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By Mike Johnson on 2013-07-28 15:15:00

DGUSA Tag champs The Young Bucks vs. Ricochet & Rich Swann

The challengers came out singing "All Night Long."

Lots of great back and forth spots.   The Bucks worked over Swann for a long time.  Swann eventually hit a tornado DDT off the ropes on Nick Jackson and tagged in Ricochet.  He and Swann worked over the Bucks.

They went into a crazy sequence of superkicks.  They then went into a series of insane dives and near falls.  The Bucks nailed the spike piledriver for a two count.

The Bucks finished them off with More Bang for Your Buck and a 450 splash.

Your winners and still Tag champs, The Young Bucks!

Ricochet cut a promo and said that it's time for him to forget about the Tag straps and worry about a singles title since he was a title shot anytime he wants one. He says he will take his title shot now.

DGUSA champ Johnny Gargano said that his title and said he's the most important person on the roster and in wrestling.  He said that Ricochet can have a title shot whenever he wants, but he can't cash something in anytime he wants.  He said that his contract for tonight said that he had to fight the winner of the four way and has already done that.   Therefore, Ricochet doesn't get a title shot tonight. 

Ricochet went after Gargano but he backed out of the ring and demanded security remove Ricochet.  Gargano said it was time for him to give the show ending speech.  He demanded that everyone give him praise for winning his hard fought title bout.

He asked the crowd if they enjoyed the show.  They booed him.   He tried to sign of, but out came Akira Tozawa and he was pissed.

Tozawa attacked Gargano and they rang the bell.

Gargano vs. Tozawa II

Gargano tried to leave but Swann forced him back towards the ring.  Tozawa drilled him with a kick in the back of the head.  Tozawa nailed him with another on the stage.  He tossed Gargano back into the ring and nailed a running forearm smash.

Tozawa nailed a brainbuster.  Tozawa worked over Gargano until Gaergano cut him off.  He worked over Tozawa and scored several two counts.  Gargano stomped away at Tozawa in the corner.

Gargano drilled him with a roaring forearm but was nailed with a rebound knee.  Gargano tried to drill Tozawa into the buckles face first but missed and Tozawa took a scary looking rude bump through to the floor.  He recovered and Gargano nailed him into the buckles again.

Tozawa escaped him and nailed a stiff kick to the back of the head.  He drilled Gargano with the Chaos Theory for a two count.  Gargano went to nail an elbow but hit the ref by accident.  He began choking Tozawa with the strong from his tights, trying to choke him out again.  The referee recovered and saw the string and made Gargano break.,  Tozawa nailed a back suplex for a two count.  The crowd chanted for him.

Gargano slipped out of a move and nailed a face first driver but Tozawa kicked up at one and went nuts with offense.  Gargano caught him and turned him into the Crossface.  Tozawa was choked out and that was it.

Your winner and still DGUSA champ Johnny Gargano!

Excellent bout.

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