. Chris says that he is trying to improve his army and to put together the best team for Smackdown for his match against Team Raw. Chris says that he is scouting talent. Tiffany appreciates Chris’ presence on the show. Tiffany turns Jericho down. She says that Jericho cannot come onto the show to cherry pick talent. She tells Jericho that he can watch the show or leave. Jericho leaves.

We go to commercial.

We are back and did you know that WWE writes best sellers?

William Regal is with Zeke and Vlad. He is furious that Yoshi has a title match before him. Regal turns on the charm for Jericho and they compare their tailoring. Jericho says that he wants to talk about Team Smackdown and for some reason Tiffany doesn’t want to let him do it. Jericho says that he would love to see Jackson and Kozlov on the team. Tiffany stops by and she is not happy with the insubordination by Jericho. Tiffany mentions that Regal does not think she is capable of running things. That is why Regal is looking on the outside of the title scene. Tiffany tells Jericho that he is not welcome. Jericho reminds Tiffany that he is part of the tag champions so he can go on any show. Tiffany says that Jericho is not going to watch the action, he is going to be part of the action. Jericho will face Christian tonight. Tiffany tells Chris that it is great to have him hear tonight.

Match Number Two: Sheamus versus JT Quinn

Sheamus sends Quinn into the turnbuckles and connects with a series of knees. Sheamus with a knee to the head and a bicycle kick but he pulls Quinn up before the three count. Sheamus decides to send a message with a uranage back breaker but he does not want to finish him off yet.

Shelton Benjamin interferes and spears Sheamus and then he punches the large Irishman. They go outside and Benjamin with another spear. They return to the ring and Shelton with a German suplex as Sheamus goes to the floor.

No Contest

We go to commercial.

We have the Randy Orton/John Cena video package that we have seen for what seems like years and then we run through the card for the pay per view.

Christian is in the back and he puts on his jacket as we go to commercial.

We are back and Paul Burchill comes to the ring with Katie Lea. We see footage of what Burchill did to Hurricane last week. Paul has a mic and he says that Gregory Helms has perpetrated a fraud on the people for years and he has been made a hero. Paul says that he is a finely trained athlete who is educated and has good family values. Maybe it is an American thing because in England their heroes are people who have thrived in the sciences, arts, and politics. Paul says that the Americans have looked at people who fight in their tights and save cats from trees. Paul says that the fraud that is the Hurricane has been eliminated. Paul demands that Gregory Helms comes to the ring and unmasks himself in front of everyone and admit that Paul is the better man.

Hurricane comes to the ring. Paul says that Hurricane should be hanging his head because of all of the lies. Paul demands the mask and he wants Helms to admit that Paul is the better man. Paul is handed the mask and it is not Gregory Helms under the mask. Burchill throws the impostor out of the ring. Hurricane’s music plays and he is behind Burchill and hits him with a kendo stick.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Three: Chris Jericho versus Christian

They lock up and Jericho goes to the floor. Jericho returns to the ring and he puts Christian in a side head lock but Christian with a top wrist lock. Jericho bridges back to an upright position and he returns to the side head lock. Christian with a side head lock and shoulder tackle for a near fall. Jericho with a kick and forearm. Jericho with a knee lift to Christian. Christian punches Jericho and Jericho with a back elbow and kick. Jericho chokes Christian in the corner and then he connects with a clothesline after an Irish whip. Jericho is sent to the floor and Christian hits a baseball slide as we go to commercial.

We are back and Christian with a spinning heel kick for a near fall. Christian with a side head lock take down. Jericho backs Christian into the corner and he connects with shoulders. Christian with a missile drop kick and he gets a near fall. Jericho with a punch and then he back body drops Christian to the floor. Jericho sends Christian into the ring steps and then he hot shots Christian on the ringside barrier. Jericho with a kick to the ribs and then he walks on Christian’s chest. Christian with punches to Jericho. Jericho chokes Christian in the ropes and then he hits a belly-to-back suplex for a near fall. Christian backs into the corner and he kicks Jericho. Jericho with a snap mare and a reverse chin lock. Christian with punches to Jericho and he gets a rollup for a two count. Jericho with a clothesline and a near fall. Jericho gets on top of Christian and he punches the ECW Champion. Jericho misses the Lionsault when Christian moves out of the way. Christian with punches and a running forearm. Christian goes to the turnbuckles for the corkscrew back elbow. Christian tries for the Killswitch but Jericho avoids it. Christian sends Jericho into the rope and then he chokes him. Christian goes to the floor and punches Jericho. Jericho catches Christian off the ropes and tries for the Walls of Jericho but Christian counters into an inside cradle. Jericho with an enzuigiri for a near fall. Jericho with a knee to Christian’s head followed by a head butt. Christian with an inverted DDT after avoiding the bulldog but Christian can only get a two count. Christian tries for the Killswitch but Jericho with a rollup into a set up for the Walls. Jericho with a catapult into the turnbuckles. Christian with a sunset flip but Jericho rolls through and puts Christian in the Walls of Jericho. Christian gets to the ropes and then Jericho crotches himself in the ropes. Christian with the Killswitch for the three count.
Winner: Christian

We go to credits but not before we find out that Christian faces Yoshi Tatsu for the ECW Title next week.

2010 - "Big Brother" reality TV star Jesse Godderz issued a statement that reports he had been signed to a developmental deal by TNA were incorrect.  While he had not been signed to a deal, the company was indeed paying for Godderz to train at the Team 3D Wrestling Academy in Florida.  He would eventually debut for TNA.

2010 - Former SHIMMER Champion MsChif is profiled on the PBS "Secret Life of Scientists" discussing her double life as a microbiologist and professional wrestler.

2010 - The Democratic Party in Connecticut requested an investigation into whether WWE and Linda McMahon's campaign worked together in launching the "Stand up for WWE" campaign.  WWE issued the following response:


STAMFORD, Conn., October 20, 2010 – Due to what the WWE® considers malicious and misleading attacks reported by some members of the media, the company on Monday began a global initiative to defend itself called “Stand Up for WWE” which has resulted in yet more false allegations.

“World Wrestling Entertainment will not be bullied or intimidated by whining allegations intended to censor our freedom of speech,” said Vince McMahon, Chairman and CEO of WWE.

WWE will fervently fight against any attempt to muzzle or trample its First Amendment rights. Our fans, employees, and performers are united in this grassroots effort to “Stand Up for WWE.”

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc., a publicly traded company (NYSE: WWE), is an integrated media organization and recognized leader in global entertainment. The company consists of a portfolio of businesses that create and deliver original content 52 weeks a year to a global audience. WWE is committed to family-friendly, PG content across all of its platforms including television programming, pay-per-view, digital media and publishing. WWE programming is broadcast in more than 145 countries and 30 languages and reaches more than 500 million homes worldwide. The company is headquartered in Stamford, Conn., with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo, Toronto and Mexico City. Additional information on World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE: WWE) can be found at and For information on our global activities, go to

Additional information on World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE: WWE) can be found at

Almost a year later, WWE was cleared of any wrongdoing.

2011 - James Storm captured the TNA championship during a broadcast of Impact.  Stu Carapola filed the following TV report:

Welcome to the Impact Wrestling Report, only here on!

We see a video package recapping the history of Evil Hulk Hogan as he stole TNA out from under Dixie Carter, and then the events of Bound For Glory as Sting defeated Hogan to regain control of TNA for Dixie, and Hogan's subsequent face turn. We go to the ring where Sting comes out for the opening promo wearing a Hulk Hogan shirt, and he made a promise to bring Impact Wrestling back to Dixie and set Hulk Hogan back on the straight and narrow as the icon who defines wrestling. He had to step out of his skin a little bit, but he had to help Hogan do the right thing for the wrestlers, the fans who have supported him for 30 years, and Hulk Hogan, the greatest wrestler of all time, came home. Sting asks Hogan to come out to the ring, and the Hulkster himself comes out once again wearing the red and yellow. So after everything, they're suddenly best friends? Hogan is walking a little gingerly on his way to the ring, and he gives Sting a big hug as the crowd chants "welcome back" at him. Hogan admits that for the last year, he's been wrong and he thanks the fans. He had a couple of rough years and he gives Eric Bischoff credit with helping to get his life back together, so he followed Eric's lead in the wrestling business and he now realizes how wrong he was. He's not blaming Bischoff because he was the one who made the choices he made, but he wants to give Sting credit for putting up with his crap for a year, he stayed true to the fans and Impact Wrestling, and now Hulk Hogan is back and he wants to know what we're gonna do when the Hulkster and Sting run wild on us. Sting beat him fair and square in the middle of the ring, and he'll never forget what Sting did for him.

Sting now asks Dixie Carter to come join him, and she makes her way down the ramp as we go to commercial.

Okay, we're back and Sting says it's a time to celebrate, but that doesn't erase how Sting tried to tell her about Hogan 18 months ago and she didn't listen. Dixie gave Sting a home in TNA and he's glad, but now Dixie needs to surround herself with sincere people who have the best interests of the fans and wrestlers in mind because there's no room for error anymore. Dixie apologizes because they were right all along and she didn't listen to them. Her place isn't in the ring, it's making sure it's the best it can be, and this last year has made her want to fight harder than ever before to make it the best wrestling company in the world. She'll spend a lot more time back at headquarters to do this, so she appoints Sting the General Manager or Commissioner or whatever they'll call it so he can run the day to day stuff because she needs his help to turn things around. Sting says he'll do it, and she thanks him and the fans again.

Wait a minute, Kurt Angle's music hits and the man who is inexplicably still the World Champion comes walking down the aisle with a big smile on his face. We'll find out what's on his mind after...this commercial break!

Okay, we're back again and Angle mockingly greets Sting and Dixie Carter even though they expected Robert Roode to be standing in his spot. Dixie may be back in charge and have given Sting control over the company, but he's going to do what he does best, and that's represent the company as the champion. They spent weeks making Bobby Roode look great, interviewed his family and everything, but Angle made him look like a loser because he's the better man. The Beer Money music hit and Roode powerwalks down the aisle and he's aghast that Kurt Angle, the Olympic Champion, had to screw Robert Roode by using the ropes to beat him. He spent 13 years working toward the goal of winning the title only for Angle to screw him in the end. Sting tries to make a rematch tonight, but Angle reveals that he had Hogan and Bischoff put a stipulation in the contract that Roode would only get one shot at the title. He goes to use James Storm's catchphrase on Roode, but Storm cuts him off and uses it himself, then makes his way to the ring gotta be kidding me, another commercial break?

Okay, James Storm introduces himself to Angle and asks him if the contract Angle signed saves him from having to wrestle Storm. Angle screwed the fans and Impact Wrestling and especially Bobby Roode at Bound For Glory, and with all the screwing he's been doing, he screwed James Storm as well and now we have a problem. Storm knows a man who can fix the problem, and says that since he and Sting both wear sunglasses indoors, and since Bobby Roode can't get another title shot, and since the fans want to see a title match here tonight- wait, Angle cuts him off and says Storm needs to stop drinking on the job because there's ten guys ahead of him in line. Sting shuts Angle up and says that tonight, Angle is going to defend the World Title against James Storm. Roode says he just remembered his partner's line, and he tells Angle that he's sorry about his damn luck.

Eric Bischoff and Immortal confront Hulk Hogan in the parking lot and says he wants to have a meeting later tonight out in the ring, so if he still has balls after handing them to Sting and Dixie, to face him out in the ring because he has something to get off his chest. It's our favorite part...COMMERCIAL BREAK!!

Time for our opening match, 45 minutes into the show!

Knockouts Tag Team Title Match: Tara & Brooke Tessmacher vs Winter & Angelina Love

Angelina and Winter attack before the bell and dump Tara to the floor so they can double team Miss Tessmacher. Winter with a side backbreaker for 2 and then Angelina comes in with an elbowdrop for 2. Angelina misses a crossbody out of the corner and Tessmacher makes the hot tag, allowing Tara to come in and clean house. She nearly breaks Winter in half with a clothesline, then wraps her t-shirt around Winter's neck and tosses her across the ring. She gets a spinning slam for 2, Tara makes a blind tag and wipes Winter and Angelina out, then Tessmacher comes off the top with a nice flying bodypress for the win.

Winners: Tara & Brooke Tessmacher

The Jarretts arrive at the arena, and then it's the return of our old friend, the commercial break!

Jeff and Karen Jarrett come out to the ring and Jeff calls Jeffrey Nero Hardy out to the ring to finish what he started last Sunday. He reminds Hardy that he's been screwing Jarrett for years going back to the first time he no-showed a PPV, so he'll give Hardy a choice: either drop the microphone, head to the back, and never be seen again, or he can suffer the consequences at the hands of the founder. Jarrett takes his shirt off and awaits Hardy's decision, and Hardy hesitates a good long time as the fans chant his name before telling Jarrett that regardless of what he thinks, the fans want him there and Jarrett's the only one still bitching. He thinks it eats Jarrett up the way the fans react to Hardy, and he'll never be able to light up the crowd the way Hardy can. Jarrett attacks Hardy, but ends up getting his ass kicked by the Charismatic Enigma before security runs in to separate them. They keep breaking away and go back after each other as security again shows how effective they are at doing anything in wrestling. D-Lo Brown and Al Snow come out to help calm the situation, and end up getting in each other's faces as Jarrett comes in and kicks Hardy in the Nero. Hardy goes down like a ton of bricks, Jarrett kisses his wife, and they walk off as Jeff lays in the ring holding his nether regions.

We go backstage to Kurt Angle, who says that nobody backs Kurt Angle into a corner, and he's going to destroy James Storm tonight.

Eric Young is backstage and wants to do a sexy photo shoot for the troops, and Robbie E comes in with Rob Terry and says the TV Title belongs to him. Eric says he's going to go to Sting to make the match,and he's bringing Ronnie from the Jersey Shore with him. Robbie Eobviously doesn't believe him, but WE KNOW BETTER.

Gunner comes out for his match, but like everyone else on the show, he needs to talk first! He says that there's a code when you become part of Immortal, and Abyss forgot about that, so Gunner went to Eric and offered to take out the trash, and tells Abyss tocome out to the ring so he can finish the job.

Gunner vs Abyss

Gunner jumps Abyss on the way to the ring, but Abyss comes back with a chokeslam and then a right hand sends Gunner crashing out to the floor. Abyss goes after Gunner and rams him into the steps, so Gunner hops the rail and runs through the crowd and gets counted out.

Winner: Abyss by CO

Geez, we must be up to a cool six minutes of wrestling on this show! Go easy on us, TNA! Abyss convulses in the ring and thenVelvet says winning the Knockouts Title was the highlight of her life, and she has nobody but the fans to thank for being behind her 110%, and that's what she's going to do right now. Commercial time!

Ric Flair is backstage with Immortal, but Gunner runs backstage freaking out because that wasn't Abyss who just kicked his ass, it was THE MONSTER ABYSS, and he's someone they could use on their side with Hulk gone. We then go to a video package of Velvet Sky talkingabout people used to pick on her when she was young and she had to fight to earn the biggest win of her career at Bound For Glory. Somehow, I have a hard time believing the "getting picked on" part, but whatever.

We head out to the ring so a fan can hold up a sign misspelling pigeons and Velvet can thank the fans. She's proud to be able to finally stand in front of the fansas the Knockouts Champion,and with all the bullies she's had to deal with and all the bumps and bruises, this is for the people who tried to shut her down and makeher feel like she would neverbe good enough to be the champion. It took four years, but she did it and the fans have been great to her, and- wait, Karen Jarrett's music hits and shecomes out to the ring dragging Traci Brooks with her. Karen has the power to fire the both of them, but that would be way too easy, and nobody sees Karen out here crying about crap. If she thinks Traci's had it bad, she hasn't seen anything yet because she's about to make her life a living hell. She has security eject Traci, then tells Velvet she doesn't know who she thinks she is or who she's screwing with, and her first instinct was to strip Velvet of the title, but Jeff convinced her to take the high road, so she wants to see Velvet bleed instead. She's got just the person to make it happen, but first she tells Velvet to grow eyes in the back of her head.

Madison Rayne's music hits and she comes strolling down the ramp, but suddenly Gail Kim, fresh off her live shoot interview, comes out of the crowd and attacks Velvet from behind and she and Madison Rayne beat the champion down and then all three of them celebrate in the middle of the ring.

Hulk Hogan is backstage, and he's...WALKING!

Eric Bischoff comes out with Immortal in tow and he's going to take care of his punk kid in due time, but he's got business with Hogan right now and he wants Hulk to come out to the ring and show him what he's got. Hogan comes out and tells Bischoff that if he's got something to say, he's got one shot. Bischoff wants Hogan to explain how he turns his back on the guys who have been watching his back for months, and also turned his back on Bischoff, the man who made Hulk Hogan. Forget Andre and Hulkamania, if it weren't for Bischoff, Hogan wouldn't be here. But worst of all, Hogan came between Bischoff and his son, and he was trying to turn Garrett into himself, but Hogan made Garrett turn his back on him. Hogan says he learned a lot about both Eric and Garrett over the last few days, and Garrett is a man Eric could never be. Eric takes a shot at Hogan and Hogan no-sells, but Immortal comes into the ring before Hogan can go after Bischoff. Sting runs into the ring with his bat and Immortal (which needs a new name) clears out. Bischoff backs up the rampway and is yelling at Hogan, and therefore doesn't see his son behind him. Bischoff asks Garrett what he's got to say to him, and Garrett says he's a disgrace. Eric repeatedly pokes Garrett in the chest and tears open his shirt to reveal a "Bischoff" tattoo, and says he doesn't have a right to wear that. Garrett knocks his old man out and yells "SCREW YOU, DAD, SCREW YOU!" at Eric.

Beer Money is backstage and Storm says he wishes he had more time to prepare, and Roode says he's been preparing his whole career because he's been here since day one. He could complain about what happened at Bound For Glory, but now this is Storm's time, everyone believes that Storm can do it, and tonight he wants to celebrate with the new World Champion, James Storm.

It's main event time!

World Title Match: Kurt Angle vs James Storm

All right, main events that start at 10:55 are always awesome! The bell rings, they stare each other down, then Angle kicks Storm in the gut and unloads with a series of right hands, beating Storm down in the corner. Angle's right hamstring is heavily taped as he continues to punch and stomp at Storm, and the referee tries to back Angle away, but Angle just shoves him off. Angle plays to the crowd, but turns around and Storm knocks him out with a superkick and gets the pin to win the World Championship.

Winner and NEW World Champion: James Storm

Robert Roode runs into the ring to celebrate with his partner, they hug in the middle of the ring and then Storm takes the belt and goes out into the crowd to celebrate with the fans. Frankie Kazarian comes out to the ring to join Roode, as well as AJ Styles, and Storm makes his way back into the ring to join his Fortune teammates. The ring is absolutely drenched with beer from the celebration as the fans chant "Cowboy" at Storm, who gets a mic and says that he's been with the company since day one and he's seen people come and go, but the Cowboy is here to stay. Even though the victory was a little bittersweet, and Robert Roode is his best friend in the world and the best tag partner in the world, but the title belongs to him. Storm hands the belt to Roode, but Roode agrees with all the people that Storm deserves it. He wraps the belt around Storm's waist and fastens it, and then Fortune stands together in the ring with the new World Champion. Great moment and Storm absolutely deserves this.

2012 - Ring of Honor on Sinclair Broadcasting aired.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

We begin with footage from last week’s episode of Ring of Honor with highlights from Davey Richards’ return to television against Mike Bennett in the Survival of the Fittest tournament and Mike Mondo’s efforts to distract Bennett.

We are live on tape from Baltimore, Maryland and your announcers are Nigel McGuinness and Kevin Kelly.

Who will be the final three men to advance to the Survival of the Fittest elimination match next week? We will find out tonight.


Match Number One: Roderick Strong (with Truth Martini) versus Homicide in a Survival of the Fittest Match


They lock up and Strong with a waist lock but Homicide with an arm drag to escape. They lock up again with a knuckle lock and Strong with a wrist lock. Homicide with a drop toe hold into a reverse chin lock. Strong with a snap mare but Homicide with an arm bar and he wraps Strong’s arm in the ropes. Homicide with a clean break.

Strong pushes Homicide and Homicide pushes back. Strong with a side head lock but Homicide with a head scissors and a back elbow that sends Strong to the floor. Homicide goes to the floor and he sends Strong into the guardrails. Homicide chokes Strong with the cable. Strong with a kick and forearm to the back followed by a chop. Homicide with a punch. Strong with a kick.

Strong with forearms to the back but Strong with an Irish whip into the guardrails. Homicide punches Strong against the guardrails and the referee tells both men to get back into the ring because he stopped his count.

Homicide runs into a boot from Strong and Strong follows with kicks to the back. Strong climbs the turnbuckles and he punches Homicide in the head but Homicide pushes him off. Homicide with a palm thrust and he climbs the turnbuckles and bites Strong’s face. Homicide with another palm thrust but Strong with a back breaker.

Strong gets a near fall. We go to commercial.

We are back and Homicide punches Strong and hits a reverse atomic drop. Homicide sets for a suplex and he hits it. Homicide holds on for another one but Strong blocks it and he drops Homicide on the top rope and Homicide falls to the mat. Strong gets a near fall. Strong with a suplex to work on Homicide’s back and he gets a near fall.

Strong with a waist lock on Homicide but Homicide gets to his feet and he tries to figure out a way to escape the hold. Homicide claps his hands twice and he gets a rollup and a near fall. Homicide with an overhead belly-to-belly throw. Strong puts Homicide on the turnbuckles but Homicide fights Strong off and hits a knee to the back of the head from the turnbuckles for a near fall.

Homicide with a cravate but Strong tries for an O’Connor roll but Homicide escapes. Homicide with a neck breaker for a near fall. Strong runs Homicide into the corner but Homicide with an elbow. Homicide goes to the turnbuckles and he sets for a Tornado DDT but Strong moves. Strong with an enzuigiri to the back followed by a belly-to-back back breaker for a near fall. Strong sets for the Gibson Driver but Homicide with a back body drop.

Homicide puts Strong on the turnbuckles but Strong gets Homicide on his shoulders but Homicide counters with a super hurricanrana but he can only get a two count. Homicide with an Exploder suplex but he can only get a two count as Homicide favors his back. Homicide sets for the Cop Killer but Strong flips over. Strong hits Snake Eyes followed by the alley oop gutbuster and the Sick Kick for a near fall. Strong hits the Gibson Driver for the three count.


Winner: Roderick Strong


Strong joins Adam Cole, Jay Lethal, and Davey Richards in the elimination match next week.

We go to commercial.


Match Number Two: Kyle O’Reilly versus Mike Mondo in a Survival of the Fittest Match


They lock up and Mondo with a waist lock but Kyle with a hammer lock. Mondo with a side head lock and take down. Kyle with a head scissors. Mondo with a side head lock take down and Davey Richards has taken a seat at ringside to watch.

Kyle with a shoulder tackle but Mondo with a monkey flip and slam but Kyle kicks Mondo away. Mondo with a drop toe hold but Kyle escapes. They go to a Greco Roman knuckle lock and they try to get the advantage and Kyle takes Mondo down but Mondo is able to bridge up to neutral. Kyle with a bridge when Mondo takes advantage. Kyle with a monkey flip and then they bridge while holding on. Mondo with a monkey flip and he holds on. Each man bridges to avoid the pinfall.

Kyle tries to send Mondo into the ring post. Kyle goes to the apron and he sends Mondo off the apron and into the guardrails. Kyle hits a running drop kick onto Mondo and he poses for the crowd while the crowd hits guardrails. We go to commercial.

We are back and Kyle and Mondo exchange forearms but we take a look at Davey Richards watching while someone gets a near fall. Kyle with a drop kick and he gets a near fall. Kyle chokes Mondo in the corner. We continue to watch Davey watch the match instead of the action.

Kyle with a series of kicks to Mondo followed by a forearm. Mondo with forearms but he struggles to stay on his feet. Kyle with a knee and cravate suplex for a near fall. Kyle gets crotched on the turnbuckles and Mondo sets for a superplex and he hits it and both men are down.

Mondo gets to his feet first and then they bump into each other. Kyle has some kicks blocked and then Mondo with a snap mare driver for a near fall. Mondo with a front face lock and Kyle with a knee on a suplex attempt. Kyle with punches and kicks but Mondo trips Kyle and gets a near fall.

Mondo sets for the double underhook DDT but Kyle counters. Mondo with a near fall on a rollup. Mondo blocks a kick and he punches Kyle. Kyle with elbows to the head but Mondo with knees. Kyle with more elbows. Mondo with more knees. Mondo winds up and then hits a knee lift that sends O’Reilly to the apron.

Mondo tries to suplex Kyle into the ring and Kyle floats over. Mondo with a forearm but Kyle with a leaping knee and then Kyle misses the Shining Wizard. Mondo with a near fall on a rollup. Kyle with kicks to Mondo and then to the head. Kyle with a reverse rana followed by a fisherman’s belly-to-back suplex for a near fall.

Kyle with a kick to the chest. He connects with a second kick. Mondo wants more and Mondo blocks the kick and holds the leg. Kyle rolls through and tries for the cross arm breaker but Mondo tries to counter. Mondo tries to roll Kyle up. Mondo with a modified Cloverleaf and Kyle taps out.


Winner: Mike Mondo


We go to commercial.

We are back with Inside ROH.


The first topic is RD Evans. We see footage of RD Evans getting rid of Tommaso Ciampa due to his injury at Boiling Point to replace him with QT Marshall.

Evans says that it is unfortunate that Tommaso Ciampa suffered this injury because he cancelled his insurance threee months ago. If Prince Nana lays his hands on him again he will have Nana put in jail because of the restraining order that he has filed against Nana.

Next week, we will see a six man elimination match to determine the winner of Survival of the Fittest.

At the next television tapings, Mike Bennett will face Kevin Steen and Adam Cole will defend the Television Title against Kyle O’Reilly.

Adam Cole says that Kyle earned his right to a Television Title match because of taking advantage of the opportunity. Adam says that he has the opportunity to defend his title, he also has the opportunity to show that he is the better wrestler. He has the opportunity to hurt Kyle for what he did in New York City. They bring out the best in each other and they go to war when they are in the ring. Adam vows that he will do all that he can to walk out of Pittsburgh as the Television Champion.


Match Number Three: Michael Elgin (with Truth Martini) versus Rhino (with Truth Martini) in a Survival of the Fittest Match


Before the match starts, Truth Martini says that he objects. He says that they do not have to do this. A ‘random’ drawing? Random his booty. He says that it is a plot to break the family apart. Truth asks the crowd if they want to see him fight and they do want the fight.

Truth says that he pays Rhino lots of money but there is unity in the House of Truth. He asks Rhino to do the right thing and step down from this match.

Rhino says that he steps down to no man.

Truth tells Elgin to look at the bigger picture. He wants Elgin to do the right thing and step down from the match.

Elgin says that there is no way he is stepping down from anyone.

Rhino and Elgin with punches. Elgin with an elbow and then he punches Rhino in the corner. Rhino with punches but Elgin with a kick and Elgin with a head butt. Elgin with kicks in the corner followed by a punch. Rhino sends Elgin to the apron but Elgin with a boot to Rhino.

Elgin with a slingshot back elbow from the apron and Rhino goes to the floor. Elgin goes to the floor and Truth tries to get between his two men. Elgin punches Rhino but Rhino with a kick and Irish whip into the guardrails. Rhino breaks the referee’s count.

Rhino punches Elgin and Roderick Strong comes from the back to watch the match. Elgin with an Irish whip into the guardrails. Elgin sends Rhino back into the ring and Elgin goes up top and hits a shoulder tackle for a near fall. Elgin punches Rhino but Rhino with a belly-to-belly suplex.

Rhino sets for the GORE but Elgin side steps Rhino and then he gets a near fall with a rollup. Rhino with a kick to Elgin followed by a forearm to the back. Elgin with a chop and kick. Rhino with a spinebuster and both men are down. Rhino gets a near fall. Rhino with a kick to the head followed by a forearm to the back.

Rhino with a hard Irish whip and then Rhino chokes Elgin in the ropes. Rhino with a short arm clothesline for a near fall. Rhino with a rear chin lock. Elgin gets back to his feet and we see Strong walking around ringside. Elgin sends Rhino into the turnbuckles. Elgin with an enzuigiri and both men are down.

Elgin with punches and he blocks punches from Rhino. Rhino with an Irish whip but Elgin with clotheslines in the corner after he avoids Rhino. Elgin sends Rhino into the turnbuckles and Elgin with a bicycle kick followed by a Bossman Slam for a near fall. Elgin sets for the power bomb but Rhino escapes and he kicks Elgin.

Elgin with a roaring elbow followed by a German suplex and bridge for a near fall. Elgin gets a second wind and he sets for the power bomb again but Rhino is able to escape again, this time with a back body drop. Rhino with shoulders in the corner and then he gets Elgin on his shoulders for a TKO but Elgin is able to kick out.

Strong gets on the apron and he argues with the referee. Rhino sets for the GORE and Martini gets in the ring and he stands between Elgin and Rhino. Rhino puts Truth on the turnbuckles. Elgin with a forearm followed by a spear and sit out power bomb for the three count.


Winner: Michael Elgin

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