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By Shawn Collier on 2013-04-30 01:12:57

Not much happened after RAW went off the air. The doctors looked at Cena's ankle, he hobbled around, and Kane & Daniel Bryan got back in the ring. He took the mic & apologized to team Hell No & the fans for letting them down, and wrestling when he probably shouldn't have.

He then went down to the front row & acknowledged the three Make-A-Wish kids. His music hit & up the ramp he hobbled.

People started pouring out and then Fandango's music hit. At first it appeared it was just parting music, then Fandango came out w dancer in tow. In the middle of the ring with blonde in the splits, he said it's not over yet, provinces his name and said "drive safe."

The end.

Chris Hallstrom added this.

As soon as Cena went backstage, Fandango's music hit and he and his partner came out for what we thought would be a dark match. He got in the ring and reminded us that his name was Fandango before telling us to drive home safely.

Then he left and Justin Roberts thanked the crowd and reminded us that WWE is returning to Columbus for a Smackdown taping on Tuesday, October 8.

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