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By Mike Johnson on 2013-08-17 23:58:00

They did a check presentation to the charity.

Pepper Parks vs. Timothy Thatcher

They went back and forth grappling with neither man getting the advantage early on.   Parks backed him in the corner and went for a chop but Thatcher lifted his forearm to block it and Parks hurt his arm.

Thatcher took Parks to the mat and locked on a leglock.   Parks made it the ropes.   They worked over each other's arms and legs with holds.  Parks began defending himself from a position where he was on his back and laying kicks at Thatcher.

Thatcher caught him and they battled back and forth with forearms.  Parks nailed a backslide for a two count.   Parks rudely powerbombed Thatcher into the buckles and scored a three count.

Parks -1 , Thatcher 0

Parks attacked Thatcher in the corner as he covered up.   Thatcher fired back and they exchanged shots with Parks getting the better of the flurry.  Thatcher went for a cross armbreaker but Parks grabbed the ropes.

Thatcher tried to set up Parks for a butterfly suplex but Parks blocked it.  Thatcher took him down to the mat for a submission but Thatcher locked on a series of knees to the head.  They battled back and forth with forearms and headbutts.

Thatcher took down Parks and covered him for several nearfalls as the time limit expired as Parks tried to force an armbar submission.

Your winner, Pepper Parks!

Really good technical wrestling match from the "mental chess" sort of perspective.

Parks took the mic and said that whoever wrestles him in the next round "absolutely sucks." He said that he likes it here in Los Angeles and he's going to make it his second home.

Steve Anthony vs. Drew Gulak

They locked up with Anthony tossing Gulak down.    Anthony went for a top wristlock but Gulak rolled out of it and they faced off.  They locked up again and Gulak grabbed a top wristlock.  Anthont flipped out of it and took down Gilak.

Gulak grabbed a front choke and forced a submission.

Gulak 1, Anthony 0

They went back and forth evading each other.  Anthony drilled him with a right hand, then picked him up and brought down Gulak.   He nailed a series of right hands and hit a slingshot inverted suplex for a three count.


Anthony used a Northern Lights suplex and floated over into a running press powerslam.  He went to the top but Gulak rolled out of the way.  Anthony pulled him out of the corner and nailed a stiff kick to the chest for a two count.

Anthony locked on a sitting version of the abdominal stretch with 4:45 left.   Gulak fought out and caught him with a dropkick to the knee.  Anthony fired back but was caught int a twisting Indian leglock.  He struggled to get to the ropes but Gulak pulled him away and began snapping his legs.  Anthony finally tapped.

2-1 Gulak

Gulak controlled Anthony but was caught with a jawbreaker.  Anthony nailed a leaping forearm for a two count.   Anthony nailed a Torture Race into a slam for a three count with 1:55 left.


Anthony controlled Gulak and slammed him down, then ascended to the top.  Gulak fought him off and nailed a dropkick, which knocked Anthony back down into the ring.  Anthony went to grab Gulak who caught him in a triangle choke.  Anthony lifted him and powerbombed Gulak down for the pin with less than a minute left.

3-2 Anthony.

Gulak rushed to get Anthony into a pinfall position but time ran out.

Your winner, Steve Anthony!

Anthony said that Gulak is a great technician and he sees why Drew is the CZW champion.  He said that as good as he is, Anthony is that much better.

Kyle Matthews vs. B-Boy

They scrambled as the bell rang to get the better off the other.   They went into a test of strength.  Matthews forced B-Boy down to the mat and nearly scored several two counts.

B-Boy drilled Anthony with a forearm smash and chopped him hard in the corner.   They went back and forth.  B-Boy caught him with a series of kicks to the head and a shining wizard for the pin.

B-Boy 1, Matthews 0

Matthews came back with a Sharpshooter but B-Boy reversed it and rolled him up for a two count. Matthews rolled him back into it and worked over B-Boy.  He chopped away at him in the corner and whipped him into the ropes but B-Boy held on.  He slammed Matthews down and scored the pin

B-Boy 2, Matthews 1.

B-Boy came back with a death valley driver into the buckles then hit a leaping clothesline that sent him to the outside.  

Anthony made a comeback with a backslide and scored the pin.


They exchanged punches and chops.  Matthews small packaged BpBoy for the pin.

3-2 Matthews.

B-Boy drilled him with several moves but Matthews kept kicking out.  The bell ran down.

Your winner, Kyle Matthews!

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