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By Richard Trionfo on 2013-05-22 21:46:55
We are in Winter Park, Florida and your announcers are William ‘Sunshine on your Wednesdays’ Regal and Tony ‘I get to talk to William Regal tonight’ Dawson.

Match Number One: Curt Hawkins versus Sami Zayn

They lock up and Hawkins backs Zayn into the corner and he pushes him in the chest, showing no respect to his opponent. They lock up again and Hawkins tries for a punch but Zayn moves and Zayn wants to punch Hawkins but Curt goes into the ropes. Hawkins with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Zayn with arm drags and a spinning arm drag.

Zayn with chops in the corner and he punches Hawkins in the corner. Hawkins pushes Zayn away and he connects with a boot and spinning heel kick for a near fall. Hawkins kicks Zayn as he continues to show Sami no respect. Hawkins with a snap mare and reverse chin lock. Zayn with an arm drag to escape. Hawkins misses a forearm into the corner and Zayn with clotheslines. Zayn with a belly-to-back suplex for a near fall.

Zayn with a drop kick to counter Hawkins attempt to toss him in the air. Zayn gets a near fall. Hawkins avoids a slam and Hawkins with an emphatic slam for a near fall. Hawkins slaps Zayn in the back of the head and he taunts him. Zayn with a chop but Hawkins tries for a power bomb. Zayn escapes and he uses the turnbuckles and hits a tornado DDT for the three count.

Winner: Sami Zayn

We go to commercial with a Corey Graves vignette.

Match Number Two: Antonio Cesaro versus Yoshi Tatsu

They lock up and Cesaro backs Yoshi into the corner and he connects with a knee. Cesaro with an Irish whip but he misses a running European uppercut into the corner. Yoshi with a cross body followed by a drop kick. Yoshi with a series of kicks but Cesaro sends Yoshi into the air and hits Swiss Death followed by the Gotch Style Neutralizer for the three count.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro

After the match, Antonio has something to say. He wants to know if this is the best competition he can get. He puts the W into the WWE. There is nobody on Raw, Smackdown, Main Event, Superstars, Saturday Morning Slam, or even in NXT who can hold a candle to what he can do in the ring.

Cesaro speaks in one of his five languages, but he is interrupted by Sami Zayn. He says that he might have just gotten here, but there is no competition?

Sami tells Antonio that the people do not agree with him. He says that Antonio has been looking too far for competition. If Antonio wants competition, he says something in Arabic, so he decides to speak in French.

Sami says that if it is competition that Antonio is looking for, competition is what he is going to get . . . home boy.

Zayn comes into the ring and we have an impromptu match.

Match Number Three: Sami Zayn versus Antonio Cesaro

They lock up and Cesaro with a fireman’s carry. Zayn with a waist lock and Cesaro with a wrist lock. Zayn rolls through and Cesaro pulls him down by the tights to maintain the wrist lock. Cesaro gets a near fall but Zayn with a bridge. Zayn escapes and he hits an Arabian press arm drag and Cesaro goes to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Zayn with a wrist lock but Cesaro with a hot shot and then he stomps on Zayn’s chest and then he poses to show his superiority. Cesaro with an Irish whip followed by a hard Irish whip and Cesaro gets a near fall. Cesaro with a reverse chin lock but Cesaro with a knee. Zayn tries for a sunset flip but Cesaro stays on his feet and he hits a double stomp for a near fall.

Cesaro with a short arm clothesline and he gets a near fall. Cesaro with a reverse chin lock and he uses Zayn’s arm for extra pressure. Zayn avoids a clothesline and hits a heel kick to the chin. Cesaro runs into an elbow and Zayn with an O’Connor Roll for a near fall. Zayn goes to the apron and he connects with a shoulder.

Zayn goes up top for a cross body but Cesaro catches him and hits a tilt-a-whirl back breaker for a near fall. Cesaro with a running European uppercut into the corner and Zayn kicks out at two. Cesaro with punches in the corner and Zayn is down.

Zayn tries for an inside cradle but Cesaro picks up him for a vertical suplex but Zayn counters with a rollup for the three count.

Winner: Sami Zayn

After the match, Cesaro attacks Zayn from behind and he punches Zayn. Cesaro picks up Zayn and he hits the Gotch Style Neutralizer.

Renee Young is in the back and she is with . . . Emma interrupts the interview. Audrey Marie stops by and Emma calls her Amy, but Audrey corrects her. She calls her Alicia and Audrey corrects her again.

Emma asks Audrey if she is a little stressed out and then she dances. Audrey says that nobody likes her stupid dance. Emma says that must be the new hipster word for totally cool. Audrey tells Emma to get out or she will take her out.

Emma asks Audrey if they can go somewhere to eat.

Emma dances away and she hits Audrey in the head.

We go to commercial with a Bray Wyatt vignette.

We are back and Enzo Amore makes his way to the ring. He says that he is a certified G and a bonafide stud. When he looks up and down this NXT roster, he sees nothing but a bunch of fake tough guys. You are real until a real situation shows up.

Match Number Four: Enzo Amore versus Mason Ryan

Enzo tries to figure out what to do with his opponent and Mason with a biel across the ring. Enzo with a kick and Ryan with a clothesline into the corner followed by a short arm clothesline. Ryan gets Enzo up and hits Snake Eyes followed by a lariat. Ryan says that it is over. Ryan with a torture rack into a neck breaker for the three count.

Winner: Mason Ryan

We go to commercial.

We are back and next week we will get a Historic Announcement from Stephanie McMahon next week. We will also get to see a Number One Contender Battle Royal.

Match Number Five: Corey Graves versus Bray Wyatt (with Luke Harper and Erick Rowan)

Bray says something to Graves before they lock up. They lock up and Wyatt backs Graves into the corner and he tosses Graves across the ring and then he bends over to stare at Graves to try to intimidate him but Graves does not look scared.

They lock up again and Graves backs Wyatt into the corner and he wants to punch Wyatt but Wyatt falls into the corner. Graves with a drop toe hold into a front face lock. Wyatt tries to escape but Graves holds on. Wyatt gets to his feet and he hits a suplex but Graves holds on to the front face lock.

Wyatt picks up Graves and tosses him away and Graves with a drop kick and Wyatt’s mask falls off. Wyatt goes to the floor to put the mask back over his broken nose. Wyatt returns to the ring after the mask is put back on. Wyatt with a kick to the midsection followed by a forearm and kicks. Wyatt with an Irish whip but Graves gets his knee up and then he applies a choke using the ropes.

Wyatt with a cross body and we go to commercial.

We are back and Wyatt with a forearm off the apron to the back. Wyatt with a punch and head butt to Graves. Wyatt sends Graves back into the ring and he connects with elbow drops and then he applies a chin lock while working on the ribs by twisting Graves. Graves with punches but Wyatt with a knee to stop Graves.

Wyatt charges at Graves but Graves drops down and Wyatt goes over the top rope to the floor. Graves tries for a baseball slide but Wyatt moves and Wyatt sends Graves into the ring steps. Wyatt kicks Graves in the chest and sends him back into the ring.

Wyatt gets a near fall. Wyatt returns to the chin lock and he punches Graves. Wyatt sends Graves into the turnbuckles and Wyatt with a splash across the ring. Wyatt sets for Sister Abigail but Graves with a rollup for a near fall. Graves with a cross body but it appears that he landed on Wyatt’s mask.

Graves punches Wyatt in the face now that the mask is off. Graves with a leaping knee to the nose. Graves with a running clothesline into the corner. Wyatt with an Irish whip but Graves with a shoulder to the knee and Graves tries for 13th Step but Rowan and Harper try to distract and interfere in the match.

Graves fights them off and then he goes after the knee again. Graves locks in the 13th Step but Rowan comes into the ring and the referee stops him from interfering. Unfortunate for Graves that there is only one referee because Harper is able to hit an elbow drop to get Graves to release the hold.

Wyatt gets back to his feet and he hits Sister Abigail for the three count.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

After the match, Graves is attacked by Harper and Rowan while Wyatt watches his family attack. Kassius Ohno comes into the ring and he connects with a series of forearms. Ohno goes after Wyatt in the corner but Rowan grabs Ohno from behind and Harper hits a discus clothesline on Ohno.

Wyatt wants Rowan and Harper to pick up Ohno. Wyatt slaps Ohno and then he hits Sister Abigail on Ohno.

We go to credits.

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