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By Richard Trionfo on 2013-09-30 23:04:42
We are back and Michael Cole announces that Trish Stratus gave birth to a boy.

Michael is not done congratulating people because he congratulates Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella on their engagement.

Match Number Five: Alicia Fox versus Brie Bella (with Nikki Bella)

They lock up and Alicia works on the wrist. Brie flips using the ropes to reverse and she takes Alicia down with a fireman’s carry. Alicia with a clean break and she offers her hand but it was a trap and she kicks Brie in the midsection and she goes to the floor.

Alicia sends Brie back into the ring and she chokes Brie in the ropes.

We see AJ Lee and Tamina Snuka watching in the back. Alicia with a Northern Lights suplex for a near fall. Alicia slams Brie’s face into the mat and she gets a near fall. Alicia with a head scissors. Alicia sends Brie into the mat and gets a near fall.

Alicia with a reverse chin lock. Brie with elbows and then she hits a flying clothesline followed by a drop kick or two. Alicia with a running knee to the head and Alicia goes to the floor. Alicia with a kick from the floor and Alicia with a clothesline to the back of the head. Alicia tries for a belly-to-back suplex but Brie lands on her feet and she slap Alicia and hits an X Factor for the three count.

Winner: Brie Bella

We go to commercial.

Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman are in the locker room and Paul is trying to get to Curtis. He says that Curtis is looking at this the wrong way. Punk thinks that he is clever but he is out of his league with them.

Ryback stops by and he tells everyone that nobody has to be threatened by the presence of CM Punk. After last week, if Punk wants them, why not give them. Paul tells Ryback to get something to eat and he will find him in a few minutes.

Paul suggests that Ryback is beautiful and Curtis wants to know what Paul is thinking. Paul says that the food tastes better and the flowers smell sweeter since Ryback saved his life. Paul is going to go to the ring and he is going to propose to Ryback.

Before we get to the Big Show interview, some people think that Stephanie McMahon is using Show to deal with her issues.

We go to the WWE Rewind with footage of Stephanie telling Big Show to knock out Miz.

Renee Young is in the back with the Big Show and he is in a suit. Show says that he is doing as good as he can right now. Renee asks Show about what happened on Friday night when it appeared that he was going to explode.

Show says that his financial situation has been held over his head like Damacles’ sword. He has been told to be a man and do the right thing. It is easy when it isn’t your neck on the line. The people who judge his decisions do not understand. He is choosing between the lesser of two evils. Show says that he would not choose evil because he is a good man. He is doing what is right by his family.

Show says that he has been forced to do everything that he has done. He knocked out a WWE Hall of Famer who he has idolized ever since he entered the business. Show says that he cannot help Dusty and now he cannot look Dusty in the eye because of what has happened. Show says that there is only so much that he can take.

Every sick and weird thing he has been told to do, he has done without question. Show says that he can’t take it any more. He is not going to take it any more. Show says that he will find Triple H and he will show him exactly how he feels.

Renee wants to know what Show is saying.

Show says that he is going to knock Triple H out.

Show walks in the back and we go to commercial.

We are back and R Truth wants an Intercontinental Title match against Curtis Axel. Brad Maddox says that he will take it under advisement.

Big Show enters and he wants to know where Triple H is. Show tells Brad to go find him and bring him into the office.

Match Number Six: Alberto Del Rio versus Zack Ryder in a Non Title Match

They lock up and Ryder backs De Rio into the corner and Del Rio with a kick on the break. Del Rio with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Ryder with a hip toss and then he punches Del Rio in the back. Del Rio retreats into the ropes. Del Rio with an Irish whip but he misses a splash in the corner and Ryder with a flapjack.

Ryder clotheslines Del Rio over the top rope to the floor. Ryder tries for a pescado but Del Rio moves and Ryder hits the floor. Del Rio sends Ryder into the ringside barrier and he kicks Ryder. They return to the ring and Del Rio with a near fall. Del Rio with a rear chin lock. Ryder with punches and a sunset flip for a near fall.

Del Rio with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker followed by a kick and boot to the head. Ryder with punches but Del Rio with a knee. Ryder with a face buster and then Ryder waits for Del Rio to get up and Ryder with a knees followed by a missile drop kick. Ryder with the running forearm into the corner

Ryder hits the Broski boot but Del Rio kicks out. Ryder waits for the Rough Ryder but Del Rio sends Ryder over his head and Del Rio with a German suplex and bridge for a near fall. Del Rio with a double stomp to the back. Del Rio works on the shoulder in the ropes and then he applies the cross arm breaker and Ryder taps out.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time to talk about the business proposition given to the Rhodes for their jobs.

Ryback makes his way to the ring and Paul Heyman has the look of a lovesick puppy as he follows.

Paul introduces himself and he says that not only was he man enough to pin CM Punk to prove that he is the Best in the World, but he is also a world renowned expert in Political Science. You cannot put down insurgencies on their home soil. He had to go against his theory and try to squash Punk’s rebellion of 18,000 forces in Chicago. Paul says that he had to be put down by Punk in front of his friends and family. Paul presents Exhibit A.

Paul says that he gives Punk credit because he is a man of commitment. However, that commitment has been to break his face. The only reason this face is here tonight, smiling on worldwide television is because of the independent actions of one man who decided to stop the bullying of Paul Heyman.

That man is Ryback.

Ryback says the one thing he hates is a bully. Seeing Punk take all of that knowledge, friendship, and sacrifices and hurl it in Paul’s face. He cannot let it stand. He tells Paul that he is a genius and there is nothing that he wouldn’t do for Paul.

Paul says that 2013 is such a progressive year. It is time that in this progressive society that people live in denial of their true feeling and that they are honest about their true feelings. Paul says that he wants more than a superstar/advocate relationship. Ever since Ryback saved his life, he has had an extra spring in his step. He feels more like a man. He feels more virile and free. Paul says that is because of Ryback. He wants to feel that way for the rest of his life. In front of the entire world, he wants to make . . .

Paul yells at the crowd for interrupting such an intimate moment between him and his hero, Ryback.

Paul wants this to be an official commitment. You can call it an arrangement, a marriage, or a friendship. Paul says that he wants to make this from the opening match to the main event. He wants to make this commitment til death do they part. He wants to make Ryback an honest man.

Paul gets on his knees and he asks Ryback to . . .

He asks Ryback to become a Paul Heyman guy.

Ryback has a smile on his face and . . .

CM Punk’s music plays.

Ryback watches the stage while Paul looks around for CM Punk.

Punk comes throught he crowd and he appears to have hurt his knee.

Paul and Ryback wonder if this is a trap.

Punk limps at ringside while Paul continues to wonder what is going on. Punk limps to the ring and he gets on the apron, but he falls to the floor. Punk has the doctor check on his knee and Paul thinks that he might really be injured, but he is not sure.

Paul goes to the ropes by CM Punk and Punk gets a kendo stick from under the ring and he hits Heyman and then he hits Ryback. Ryback blocks the Kendo Stick but Punk hits Axel and then he hits Ryback. Punk hits Axel in the head with the stick and then he hits Axel in the midsection.

Punk hits Axel in the shoulder and then he hits Go To Sleep while Heyman and Ryback watch.

Big Show is still waiting for Triple H.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Seven: Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins versus Dolph Ziggler, Jimmy Uso, and Jey Uso

Ziggler and Ambrose start things off and they lock up. Ambrose with punches to Ziggler instead of giving a clean break. Ambrose runs Ziggler’s eyes across the top rope. Ziggler with a leap frog and a drop kick for a near fall. Ambrose with a knee to the midsection and Ziggler with a cross body and punches.

Rollins tags in and Ziggler with a hip toss. Jimmy tags in and he punches Rollins and slams him. Jimmy with a diving head butt for a near fall. Jey tags in and he hits a flying forearm and gets a near fall. Rollins with a punch and he tags in Ambrose. Ambrose with punches and a head butt. Ambrose with a snap mare and he tags in Rollins who kicks Jey.

Rollins with forearms to the back and kicks to the chest. Ambrose tags back in and they miss a double clothesline. Jimmy tags in and he hits a double drop kick to Jey’s back. Jey with a super kick and Ziggler with a clothesline that sends Reigns over the top rope. The Usos send Rollins and Ambrose to the floor and then they hit stereo planchas onto Ambrose and Rollins as we go to commercial.

We are back and Rollins with a reverse chin lock on Jimmy. Rollins tries for a suplex and Jimmy blocks it. Jimmy with a suplex of his own and both men are down. Ambrose tags in and he slides in the way of Jimmy’s path to the corner. Ambrose with crossfaces to the upper chest.

Jimmy with elbows but Ambrose with a back elbow to stop him. Ambrose with a snap elbow drop and Reigns tags in. Reigns with a kick to the ribs. Reigns with a leaping elbow drop for a near fall. Reigns with a reverse chin lock. Jimmy with elbows and punches but Reigns with a belly-to-back into a uranage for a near fall. Jimmy with an uppercut and then he drops down and Reigns goes over the top rope to the floor.

Reigns returns to the ring and he cuts off Jimmy. Jimmy with a savate kick and both men are down. Rollins tags in and he takes care of Jey. Jimmy with a back body drop and Ziggler tags in and he connects with clotheslines on Ambrose followed by a Stinger Splash and punches. Ziggler with a neck breaker and then he sets for the elbow drop sequence. Rollins tries to interfere but Ziggler with a drop kick. Ambrose with a rollup for a near fall.

Ziggler with a Fameasser but Reigns breaks it up. Jey sends Reings to the floor but Ambrose with a knee. Rollins with an enzuigiri. Ziggler with a Zig Zag to Rollins but Reigns with a spear for the three count.

Winners: Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose

Big Show is still in Triple H’s office and now it is time for the jacket and tie to come off. Big Show rolls up his sleeves as we go to commercial.

We are back and Big Show smells the flowers and he throws them aside while he continues to wait for Triple H. Security enters the office and they tell Big Show to come with them for threatening people.

Stephanie says that Show is under a lot of pressure. He has seen the look on his face as he knocked out Daniel Bryan, The Miz, and Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes. All he is trying to do is put food on his table. Now Big Show has a huge mortgage payment. Stephanie will vouch for him.

Stephanie tells Show that he talked to Show’s wife. She said that Show has not been measuring up to her expectations at home.

Show sits down for a moment and then he rises up because he sees a triple H poster and he punches it and there is a hole in the wall.

Renee Young is in the interview area with Rob Van Dam. Renee asks Rob about the stipulation for the match. He says that he could talk about this match but he would rather show how he can excel in these type of matches. Let’s go to the video tape.

Rob says that Alberto Del Rio is vicious, but he does not know what hardcore rules mean. Anything goes so you do everything to survive. You throw the rulebook out. They will go hardcore for the title and the perfect translation for hardcore is easy even for ADR. It is Rob Van Dam.

We go to commercial with Santino Marella, Great Khali, and Hornswoggle walking in the back.

We are back and Zeb says that Mississippi is like a third world country and a little lower on the ladder than Alabama. Only Real Americans can say ‘We The People’ with them.

Match Number Eight: Santino Marella (with Hornswoggle and Great Khali) versus Antonio Cesaro (with Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger)

They lock up and Santino with a side head lock and Santino holds on when Cesaro tries to send Santino off the ropes. Santino with a shoulder tackle and he hurt his shoulder. Santino with a hip lock take down but Cesaro with a European uppercut.

Cesaro with an Irish whip and a running European uppercut in the corner followed by a slam and a double stomp to the midsection for a near fall. Cesaro blocks an O’Connor Roll and he tries for the Giant Swing but Santino kicks him away. Santino with a split followed by a hip toss and diving head butt. Santino goes for the cobra but he is distracted by Colter and that allows Cesaro to put Santino in the Giant Swing.

Santino gets up but he falls back to the mat. Santino throws the cobra away. Santino tries for a hip lock but he cannot do it and then he falls to the mat and gets the three count.

Winner: Santino Marella

We go to commercial.

We are back and Jerry Lawler is in the ring and he reminds everyone that Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella got engaged.

It is time to bring out the participants in the main event at Battleground. Out first is Daniel Bryan. He is followed by Randy Orton.

Jerry says that this is intended to be a verbal confrontation only so the physicality has to wait until Sunday.

Jerry mentions the controversy of stripping Daniel Bryan of the title.

Orton says that he was upset at the time when Triple H did not give him the title. However, it motivated and inspired him to reach the full potential as the Apex Predator. He was no longer the Viper who cared what the idiots thought. He was the Viper void of morality. The Viper who decimated the Miz in his hometown in front of his parents, while his mother begged him to stop.

Randy says that he will beat Daniel on Sunday because he is genetically superior to a weak, goat faced, B+ troll like Daniel Bryan.

Daniel says that Randy talks a great game. He says that Randy is a little monotone and he sounds like he practiced in front of the mirror. Why did Triple H feel the need to inspire and motivate Randy? Maybe it is because Randy is marketable and Hunter wants to put him on magazines or DVDs.

Maybe it is because Randy cannot reach his full potential without it. Daniel says that he might be some small, weak, pathetic, B+, goat face troll, but he never needed anyone’s motivation to reach his potential.

On Sunday, he will regain the WWE Championship when he beats RandyOrton.

Orton says that just because they chant ‘Yes’ that he can be champion? Daniel is on a roll. He is marrying a Bella. Randy wants to know what can be so incredibly wrong with Brie to settle for someone like Daniel.

One day, Brie is going to wake up and realize that she is not sleeping with a virile, handsome champion like him, but she is sleeping with a barnyard animal.

Bryan attacks Orton and he sends Orton over the top rope to the floor. Bryan attacks Orton but Orton sends Bryan into the ring steps and Orton punches Bryan. Orton sends Bryan into the ring post a few times.

Orton pulls Bryan into the ring post a few times. Orton drops Bryan on the ringside apron. Orton punches Bryan and then he hangs Daniel on the apron. Brie comes out and she watches Randy give Daniel the IEDDT.

Randy rearranges the announce table while Brie begs for Randy to stop. Randy sends Daniel into the announce table and then they get on top of the table. Orton looks around before he gives Bryan an RKO through the table.

We go to credits.

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