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By Jose Perez on 2013-05-18 13:14:33

World Wrestling League (WWL)

This has been a very interesting week for the start-up company WWL.  Earlier in the week they announced the dates for their upcoming tour, “WWL’s: Dream Matches Tour”.  They will be presenting the tour the following dates/cities:

  • July 7th @ Monterrey, Nuevo León, México (with AAA-Mexico & Zero-1 Mexico)

  • August 2nd @ Eagle Pass, Texas

  • August 4th @ San Antonio, Texas

  • October 26th @ Bayamon, PR

More dates are expected to be announced for California with Pro Wrestling Revolution (PWR), Chicago with GALLI, Pennsylvania and New York with Fighting Spirit Wrestling (FSW).  Also they continue to work on setting dates and locations for their planned International tour, which should include stops in Perú (LWA), Ecuador (WAR), Panamá, Chile (XNL), Dominican Republic (DWE), Japan (Zero 1) and Brasil (BWF).

Another big announcement, which shocked a lot wrestling fans, especially in Puerto Rico, was that Carlito Caribbean Cool will be taking part of their tour stops in Texas on 8/2 and 8/4.  Carlito, son of Puerto Rico’s wrestling legend Carlos Colon, is currently involved in one the top feuds in WWC-PR against Savio Vega.  This announcement definitely has to be considered a very interesting development for the young company, as this could open the door for future business opportunities with local promotions such as WWC.

Other names that have been announced for the “Dream Matches Tour” are John Morrison, Bobby Lashley, Blue Demon Jr and the Mexican legend and WWE Hall of Famer “Mil Mascaras”.

Another announcement that was made was that the WWL World Heavyweight champion “Monster Pain” will be defending the title as part of AAA-Mexico’s biggest event of the year, which is their annual “Triple-Mania” event, set to take place in Ciudad Mexico on Sunday June 16.  Also appearing on the event will be the tag team of “Los Mamitos – Mr. E. & Sexy B.”.  These appearances are part of the business partnership that WWL and AAA have developed and seem to be a strong one.

Here is last week’s episode of WWL’s “Campeones del Ring” TV show:

World Wrestling Council (WWC)

Last Saturday night, during the weekly house show/TV taping Cataño-PR, Chris Angel became the new WWC Universal Heavyweight champion after he defeated Ray Gonzalez.  Again, there was some controversy in how the match ended as Gonzalez had placed Chris Angel on the figure 4 and at that time Barrabas Sr., went up on the apron and got the attention of the referee.  Angel was tapping out and Gonzalez let go of the hold as he thought that he won the match, only to see the referee arguing with Barrabas.  He then turned around and was received by a spear on the part of Angel, followed by the pin.

This will bring us to tonight house show, which will be headlined by their rematch.  The following is the card for tonight at the “Pancho Padilla Arena” in Arecibo, PR:

WWC Universal Heavyweight Title - Rematch
"Mr. Ray-ting" Ray Gonzalez vs "The Academy" Chris Angel (c) w/ Barrabas Sr.

Grudge Match
"El Ilegal-Chicano” vs "The Puertorican Dream" Invader #1

Sebastian Guerra vs “Super Fenix” w/ “Pretty Boy” Orlando Toledo

"El Hombre de los Kilates” Abbad & Lightning vs "Bad Man” Andy Levine & Samson Walker w/ "Pretty Boy" Orlando Toledo

WWC Jr. Heavyweight Title - Rematch
Zion -RT1 (c) vs "El Hombre de la Calle" Barrabas Jr.

Plus 2 more matches…

On their Facebook page, WWC has been placing posts with the message being: “The fury of the lion keeps getting closer.”  This seems to be hinting to the return of “El Leon” Apollo, who basically disappeared from all storylines a couple of months ago and without it being explained.

They have also announced that they will have two interviews, one with Victor Jovica and another with Invader #1, during this weekend’s TV shows.  These interviews will cover the ongoing stories.  Jovica will cover what has happened with the “lawsuit” from Carlito where he is trying to take over the company.  Invader will talk about his rivalry against the Colon family.

WWC’s next big event, “Summer Madness”, is scheduled to take place at the “Hector Sola Bezares Coliseum” in Caguas, PR on Saturday June 29th.  Tickets are now available via TicketCenter (  This event, as well as “Aniversario 40”, will be stream via iPPV.  It will be available via and the price will be $20.  At the moment, 3 matches have been announced:

One of the most awaited matches in Puerto Rico

Savio Vega vs Carlito Caribbean Cool

Grudge Match – Legends Battle

“El Acrobata de Puerto Rico” Carlos Colon Sr. vs “The Puertorican Dream” Invader #1.

“El Hombre de los Kilates” Abbad vs Ken “Dykstra” Doane

More matches will be announced as we approach the event in the coming weeks.

WWC is scheduled to bring a live event to Kissimmee, FL, at the “Kissimmee Civic Center” on Saturday June 15 at 8:30 PM.  Tickets for the show are on sale right now.  For more ticket information and/or purchase, you can call 407-935-1412.

On an interesting note, Carlos Cotto – “El Ilegal-Chicano”, signed a 5 year boxing contract with “Promociones Cotto” & “H2 Entertainment”.  As we have mentioned in the past, Chicano has been focusing on both, his wrestling and his boxing careers.  He has been successful in his first three boxing bouts in the heavyweight division.  His next outing is scheduled to be on July 13th in Aguas Buenas, PR.  The contract allows him to continue wrestling.  Our congratulations go out to Chicano on this achievement.

Puerto Rico Independent Scene

Danny Nieves-Gerena, WWL producer, has announced that their new developmental company will begin full operations in the month June.  It is expected that at that point they will also run their shows on a more regular basis than the bigger company, WWL.

The following are some of the independent shows that are scheduled for this weekend, as well some future dates:

  • Borinquen Sports Promotion (BSP) will have a show in Cayey, PR tonight and will present their event “Outbreak 2013” next Saturday May 25th in Gurabo, PR.

  • CWA will present their “5th Anniversary” event tonight in Aguas Buenas, PR.

  • NRW is scheduled to celebrate its 7th Anniversary with a show dedicated to WWL’s and GALLI-Chicago’s own “Ricky Cruzz”.  Talent announced for the show include: WWC’s Savio Vega, Sensational Carlitos, Big Vito, WWL’s Erick Scorpion, “La Malicia” – Noel Rodriguez & Dennis Rivera, as well as all of NRW performers.  This show will be free for all fans and will take place in Mayaguez, PR on Friday May 17th.

XWA will present their event “The Comeback” on Sunday May 19th in Rio Grande, PR

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