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By Dave Scherer on 2013-07-14 20:10:48

Mark was in control early (and on a side note the audio keeps cutting out momentarily, fix that WWE). It is Henry decimation early on.

Cena made a brief comeback and the fans booed. Henry took control again and they cheered for him. Cena tried to slam Henry but the big man fell on him. You know Cena is like a bad check though, he will come back. And he did. He did the Five Knuckle Shuffle, you know the move that wouldn't hurt a bit. He went to do the AA but couldn't get Henry up. Henry fell on him for a two count and then took control again.

Cena came back and finally hit the AA, but Henry kicked out. Cena looked like "WTF???" So he went up to the top rope and did a plancha but Henry caught him and did the WSS, but Cena kicked out. The fans chanted One More Time. They were invested in the pin attempt for sure. ... Henry then ripped off the top turnbuckle pad. He went to ringside and got some chairs. Scott Armstrong told him he can't win that way and tossed the chairs. Henry used the distraction to pull off another turnbuckle pad but Cena pushed Henry into it and locked on the STF. Henry got the ropes to break it. Cena then bumped the ref by accident. Henry kicked Cena in his super jewels, which Armstrong didn't see, but Henry only got a two. Henry went for the WSS but somehow Cena got thrown over his head instead. Cena locked on the STF and made Henry tap. ... Really good match, where both guys worked hard and they had a really good match. ... Henry limped off while Cena sold that he was still wary of the monster.

All Star Money In The Bank is closing the show. Before we get to that, they send it back to the "you ain't on the PPV but look at the bright side, you don't have to take any bumps" panel. They said stuff.

Before the main event, they told us Kane was out of the All Stars match. They showed Wyatt video. PLEASE don't hot shot Bray Wyatt and put him in this match. PLEASE! Oh the fans were chanting RVD before we went to the video.

Back to the building, they are still chanting for RVD except for one never got any sex loser who chanted "Husky Harris". Yeah pal, have fun with your blow up doll, again, tonight. Philly should beat your ass for being a moron.

Smartly, WWE introduced RVD first and he got a HUGE reaction. I mean huge. Way to use the guy right TNA, brilliant. Christian was next. Then Daniel Bryan, who may have gotten a bigger pop than RVD. Yeah, I am pretty sure he did. Then Randy Orton. Nice pop, but not like RVD or Bryan. Punk is coming, should be interesting. Sheamus is out next, got a a polite pop. They were chanting for Punk before he came out. It continued after he came. Party time, let's go. No replacement. The fans chanted for RVD and the other guys knew it so they attacked him right away. He will be back.

The ring cleared out early, leaving Punk and Bryan to work. It didn't last long because Sheamus brought in a ladder and plunder ensued. ... RVD made his comeback and laid everyone out as the fans chanted for him. Sheamus tried to come back in with a ladder but he dropkicked it into Sheamus. Then he dumped Christian on him and hit Rolling Thunder on Bryan. The announcers referenced ECW. Rob then went after Orton and was about to hit a Five Star when Christian hit him with a ladder. Great sequence. Christian took control and was the first one to go up for the case. If he gets it....before I could write I would eat a bug, Sheamus stopped him. Sheamus went up but Christian stopped him. They fought on the ladder until Sheamus took control and up he went. RVD had other ideas and took his ass out.

Sheamus got back in control, but Bryan threw him to the floor and blasted him in the face with a running knee. Ouch. This let Punk go for the case but Orton had other ideas. This led to those two and Christian fighting over the case. And them, the other three came in. This led to a fun spot where the case was swinging in the air and all six fell off the ladders. Orton landed badly. Sheamus took control and laid out the rest. RVD came in and Sheamus toasted him with a ladder and a Brogue Kick. The crowd didn't like that. He went up the the ladder but Bryan came up, leading to a lot of Yes/Nos. Sheamus threw Bryan off and went for the case and grabbed it as Punk got to him. He couldn't unlatch it and fell to the mat. Punk then went to work on him. Sheamus fired back. Sheamus went to use the ladder on him but Punk moved. Punk did a ladder driver on Sheamus and went to go to the case when Orton came back in. He T Boned Punk into a ladder. OUCH! Orton then lost control to Christian, who got a ladder and started climbing. RVD had other ideas and took him out with a ladder. RVD went up the ladder as the fans chanted for tables. Christian just wanted to stop RVD and did. Christian went up the ladder but RVD climbed up the other side. They got to the briefcase and RVD knocked off the ladder but landed on another in the corner. He went up and did a Five Star from it on Christian. The fans chanted ECW and RVD. RVD went up for the case but Sheamus ran in to a lot of boos. RVD beat him off the ladder and went for the case but Sheamus pushed the ladder over and own went Rob. Bryan came in from behind and began kicking the snot out of the two of them. Orton came in and Bryan F'd him up with the ladder and then did a sick dive on Punk on the floor. He laid out Sheamus and RVD with kicks and then went ladder crazy on Sheamus, Orton and RVD. Suddenly, he was alone. He set up the ladder. Up he went when Curtis freakin' Axel came out and attacked Bryan with a chair. He laid him out. This had BETTER not cost Bryan the case. As Axel was leaving, Punk hit the GTS on him on the floor. Paul Heyman came out and yelled at Axel for what he did what he did, calling Punk his best friend (keep in mind that Axel did it to Bryan). Heyman told Punk to go get the briefcase. Punk rolled into the ring and went up for the case when Heyman went in the ring and attacked him, costing him the case. ... RVD rolled into the ring and went up the ladder but Orton pulled him off into an RKO. Orton smartly looked around and then went up. Great psychology. He went to the top and looked around again. No one there. He unhooked the case and won MITB. I didn't see that coming! ... Great, great match. Everyone could have won and they all can have a good reason for not winning. RVD returned and was booked excellently. Bryan was a freakin' machine. Punk got screwed by his Brutus. Lots of storyline fallout for Raw tomorrow.

Overall, I liked the show a lot. Both ladder matches were crazy great. The WWE Title match was strong. And the World Title match was really good until the finish. This one was worth paying for. See you all later with the Post Game show.

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