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By Mike Johnson on 2013-08-17 23:58:00

Cassidy Riley vs. Antonio Thomas

They did some really nice back and forth grappling.  They did a criss cross around the ring, ending with Thomas shoulderblocking Riley down for a two count.  Riley nailed a slingshot Falcon Arrow for a three count.

Riley 1, Thomas 0 with 7:18 left.

They locked up and muscled each other around the ring.  Thomas gained control and nailed a series of forearm smashes to the back of his neck.  He locked Riley in a stretch submission and scored it with 6:09 left.


Thomas worked over Riley with a series of shots to the back,  Riley escaped but his arm was hurting.  Thomas cut him off and drilled him with a series of forearms in the corner.  He sent Riley into the opposite corner but was kicked off hard.

Riley came off the ropes but was nailed by Thomas and suplexed over for a two count.  Thomas nailed a springboard elbow for a two count.  He was sent into the corner and stradled the corner.   Thomas locked him ina  sitdown abdominal stretch.

Riley nailed a desperation Northern Lights suplex for a two count but was hurting after nailing it.  Thomas drilled him in the corner with a shoulderblock and placed him on the top.  Riley kicked him off and nailed a split legged moonsault for a three count.

2 Riley,1 Thomas

Thomas tried to score a pinfall as they hit two minutes left.  Thomas locked him in a one legged Boston Crab and snapped his ankle.  Thomas nailed a superplex and they went into a small package but Riley ended up on top and scored the pin.

3 Riley, 1 Thomas

Thomas locked him in a submission but Riley held out as the bell rang.

Your winner, Cassidy Riley.

Really physical match.  Some good, hard hitting stuff here.

Riley said he's had two tough opponents but he's found a way to live. He said he's on his way to the promised land and he's going to the end of the Race for the Ring.

Adam Cole vs. Jamin Olivencia

Olivencia was really aggressive at the bell.  He and Cole collided in the middle of the ring with neither getting the better of the other.   They locked up and battled around the ring trying to get the upper hand.  They collided in the center again and began slugging it out.

Olivencia caught Cole in the corner and drilled him with a series of shots and took him down drilling him with an elbow and Cole rebounded off the ropes.  Cole fought back to his feet and nailed a neckbreaker for a two count.

Cole nailed a series of forearms.  Olivencia battled him back.  Cole nailed a big boot but was caught with a leaping DDT for a three count.

Olivencia - 1, Cole 0

Cole went to the outside to recover but Olivencia attacked him but was nailed.  Cole brought him back into the ring nailed a belly to back suplex for a three count.  So, Olivencia's aggression actually caught him.


Olivencia nailed a some elbows but was caught with a series of belly to back suplexes and pinned again.

Cole 2, Olivencia 1

Cole let the clock run down as Olivencia tried to recover.  Cole rolled him up for a two count.   Cole controlled him on the mat and locked on a rear chinlock, trying to maintain control and run down the clock at the same time. 

Olivencia fired back with several elbows but was caught with a DVDR for a two count.   Cole nailed a series of kicks to the face.   Olivencia fired back with hard shots.  They fired back and forth with forearms and punches.

Olivencia came back with a dropkick for a two count.  Olivencia drilled Cole with a hard shoulderblock in the corner.  He went for another but was kicked off.   Cole nailed a leg lariat for a two count.

Olivencia locked in a triangle choke submission with 20 seconds left and Cole tapped.


They go into an overtime.

Olivencia drilled him with a running charge but was kicked off.  Cole was caught with a leaping DDT for a two count.    Jamin grabbed him in a forward choke but was drilled backward into the corner for a two count.   Olivencia came off the top with a twisting splash but Cole pulled his knees up.

Cole nailed a superkick and a belly to back suplex for a two count.  He followed up with another and scored the pin.

Your winner, Adam Cole!

Really, really great back and forth bout.  Olivencia and Cole just continue to impress.

Olivencia took the mic and said Cole is one of the best stars in the business today and if anyone questions that, they are crazy. Cole said that the Race for the Ring tournament is one of the premier tournament in the business because of all the talent that has been brought from all around the world and he's the premier talent. He said the fans will be with him all the way as they chant "Adam win win."

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