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By Mike Johnson on 2013-06-25 14:10:27
WWE star Jack Swagger was found guilty of DUI and speeding at his trial just an hour ago in Gulfport, MS.

Swagger was sentenced to six months' probation, a $500 fine and will have to pay for all court costs related to his case.

Swagger was also sentenced to two days in jail, but his attorney was able to get that suspended, so he will not have to spend any time behind bars.

The presiding Judge also dismissed a possession charge against Swagger. Swagger was believed to have been using marijuana before being arrested.

Swagger was arrested on 2/19 in Gulfsport, MS, just 90 minutes after a WWE Smackdown taping in Biloxi, MS. He was just beginning his big push for a Wrestlemania World title shot at Alberto Del Rio at the time. City prosecutor Kirk Clark had been pushing for the maximum sentence against Swagger, two days in jail and completion of victim-impact classes, but obviously did not get that.

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