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By Mike Johnson on 2013-09-20 10:00:00
OK, so I watched this Dixie Carter promo. What was the point?

In asking around at TNA, I was told the promo is supposed to be the jumping off point to take TNA in a different direction creatively. We will have to see what, if anything, that actually means.

My question is a interesting question but with Triple H declaring with in the next five years wwe will only be drawing new talent from the ground up at there Performance Center, my question is this how does WWE think thats good for business seeing that except for Randy Orton and John cena all there top talent(CM Punk, Daniel Bryan) and coming up top prospects (Sami Zane, Pac) were all season by traveling the world and it a proven track record that star are born from getting that seasoning from all over the world (Mankind, Stone Cold, Chris Jericho) even old school star back territory days have that world traveled seasoning. I mean eliminating that would cause more problem then WWE dont you think?

Yes, it would. Without putting words in his mouth, I think Triple H meant that everyone going into WWE would come through the Performance Center, which would be a good thing. As much as talents are world traveled, they will often need to be refined to what WWE wants out of them - that's what the Center will be there for. If an amazing talent breaks out and WWE wants to bring them right to the main roster, sure, that will happen - there are exceptions to every rule, but WWE wants a place where they can train new prospects and hone others. I believe that was the actual point that he was making.

I was wondering if there were any books about British wrestling I could read?

There are a number of books that touch upon the subject, including the autobiographies of Billy Robinson, William Regal and Dynamite Kid. There are also several books titled "Catch Wrestling" that will also give you some good stories on the subject. There may be others that were published overseas that I, as a lowly American, may not know about, so if any of our British readers want to send along a list, let me know!

One aspect of the Mid-South DVD I didn't like is that Bill Dundee's input is never really discussed. Why do you think that is?

I'm not sure, but I do agree with you. Dundee was one of the better bookers for that region and for Bill Watts. He doesn't get near enough credit for that either.

Where is Low Ki?

He worked several dates for All Japan Pro Wrestling this month.

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