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By Dave Scherer on 2013-08-18 22:50:30

They put over the Armed Forces, big pop as always. They showed us action from Axxess. They showed clips from the Divas match where Maria and Natalya beat Brie and Eva Marie. Miz then brought out Maria and she did a promo about how she got into the match to begin with. Fandango and Summer Rae broke in and Miz did a Really. He danced with Maria as Goo and Summer watched. ... That went into a Total Divas promo.

It was Divas time, Natalya vs. Brie. The other Total Divas are at ringside. Coming out, it was really easy to see which Bella had enhancement surgery and which didn't. It will be hard for Twin Magic to work tonight. Just saying. ... Early on, it turned into a slap fest. ... The fans weren't into it as they made a point to chant for other things, including Jerry Lawler. Then they chanted for tables. ... After that the other Divas got involved. Brie chanted for Natty to tap, for no real reason. Seriously. Anyway, Natty got the Sharpshooter and won. ... It was exactly what you would expect it to be.

They aired a Doritos commercial before going to catering. You know what that means, time for Ryback. He said the soup sucks. It's cold. The guy said it's supposed to be cold. Ryback said he knew that. Take it away. Then asked the guy if he was a tough guy. He did it a few more times. He opened his collar and poured the soup down the guy's shirt. He then poured soup on the guys head and said "feed me moron". So apparently Ryback's new gimmick is to mess with people in catering.

Punk vs. Lesnar us up next. No DQ.

Punk vs. Lesnar us up next. Lesnar came out first. As soon as his music finished, the fans were chanting for Punk, who got the pop of the night so far. ... The match opens with Lesnar in total control, pounding on Punk. Punk came back with a few big knees and a tope to the floor. The crowd chanted Punk's name. ... Punk grabbed the steel steps but before he could use them on Lesnar Brock used them on Punk. ... Punk somehow posted Lesnar and then hit the double ax from the top to the floor. Punk climbed the announce table and hit a flying clothesline but then made the mistake of going after Heyman, which allowed Brock to attack. Punk was thrown over the announce table. And then did it over the next one. Brock makes his stuff look great, partly because he doesn't pull it. Brock then put part of the table over Punk and then jumped on it. He suplexed Punk on the floor. Then he threw Punk in the ring. Punk hit some kicks to Brock's legs but Lesnar laid him out and went back to work on him in the ring. ... Punk tried to come back and jumped off of the top but Brock caught him and threw him over his head. Brock is in total control at this point. ... And then, Punk came back with a series of big knees. Lesnar took them and didn't go down. Then Punk kicked him in the head and that did the trick. Punk went to the top and hit the savage Elbow. Two count. Punk called for the GTS. He got Brock up but Lesnar got out. Punk kicked him in the head again. Punk went for the GTS again but Lesnar locked the arm bar on and took Punk down. He locked it in good but Punk wouldn't tap. Punk rolled around and locked on an arm bar, then a submission. Brock teases tapping. The crowd is going nuts. But Brock powered up and slammed Punk, but he didn't break the submission. Lesnar teased tapping. Brock powered up again. Punk hit him with elbows but Lesnar did a running powerbomb on him. The fans chanted This Is Awesome and Brock covered but only got a two. The fans chanted for Punk. Lesnar got up and did Three Amigos for a two, as the fans chanted Eddie. Lesnar went to the floor and got a chair. Punk went to the top to splash him but Lesnar picked the chair up and they both bore the brunt of the move. Punk got the chair and nailed Brock in the back with it twice on the floor. He brought it in the ring but Brock took it. Before he could use it, Punk his a nut shot to stop him. Punk laughed as he did it. Punk went to the top with the chair and did a Randy Savage Elbow with it on Lesnar and got a two. Punk Nailed Brock with a chair shot and went to do it again when Heyman grabbed the chair. Punk grabbed Heyman, which let Brock grab Punk. Brock got Heyman in the F5 but Punk grabbed Heyman's tie. Heyman yelled for Brock to let go and he did. Punk hit the GTS and had the two when Heyman broke it up. Punk chased Heyman, which allowed Brock to go for the F5 but Brock turned it into a DDT. Punk locked on the Anaconda Vice but Heyman came in with a chair. So Punk broke it. Punk punched Heyman in the face and put the Vice on him. Heyman tapped but it didn't matter. Brock nailed Punk with a chair. Twice. Three times. Brock then did the F5 on the chair for the win. ... AWESOME match, great story. I want more!

Brock left first and when Punk got up, the fans popped huge for him. The whole story was he took everything Brock had and still had it won. If it wasn't for Heyman, he would have won. Great booking. Both guys come out strong and we want to see more.

They showed some Doritios guy who took a Mark Henry Splash to get tickets to SummerSlam. It exposed the biz, for sure but whatever.

Time for Dolph and Kaitlyn vs. Big E and AJ.

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