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By Dave Scherer on 2013-08-18 22:50:30

This is a mixed tag, which means when the guys are in they work with each other and the same holds for the women. ... Ziggler got the pin with the Zig Zag. It was fine for what it was but it had to follow a match of the year contender. They got no love in the placement.

I got a text from backstage that people were going nuts for Punk vs. Lesnar and the two men got a big pop when they came through the curtain.

They showed some, I guess, stars at ringside. They are in the Christmas movie with Miz. Time for the WWE Title match next. Shawn Michaels said Bryan is going to win. Booker didn't pick anyone. And Vickie picked Bryan. Shawn took a second to thank Brock and Punk. Booker than thanks Alberto and Christian.

The ref, HHH came out first. He came out to "Bow Down To The King". H has his choice of his entrance music, for sure. Daniel Bryan was next, to a great pop. Cena came out next and the boos were audible, for sure. During the intros Bryan got a huge pop. Cena did not. Cena's injured elbow is in a heavy duty brace. HHH shook both their hands before the match. Party time. On a side note, it's 10:18. There is plenty of time for a lot of things to happen.

The fans were all over Cena at the start of the match. The first big move saw Bryan go for the Yes Lock on the injured elbow and Cena rolled out to the floor. Cena said something to the ringside doc so Lawler went over to ask what Cena said. The doc said the elbow is fine. Cena was largely in control early. ... Then Bryan came back with elbows and kicks to the head and the crowd loved it. But Cena came back with a knee to the gut. It was brief as Bryan went back on the offensive with kicks. Cena came back with a few shoulder tackles and set up for the Five Knuckle Shuffle. As he did you can't see me, Bryan kicked him in the head. Cena set up for it again and hit the shuffle. Bryan got up and went into the AA but Bryan got out of it. ... Bryan went up top and dropkicked Cena in the chest for a two. ... Cena got knicked under his left eye and it's swollen. It was probably from one of the kicks. ... Speaking of which, Bryan stayed in control with kicks all over Cena. ... Bryan went for a submission and Cena stepped up so Bryan did two German suplexes on him. Cena powered up but Bryan locked in the Yes Lock on the bad elbow in the middle of the ring. Cena got up but Bryan jumped into a choke, which again took Cena down. The fans were chanting for Bryan as Cena powered back up to his feet and rammed Bryan into the corner. But Bryan wouldn't let go. Finally, Cena threw Bryan over his head and both men were down. Cena has sold more here than in a long time.

Cena got up and hit an AA out of nowhere, but Bryan kicked out at two. With Bryan prone in the ring, Cena went to the top. But Bryan was playing possum. Bryan kept climbing up and Cena knocked him down. Bryan his a dropkick and both men were on the top rope. Bryan hit a Superplex and hung on to the ropes so as to not take part of the move. Very cool. Bryan went to the top and did the big headbutt on Cena but only got a two. Cena rolled to the floor and Bryan went for the tope but Cena got up and blasted him with a forearm. Cena went the the top and hit the Alabama Jam for a two. Cool stuff. The Lets Go Cena/Cena Sucks chants started. Shut up you dopes, he sure ain't sucking right now. Cena took Bryan to the top and put him in a fireman's carry. Before he could do anything Bryan fought out with elbows. He went for the top rope rana but Cena blocked it and kind of piledrove Bryan. Luckily Bryan saved his head by turning sideways. Cena locked on the STF. Bryan went for the ropes but Cena rolled him back to the middle. Bryan was starting to fade. HHH watched when Bryan suddenly reversed it into a Yes lock. Cena got to the rope. HHH started the count so Bryan broke. H checked the elbow and called for the Doc but Cena said he was OK. Bryan hit two cool running dropkicks but Cena countered the third with a Clothesline From Hell. For the third time tonight, the crowd chanted This Is Awesome. The fans were now chanting Lets Go Bryan, Lets Go Cena. That's better. The two men then beat the crap out of each other until they collided and both went down. They both got on all fours and used each other to get up, which was a cool spot. Cena slapped Bryan and said come on. Bryan slapped back. And then they went back and forth. This is great. Bryan missed a move off the top and Cena caught him, but turned it into a face plant. This is truly a title match. It hasn't been perfect, and that is part of what makes it better. It's purely physical. Bryan went to the top but Cena caught him. As he went for the AA, Bryan rolled him up. Two count only. Bryan hit a kick to the head and then called for the Yes. He did a SICK knee to the face, one two three. New WWE Champion. Is Orton coming out now?

Bryan grabbed the title belt and began Yessing to the crowd. He fell back to the mat and as he got back up so did Cena. Cena grabbed him and the crowd booed. Cena shook his hand and put him over. HHH shook Cena's hand. He then raised Bryan's hand and then shook hands with him as well. HHH let Byran have his celebration as confetti fell and fireworks went off. It was an awesome moment.

And then Randy Orton came out with the briefcase. He raised it up and showed it to Bryan. Bryan said come on. Orton smiled and walked away as the fans chanted Yes to Bryan. Orton stopped and turned around. From behind, HHH the suddenly hit the Pedigree on Bryan. Orton came in and gave the briefcase to HHH, who said ring the bell. Orton covered Bryan and got the three with no other move being done. They did the Tommy Dreamer ECW Title finish.

I get where they will go with it and all but honestly after such a great match to headline an awesome PPV I really wish that they would have ended on the emotional high. I would have rather seen the cash in angle happen on free TV.

With that said, that final angle was about the only thing on the show I didn't care for. There were three awesome matches and this PPV was worth the money.

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