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By Mike Johnson on 2013-08-29 10:00:18
Kayfabe Commentaries will be shooting a Youshoot DVD with Balls Mahoney.

New England Championship Wrestling will hold their 13th anniversary show on 9/7 in Beverly, MA at the Cove Community Center, headlined by NECW Heavyweight Champion, Antonio Thomas teaming with Slyck Wagner Brown vs. former NECW champ Sean Burke and Jeremy Prophet. For more, visit

Highspots are looking for suggestions on new documentaries to do. If you have ideas, email

The wrestling comic book Headlocked announced that 30 Rock's Judah Friedlander will be penning the introduction to Headlocked: The Last Territory, which is being funded on Kickstarter. Friedlander joins Jerry Lawler, Rob Van Dam, Shane Helms, Ken Anderson, Christopher Daniels, Sinn Bodhi, Beth Phoenix, and Jill Thompson as guest contributors to the series. The wrestler stories and art are only available for people that order the book through Kickstarter at this link. They have hit their target number, so the new edition of the book will be going into production.

Our own Les Thatcher will be heading up a seminar on 9/15 for Antonio Thomas' Ringsport Pro Wrestling Gym in Palmer, MA. Spots can be reserved by emailing

Kurt Zamora sent the following....On August 17th, Charlie Haas returned to in ring action for the first time since he left Ring of Honor and won the Branded Outlaw wrestling heavyweight championship from Jax Dane. Charlie will defend the title for the first time on September 21st in San Antonio. Also booked for this show is Rhino vs Rob Conway for the NWA Title.

Sunny will be signing this Sunday at the Wrestling Universe store in Queens, NY. For more, visit

Matt Hoover sent the following.....In the 10th interview, Matt ‘Hitman’ Hoover and Matt ‘Mac’ Caruso have the privilege to be joined by Maven Bentley! Maven discussing being the voice of the indies! Maven talks about his run in OVW, working with WWE and TNA and why he isn’t in WWE today! Maven talks about working on the movie ‘The Wrestler’! Maven talks about his wonderful charity work, Maven also discusses CZW and how the promotion has survived all these years and so much more! Definitely an interview you want to hear at this link.

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