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By Mike Johnson on 2013-09-21 23:23:00
EVOLVE champion AR Fox vs. Tony Nese with Mr. A & Su Young

Fox took the mic and said at the last DGUSA, he learned his lesson about the numbers game.  He said that he can't put his hands on Young but he has someone who can.  Out came Ivelisse Velez. 

Young was really good with her reactions and with playing off the crowd.  A is pretty much playing Big Bubba Rogers.  They add a nice dimension to Nese's presentation.

Fox seemed a lot more confident with his charisma and with speaking on the mic than I've remembered him being.  Those are good things.

They started out with some good, slow build wrestling.   Fox eventually get the better of Nese, who powders out to the floor to catch a breather.   They battle back and forth.  Fox nails a pair of dives but when he goes gor the third, Young gets on the apron.  He stops, then charges anyway.  She screams and ducks as Fox sails over her with a tope con hilo.  Cool spot.

They battle on the outside with Fox getting the better of the exchange.  Nese is brought back into the ring and covered for a two count.    Fox nailed a springboard twisting splash for a two count.  

Fox places Nese on the top and prepares for a move but Young distracts the referee.  Nese goes to the outside.  Fox rebounds off the ropes for a move but A pulled him out and gives him a spinbuster into the apron.  Nese works him over on the outside.

Fox is tossed back in the ring and Nese scores several two counts.   Fox keeps going for big moves but Nese grabs the ropes to evade them.  Fox goes for a cutter but is caught and suplexed rudely into the buckles.     Nese works over Fox, who makes a comeback with a series of foream smashes.

Nese was caught in a twisting suplex and covered for a two count.  Young covered him to prevent Fox from coming off the top.  That allowed A to yank him off and Fox slammed his face into the buckles.   Nese peppered Fox with forearms on the outside.

Nese rolled the champ back into the ring and cinched in a rear chinlock.   Ivelisse tried to rally the champ.  Nese kicked him in the face as he escaped.  Fox came back with a great missile dropkick.  He clotheslined Nese and sent himself through the ropes, skinned the cat and came back in with a kick to the face.

Fox continued to work over Nese, catching him with a modified bulldog for a two count.   Nese went to the outside.  Fox nailed a springboard into a 450 backsplash .    Fox tossed Nese in and nailed a top rope splash for a two count.

Fox and Nese battled back and forth.  Nese nailed a gutwrench sit down powerbomb for a two count.   They made their way to their knees and battled back and forth.   Nese nailed a palm thrust but was kicked in the face.  He cut off Fox with a back kick but was kicked several times.  Nese finally cut him off with a lariat.

Nese covered Fox for a two count.   Nese worked him over with chops in the corner.   Fox came off the ropes and drove Nese's face into his knee.  He went back to the top for a 450 splash but Nese rolled out of the way.  He nailed the Electric Chair on the champion for a two count.

Fox went for a Spanish Fly but was caught and suplexed down by Nese.  Fox went to the top but was cut off by Nese and set up for a superplex.  Fox fought him off and sent Nese to the mat.  Fox missed the 450 splash off the top.  Nese rolled him up for a two count.

Nese power-lifted Fox up and slammed him into the buckles for another two count.   Fox caught Nese trying to come off the ropes and nailed a DVDR.  He nailed the 450 but the ref was distracted by Young getting in the ring.  Fox argued with the ref, allowing Nese to recover and nails  DDT.

Finally Velez and Young began catfighting and rolled ut of the ring,  They went to the back fighting as the referee followed and who could  blame him.  Velez ripped off Young's shirt and when she realized it, she ran to the back screaming.

Mister A went to the top to interfere but Fix nailed him.  He drilled Nese and then nailed the Spanish Fly off the ropes, drilling A into Nese.  Fox then covered Nese for the pin.

Your  winner and still EVOLVE champion, AR Fox!

A fun main event to close a really good top to bottom show.  Well worth checking the VOD iPPV out on this one folks!


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