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By Mike Johnson on 2013-09-19 10:52:58
Tammy Sytch wrote on her Facebook page that she had her purse snatched after leaving a Wawa last night around 1 AM and had to have someone watch her car while she wrote a police report and went to retrieve another set of keys for her car.

Sytch was also upset that her comments on what she wants in a man leaked onto, writing, " let me get this straight....I write a joke status about "what I look for in a boyfriend" and it makes Worldwide wrestling website headlines.....I put a post up last night about being MUGGED, a serious matter worthy of a headline, and I find it NOWHERE on ANY website.....HMMMMMMMM. Dontcha think these so-called JOURNALISTS should get their priorities straight and leave my love life alone????"

Note from Mike: Perhaps Sytch should realize she's a public figure and if she doesn't want her comments picked up, just not make them in a public forum? Plus, how can she complain about being quoted about one subject and not being quoted for another? That seems pretty silly, and probably not the thing she should be concerned with given the last year or so of her life.

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