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By Richard Trionfo on 2013-07-02 20:14:31
June’s Totals on Television and Pay Per View

Half the year is in the books and Raw continues to lead the pack and in a quirk, there were only 4 episodes of each show that aired each week. Ring of Honor only had two shows this month. The gap between first and second expanded from last month when Raw only won by 41 minutes. In June, Raw won the month over Impact by 65 minutes, but not the biggest gap for the year since Raw won April by 98 minutes.

With the fewest hours of wrestling this month, we saw the fewest amount of wrestling for a month on television. They had exactly 200 fewer minutes than May. The overall totals for the month were the third highest behind May and January. With January and June being the only months with two pay per views, they were 25 minutes apart.

The average totals for the month were in the middle of the pack. The 6.46 minute average match length was the third highest total behind January (6.80 Minutes) and May (6.67 Minutes). The 18.17 minutes per hour of total wrestling was the second highest behind May (18.49 Minutes).

There were only six matches that were one minute in length, the lowest total for the year in a single month. The twenty ten minute matches was tied for the third highest total, equaling January.

For the first half of 2013, we had 4,329 minutes of wrestling in 277 hours on television and when you add the totals for the WWE and TNA pay per views, we had 5,132 minutes of wrestling. There were 800 matches in the first six months on television and pay per view. That gives us an average match length of 6.42 minutes. The average match length on television is 5.86 minutes while the average pay per view match was 13.16 minutes.

It is not really fair to compare the totals from 2012 to 2013 because we did not have Main Event in 2012, but we also had more pay per views in the first half of 2012.

On television in 2012, we had 3,401 minutes of wrestling in 231 hours of wrestling. There were 37 hours of wrestling on pay per view in 2012, compared to 25 hours this year. There was 1,126 minutes of wrestling on pay per view. There were 764 matches on television and pay per view at this point in 2012.

There were 77 ten minute matches in the first six months of 2012 and there were 80 one minute matches in 2012.

When you compare the two years, there were 36 more matches this year and 605 more minutes of wrestling than in 2012. The lack of the seventh show can be considered a factor to explain the 928 minute gap between the television totals, but we also have to remember that Raw was only 2 hours during the first half of the year, other than the special episodes.

The second half of the year will probably be a better comparison for the two years because of the addition of Main Event in the last quarter of the year and the addition of the third hour of Raw. However, the totals for Superstars in the first half of 2012 were significantly higher with 533 minutes of wrestling in 2012, compared to 298 minutes in 2013.

Page 3 has the overall totals for June.
Page 4 has the television totals for the individual shows.
Page 5 has the pay per view totals for the month.

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