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By Mike Johnson on 2013-10-06 20:25:00

After the match, a number of the babyfaces as well as Arn Anderson and Mike Rotunda met the Rhodes family and celebrated with them, making this seem like a really big deal. 

Backstage, Brad Maddox was getting yelled at on the phone by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.  He hung up and told Vickie Guerrero that the McMahons had to leave and left him in charge.  He said the show was spiraling out of control and if they didn't do something, they would all be in trouble.  Guerrero, remembering when Brad mocked her when she was fired as Raw GM, said that they left him in charge and it's all on him.  She left cackling as Maddox looked beside himself.

Bray Wyatt vs. Kofi Kingston

Kingston fought off Wyatt early with a kick to the mouth but was cut off and crotched when he was poised on the top rope.  Wyatt charged him with a big clubbing shot while Kingston was folded over and hanging forward into the ring.

Wyatt drilled several headbutts.  He beat Kingston down with several rights, showing some nice intensity.   Bray locked on a side chinlock but Kingston fired back.  Wyatt fought him off and slammed Kingston down for a two count.

Kingston fought back and went to springboard in but was caught in the air and powerslammed down for another two count.  They battled back and forth.  Kingston came back with a crucifix like takedown.  The referee began counting each man down.  Kingston fired away with a series of chops.  Kingston nailed a leaping clothesline and went for the Boom Drop.  He nailed it. 

Kingston set up or Trouble in Paradise but Wyatt ducked it.  Kingston rebounded off the ropes but was tackled down hard.   Wyatt went into the zone and began crab walking backwards towards Kingston.  Kingston freaked out and backed out the ring but there was nowhere to go.  Wyatt went after him but Kingston evaded him and Wyatt went to the floor.  Kingston nailed a big dive on all three.

Kingston went for a sunset flip but was pulled up.  They went back and forth until Bray nailed Sister Abagail and scored the pin.

Your winner, Bray Wyatt!

Solid match and a match that Wyatt really needed to regain some of the momentum he's lost of late.  Another good showing from Kingston as well.

Bray commanded Luke Harper and Erick Rowan to destroy Kingston after.  He took the mic and said there is no right or wrong.  "All that is left are the mannequins that are trying to force-feed you what their idea of purity are.  I promise you there will be none of them left.  One by one they will fall.  Follow the buzzards."

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