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By Mike Johnson on 2013-09-15 10:18:10
As Dave Scherer noted yesterday, Stephanie McMahon's invitation to Dusty Rhodes is for a "business proposal", according to a WWE website article. As I've said a number of times in the PWInsider Elite section, the constant mentions of Dusty and Cody's fiancee (former WWE developmental talent/ring announcer Eden Stiles) appear to be foreshadowing their involvement in a larger Rhodes family vs. McMahon family feud, but we will see where they take this.

You could also certainly see a lot of framework for a "Wargames" style match being put down over the last few weeks as well, but that may just be really really hopeful thinking on my part. I do know that the company was happy with the sales of the Wargames DVD and it's not like they haven't resurrected other concepts (ECW) after strong DVD sales in the past.

Shawn Michaels was interviewed a few days ago by 810-AM Sports Radio in Kansas City to promote his "MacMillan River Adventures" series. The interviewer noted Michaels would be back on Raw in a few weeks, which Michaels didn't dent, but downplayed, so it could be he's scheduled to make some appearances soon.

Bob Backlund is on the house show loop this weekend, doing photos with fans on a mock-up cover of WWE Magazine in the lobby for $30 each. He had been making similar appearances at Northeast events, as he lives in Connecticut.

With the reduced financial earnings outlook, there's talk of cutbacks with the touring shows, including secondary talent such as managers being cut from the shows.

2K Sports will unveil the 45 matches for their "30 Years of Wrestlemania" mode in the new WWE 2K14 videogame over the next week.

David Otunga and his family were spotted at Disney on Ice in Chicago this weekend.

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