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By Jose Perez on 2013-05-31 20:00:39

The Puerto Rico wrestling business started the week with very sad news. Long time announcer, commentator and producer Hector Moyano Sr. passed away on Monday. Moyano Sr. was first introduced to the wrestling fans in the mid 80’s when he started appearing regularly on WWC’s TV show on commentary, doing interviews and maintaining one of the most successful and awaited TV segments every year, “WWC’s En ruta a Aniversario…” (WWC’s En Route to Anniversary…) After being with WWC during their most successful years, he stepped aside and went back to work on his other passion which was producing and promoting radio. He returned to the wrestling scene a couple of times, most notably when IWA-PR debuted and recently as a commentator with the new company World Wrestling League, where he had the opportunity to call some matches with his son, “Bebo” Moyano.

Moyano Sr. worked hard in every project he took part of and established a great reputation in both the radio and wrestling businesses in the island. On behalf of the entire PWInsider staff, and myself personally, our deepest condolences go out to “Bebo” Moyano and the entire Moyano family and friends. May he rest in peace… His legacy will be forever remembered.

World Wrestling League (WWL)

WWL has been making news since early this week with several announcements regarding their upcoming “WWL: Dream Matches Tour”. The first of the announcements that created a lot of buzz was the signing of a legends match putting Terry Funk vs Mil Mascaras. As we have stated when the news broke earlier this week, this appears to be the first ever singles match between these two WWE Hall of Famers. They have been involved in tag team action against each other in the past. This match will take place as part of their scheduled Texas events.

It has been reported that WWL will dedicate their Mexico leg of the tour to the memory of Mexican wrestler Hector Garza Jr, who passed away this week. The first match announced for their Mexico date is a yet another “episode” of an old but great ECW rivalry that puts none other than Tommy Dreamer vs Sabu. More matches are expected to be announced during their TV show this weekend and as we move closer to the event itself. Other names that have been confirmed for this show are: WWL’s World Champion Monster Pain w/ Mistress Glenda Lee, PWR’s Ladies World Champion Ivelisse Velez, “Hijo de Dr. Wagner, Dr. Wagner Jr., Los Villanos, Bobby Lashley, Blue Demon Jr. and Mil Mascaras. Expect more names in the coming weeks.

Ticket prices for this Mexico event are:

Ring Side 1st to 5th row: $500 MX

Ring Side 6th to 10th row: $350 MX

General Admission: $200 MX

Bleachers: $100 MX & kids $50 MX

WWL also continues to work on the details for the rest of the tour dates. The dates and cities announced at this point are:

July 7th @ Monterrey, Nuevo León, México

August 2nd @ Eagle Pass, Texas

August 4th @ San Antonio, Texas

October 26th @ Bayamon, PR

Other talent that will be taking part of the different cards in the tour are Carlito, John Morrison, Matt Hardy and “Extreme Tiger”.

You can watch last week’s episode of the TV show “WWL’s Champions of the Ring” at this link:

WWL’s World Heavyweight champion, Monster Pain w/ Mistress GlendaLee, will also be participating in the event as part of a six man tag team match where he will team with TNA’s Jeff Jarret and Matt Morgan to face “Psycho Circus” – Psycho Clown, Monster Clown & Murder Clown. Last week WWL announced that “Los Mamitos” will be one of the 5 tag teams that will be competing to become the new AAA-Mexico Tag Team champions during AAA’s biggest event of the year “Triple-Mania”. As we talked about in last week’s column, these appearances are part of the business partnership that WWL and AAA have developed. AAA’s Triple-Mania will take place Saturday June 16th in Ciudad Mexico.

World Wrestling Council (WWC)

WWC has announced that this weekend’s TV shows will be dedicated to the memory of Hector Moyano Sr. Very classy move on their part, as Moyano Sr. was definitely key as a producer during their “Golden” years, back in the mid to late 80’s.

The World Wrestling Council had a very busy “Memorial Day” weekend. They had shows Friday, Saturday and Sunday. All three shows have been said to have drawn good crowds, with the Ponce doing over 700 and Cataño over 900 each in smaller arenas, which is good for a weekend where a lot of people head out to the beach and do other family activities.

We will be able to see the fallout of the shows on this weekend’s TV. Some notes coming out of the weekend:

They had the contract signing for the Carlos Colon Sr. and Invader #1 match scheduled for “Summer Madness” and it ended up with both arguing with each other and going back and forth in a face to face.

Chicano retained his WWC PR Heavyweight title after defeating “Super Fenix” in a boxing match

Ray Gonzalez defeated Chris Angel via DQ after Fenix attacked Chicano (they had been handcuffed as a stipulation for the match), got lose and interfered in the match.

Thunder & Lightning defeated the tag team champions, Andy Levine & Samson Walker to earn another opportunity for the titles at “Summer Madness”.

The “war” between Savio Vega/Apolo and Invader/Bronco continues. Savio was left bleeding in the ring at the hands of Bronco and Invader, and they will be facing each other again this weekend.

WWC presents their weekly house show/TV taping on Saturday night (8:30PM) at the “Pepín Cestero Arena” in Bayamón, PR. Here is the card that has been announced for the show:

WWC Universal Heavyweight Title Match

“El León” Apolo vs “The Academy” Chris Angel w/ Barrabás Sr.

Grudge Match

“Mr. Ray-tings” Ray González vs “The Puertorican Dream” Invader #1

The Battle Continues

“El Boricua Mayor” Savio Vega vs “El Macho Dominicano de 7 Suelas” Bronco #1

“The Heavy Artillery” Thunder & Lightning vs. “Bad Man” Andy Leavine & Samson Walker w/ Orlando “Pretty Boy” Toledo

“El Ilegal” Chicano vs “Súper Fénix”

Plus 3 more matches…

On Sunday evening (5:00PM) they will have a show in Lajas, PR. Scheduled to appear are: Chris Angel, Invader #1, Savio Vega, Bronco #1, Apolo, Ray Gonzalez, Andy Levine, Samson Walker, Chicano, “Súper Fénix”, Abbad and many more…

WWC’s next big event, “Summer Madness”, is scheduled to take place at the “Hector Sola Bezares Coliseum” in Caguas, PR on Saturday June 29th at 8:35PM. Tickets are currently on sale via TicketCenter ( This event, as well as “Aniversario 40”, will be stream via iPPV. It will be available via and the price will be $20. The card is starting to more shape with the following matches being announced:

One of the most awaited matches in Puerto Rico

Savio Vega vs Carlito Caribbean Cool

Grudge Match – Legends Battle

“El Acrobata de Puerto Rico” Carlos Colon Sr. vs “The Puertorican Dream” Invader #1.

WWC World Tag Team Title Match – Three-Way Match

"The Heavy Artillery" Thunder & Lightning vs Sons of Samoa w/ Barrabás Sr. vs “Bad Man” Andy Leavine & Samson Walker (c) w/ Orlando “Pretty Boy” Toledo

Special Challenge Match
“El Hombre de los Kilates” Abbad vs Ken “Dykstra” Doane

WWC Jr. Heavyweight Title Match – X Match

Zion RT1 vs Steve Joel vs "El Hombre de la Calle" Barrabás Jr. vs El Diabolico vs "La Promesa" Jay Velez vs AJ Castillo vs Rikochett

More matches will be announced as we approach the event in the coming weeks.

WWC is scheduled to bring a live event to Kissimmee, FL, at the “Kissimmee Civic Center” on Saturday June 15 at 8:30 PM. Tickets for the show are on sale right now. For more ticket information and/or purchase, you can call 407-935-1412.

Puerto Rico Independent Scene

New Borinquen Pro Wrestling (NBPW), developmental territory for the WWL, has made the official announcement regarding their debut event. The event will be at the “Santa Isidra Arena” on Saturday June 29th at 4:00PM in Fajardo, PR. The venue is small, which should provide for a very cool feel to the show. Some of the talents that have already been announced for the show are: “JDS”-Joe Don Smith, Riddix & Shock, Prince Xander, “Los Arcangeles” – Tommy Diablo & Cuervo, Galactico with more names to come in the next few weeks. Also announced to take part of the event are WWL talents such as Erick Scorpion, “Faces of Fear” ASH, Man Spectrus and King Voodoo.

The following are some of the independent shows that are scheduled for this weekend, as well as future dates:

Borinquen Sports Promotion (BSP) will present their event “REACTION LIVE” on Saturday evening June 1st, in Cayey, PR.

MWE & RWX will hold a joint event on Saturday June 1st at the “AVOLI Arena” in Toa Alta, PR. The event has been titled “Wrestling Against Cancer”. It will be a benefit event and they will be asking for a $2 donation at the entrance.

New Revolution Wrestling (NRW) has announced their next card for Friday June 14th in Mayaguez, PR. Talent confirm to be action that night are: “Sensational” Carlitos, Joseph RPM, WWC’s Savio Vega, WWL’s Erick Scorpion, Sinico, Barbie Boy, Ricky Rubio, Johnny Style, “La Morena”, Roxxy, Genesis, Sweet Nancy and many more.

NRW has also announced their next big event, “Summer Revolution”, which will be held in Mayaguez, PR on Friday June 28th. Already announced for this event is the return to Puerto Rico of none other than Shane “The Glamour Boy” Sewell.

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