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By Mike Johnson on 2013-10-06 20:25:00

WWE Intercontinental champion Curtis Axel with Paul Heyman vs. R-Truth

Truth gained control early and scored several two counts.  You could hear fans catcalling "Paulrus" at Heyman.   Truth clotheslined Axel over the top to the floor.  He followed Axel out and tossed him back in the ring, but was kicked hard into the guard rail as he tried to return to the ring.  Axel drove him hard into the barriers back-first.

Back in the ring, Axel tried to score several pinfalls and ripped at Truth's face.   Axel locked in a side headlocked and worked over.  Truth came back with a nice looking leg lariat for a two count and followed up with a few clotheslines.

Truth missed the scissors kick but came back with a twisting sunset flip for a two count.   Truth nailed the scissors kick and covered Axel for a two count.  Truth nailed a gourdbuster for another two count.   Axel came back with a hot shot into the buckles and nailed a neckbreaker for the pin.

Your winner and still Intercontinental champion, Curtis Axel!

Good, solid match.  Axel looked good and Truth looked and worked the hardest he's worked in years.  Enjoyable undercard match,

WWE Divas champ AJ Lee with Tamina vs. Brie Bella with Nikki Bella

They were pushing that Brie and Daniel Bryan could be the new power couple if they both won titles tonight.

Brie went right after AJ who escaped from the ring and hid behind Tamina.  She cut off Brie as she returned to the ring but was caught and ran into the corners several times.

Bella came off the ropes with a dropkick that forced Lee over in a flopping motion for a two count.  Lee kicked Bella's legs out from under her while she was outside on the apron, then slammed her into the ringpost.  She fell to the floor.

Tamina is now modeled after the Shawn Michaels bodyguard-era Diesel.

Bella was tossed back into the ring and covered for a two count.  Lee began focusing on Bella's left arm, working it over.   She nailed a divorce court on the shoulder but only scored a two count and used a variation on the Muta Lock to torque the arm.  Lee choked Bella against the ropes

Bella was tossed shoulder-first into the center turnbuckle.  Lee missed a charge into the corner.  Bella tried to mount a comeback but Lee attacked her shoulder and beat her to the mat.  Lee drove her hard into the ropes and skipped around the mat.

Lee charged Bella but was nailed with a dropkick.    Bella rolled her up for a two count and nailed a pair of dropkicks.  Bella sent her into the corner and brought Lee down with an over the knee backbreaker for a two count.   Bella was trying hard to play to the crowd.

She had Lee on the ropes but Tamina attacked Nikki.  She threw Nikki down.  Brie saw this and went to help but Lee nailed her and rolled up Brie, hooking the tights for the win.

Your winner and still Divas champion, AJ Lee!

OK match.  Lee was working really hard here to spotlight Bella, who tries hard but is limited in what she can do.  As good as it could have been and they tried to tell a nice story with Lee working over Bella's arm.

Renee Young interviewed The Rhodes Family.  Dusty said that family is at stake.  He said the people struggling understand what they are doing tonight and no matter what, they are leaving Buffalo with their heads hung why.  Goldust said they will expose The Shield for what they are, they puppets of HHH.  Cody said he'd be lucky if he had half the charisma of his father or half the natural ability of Goldust but they were fighting for their lives and for their family and there was nothing he won't do for his family.  Cody actually cut a hell of a promo.

WWE Tag Team champions The Shield with Dean Ambroe vs. Cody Rhodes & Goldust with Dusty Rhodes

They didn't get a big reaction live but if you were a long-time fan, it was cool to see the three Rhodes family members coming out together.  Of course, just as I typed that, you could hear a "Dusty" chant.

Cody and Seth Rollins started.  Rollins was backdropped over and the Rhodes worked him over in the corner.  The Rhodes' tried to double team him bit Reigns grabbed Rollins' leg as he was tossed into the ropes and pulled him out so the Shield could regroup.

All six faced off on the floor.  Dusty took off his belt.   Once they returned, The Shield cut off Cody and worked him over.  Cody reversed an Irish whip and nailed Rollins. Rollins cut off an invading Rhodes and drove him into the buckles.  Reigns tagged in and shoulderblocked him down hard for a two count.

The Shield tagged in and out, working over Rhodes.  Rhodes fired back but on both but was cut off with a kick to the gut but by Rollins.  They tried Cody upside down on the corner.   He fought his way out and nailed a big moonsault on Rollins.

Goldust made the hot tag and nailed all his signature spots on Reigns.  He beat Reigns in the corner with punches.  The crowd was into Goldust.  Reigns reversed a whip but missed a splash.  Goldust came off the ropes with a reverse flying bodypress for a two count.  Reigns ducked a bodypress and Goldust crashed to the outside.  Rollins trashed him on the floor.

Goldust was almost counted out but returned to the ring before the ten count.  Rollins covered him but Goldust kicked out.   The Shield worked over Goldust in the corner.  Reigns locked in a sidechinlock and scissored Goldust on the mat.  The crowd rallied Goldust, who fought back but was cut off with a flying clothesline.  Goldust kicked up at the last second.

The Shield continued working down Goldust.  Rollins missed a dropkick.  Goldust went for an elbowdrop but Rollins rolled out of the way.  Reigns tagged in but was fought off.  Rollins returned but was caught with a powerslam.

Cody made the hot tag and got a big pop as he nailed a missile dropkick.   Cody kicked Rollins low and spun him around for an Alabama Slam for a two count.    Rhodes nailed a muscle buster on Rollins but Reigns broke up the pin. Goldust attacked but was laid out.  Rhodes nailed the Disaster Kick and clotheslines him over the top to the floor.

Dean Ambrose distracted Rhodes, allowing Rollins to attack him from behind. Dusty confronted Ambrose on the floor and did some clubbering.  Reigns went after Dusty but Goldust attacked him.    Cody fought back against Rollins and nailed his finisher and scored the clean pin.  The place went nuts for this.

Your winner, The Rhodes Family!

All three, including a crying Dusty, celebrated in the ring.

Really good match with some awesome storytelling in the ring.  Fun stuff!

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