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By Mike Johnson on 2013-06-07 10:00:09
Is there any logical reason why WWE doesn't promote its Classics On Demand cable service on their TV shows?

At different points, they did, but the reality is that the VOD service isn't going to get promoted when they can use that time and energy to promote things that are making them far more money. The VOD service is a lame duck project which will be closed once they launch the Network.

Who do you think will be the first woman inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame?

Dixie Carter.

What's the latest on WWE superstar Christian?

We've heard he is ready to go and it's just a matter of WWE springing him back into the storylines. We'll see.

A little over 2 years ago, WWE ran that vignette for the return of the Undertaker, though many people thought it was for Sting. Sting mentioned that he almost signed with WWE a few years ago but decided to return to TNA. Now, was that vignette originally meant for Sting or was it meant for the Undertaker all along? Do you think Sting should ever sign w/WWE? I personally don't think he should as I believe it would only make his career seem that more meaningful w/him being the biggest star to NOT sign w/WWE just like I believe that the careers of Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, David Robinson, & Reggie Miller are more significant as they spent their entire careers w/1 NBA team as opposed to Shaquille O'Neal who spent his career w/6 NBA teams. Besides, he's nearing the end of his career anyway. Finally, for those who think he should agree to be inducted into their Hall of Fame, I disagree. I mean, it's basically a joke anyway's since they've inducted Pete Rose, a man that can't even make the Hall of Fame in his own sport, but can somehow make it into the WWE Hall of Fame & Drew Carey, a man who is not even involved in pro wrestling, makes a cameo @ the Royal Rumble & is somehow inducted into the Hall of Fame

The vignette was always designed for Undertaker but when people went nuts assuming it was Sting, WWE did reach out to him. I don't think we will ever see him wrestle for WWE and for good reason - if he ever does, there will be so much hype that the eventual match will be beyond disappointing. He's not the performer he was in the ring, he doesn't look like that performer anymore and he's pushing 60. There is always talk among TNA talents that he doesn't have it in him anymore mentally to put together anything classic. So, with all that said, people want to debut him at Wrestlemania and put him in with Undertaker in the slot of one of the biggest money matches of the year? I say no. It will bomb. There's no need for him to go wrestle there, even for one match. It is far more likely he ends up in the Hall of Fame based on his WCW accomplishments.

Is there a reason TNA hasn't been using Matt Morgan for any length of time for the past few years? It seems like he is on for 2 or 3 weeks and then disappeared for months. Has he had issues with injuries or is it just TNA not wanting to use him?

I haven't heard of any injuries. The reality with TNA is that they never use their entire roster at once and I think Morgan keeps hitting cycles where they remove him from TV and then bring him back. It happens a lot with the Knockouts as well. Financially, the company can only use so many people at once.

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