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By Dave Scherer on 2013-07-14 20:10:48

They showed a preview for Total Divas on E!. I don't get paid enough to watch that dreck. Frankly, no one does.

They sent it to the panel and they talked about what we saw so far. They all said, "I should be on this damn show, not talking about it." Well, they didn't say it but you know they were thinking it.

Time for Chris Jericho vs. Ryback. ... Early on, Jericho was in control so Ryback bailed. Yeah, that makes a monster look tough. Not. So Jericho went out after him and beat him up and brought him back in the ring. ... Then Ryback finally came back and took control. The crowd chanted Goldberg, which coincided with Jericho working over the "bad leg", which again makes a monster look like a puss. ... Well, it worked because Ryback took control at this point. ...Then Jericho came back. Jericho was working moves, Ryback power. They went back and forth with the injured leg being a focal point. ... Jericho hit a Codebreaker, and Ryback went to the floor. The count got up at nine and got in the ring. Jericho went to the top rope and got a two with a splash. Jericho jumped into Shellshock but Jericho countered it with a kind of botched move. Lawler even acknowledged it. It got a two. Jericho then went for a Lionsault but Ryback moved and Y2J landed on his feet. Ryback rolled him up and used his power to keep him down. ... They worked really hard and it wasn't bad, but for some reason it just didn't really connect for me. It could just be me, but I didn't feel it for some reason.

They took us to footage for the Performance Center. They are obviously proud of it, and they should be. It is amazing and it's the best thing that they have done for the future of the business in a long, long time.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler is next. I can't say that shocks me. The remaining matches have been built up in a big way.

The crowd is obviously behind Ziggler, big time behind him. ... They went back and forth early on. They were working hard and it was getting hot when AJ came out. ... She skipped around and Ziggler told her to leave, he had this. She gave him the boo boo face as the crowd chanted GO! Zig hit a Tornado DDT for a two. He told her again to leave. She didn't. Zig went to the top when ADR rushed him in the corner and beat him down on the top. He dusted him from the top, but only got a two on Zig. The fans went nuts for Dolph, cheering him on. ... ADR nailed a kick to the face, but Dolph kicked out. AJ is still watching. The crowd chanted USA, in Philly. Wow. ... Dolph was going for the win when AJ got Dolph DQ'd by hitting ADR with her title belt, I guess because she thought ADR was going to use an exposed turnbuckle. Really, really crappy finish to what had been a really good match. That is a finish that you do on free TV, not on a show we paid top dollar to watch. It left a really bad taste in my mouth.

Afterward, Dolph was mad at AJ. Of course he was, she was a dope. She screamed I love you. The fans screamed you screwed Ziggler. I was shocked none of the announcers said, "Not anymore she doesn't!"

WWE gave props to the PA National Guard and the military in general. The crowd chanted USA!

Mark Henry vs. John Cena is next. Big reaction for Henry, who comes out first. They started the boos for Cena before he even came out. I love Philly. He babbled his unfunny, makes you want to slap him even more stuff when he came out. It's on.

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