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By Richard Trionfo on 2013-05-16 00:18:31
Damien Sandow will have his chance to win gold tonight when he faces Big E Langston for the NXT Heavyweight Title.

We are in Winter Park, Florida and your announcers are Tom ‘Tony’ Phillips and Brad ‘Half of Brickie’ Maddox.

Match Number One: Natalya versus Summer Rae

They lock up and Natalya with a side head lock take down. Summer with a head scissors but Natalya escapes. Natalya with a waist lock and double leg take down into a front face lock. Summer with a hammer lock. Natalya with a fireman’s carry into an arm bar. Summer with a head scissors and Natalya escapes again. Summer with a wrist lock after a kick.

Natalya rolls through and reverses but Summer pulls Natalya down by the hair and she gets a near fall. Natalya with a shoulder tackle and double leg take down. Summer gets to the ropes to stop Natalya from applying the Sharpshooter. Summer with a back elbow but Natalya kicks her away.

Natalya with a kick and discus clothesline for a near fall. Summer wants the referee to keep Natalya back and the referee allows it since Summer is in the ropes. Summer wants Natalya to shake her hand but it was a trap and Summer sends Natalya to the floor. Summer with a kick to the head when Natalya returns to the ring and Summer gets a near fall.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Summer gets a near fall. Summer yells at Natalya and she dives onto Natalya’s injured arm. Summer gets a near fall. Summer sends Natalya into the turnbuckles and she chokes Natalya with her boot. Natalya with a rollup for a near fall. Summer with a DDT and she rolls through and slams Natalya’s head into the mat. Summer with a running back elbow for a near fall.

Summer with an arm ringer and she works on the injured shoulder. Natalya gets to her feet and she applies the Sharpshooter while Paige enters the ring. Summer sends Natalya into Paige and Summer gets a rollup for the three count.

Winner: Summer Rae

After the match, Summer runs to the back but Paige follows after her.

Renee Young is in the interview area with a man who will debut in the ring next week. She is with Sami Zayn. She asks him about his debut and she mentions his international reputation. She mentions that Sami will be facing Curt Hawkins. Sami comments on Renee’s choice of blouse for today. Sami mentions that Curt is a formidable opponent, but since he has been doing this for a while, he is not nervous or freaked out at the idea of being on NXT. He is confident and excited that this will be the start of a beautiful relationship with the WWE Universe.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Bray Wyatt says that when he looks at his reflection, he sees something different than what you see. Bray says that he is wearing this mask because he sees something different and Chris Jericho shook him. He says that he has to go back to his roots. He says that this is the new face of fear. This is not the face of a human being. This is the face of a monster. This is the face of the end of worlds. Every time that you gaze into his face, he wants you to realize that no matter who you are, you cannot hurt him because he is already dead.

Match Number Two: Bray Wyatt (with Luke Harper and Erick Rowan) versus Danny Burch

Bray keeps his mask on and he bends over backwards to get a good look at his opponent. They lock up and Wyatt slaps Burch. Burch with head butts and European uppercuts but Wyatt with a kick and forearm followed by an elbow drop to the back. Wyatt with a cross face to the head. Wyatt with a running cross body and then he pulls Burch into the corner. Wyatt with punches and slaps followed by a splash into the corner. Wyatt pulls Burch out of the corner and he leads him into Sister Abigail and the three count.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

We go to the medical office and the doctor asks about how Oliver is doing. Bo Dallas stops by and says that he is looking all over for Adrian. Adrian says that he has been better and he says that he was talking to Oliver.

Bo says that time heals all wounds. Just like John Cena, the man who won the Royal Rumble that Bo was in, says . . . never give up. Bo says that Adrian might make it some day.

Bo says that he signed up for the Battle Royal for a shot at the NXT Title. Bo says that he is sorry that Adrian couldn’t get in the match and he tells him that he will catch him around. Adrian says that he is in the battle royal.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Three: Conor O’Brian versus Briley Pierce and Sakamoto

Sakamoto starts off and Conor sends him ot the mat. They lock up again and Conor with a double underhook and then he sends Sakamoto to the mat. Briley tags in and Briley runs into a boot. Conor with a running shoulder tackle or two. Conor with a side head lock take down and he rolls through into a front face lock. Conor with a suplex and Sakamoto is tagged in and Conor brings him back into the ring.

Sakamoto with chops and Briley clips Conor. They double team Conor but Conor fights them off and he punches both men. Conor with an Irish whip to Sakamoto and then to Pierce. Conor with a splash into the corner and both men go down in a heap. Conor picks up both men and hits a double flap jack and double pin for the three count.

Winner: Conor O’Brian

Conor poses on the turnbuckles and he sees someone on the stage and it is Rick Victor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Tony Dawson is with Corey Graves and he says that Corey has been going through some ups and downs on NXT. Corey says that is what his life has been. He was told by his father that you need to fail first before you succeed. Once you break through, you will never have to look back. He will be in the battle royal in two weeks and he will stand tall.

Bray Wyatt enters and he says that this is quite baffling. He wonders why Corey plays Mr. Cool Guy while the greatest war in history is outside his door step. If Corey doesn’t understand, he can ask Kassius Ohno. Bray says that NXT belongs to the eater of worlds and the Wyatt Family.

Corey says that Bray and his family creep him out. He doesn’t have a family. He just has what he believes. If Bray and the swamp people continue to mess with him, they will stay down.

Bray says that we shall see.

Match Number Four: Damien Sandow versus Big E Langston for the NXT Title

They lock up and Langston backs Sandow into the ropes and Langston with a clean break. They lock up again and Langston with another clean break. They lock up again and Langston with a side head lock. Sandow with forearms but Langston with a shoulder tackle.

Sandow with a kick but Langston blocks a second one. Langston spins Sandow around and he gets Sandow up for the Big Ending but Sandow escapes and gets to the corner. Sandow works on the arm but Langston escapes. Langston with a slam to Sandow and then he punches Sandow five times in the midsection. Sandow with a kick and punch. Sandow with more punches but Langston with a back elbow. Langston gets a near fall. Sandow goes to the apron and he connects with a shoulder but Langston with a punch and hip toss back into the ring.

Langston pulls Sandow out of the corner and then he Irish whips Sandow but runs into an elbow. Langston gets Sandow on his shoulders but Sandow gets to the ropes and the floor. We go to commercial.

We are back and Langston with a delayed vertical suplex to the challenger. Langston with an Irish whip but he misses a splash in the corner and Sandow with a Northern Lariat and he punches Langston on the mat. Sandow with a reverse chin lock. Langston with a shoulder in the corner but Sandow with a drop kick for a near fall.

Sandow with knees to the ribs and he gets a near fall. Sandow with a head scissors but Langston powers out of the hold. Sandow is pushed to the floor but Sandow goes up top with a double sledge for a near fall. Sandow with a knee drop after pulling down the knee pad. Sandow with a near fall and then he applies another reverse chin lock.

Langston gets to his feet but Sandow with a drop kick to the knee to keep Langston on the mat. Sandow with kicks to Langston followed by knees and an elbow drop. Sandow with a reverse chin lock and front face lock. Langston sends Sandow away and he hits a belly-to-belly suplex and both men are down.

They both get back to their feet and Langston with clotheslines. Langston with five knees to the midsection and a running body block. The straps are down and Langston gets Sandow up on his shoulder but Sandow with an Edge-o-Matic for a near fall. Sandow returns to the front face lock and knees followed by the side Russian leg drop. Sandow misses the Elbow of Disdain.

Sandow with a kick and a swinging neck breaker followed by the Elbow of Disdain but Sandow can only get a two count. Sandow sets for Terminus but Langston escapes and he hits the Big Ending for the three count.

Winner: Big E Langston

After the match, Langston gets Sandow on his shoulder for another Big Ending and a five count.

We go to credits.

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