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By Mike Johnson on 2013-06-16 20:22:00

WWE Tag Team champions The Shield vs. Daniel Bryan & Randy Orton

Bryan started off strong against Roman Reigns with a series of kicks and strikes but was shoulderblocked down for a two count.  Bryan was tossed into the Shield's corner and worked over.   Reigns worked over Bryan, who tried to fight back but was slammed down for a two count.

Reigns locked in a side chinlock as the crowd chanted for Bryan.  Bryan rebounded off the ropes with a big clothesline and went to tag Orton.  He made the tag and Orton cleaned house with a series of clotheslines and a powerslam on Seth Rollins.  He nailed the hanging DDT on Reigns. 

Rolling missed a strike and was sent into the corner.  He kicked off Orton but was caught coming off the ropes with a powerslam for a two count.   Orton nailed him with the hanging DDT as well.  He set up for the RKO but Rollins rolled to the outside.  Orton went to grab him from the apron, allowing Reigns to leap up and punch him.

Rollins took control on Orton, scoring several two counts.   Reigns tagged in and choked Orton with his boot.  The Shield tagged in and out working over Orton.  Orton finally made a comeback with a suplex into the buckles on Rollins.  Bryan was tagged in and came into the ring with a double missile dropkick.    He nailed dropkicks in the corner on each and covered Reigns for a two count.

Bryan drilled Reigns with a kick to the head for a two count.   Bryan ducked Reigns and sent him over the top.  He then backdropped Rollins over the top.  Bryan went for a tope but The Shield moved out of the way, leaving Orton to be drilled with the dive.

The Shield pulled Bryan back into the ring and nearly pinned him several times.  Bryan made a comeback and hit a butterfly superplex on Rollins for a two count.  Bryan locked in the No Lock but Reigns broke it up.  Reign set up for the spear but Orton hit the ring and went for a RKO.  Reigns shoved him into Bryan.  They didn't connect but Orton moved out of the way and sent Bryan inadvertently (or maybe not?) into the spear.    Orton nailed the RKO on Reigns.  Rollins threw him out of the ring and drilled Bryan with a flying knee for the pin.

Your winners and still WWE Tag Team champions, The Shield!

Another really good match with some good wrestling and the continued build of issues between Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton.  Everyone looked good here.

Three Stages of Hell: WWE champion John Cena vs. Ryback

Stage One is a Lumberjack Match.  They locked up but Ryback immediately overpowered Cena and began beating Cena down.  Cena fought back but was caught and slammed down for a two count.   Ryback nailed Cena with a Fall Away Slam.

Cena  made a comeback with a suplex and several elbowdrops.  Ryback tossed him out but Cena landed on his feet and returned of his own power.  Great job Lumberjacks.  Ryback controlled Cena in the ring with several two counts.  There's a small but noticeable "You both suck" chant, but it was quickly drowned out by the usual dueling Cena chants.

Ryback threw Cena out in front of the heels.  They worked him over and tossed him back in.   Ryback suplexed Cena over and tossed him back out.  The heels all put the boots to him and tossed him back in.   Cena made a comeback with all his traditional moves but the Five Knuckle Shuffle didn't do the trick.  Ryback presed and tossed Cena into a group of Liumberjacks.

Cena was tossed into the ring and Ryback went for Shell Shock but Cena escaped and sent Ryback to the outside.  This led to a major brawl.  Cena dove off the top rope onto everyone on the floor.  If you've ever seen the famous ECW spot where Kid Kash took out all the Lumberjacks, that wa it.  The heels all began beating Cena.  Cena and Ryback were forced back into the ring.  Cena went for the STF but Ryback escaped and nailed Shellshock for the pin.

Stage Two is a Tables Match.  The Lumberjacks left.

Ryback drilled Cena in the corner and set up a table.    Ryback went to sideslam Cena into it but Cena escaped and went for an AA through it.  Ryback escaped and speared Cena.  Lots of Goldberg chants.

Ryback pressed Cena over his head to drop him through the table but Cena escaped.  He went for the AA but Ryback flipped the table over to prevent being put through it.  Ryback ended up on the floor, where Cena tried to whip him into the stairs.  The whip was reversed and Cena ate the steel.

Ryback tossed the stairs into the ring.  He drilled Cena with the stairs.  He threw the stairs at Cena, who evaded them and it destroyed a table.  Cena nailed Ryback with the stairs.   Cena set up a table but was nailed by Ryback with the stair and knocked onto the table.  Ryback came down with the stairs but Cena rolled out of the way.  Another table destroyed.

Ryback threw the stairs at Cena, who ducked.  They landed in the aisle.  Cena began hitting a ton of offense but was cut off with a spinebuster.  Ryback drilled Cena with the Meathook clothesline.  He grabbed another table from under the ring.

Ryback set up the table and sent for the Shell Shock but Cena slipped out and put him through the table with the AA.

Stage Three is an Ambulance Match.

Ryback immediately trashed Cena and took him to the outside.  He powerbombed Cena through the announcer's table.  Ryback brought him into the ring and once Cena pulled himself up, they rang the bell.

Ryback beat Cena down and carried him to the ambulance.  Cena slipped off his shoulder and shoved Ryback into the vehicle.  Cena grabbed a ton of crutches from the ambulance to use as a weapon but was cut off by Ryback.  Ryback went to punch Cena, who ducked and it went through the passenger side window.

Cena nailed Ryback with a crutch and then slammed him backfirst into the ambulance's back.   Ryback tried to whip Cena into the open driver's side door but it was reversed and Ryback broke it off when he hit it.  Ryback was nailed with the door.

Cena tried to force Ryback into the ambulance's driver's side but was fought off.  Cena was run into the front of the ambulance.  Ryback ripped a fender off and nailed Cena with it several times. 

Ryback teased powerbombing Cena onto the front of the ambulance but was instead backdropped onto it, breaking the windshield with his foot.  Cena grabbed the flashing lights panel and nailed Ryback with it as he tried to follow Cena.  

Ryback grabbed one of the crutches.   He climbed up and stalked Cena.  Cena got the crutch and broke it over Ryback's back.  He called for the AA and sent him through the roof and into the vehicle.  They called for the bell.

Your winner and still WWE champion, John Cena!

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