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By Mike Johnson on 2013-04-20 08:00:00

April 20th

On this day in history in ....

1895 - Martin "Farmer" Burns defeats Evan "Strangler" Lewis for the American Heavyweight Title in Chicago, Illinois.

1933 - Earl McCreary defeats Jack Taylor in Calgary, Alberta to win the Canadian Heavyweight Title.

1936 - Albion Britt defeats Ted Christy in a tournament final in Hollywood, California to become the first National Wrestling Association World Junior Heavyweight Champion.

1945 - Gory Guerrero defeats Jack O'Brien to win the Mexican National Welterweight Title in Mexico City, Mexico, ending O'Brien's second reign.

1955 - NWA All-Star Wrestling held a four-team tournament in Vancouver, British Columbia for the Northwest Tag Team Title, which had been vacated by Boris and Ivan Kameroff. The results were:
- Danno McDonald and Roger Mackay defeated Bill Currie and George Dusette.
- Ivan Kameroff and Gino Vagnone defeated Buddy Knox and Bud Rattal.
- Ivan Kameroff and Gino Vagnone defeated Danno McDonald and Roger Mackay to win the vacant Northwest Tag Team Title.

1960 - The Great Bolo and Joe McCarthy defeat Bobby and Don Fields for both the Gulf Coast and Mid-America NWA Southern Tag Team Titles in Mobile, Alabama, ending the Fields' second reign.

1968 - Rusher Kimura and Thunder Sugiyama defeat Tank Morgan and Stan Stasiak to win the TWWA World Tag Team Title in Nagoya, Japan.

1970 - Argentina Apollo and José Lothario defeat Dale Lewis and The Missouri Mauler for the NWA Florida Tag Team Title in Orlando, Florida.

1970 - K.O. Kox and Killer defeat Bob Geigel and The Stomper to win the Central States NWA North American Tag Team Title in St. Joseph, Missouri, to begin their second reign.

1971 - Jack Brisco wins his second NWA Florida Television Title in Tampa, Florida, defeating Terry Funk.

1977 - Johnny Stamboli is born in Atlanta, Georgia.

1980 - Toru Tanaka defeats Kevin Von Erich for the NWA American Heavyweight Title in Dallas, Texas, ending Von Erich's second reign and beginning Tanaka's third.

1985 - Rick Davis defeats Sonny Myers to win the Universal Wrestling Alliance Canadian Junior Heavyweight Title.

1986 - The WWF held an event at Capital Centre in Landover, Maryland. The results:
- Pedro Morales defeated Hercules.
- Big John Studd defeated Tony Garea.
- Jake Roberts defeated Special Delivery Jones.
- Ricky Steamboat defeated WWF Intercontinental Champion Randy Savage by countout.
- Bob Orton, Jr. defeated Danny Spivey via countout.
- Adrian Adonis defeated Hillbilly Jim.
- Iron Mike Sharpe defeated Lanny Poffo.
- Brutus Beefcake, Greg Valentine and Johnny V defeated WWF Tag Team Champions The British Bulldogs (The Dynamite Kid and Davey Boy Smith) and Tito Santana.

1986 - The AWA held WrestleRock '86 at the Metrodome in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with 22,000 fans attending. The results:
- Brad Rheingans defeated Boris Zuhkov.
- Cowboy Lang and Little Mr. T defeated Lord Littlebrook and Little Tokyo.
- Colonel DeBeers defeated Wahoo McDaniel by disqualification.
- Buddy Rose and Doug Somers defeated The Midnight Rockers (Marty Jannetty and Shawn Michaels), when Somers pinned Jannetty.
- Tiger Mask (Mitsuharu Misawa) defeated AWA World Light Heavyweight Champion Buck Zumhofe.
- Mike Rotunda and Barry Windham defeated The Fabulous Ones (Steve Keirn and Stan Lane), when Windham pinned Lane.
- Giant Baba defeated Bob Brown.
- Rick Martel and Harley Race fought to a double-countout.
- Sherri Martel won a battle royal. Other participants were Debbie Combs, AWA World Women's Champion Candi Divine, Rose Divine, Joyce Grable, Kat LeRoux, Despina Montagas, Misty Blue Simmes, and Luna Vachon.
- AWA America's Heavyweight Champion Sgt Slaughter defeated Kamala by disqualification to retain the title.
- AWA World Tag Team Champions Scott Hall and Curt Hennig defeated The Long Riders (Bill and Scott Irwin), when Hall pinned Bill, to retain the title.
- Scott LeDoux defeated Larry Zbyszko by disqualification in a boxing match.
- AWA World Heavyweight Champion Stan Hansen defeated Nick Bockwinkel by disqualification to retain the title.
- The Road Warriors (Animal and Hawk) defeated The Freebirds (Jimmy Garvin and Michael Hayes) in a steel cage match, when Animal pinned Garvin.
- Greg Gagne and Jimmy Snuka defeated Bruiser Brody and Nord the Barbarian in a steel cage match, when Snuka pinned Nord.
- Verne Gagne defeated Adnan Al-Kaissie in a steel cage match.

1987 - Two titles change hands at a Continental Wrestling Association event in Memphis, Tennessee. Chick Donovan defeats Soul Train Jones (Virgil/Vincent) for the CWA International Heavyweight Title. In the main event that night, Jerry Lawler defeated Austin Idol in a chain match in 36 seconds to win the AWA Southern Heavyweight Title, ending Idol's second reign and beginning Lawler's 39th reign. The Mercenaries were also awarded Jimmy Snuka and J.T. Southerns' CWA International Tag Team Title, after Snuka left the area.

1988 - Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard defeat Lex Luger and Barry Windham for the NWA World Tag Team Title in Jacksonville, Florida after Windham turns on Luger, leaving him for dead.  Windham immediately joined the Four Horsemen, creating the most remembered version of that group - the one that would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2012.

1989 - Mitsuo Momota defeats Shinichi Nakano to win the AJPW World Junior Heavyweight Title in Osaka, Japan.

1991 - The WWF held an afternoon event at the Boston Garden in Boston, Massachusetts, and an evening show at the Spectrum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The results for both shows were:
- Kerry Von Erich fought The Warlord to a double-disqualification.
- Bret Hart defeated The Barbarian.
- The Berzerker defeated Tugboat.
- Ted DiBiase defeated Roddy Piper.
- Ricky Steamboat defeated Haku.
- The Rockers (Marty Jannetty and Shawn Michaels) defeated The Orient Express (Kato and Tanaka).
- WWF Intercontinental Champion Mr. Perfect defeated The British Bulldog.
- Sgt. Slaughter defeated WWF Champion Hulk Hogan by disqualification.

1991 - King Kong defeats TNT (Savio Vega) in Bayamón, Puerto Rico for the WWC Television Champion, ending TNT's third reign. At the same event, Super Medic III wins the WWC Caribbean Heavyweight Title frmo Scott Hall, and Ricky Santana wins his second WWC World Junior Heavyweight Title by defeating Mr. Pogo.

1991 - Steve Gatorwolf wins his fourth American Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Title from The Iraq Assassin in Flagstaff, Arizona.

1992 - The Dirty White Girl defeats Lauren Davenport to win the USWA Women's Title in Memphis, Tennessee.

1996 - Akira Taue defeats Steve Williams to win the annual AJPW Champion's Carnival tournament.

1996 - ECW held its third-annual Hostile City Showdown event at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The results:
- Super Nova and El Puerto Ricano fought to a no-contest after The Eliminators attacked both men and hit the Total Elimination on them.
- Mikey Whipwreck pinned Billy Black.
- The Dudley Boyz (Buh-Buh Ray and D-Von (with Big Dick and Sign Guy Dudley)) fought The Pitbulls (#1 and #2 (with Francine)) to a no-contest after the referee was hit with a chair by D-Von and superbombed by the Pitbulls.
- Taz (with Bill Alfonso) defeated Devon Storm by countout after Storm was belly-to-belly suplexed over the top rope and through a table on the floor.
- Axl Rotten pinned Little Guido (with J.T. Smith) after an inverted front powerslam.
- The Sandman (with Missy Hyatt) and ECW World Television Champion 2 Cold Scorpio defeated The Bruise Brothers (Ron and Don), when Scorpio got the pin after a moonsault.
- Brian Lee pinned Tommy Dreamer after breaking a concrete block over Dreamer's groin with a chair.
- Sabu pinned Rob Van Dam after a springboard moonsault.
- One of the more famous and infamous angles in ECW history then took place as Shane Douglas, before his match with Raven, said that Beulah McGillicutty was cheating on Tommy Dreamer while she was cheating on Raven, and called them both suckers. Dreamer came to the ring, took the mic from Dreamer and threatened Douglas. Douglas told Dreamer that he wasn't hardcore if he can't take the truth, and that Beulah never was pregnant as she had told him. Dreamer then demanded to know who he (the person Beulah was cheating with) was, with Douglas saying "it's not a he, it's a she." Kimona took the mic from Dreamer and said it was her. Beulah came out and she and Kimona made out, with Dreamer pulling them apart by their hair. Douglas, laughing, asked Dreamer what he had to say, with Tommy simply replying, "I'll take 'em both, I'm hardcore," and left with the girls as an angry Raven looked on from the ring.
- ECW World Heavyweight Champion Raven (with The Blue Meanie and Stevie Richards) pinned Shane Douglas (with Kimona Wanalaya) after hitting him with his boot to retain the title.

1996 - Jeff Jarrett defeats Jerry Lawler to win the USWA Unified World Heavyweight Title in Memphis, Tennessee, ending Lawler's 22nd reign and beginning Lawler's third.

1996 - Jim Steele defeats Ricky Santana for the WWC Television Title in Caguas, Puerto Rico. At the same show, Carlos Colón wins his 17th WWC Universal Heavyweight Title from El Bronco.

1997 - The WWF held its 14th In Your House pay-per-view, subtitled Revenge of the 'Taker, at the Rochester Community War Memorial Arena in Rochester, New York. The show had 6,477 fans in attendance and got a 0.5 buyrate. The results were:
- In a match airing on the Free for All, The Sultan (with Bob Backlund and The Iron Sheik) pinned Flash Funk after a powerbomb.
- The Legion of Doom (Animal and Hawk) defeated WWF Tag Team Champions The British Bulldog and Owen Hart by disqualification when Bret Hart interfered and attacked the referee. Bulldog and Owen retained the title. LOD had defeated the champions at one point but this was disallowed due to the illegal man being pinned.
- Savio Vega (with Crush) defeated WWF Intercontinental Champion Rocky Maivia by countout after Crush gave Maivia with a heart punch on the floor. Maivia retained the title. After the match, Ahmed Johnson made the save.
- "Double J" Jesse James pinned Rockabilly (with The Honky Tonk Man) with a small package. This was the debut of Billy Gunn's infamous Rockabilly gimmick.
- WWF Champion The Undertaker pinned Mankind (with Paul Bearer) after a Tombstone piledriver to retain the title. After the match, Undertaker shot a fireball into Paul Bearer's face.
- Steve Austin defeated Bret Hart by disqualification after The British Bulldog interfered and hit Austin with a chair.
Dark matches held after the pay-per-view:
- Doug Furnas and Philip LaFon defeated The Godwinns (Henry and Phineas).
- Hunter Hearst Helmsley pinned Goldust.

1998 - WCW Monday Nitro won this week of the Monday Night ratings war, 5.1 to 4.4 over WWF RAW is WAR.

WWF RAW is WAR was taped on April 14 at the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, New York. The results:
- Faarooq defeated Kama Mustafa in a Long Island street fight.
- NWA World Heavyweight Champion Dan Severn (with Jim Cornette) defeated Mosh (with Thrasher).
- Bradshaw defeated The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust (with Luna) by disqualification.
- Terry Funk and Scorpio defeated NWA World Tag Team Champions The New Midnight Express (Bodacious Bart and Bombastic Bob (with Jim Cornette and Dan Severn)).
- D-Generation X (Billy Gunn, Road Dogg and Triple H (with Chyna and X-Pac)) defeated Owen Hart and L.O.D. 2000 (Animal and Hawk (with Sunny)).
- Dude Love defeated Steve Blackman.

WCW Monday Nitro was live from the World Arena in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The results were:
- Konnan (with Vincent) defeated Chris Adams.
- The Barbarian (with Jimmy Hart) defeated Wayne Bloom.
- WCW Cruiserweight Champion Chris Jericho defeated Juventud Guerrera to retain the title.
- Goldberg defeated WCW United States Heavyweight Champion Raven to win the title. This was Goldberg's 75th victory without a defeat.
- La Parka defeated Ultimo Dragon.
- Chris Benoit defeated Curt Hennig (with Rick Rude) by disqualification.
- Hammer and Saturn fought to a double-countout.
- Buff Bagwell and Scott Steiner defeated Public Enemy (Johnny Grunge and Rocco Rock).
- WCW World Television Champion Booker T defeated Psychosis to retain the title.
- Lex Luger defeated Brian Adams (with Vincent).
- Hollywood Hulk Hogan defeated WCW World Heavyweight Champion Randy Savage to win the title. This began Hogan's fourth reign and ended Savage's third reign.

1999 - Former WWF Intercontinental Champion Rick Rude dies at age 40 at his home in Alpharetta, Georgia from heart failure, believed to be a result of an overdose of steroids and GHB. Prior to his work in the WWF, Rude had worked in NWA All-Star Wrestling, Georgia Championship Wrestling and in the Continental Wrestling Association in Memphis, before moving on to Jim Crockett Promotions, Championship Wrestling from Florida and World Class Championship Wrestling. Rude was the first world champion in the World Class Wrestling Association, formed when WCCW left the NWA in 1986. He then had four years each in the WWF and WCW, and a had a short stint in ECW in 1997, before returning to the WWF that year as a member of D-Generation X. He is known for appearing on both WWF RAW is WAR and WCW Monday Nitro in November 1997, RAW being taped before he left the company and Nitro airing live, and also appeared on ECW Hardcore TV on that prior weekend. Rude was a part of the nWo before he left WCW in early 1999. At the time of his death, Rude was training to make a comeback to wrestling after suffering a severe back injury in 1994.

1999 - FMW held a pay-per-view event at Korauken Hall in Tokyo, Japan. The results:
- Yoshinori Sasaki defeated Naohiro Yamazaki.
- FMW Street Fight Six-Man Tag Team Champion Ricky Fuji defeated Masao Orihara by disqualification.
- FMW Street Fight Six-Man Tag Team Champion Hisakatsu Oya defeated Katsumi Usuda.
- Mr. Gannosuke defeated Yukihiro Kanemura.
- Koji Nakagawa and Gedo defeated Tetsuhiro Kuroda and Masato Tanaka, when Gedo pinned Kuroda.
- FMW Brass Knuckles Heavyweight, Independent World Heavyweight and Street Fight Six-Man Tag Team Champion Kodo Fuyuki and Hayabusa defeated Daisuke Ikeda and Muhammad Yone, when Hayabusa pinned Yone.

1999 - Jason Lee defeats Chris Alexander (subbing for Johnny Spade) for the OVW Light Heavyweight Title in Louisville, Kentucky, beginning Lee's second reign and ending Spade's second.

2000 - Meng defeats Luminous Warrior to win the World League Wrestling Heavyweight Title in Garin Valley, Missouri, ending Warrior's third reign.

2000 - Tiffany defeats Martha Villalobos for the Mexican National Women's Title in San Luis Potosí, Mexico, ending Villalobos' second reign.

2001 - Assisted Suicide (Rawskillz and Hurricane Tatum) defeat Team Impact (Darren Dalton and Robby Royce) to win the Canadian Wrestling Federation Tag Team Title in Brandon, Manitoba.

2001 - Barry Houston defeats Big Bully Douglas and Chris Gatlin in a three-way match in Nashville, Tennessee to become the first, and only, NWA Main Event Nashville Television Champion.

2002 - The WWF Hardcore Title changes hands three times at a house show in Des Moines, Iowa. Bubba Ray Dudley lost the title to Goldust, ending his eighth reign and beginning Goldust's eighth reign. Raven won the title from Goldust, beginning his 17th reign, before losing the title back to Bubba Ray, beginning his ninth reign.

2002 - Todd Sexton defeats Jeremy Lopez for the NWA Wildside Junior Heavyweight Title in Cornelia, Georgia.

2002 - Jason Rumble defeats Kid Narcissistic to win the NWA New England Junior Heavyweight Title in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.

2003 - Shane the Glamour Boy wins the IWA World Hardcore Title from Ricky Banderas in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico, beginning his fifth reign. Banderas won the title back the same day, beginning his second reign. At the same event, Anarchy defeats Super Crazy for the IWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title, ending Crazy's second reign.

2003 - Etsuko Mita and Nanae Takahashi defeat Takako Inoue and Mima Shimoda for the WWWA World Tag Team Title in Tokyo, Japan.

2004 - WWE taped the April 22 SmackDown! and April 24 Velocity at Prospera Place in Kelowna, British Columbia. SmackDown! got a 3.4 rating on UPN. The results were:
- Johnny Stamboli defeated Bobby Roode.
- Mark Jindrak (with Theodore Long) defeated Orlando Jordan.
- Jamie Noble defeated Spike Dudley.
- Nunzio defeated Funaki.
- Billy Gunn and Hardcore Holly defeated The Basham Brothers (Danny and Doug).
- Booker T defeated Rob Van Dam.
- Charlie Haas and Rico (with Miss Jackie) defeated WWE Tag Team Champions Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty to win the title.
- John "Bradshaw" Layfield defeated "Mexican Champion" El Gran Luchadore (Paul London).
- Chavo Classic and WWE Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero defeated WWE United States Champion John Cena in a handicap match.
- D-Von Dudley (with Bubba Ray Dudley and Paul Heyman) defeated WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero.

2004 - Keiji Muto defeated Kensuke Sasaki to win the annual AJPW Champion's Carnival tournament in Tokyo, Japan.

2006 - HUSTLE held its HUSTLE 16 pay-per-view event at the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium in Osaka, Japan. The results were:
- The Hustle Kamens (Blue, Red and Yellow) defeated Itako and The Neo Devil Pierrots (#1 and #2).
- Wataru Sakata defeated Kenzo Suzuki.
- Yuki Rock and Jo Shimaki defeated Captain Bomber and Yusanso Man.
- Yoji Anjo, Yoshiaki Kawada, The New Yinling-sama, Sodom (Mark Jindrak) and Giant Vabo defeated Erica (Aja Kong), Naoya Ogawa, Shinjiro Otani, Razor Ramon Hard Gay and Tajiri in an elimination match.

2006 - Smackdown star Palmer Cannon leaves the WWE European tour and flies himself home.   According to numerous sources, a number of WWE stars had been hazing Cannon and when the hazes included comments about his deceased brother, Cannon walked off the tour, quit the company and left the business.

2007 - Randy Orton was sent home from a WWE tour of Europe after the blame for a trashed hotel room was placed on his shoulders.  WWE announced at subsequent shows that Orton had taken ill and would not be appearing.

2007 - Hermie Sadler's UWF ran Prince George, Virginia.  Tim Noel filed the following report:

UWF show from the parking lot of Colonial Harley Davidson in Prince George, VA.  Crowd was maybe 300-400,

1- Elix Skipper & David Young defeated TJ & Kirby Mack-- Mack's were quite green & blew some stuff.

2- Maven, with April Hunter, defeated J.D. Michaels in a lame match after like 15 minutes of mic work.

3- Scott Steiner defeated CW Anderson with the recliner.  Steiner left his feet once to do an elbow drop.

4- Steve Corino defeated Dustin Rhodes in a falls count anywhere/weapons match after repeated interference from CW followed by Corino using a roll of pennies.

5- Jerry Lynn & Amy Dumas defeated Austin Aries & Christy Hemme in a match featuring some comedy.  This was the third straight match where the workers were doing just enough to get by but the crowd seemed fine with it.

6- Team 3D retained the NWA World tag titles in a 4-way elimination match over NWA North American Tag Champions Scotty Blaze & Scotty Rocker (w/Erotica), Preston Quinn & Damien Wayne (w/Shy) and Phil Brown & Malik.  All 3 local teams came out as heels and laid down challenges for Team 3D's titles and this was made a 4-way.  After a catfight spot with Shy & Erotica, both took simultaneous "wazzup" spots from 3D & Brown/Malik. OSE was eliminated first followed by the rip-off Cryme Tyme.  Wayne and Phil Brown looked especially crisp in there.  Scotty Blaze unfortunately didn't get off any of his famous chops but was taking lots more bumps than usual.  Finish came when Blaze missed a sit-down splash off the middle of the middle rope through a table and then Rocker was hit with a 3D.  Fun match but a bit of a cluster.

2007 - TNA ran Louisville, Kentucky.  Mike Giralico filed the following live report:

This is a hazy rundown of the show, I'd say 1500 people turned out and it was a really hot (especially for Louisville) crowd.

*Sonjay Dutt & Petey Williams defeated Eric Young & Robert Roode.

*Christopher Daniels defeated Senshi.

*LAX (huge babyface pop) defeated The Naturals.

*Jim Cornette cut a promo putting over the legacy of the Gardens (USWA, OVW, etc. Hell, Lou Thesz wrestled Buddy Rogers here in the 50s or 60s).

*Eric Young interview. Young was accosted by Robert Roode. Jeff Jarret made the save to a superstar ovation.

*Rhino defeated Doug Basham (with the Damaja aka former WWE star Danny Basham in their TNA debut) in a Louisville Street Fight.

*Gail Kim & Chris Harris defeated Jackie Moore & James Storm in a mixed tag team bout.

*Samoa Joe defeated AJ Styles in what was the best match of the night easily.

*Christian Cage defeated Kurt Angle to retain the NWA Title. Post match, Abyss saved Angle from Christian and Styles. Abyss busted his arm, which was heavily stitched, back open in the process. Crowd was equally split on who to pull for.

Notes: Jim Cornette and Jeremy Borash pushed throughout the show that TNA would be back this year possibly for a PPV....Overall, it was a good show. There were a couple of "eh" matches (the mixed tag and the street fight) but TNA put their best foot forward. My only suggestion is for TNA to do a better job of promoting when tickets go on sale. They had been on sale for a week before many people locally even knew they were.

2007 - WWE Raw ran Mannheim, Germany.  Alexander Neubert filed the following live report:

The event opened up with Todd Grisham welcoming the fans and thanking them for attending the event. All in German language. The pyros set in and then Coach hit the ring. He told Grisham that he shouldn't speak German and announced that we will see Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, Umaga, Edge and many more tonight. When he spoke about John Cena there were massive "Cena sucks" chants. He then announced the new Intercontinental Champion. Santino came to the ring and Coach gave him the mic. He adressed the crowd and says that he will prove he can wear the IC title. Coach interrupted him and asked if he came to fight or to talk. Santino replied he came to fight. That brought out Chris Masters and our first match began.

Match 1: Intercontinental Championship Match: Santino Marella vs. Chris Masters
Marella got a bit of applause, while Masters got some pops. Marella defended his title in this paint-by-numbers match with most offense going to the Masterpiece. He rolled Masters up in a botched Sunset Flip to retain.

Match 2: Daniel Rodimer & Kenny Dykstra vs. Val Venis & Super Crazy
Big pops for Super Crazy. Val Venis was as over as I have ever seen him. Awesome. The fans didnt really care about the match but had a good time cheering the faces. Rodimer and Dykstra make a pretty good team actually. Money Shot for the pin and the victory for the faces.

Match 3: Womens Championship Match: Melina vs. Mickie James
Very decent match. Mickie got a good crowd reaction and visibly had fun performing. She even pulled out the old Trish Stratus spot in a modified way when she licked her fingers before slapping Melinas butt. Melina pulled out a great submission lock during the match. She retained the title after countering a sunset flip and holding on to the ropes.

Match 4: ECW vs. RAW: Kevin Thorn /w Ariel vs. Carlito
Carlito recieved a big time ovation by the fans. They didnt care much about Thorn though. Carlito seemed motivated by the fans and even pulled out a cartwheel. I was distracted from the match by Ariel but the finish came when she got on the apron to tie her boots. Thorn smashed Carlito with a chokebomb. Carlito then powered out of the Razors Edge to hit Thorn with the Backcracker for the pin to much delight of the fans.

Match 5: CM Punk vs. Snitsky
Very boring match. Punk, who was very over, got some good offense in but Snitsky is just flat out boring. There were some "We want tables" chants in the middle of the match. Snitsky missed a boot into the corner and Punk used the opportunity for a Powerbomb variation from the corner for the pin. After the match he got destroyed by Snitsky.

Match 6: World Tag-Team-Championship Match: The Hardy Boyz vs. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch
The crowd went NUTS for the Hardys. Unbelievable reaction. Trevor wanted to bail out of the match early but Cade stopped him. They teased some tension between both of them. The match itself was decent with the crowd marking big for the Hardy spots. The Hardys retained after the Twist Of Fate and the Swanton Bomb to Murdoch. They had a big celebration after the match which saw Matt going down on his knees to thank the fans.

After the intermission Maria came out to throw t-shirts into the crowd. She wanted to undress and throw her own shirt too but Victoria came to the ring. She wanted to nail her with the Widows Peak but was interrupted by Eugene. Victoria berates him which leads to Eugene kissing her. She then tripped over Maria. Eugene lifted her into an Airplane Spin. The segment ended with Maria undressing and throwing her t-shirt to the crowd. Eugene and Maria danced a little.

Match 7: Ric Flair vs. Johnny Nitro
Very fun match. Awesome reaction for the Nature Boy with tons of "Woooooooooooo"s for every spot. Nitro missed his Corkscrew Moonsault and then recieved a knee clip by the Naitch. He grabbed the ropes when Flair applied the Figure 4 Leglock. He then pinned Flair with the assistance of the ropes.

Match 8: Wrestlemania Rematch: Umaga /w Armando Alejandro Estrada vs. Bobby Lashley
The crowd went balistic for Bobby Lashley. Some Umaga chants too. The match itself was slightly dull though. Armando Estrada was very entertaining at ringside. Lashley countered the Samoan Spike with a big Belly to Belly Suplex and then hit a Clothesline that spinned the big Samoan Bulldozer around. Armando Estrada hit the ring and caused the DQ. Umaga charged Lashley after the match but was hit by a Spear.

Match 9: Mainevent: WWE Championship Triple Threat Match: John Cena vs. Edge vs. Shawn Michaels
Decent bout but nothing special. Orton was advertised for the match but got sent home. Edge got major pops. He could rarely get heat. HBK got the usual big reaction from the German crowd. Cena had the weirdest crowd reaction I ever saw. Huge pops during his entrance. When he arrived in the ring huge boos. During the match the crowd seemed 70:30 pro Cena so no overly negative reaction for him. The crowd made the match a lot of fun. I was sitting right between the anti- and pro-Cena sections. Shawn again exposed Edge's butt. During the match they did a Tower Of Doom spot from the corner which was cool. The finish saw the Sweet Chin Music countered by a Spear. Then Cena hit Edge with the FU. HBK hit a Sweet Chin Music to Cena who fell on Edge for the pinfall. After the match HBK gave the ref a Superkick too.

Todd Grisham closed the show thanking the fans one more time.

2008 - TNA broadcast Impact.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

On Sunday we saw a new TNA Heavyweight Champion crowned when Samoa Joe finally won the title that many expected to see him win sometime in 2006 or 2007 thanks to a victory over Kurt Angle at Lockdown. We also saw Jay Lethal retain the X Division Title on Sunday night. This week, he defends the title and will he be so lucky? What is next for the TNA Tag Team Champions A.J. Styles and Tomko after their loss in the Lethal Lockdown Match. Awesome Kong will also defend her TNA Women’s Title tonight. What will Kurt Angle do now that he is not the champion any more? Will he reconcile with his wife Karen or will he continue to be separated with her? What is next for Rhino after getting the pinfall in the Lethal Lockdown Match? Will Kip and BG James continue their feud after Kip attacked BG after their match?

We begin tonight’s show with a look at what happened at Lockdown with highlights.

We are live on tape from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida and your announcers are Mike ‘TNA’ Tenay and Don ‘Deal of the Day’ West.

Samoa Joe comes to the ring and he has his new TNA Heavyweight Title belt on his shoulder as he addresses the crowd. Joe says that tonight TNA fans are the champions. A few nights ago, he sacrificed everything in his life for one shot at the TNA Heavyweight Title. He put everything he holds dear on the line against Kurt Angle. Joe tells Kurt that no matter what he thinks about Kurt as a person, as a warrior, he is one of the baddest people he has ever dealt with. The difference between Kurt and him is that when Angle put the vise like grip around his ankle and when he felt the tendons pop and the sinews snap, he started to lose his will to become a champion. There was one big difference and that was when he saw the TNA fans. He felt the eyes of the fans and he knew that there was no surrender and there was no quit. He knew that he would be the next TNA Heavyweight Champion. Joe dedicates his title reign to the fans. Joe promises that the belt will be defended with respect and honor. He says that the title will be defended by the sweat on his brow and the blood on his fist.

The celebration is interrupted by Scott Steiner who comes out with Sir Petey of Williams, Rhaka Khan, and his briefcases. We are reminded by Mike that Steiner will face Joe at Sacrifice. Steiner says that he hates to break up the love fest that Joe is having with his redneck fans, but he says that he is here to talk about sacrifice and what sacrifice means. He turns his attention to his doppelganger Petey Williams and says that Petey made a number of sacrifices to gain Scott’s respect. Scott says that he is going to give Petey his X Division Title shot for Petey to use at any time. Scott says that he sacrificed his entire career. That is why he was an All-American at Michigan and that is why he looks the way that he does. He reminds us that he is a genetic freak. Steiner says that when he looks at Joe and his fat ass, the only sacrifice that Joe made was to eat four Twinkies instead of five; that when it was time to eat a hamburger, he ate it with extra cheese, extra ketchup, extra mayo. Steiner says that Joe is the example of bigger not being better. Steiner tells Joe that he better be careful before he has to ask for a bra and girdle from some of the Knockouts. Steiner tells Joe that he is genetic junk. Steiner says that he has left his mark in WCW, WWF, and Japan. The only place he has not been a champion is in TNA. At Sacrifice, Joe will be his sacrificial lamb.

Kurt Angle’s music plays and he arises from the Anglevator. Angle comes to the ring and he gets in Joe’s face. Angle tells Joe that Joe beat him at Lockdown. Being the champion that he is, he always learns from his mistakes. Whenever he has a match, even if it is a knock down, drag out brawl like theirs; he learns from it. Angle says that he never makes the same mistake twice. Angle turns his attention to Steiner and says that Steiner earned his title match even though Steiner’s last big win was against the Road Warriors in 1975 with his idiot brother. Angle does not mean to offend Steiner, but he makes a point. Just like the new sheriff at Rock Ridge, Angle pulls something out of his pants; and he says that while Steiner has a title match at Sacrifice, it does not mean that Steiner is going to wrestle Joe. Angle points out that he has a rematch clause in his contract. Angle says that he can have his rematch at any time that he chooses. Angle says that he says that he will have his title match next week on Impact. We go to . . .

TO THE BACK for Lauren who is with Christian Cage and Rhino as they enter one of the soundstages. Lauren congratulates them for their victory. She asks if there is a future for this tag team in TNA. Christian says that anything can happen in the world of professional wrestling and him and Rhino are proof that it is true. Everyone knows about their friendship and how they grew up in the business. They had a blow up and now they are friends again. Who knows what the future holds for them. Rhino says that they have been through hell together.

Rhino and Christian are interrupted by Team 3D, who say that they are in hell right now. Devon asks Christian who he is fooling. Christian is the same SOB, just like them, and he will never change his stripes. Whether it is tonight or tomorrow, he will screw Rhino. It is only a matter of time. Ray asks Terry what happened to him. What happened to the cool animal they knew in ECW. What happened to the guy that hung out with him in South Philly? He says that Terry is a shell of what he used to be. Ray asks him if they want to fight. Ray says that he wants to fight Rhino, but not know. Ray calls for his guys and James Storm, Robert Roode, and Kip James come out. Ray asks Rhino what is he going to do now and then it is a five-on-two attack. We go to commercial.

We are back and Jeremy Borash is with Jay Lethal and Jay is knocking on the women’s bathroom door. Jay wants Val to come out. Jeremy asks Jay if lady luck will be in his corner again tonight against Johnny Devine. Lethal says that lady luck is always in his corner. Val comes out of the ladies room and apparently Sonjay Dutt has the same problem that Karen Angle has by not knowing which is the proper bathroom for their gender. Val says that she has been looking everywhere for him. They go to the ring, but Jeremy pulls Sonjay to the side and he asks Dutt what he was doing in there. Dutt says that he was just talking with Val. Jeremy tells Sonjay that he is on to him.

Don and Mike are joined by Hermie Sadler.

We see highlights from Sunday’s X Division Xscape Match when Lethal retained the title.

Match Number One: Johnny Devine versus Jay Lethal with So Cal Valizabeth in a TNA X Division Title Match
Devine attacks Lethal before the bell rings and he hits a back body drop. Devine with forearms to Lethal in the corner and then he chokes Lethal with his boot. Devine with a slingshot leg drop onto the apron and then he kicks Lethal in the head. Devine approaches Val and he has some words for Val. Lethal with jabs to Devine, but Devine with a knee and then he Irish whips Lethal into the guardrail. Devine rolls Lethal into the ring and then Devine puts Lethal in an abdominal stretch. Devine puts Lethal on the top rope and then he hits a double sledge from the turnbuckles and Devine gets a near fall. Devine stomps Lethal’s chest and back into the mat. Devine with a version of a stunner from a suplex. Devine goes up top and hits a moonsault and Val is in shock, but Lethal kicks out at two. Lethal with a wheelbarrow slam on Devine and then Lethal with jabs to Devine followed by a flying forearm and clothesline. Lethal with an enzuigiri and then he drops Devine’s throat across the top rope as he goes to the floor. Lethal follows that with a springboard missile drop kick. Lethal with the Lethal Combination followed by the elbow drop for the three count.
Winner: Jay Lethal

After the match, Petey Williams comes out and he hits Lethal with the briefcase. We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for . . .

Match Number Two: Petey ‘Sir Peter of Pump’ Williams versus Jay Lethal for the TNA X Division Title
We see Petey stomp on the briefcase which has Lethal’s head inside. We also see footage from the commercial break when Williams hit a tornado DDT onto the briefcase and then he stomped on the briefcase with Lethal’s head inside which we saw as we returned from commercial.

We return to live on tape action with Williams saying that he is taking his title match right now. The referee is hesitant to start the match but he rings the bell. Williams hits the Canadian Destroyer for the three count.
Winner: Petey ‘The Mini-Narcissist’ Williams

After the match, Sonjay Dutt comes out to check on Jay Lethal. Petey holds his title belt proudly . . .

TO THE BACK where Lauren is with LAX. Lauren points out that it is their chance to get the TNA Tag Titles one more time. Homicide says that tonight is their night. They were sick and tired of waiting for gold and he says that it was time to take their chance. He says that Hernandez wanted to storm the ivory towers of TNA but he talked him down. Salinas asks Lauren if she has a problem with her.

Before our next match, Matt Morgan has a mic and he is going to address the people of the Impact Zone. He says that it is a foregone conclusion of what his true relationship with Jim Cornette was. He was not just a boss, he was a father figure to him. One of the important pieces of advice is that timing is everything. He says that he is here to make his time now. To have to sit in the back and hear about everyone complain about their paycheck and spot on the roster and to call it a sacrifice, it is a joke. Matt says that in order to get his foot in the door, he had to be a bodyguard for management. That is a sacrifice. Matt says that to have to wear a suit as a seven footer is not a sin, it is a sacrifice. Matt is going to make sure that he is not known as a prototype or a measuring stick, but he will be known as the blueprint of how a giant looks, talks, and wrestles. He will prove to everyone why he is the most genetically jacked, athletically stacked giant going today. We go to commercial.

We are back and Lauren is with Samoa Joe. Lauren congratulates Joe for his victory and she points out that Joe has a big red bulls-eye on his forehead. She mentions Joe’s match against Kurt Angle next week and then Scott Steiner at Sacrifice. Joe tells Lauren that it comes with the territory. Joe asks if they can take the title from him after all of his sacrifices. While Joe talks, Kevin Nash rises from the imaginary elevator behind Joe. Joe says that the people wanted him to have the title more than Angle did. He says that he is the standard bearer. The people come to see people defend the title with their ability and skill, not the politics. To find out who the real champion is, he welcomes Angle to find out next week.

We see how LAX earned their title match. Then we see how Frankie Kazarian and El Pollo Loco de Eric earned their title match.

Match Number Three: A.J. Styles and Tomko versus LAX with Salinas versus Frankie Kazarian and Eric Young
Young and Styles start things off and Styles with a slam to Young and then he chokes Young. Young punches Styles but Styles with a rake of the eyes. Young with a kick and punches to Styles. Kazarian tags in and he hits a slingshot DDT for a near fall. Kazarian with forearms to Styles and Hernandez with a knee to the back, but Kazarian with an enzuigiri that knocks Hernandez off the apron. Kazarian with a kick to Styles’s head. Kazarian is sent to the apron but he returns to the ring and he connects with a forearm. Hernandez with a flying shoulder tackle from the apron and then Tomko knocks Young off the apron. After a single punch to the head by Tomko, Young cowers to the back. (I wonder what will happen next. It should be super.) We go to commercial as Kazarian hits a jawbreaker.

We are back and Kazarian hits a spin kick on Tomko followed by a bicycle kick on Styles. Homicide hits an Ace Cutter on Kazarian but the referee sends Homicide to the apron. Tomko and Styles hit the TornadoPlex but LAX break up the cover. Tomko with a clothesline to Hernandez and then Tomko sends Homicide over the top rope to the floor and Tomko goes to the floor as well. Hernandez with the plancha onto Tomko. Styles goes up top but Kazarian stops A.J. and he hits the Flux Capacitor.

The music plays and El Tigre de Canada con el nombre Showtime en el tuches comes to the ring. Young tags in and it is time for the Prince of Gullible to face off with Super Gullible in a battle of gullibility. Young with punches to Styles but Styles sets for the Styles Clash but Young escapes the hold and hits a Northern Lights suplex with a bridge for the three count.
Winners: Frankie Kazarian and that guy who looks a lot like Eric Young in a mask and even wears Eric’s ring gear

We go to commercial.

We are back and we go TO THE BACK where there is controversy. Jeremy Borash happens to be in Jim Cornette’s office while A.J. Styles and Tomko discuss in a heated manner the events that just occurred in the ring. Styles says that it was outside interference. Cornette asks A.J. how a man can interfere in a match that they are in. Tomko and A.J. say that Eric Young and Super Eric are two different people. Styles says that since Super Eric has no idea who Eric Young is so that makes them two different people. Cornette asks what Styles and Tomko want. Styles wants Cornette to ask Eric Young if he knows Super Eric. Cornette says that he will take care of this.

Match Number Four: Team 3D versus Christian Cage and Rhino
Christian and Devon start things off but Ray tries to ambush Christian but it fails. Christian with a chop to Devon but Devon with a clothesline. Devon tries for an inverted suplex but Christian with an inverted DDT for a near fall. Devon with a rake of the eyes and Ray is tagged in. Christian chops Ray but Ray sends Christian into the corner. Ray misses a punch but Ray hits a shoulder tackle. Ray misses a splash into the corner and Christian hits a back elbow for a near fall. Rhino is tagged in and he kicks Ray followed by a punch. Ray with a kick but Rhino with a belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall. Rhino misses a charge into the corner and Ray sends Rhino to the mat. Devon is tagged in and Rhino with a double clothesline and then he clotheslines Devon over the top rope to the floor. Christian hits a cross body from the top turnbuckle onto Team 3D and then Rhino and Christian meet together in the ring as we go to commercial.

We are back and Devon connects with a thrust to Christian’s throat. We see footage during the break when Ray attacked Christian outside the ring and used the ring steps. We return to the live on tape action and Devon with a delayed vertical suplex to Christian for a near fall. Devon with a reverse chin lock. Devon with a rake of the eyes and then Ray is tagged in. Christian chips Ray but Ray with a back body drop and then he knocks Rhino off the apron. Rhino tries to get back in and the referee stops Rhino while this allows Ray to kick Christian in the solar plexus. Ray tags in Devon and Ray puts Christian in the tree of woe. Devon stands on Christian’s groin but he does not sing any national anthem. Devon kicks Christian while he is still in the tree of woe. Devon covers Christian and gets a two count. Devon punches Christian and then he tags in Ray. Ray chops Christian and then he slams him. Ray goes to the second turnbuckle but he take too long and Christian punches Ray and Christian hits a super rana for a near fall. Rhino and Devon tag in and Rhino takes Devon down and hits a flying shoulder tackle and back elbow. Rhino with an Irish whip and shoulder in the corner. Rhino with a belly-to-belly suplex for a two count. Rhino with a spinebuster on Ray. Devon hits Rhino with a forearm when Rhino give his mini-salute to the Great Khali. Rhino goes to the floor and Christian attacks Devon and Devon goes to the floor. Christian tries for the Unprettier but since Earl Hebner is in the ring, he is out of position to see Ray hit a low blow on Christian. Ray with a splash into the corner while Rhino waits for the GORE. Rhino tries for the GORE on Ray but Ray moves and Christian is the victim of the GORE. Devon accidentally clotheslines Ray but Rhino with a rollup on Devon for the three count.
Winners: Rhino and Christian Cage

After the match, Ray and Devon argue in the ring and referee and official scale reader and commentary guy Earl Hebner tries to break things up. They push Earl in the corner and you don’t put Earl into the corner (or was that Baby?) Ray and Devon push each other and they argue. Maybe they will be in a match at the next Lockdown after a long set up through Rough Cut? Devon pushes Ray and then Ray slaps Devon. They get face to face and security gets into the ring.

TO THE BACK where Jeremy Borash and Jim Cornette have found Eric Young. Eric appears to share his locker room with the test audience for the new TNA Kids Magazine because Eric is recreating the fight scene from The Phantom Menace (make sure to watch all of the Star Wars Movies on SpikeTV, check local listings for times) or maybe it was the alley brawl in Big Trouble in Little China. Cornette talks about A.J.’s claims that there was outside interference. Eric says that Jim is in a tough spot when it comes to outside interference. Eric wonders who interfered in the match as they continue their ‘Who’s on First’ routine. Cornette suggests that Eric Young is Super Eric. Cornette wonders if the battery needs to be replaced in Eric’s brain and Eric is angry that he missed Super Eric agayne. Cornette appears to be the closest to a stroke that we have ever seen him as he tries to explain the situation to Eric and realizes that it is like trying to explain any stipulation to the fans. Cornette wants Eric to come to the ring to straighten things out.

Cornette and Borash hear some arguing in the background and they go to the Knockouts locker room where we are three seconds away from a Joey Styles CATFIGHT. Cornette tells everyone to shut up. Cornette threatens to fire everyone and he is sick and tired of the Divas (which was bleeped out for the broadcast) ranting and raving, pissing and moaning. Cornette says that all of them are spoiled and then he talks about how he had to travel 500 miles to shows with 6 people in a car and there was no heat in the cars. Cornette says that it will come to an end. If people are going to be making sacrifices, it will involve the women. We go to commercial.

We are back and Jim Cornette is in the ring with the former TNA Tag Team Champions A.J. Styles and Tomko. Cornette apologizes in advance to the fans for all of the stupidity that is going on with this program. He says that he will make things simple, just like A.J. A.J. claims that Eric Young and Super Eric are two different people so there was outside interference and the titles should be returned to Styles and Tomko. Cornette wants Eric Young to come to the ring.

Frankie Kazarian comes out with the title belts and Cornette says that he is sick and fed up with that. He tells Young that he has until the count of three to get into the ring.

La Musica del Hombre con la mascara del gato y el ring gear de Eric Young plays and he comes to the ring. That vein is ready to explode in Cornette’s head. Cornette points out that he had some dignity at some point. Cornette wants Super Eric to admit that he is Eric Young. The Midnight Eric calls Cornette Commissioner Gordon, but Cornette will have none of this. Eric Mascaras says that he does not know of this Eric Young of which Cornette speaks. Cornette starts to grind his teeth as he demands that Eric admit that he is Super Eric. Mr. Canada wonders why Cornette’s face is getting red.

Kazarian tells Eric that the joke is over and that they are talking about the tag titles. He wants the masked guy who is the same height as Eric Young, has the same hair color and style, as well as the same ring attire as Eric Young to admit that he is Eric Young so they can celebrate their victory. Eric says that he cannot do that because he is Super Eric. A.J. takes the title belts and celebrates getting the titles back.

Cornette tells Eric that it looks like he needs a doctor. Cornette strips Young and Kazarian of the titles, but he is not going to give the titles back to Styles and Tomko. Cornette says that everyone except the Son of Zorro saw Styles and Tomko lose the match, so there are no tag team champions. Cornette says that he is going to think about what to do with the tag titles. Cornette leaves the ring and vows to inflict serious bodily harm on himself.

TO THE BACK and Lauren is with the new Assault Squad for Team 3D, James Storm with beer and Jacqueline Moore, Robert Roode without Payton Banks, and Kip James without his Torrie Wilson ring gear. Lauren asks them about their match against Sting, BG James, and Booker T. Kip tells Lauren that he is a megastar who beat the hell out of his tag team partner. Kip says that he is proud of what he did to BG and Bob Armstrong. James Storm tells Kip that his joke is getting old. James tells Kip that Kip is angry because his cowboy gimmick didn’t get over. Roode plays the voice of reason and tries to calm them down. Storm says that after you break a beer bottle in the back of a circus clown’s head, you would think that he would leave you alone. Sting keeps putting his nose in Storm’s business. Storm wonders why Sting wears the face paint. Storm says that after he beats Sting, he will be a bigger star than anyone. Roode tells Booker that there is not much more that can be said. Booker thought that he would be able to move his way to the top, but Booker did not know that Robert Roode was going to stop him. Roode says that he has made Booker’s time in TNA a living hell. Roode tells Booker to bring the clown and the redneck with him.

We see highlights of Roxxi Laveaux winning the Queen of the Cage Match to face Awesome Kong.

Match Number Five: Awesome Kong with Raisha Saeed versus Roxxi Laveaux for the TNA Women’s Title
Kong throws Roxxi to the mat when they lock up and then Kong kicks Roxxi followed by a knee to the head. Roxxi with forearms but Kong with a double chop. Kong with an Irish whip and then she connects with a splash into the corner. Kong tosses Roxxi across the ring by the hair. Roxxi with forearms to Kong and then she tries to Irish whip the champion but Kong will not move. Kong with forearms to the back. Kong with a chop to Roxxi. Kong with a boot to the back and then she puts Roxxi in the camel clutch. Roxxi with a jawbreaker to get out of the hold and then she comes off the ropes but Kong blocks a boot. Roxxi with forearms to the upper chest followed by a running back splash. Roxxi charges again but she runs into Kong and Roxxi goes down. Kong with a slam to Roxxi followed by a leg drop for a near fall. Kong goes to the second turnbuckle and misses a splash on Roxxi. Roxxi with a big boot and she gets a two count on Kong. Kong misses the spinning back fist and Roxxi hits a spinning neck breaker followed by a senton splash for a two count. Roxxi tries for the Voodoo Drop but Kong with a knee and then Kong with the spinning back fist followed by the sit out power bomb for the three count.
Winner: Awesome Kong

TO THE BACK where Jeremy Borash is with Kurt Angle. Kurt tries to enter his dressing room but it now a storage room. Jeremy points out that the dressing room for the champion is down the hall. Angle throws a tantrum. Kurt says that he did not become a household name because he was the champion. He became a household name by fighting back. Angle says that he will become the champion again next week. Angle says that he wants to hurt Joe next week. Angle vows that Joe’s title reign will be real short. We go to commercial.

Match Number Six: Kip James, Robert Roode, and James Storm versus BG James, Booker T, and Sting
Booker and Roode start things off and Roode goes to the apron before locking up and then he tags in Kip. They lock up and Kip with a knee and punch. Booker blocks a punch and he responds with punches and chops. Booker charges into an elbow. Booker with punches and chops to Kip and then he wants to tag in Sting. Sting with a kick followed by punches and chops. Roode tags in and Sting with a hip toss followed by a reverse atomic drop and clotheslines for a near fall. Sting points at the Wrestlemania 24 . . . whoops, wrong month and wrong company . . . and BG is tagged in. Roode punches BG but BG responds with jabs and then he goes after Kip. Storm avoids the onslaught while Roode pulls the referee out of position to look at something shiny to distract him. That allows Storm to attack BG from behind with a lungblower for a near fall. We go to commercial.

We are back and Roode hits a standing drop kick on BG. Roode follows that with punches and Irish whip followed by a running clothesline. Roode with a snap mare and leap frog neck breaker. Roode and BG exchange punches and then both men collide and go down. Booker and Storm tag in and Booker punches Storm followed by punches to Kip. Booker with a spin kick but Kip hits Booker from behind. Booker with a back heel kick and then he clotheslines Kip over the top rope to the floor. Booker with a spinebuster to Storm.

Now it is time on a wrestling show for someone to do a break dancing move, never mind that the match continues and that there are two other people on the other team who could attack him during his Spinaroonie.

Robert Roode comes into the ring before Booker can start spinning and he connects with a knee to Booker. Sting punches Roode and clotheslines Roode over the top rope to the floor. BG goes outside and attacks Kip and the referee goes outside after the other four men because heaven forbid he actually see what is going on with the two men who are legally in the match.

Storm hits an enzuigiri on Booker. Storm gets the beer bottle and Jacqueline moves into the secondary distract the referee on the apron spot so the referee cannot see the bottle break over Booker’s head. From out of nowhere, Matt Morgan comes into the ring and he connects with a bicycle kick on Storm before he can use the bottle. Morgan leaves the ring and hides under the ring skirt. Booker with the scissors kick for the three count.
Winners: BG James, Sting, and Booker T

After the match, Matt Morgan applauds Booker’s victory and then he gets on the apron. Booker does not appreciate what Morgan did to help and Sting tries to play peacekeeper. Booker pushes Sting and then he gets the mic.

Booker tells Matt that he does not need any help from him. Booker tells Sting that if he wants to back Morgan, then he has a problem with him and that is bull. Booker challenges Sting and he leaves the ring. We go to credits.

2009 - WWE broadcast Raw from London.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

We are live on tape from London, England and your announcers are Michael ‘Bloody Vintage’ Cole and Jerry ‘Where is my castle’ Lawler.

Chris Jericho comes to the ring to address his fans in London. He says that for the last year he has felt like a castaway. An honest man among a sea of liars, cheaters, and sycophants. Just like everyone in the building tonight. He does not feel that way anymore because he has been drafted to Smackdown so this is his final appearance on Raw. Chris says that he figured the crowd would react the way they did. They never understood his brilliance and never viewed him as an honest man in a dishonest world. Without Chris Jericho on Raw, things will change and the change will not be for the better. In six months, everyone will be begging him to come back to Raw. Chris says that he will not do it because he is done with Raw.

Ricky Steamboat comes out and he goes to the ring. Ricky tells Chris that he is wrong. The WWE Universe is not unappreciative. During Wrestlemania, they showed him more love than he ever could have expected. Ricky says that it was the greatest moment of his career. If Chris is looking for appreciation and the fans won’t give it, he will. Ricky thanks Jericho. Jericho wants to know what Ricky is talking about. Ricky thanks Jericho for bringing back a feeling that he did not think he had. That is a passion to wrestle one more time. He wants to turn back history and feel good for what he accomplished. He never thought that he would be at Wrestlemania or at Raw. If it wasn’t for Jericho, it never would have happened. Ricky says that he is out here to thank Chris.

Chris says that Ricky came out to hog the spotlight and hear the cheers of his fans one more time. Chris tells Ricky that he is finished and nobody cares about him any more. None of Ricky’s friends have been seen since he destroyed them at Wrestlemania and he will do the same to Jericho. Jericho says that if the fans cheering for the twenty-seven seconds he was in a ten man tag match that he still has it, he can go in the ring. Jericho calls Ricky and the fans delusional. He says that it is time to put Steamboat out of his misery the same way he did it to his lecherous friends. Jericho says that he wants a one-on-one match with Ricky Steamboat at Backlash. Chris says that he will finish things if Steamboat will allow him.

Before Steamboat can answer, John Cena’s music plays and he comes out. Jericho tells Cena to stop before he can say anything. Jericho says that he knows Cena’s shtick and he will say how great Steamboat is. Jericho says that it is his final appearance on Raw so he will not have to listen to Cena again. He says that he is finished with Cena, Steamboat, and the parasites. Jericho says that he is going to walk out on Cena as his last act on Raw.

Jericho leaves the ring and Steamboat tells Jericho that he accepts the challenge for Backlash. Cena tells Jericho that he says that Ricky Steamboat can do just fine on his own. Cena says that since Vickie Guerrero is not here tonight, she says that Edge will not compete tonight but Cena has to compete. Cena tells Jericho that walking out on him is not his last act on Raw. Jericho’s last act is a match with John Cena tonight.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Chavo Guerrero is in the ring and he says that he has officially been drafted to Raw. Chavo wants to thank his Aunt Vickie, who happens to be the General Manager on Raw. Chavo says that he will prove that he can not only push around Vickie’s wheelchair but he can push around anyone on the Raw roster.

Match Number One: Chavo Guerrero versus Batista

Chavo charges at Batista and Batista with a kick and Batista Bomb for the three count.
Winner: Batista

After the match, Chavo gets on the mic and he tells Vickie that he is sorry and this will never happen again. He says that he was not ready.

Batista returns to the ring and Chavo changes his mind and says that he was ready and then Batista with a kick and another Batista Bomb. Batista leaves the ring and we go to commercial.

We are back and Shane McMahon is walking in the back and he sees Batista. Batista says that things got a little crazy. Shane says that he wants to make sure that they are on the same page. Shane says that he did not appreciate Batista taking him down in the corner. Batista says that he did not appreciate Shane knocking him out of the ring. Shane says that he guesses they are on the same page as long as they have the same focus.

We see footage from the Money in the Bank Match at Wrestlemania 25th Anniversary when Punk knocked Kane off the ladder before getting the briefcase.

Match Number Two: Kane versus CM Punk

Punk with kicks to the leg followed by an enzuigiri. Kane sends Punk to the apron and Punk tries for the springboard clothesline but Kane with an uppercut for a near fall. Kane with a snap mare and drop kick. Kane with a reverse chin lock. Punk gets out of the hold but Kane with a side slam. Kane sets for the choke slam but Punk with a series of kicks. Punk with a knee in the corner and Kane pushes Punk off when he tries for the bulldog. Punk with a kick when Kane charges and then Punk with the springboard clothesline for a near fall. Punk tries to get Kane up for the Go To Sleep but he cannot get Kane up. Kane with a big boot to Punk. Kane tries for the choke slam but Punk counters with an inside cradle for the three count.
Winner: CM Punk

We go to commercial.

We are back and Santino Marella comes out. We see footage of Santina Marella winning the title of Ms. Wrestlemania. Santino reminds us that he lost last week to the Great Khali so his sister has to appear on Smackdown and be a part of the Khali Kiss Kam. Santino wants to bring out his sister to apologize to her. Santino says that some people think that him and Santina are the same person. Santino wants Santina to come out.

Santina appears on the TitanTron. She says that she cannot kiss the Great Khali because she has a blister on her lip. Santino asks Santina where she is and she says that she is in the best country in the world, Italy. Santina says that she cannot appear on Smackdown because she will not be cured until the weekend. Santino says that they made a great couple, but since she is on Raw and Khali is on Smackdown. Santino has a poem for his sister but it is interrupted by Beth Phoenix and Rosa Mendez.

Beth gets a mic and she tells Santino that she is sorry to hear about his sister’s blister. She tells Santino that Vickie Guerrero has set aside some time for Santina to kiss the Great Khali. Santina talks about the poem and Santino tries to shut her up. Santino says that he does not know what Beth is up to but he does not like it. He says that Beth is covered in jealousy. Santino says that Beth better hope to win back the title tonight because Beth will never be Ms. Wrestlemania.

Match Number Three: Melina versus Beth Phoenix with Rosa Mendez for the Women’s Title

Beth with a knee after locking up and Beth with an Irish whip and Melina tries for a float over but Beth catches Melina and hits a power slam for a near fall. Beth with an arm bar and cross face but Melina gets to her feet. Beth gets Melina on her shoulders for a reverse torture rack. Beth runs Melina into the turnbuckles after Melina tries for a back slide. Beth has Melina kick herself in the head. Melina with a kick and punch to Beth and then she kicks Beth in the head. Melina with a handspring into an elbow and gets a near fall. Beth gets a number of near falls. Melina with punches from the turnbuckle and then Melina with a bulldog for a near fall. Rosa gets on the apron and Melina confronts her. Beth tries to attack Melina from behind but Melina moves and Beth spears Rosa. Melina with Code Red for the three count.
Winner: Melina

Triple H is in his the locker room and Shane enters. Shane wishes Hunter luck tonight and then he talks about the match on Sunday. Shane says that they need to be careful not to screw it up. He mentions how all three of them can be a bit hot headed. If they get disqualified, Randy Orton becomes the champion. Hunter says that it will not happen. Hunter says that he will get all of the anger out of his system tonight.

Chris Jericho is walking in the back as we go to commercial.

Match Number Four: John Cena versus Chris Jericho

Jericho with punches and forearms and then he sends Cena into the corner. Jericho with kicks and he chokes Cena in the corner. Jericho with a snap mare and a kick to the back. Jericho with a belly-to-back suplex and then he hits a back elbow. Jericho slaps Cena in the head and then he kicks Cena in the head. Jericho punches Cena in the head and then he slaps him in the head. Cena with a punch but Jericho with a clothesline and a near fall. Jericho with a suplex and a drop kick to the back for a near fall. Cena with a kick to Jericho but Jericho with a punch. Cena responds with a punch and then it is time for Cena and Jericho to exchange punches with the fans behind Jericho. Cena with a flying shoulder tackle or two. Cena with the Blue Thunder Bomb and then it is time to set up for the five knuckle shuffle. Cena waits for Jericho and he has him up for the Attitude Adjustment but Jericho counters with a DDT for a near fall. Cena goes to the apron and Jericho tries for the springboard drop kick but Cena catches Jericho and he tries for the Attitude Adjustment from the apron but Jericho gets out of the hold and then he runs Cena into the ring steps. We go to commercial.

We are back and Jericho with a near fall. Jericho with a kick to the head and then he slams Cena’s head into the turnbuckles and follows that with punches and kicks. Jericho stands on Cena’s neck and then he slaps Cena. Jericho with an Irish whip but he runs into a back elbow. Jericho tries for the Walls of Jericho but Cena powers out of the hold. Jericho drives Cena face first into the canvas but Jericho can only get a near fall. Jericho with a forearm to the back of the neck. Cena sends Jericho into the ring post and then he gets Jericho set for a super Attitude Adjustment. Jericho gets out of the hold and Jericho with an Electric Chair drop and Jericho gets a two count. Jericho tries for the Lionsault but Cena moves and both men are down. Cena with a drop toe hold and then Jericho with an inside cradle but Cena rolls through and gets Jericho on his shoulders for an Attitude Adjustment but Jericho lands on his feet. Jericho hits the Codebreaker but he cannot make the cover fast enough to get the three count. Jericho tries for another Codebreaker but Cena catches Jericho for the Attitude Adjustment and both men are down. Cena covers but he can only get a two count. Cena goes up top for the leg drop and he gets it blocked by Jericho and Jericho puts Cena in the Walls of Jericho but Cena is able to escape and counter into the STF. Jericho with an enzuigiri as Cena pulls Jericho back into the center of the ring. Jericho and Cena fight on the turnbuckles and Cena with a superplex attempt but Edge comes out and he knocks Jericho off the apron.
Winner: Chris Jericho by disqualification

Edge attacks Cena after the match and then he sets for the Ultimate Opportunist Spear and he hits it. Cena gets a few chairs and he brings them into the ring. Edge hits Cena with the conchairto. Edge gets a mic and he says that the winner in a last man standing match is the man who knocks his opponent unconscious for a count of ten. Edge starts the count and gets to ten.

We go to commercial.

We are back with an Ultimate Opportunist Moments Ago Moment of Edge attacking John Cena during and after Cena’s match with Chris Jericho.

We see footage of what Big Show did to Jeff Hardy on last week’s Smackdown followed by Matt’s post match attack on his brother.

Match Number Five: Rey Mysterio versus Big Show

Rey tries to weaken Show’s base with kicks but Show with a clothesline and then he picks up Rey and tosses him to the mat. Show picks up Rey and puts him on the top turnbuckle and then he chops Rey and Rey falls to the floor. Show pulls Rey back into the ring but Rey with kicks and forearms but Show sends Rey into the corner. Rey with a head scissors and Rey hits a 619 to Show’s rear end. Rey sends Show into the ropes in the 619 position but Show catches him and he holds Rey like a bag of groceries and he connects with the punch for the three count.
Winner: Big Show

After the match, the medical staff checks on Rey while Show watches and then he leaves the ring.

We go to commercial.

We are back with the Slam of the Week: Shane McMahon going coast to coast against Cody Rhodes on Superstars.

We go to footage from the Batista/DiBiase match from Smackdown.

Ted is in the locker room with Cody and they ask how they are doing after last week’s matches. Cody says that things will be better on Sunday because their opponents are a bunch of ticking time bombs. Meanwhile, Legacy are on the same page. Ted says that it is great to be in the same group when their leader is . . .

Randy Orton enters and he wonders if it is because he is not champion. Randy says that he is the best in the business and this is why Cody and Ted put their careers in his hand. Randy says that Hunter is on borrowed time and he knows it. Hunter cannot forget what Randy did to his wife. They will win on Sunday and tonight, he will beat Triple H.

We go to the WWE We are Awesome Graphic and more men check out than Oprah’s website.

Match Number Six: Triple H with GameFountain versus Randy Orton in a No Disqualification Match

Orton with a kick and punches to Hunter. Hunter with a kick and he punches Orton. Orton with an Irish whip but Hunter with a clothesline. Hunter with more punches to Orton and then they go outside to the floor. Orton gains control but Hunter Irish whips Orton into the ringside barrier. Hunter rearranges the announce table an then he punches Orton as Orton falls onto the table. Orton with a European uppercut and then he gets a few trash cans and he chooses the right one to try to hit Hunter but Hunter with a kick. Hunter gets the trash can but Orton kicks him and then they return to the ring and no trash cans were used. Orton with a back breaker to Hunter for a near fall. Hunter with a high knee to Orton and then he clotheslines Orton over the top rope to the floor. Orton bounces off the announce table. Orton grabs the trash can while Hunter argues with the referee and Orton hits Hunter with the trash can as we go to commercial.

We are back and Orton stands over Hunter on the floor and then Orton with an Irish whip that sends Hunter into the ring steps. Orton returns Hunter to the ring and then Orton takes the ring steps apart and brings them into the ring. Orton hits Hunter with the ring steps and then he sends them back to the floor before getting a near fall. Orton returns to the floor and he moves the lower ring steps. Orton pulls Hunter over the arpon and he sets for the IEDDT onto the ring steps but Hunter blocks it and he sends Orton onto the steps. Hunter has a chair and he tries to hit Orton with it but Orton moves out of the way. They return to the ring and Hunter punches Orton in the corner but Orton gets back up. Hunter with a face buster for a near fall. Hunter gets the trash can but he runs into a boot from Orton. Hunter with a spinebuster onto the trash can and Orton convulses but Orton kicks out at two. Hunter goes for the chair and he hits Orton in the ribs and the back. Hunter sets to hit him in the head but Orton with a punch followed by a DDT onto the chair and both men are down again.

Orton sets for the field goal kick but Hunter moves and then Hunter with a clip to the knee. Hunter wraps Orton’s leg around the ring post. Hunter gets another chair and he hits Orton’s leg with it against the ring post. Hunter is back in the ring and he sends Orton’s knee into the mat. Hunter with a figure four leg lock on Orton. Orton gets to the ropes and the referee tells Orton that it does not matter because it is no disqualification. Orton finally rolls to the floor to get out of the hold. Hunter sends Orton back into the ring. Hunter punches Orton in the corner and then he drives his knees into Orton’s injured leg. Hunter brings the chair back in and he puts it around Orton’s leg and he is going to hit the stomp.

Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes come out and attack Hunter and they work him over. Shane McMahon comes out and he takes care of Rhodes and DiBiase. DiBiase pulls the ropes down and Shane goes over the top rope to the floor. Rhodes and DiBiase work over Hunter. Batista comes to the ring and Batista with clotheslines to Rhodes and DiBiase and he follows that with a spear to Orton. Batista tries for a spear on Rhodes but he accidentally spears Shane. Hunter wants to know what is going on. Batista punches DiBiase and then he throws him out of the ring. Rhodes knocks Batista out of the ring but Hunter sends Rhodes to the floor. Orton hits an RKO for the three count.
Winner: Randy Orton

2010 - WWE broadcast WWE NXT.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

We are live on tape from Uncasville, Connecticut and your announcers are Michael Cole and Josh Mathews. Your host is Matt Striker.

The rookies are in the ring and there is a jousting pit by the entrance. Matt welcomes everyone to the show and he introduces the rookies. Matt reminds us that the second poll will be in three weeks, but the person in eighth place will be eliminated. Matt reminds us about last week’s Talk the Talk Challenge that was won by Wade Barrett. This week’s challenge will deal with balance and striking ability. It is called Rockem Sockem Rookies. The winner will have a feature on that starts tonight at midnight.

The first two rookies are Heath Slater and David Otunga. Slater knocks Otunga off the pedestal to win the first match up. The next match up is Wade Barrett and Skip Sheffield. Barrett with a shoulder as he knocks Sheffield off. They push each other and Sheffield is declared the winner. Michael Tarver and Daniel Bryan are in heat number three. Tarver drops his kudgel stick and then Tarver walks off the pedestal. Tarver pushes Bryan while he celebrates and he leaves the pit. The final first round match up is Justin Gabriel and Darren Young. Darren Young wins this match up.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time to talk about Extreme Rules and we go to the John Cena/Batista video package for their match. We run through the rest of the card for Extreme Rules.

Josh talks about the Pro Polls and we go to a Wade Barrett video package. Miz says that he is a fan of Wade Barrett. Matt Hardy says that Wade is the most complete package of the NXT guy. Christian says that he is physically impressive. William Regal says that he has everything cosmetically and physically that a human would want. Miz says that he can talk and entertain. Carlito likes the way Barrett projects himself. Regal says that he has a dignity and manner that nobody else on NXT has. Miz says that you want to see what he does next. Christian says that he has Jericho in his ear and they are similar people. Chris Jericho says that Barrett is a great protégé because he listens to what he says. He says that Barrett is tough as nails, but needs some more experience but all of them need that. He says that Barrett is delivering and he mentions Barrett’s win in the eight man tag and how he fit in with the pros. Jericho says that if Barrett continues to listen, he will be a star in a short time.

We go to commercial.

Match Number One: David Otunga with R Truth versus Justin Gabriel with Matt Hardy

They lock up and Otunga with a waist lock take down and then he poses. They lock up again and Gabriel with a take down. Otunga with a kick and side head lock. Otunga with a shoulder tackle and Gabriel is a bit shaken up. Gabriel with an arm drag and drop kick. Gabriel with a drop toe hold and Otunga rolls to the apron. Otunga with a kick to Gabriel followed by an elbow to the head. Otunga with an arm bar and chin lock and then he takes Gabriel back to the mat. Otunga with a front face lock and neck breaker for a near fall. Otunga with a chin lock and he adds extra pressure with a knee in Gabriel’s back. Gabriel moves when Otunga tries for an elbow drop. Otunga with an Irish whip and Gabriel floats over and sends Otunga to the floor with a head scissors. Gabriel with a somersault plancha onto the floor. Gabriel with a cross body for a two count. Gabriel with a side Russian leg sweep and then he goes up top for the 450 Splash but Otunga is able to get out of the way. Otunga sends Gabriel to the floor. Gabriel with a kick from the apron. Gabriel tries for a sunset flip and Otunga tries to stay on his feet but Otunga eventually goes down despite pleas for help from R Truth and Gabriel gets the three count.
Winner: Justin Gabriel

After the match R Truth does not appear to be happy with his rookie’s performance.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for the semi-finals of Rockem Sockem Rookies. The first semi-final is Heath Slater and Skip Sheffield. Slater falls off his pedestal and Sheffield advances to the finals. The second semi-final is Darren Young and Daniel Bryan. Young escapes some early balance problems and knocks Bryan off to advance to the finals.

Michael Tarver comes to the ring with Carlito and he says that if silence is golden, then his words are invaluable. That is why he said that he is done being overlooked in NXT. He says that he does not play by their rules. He says that he did not come here to dance on a balloon like a monkey. Tarver says that he dares any of the rookies or pros to come out and stop him.

Skip Sheffield comes out and he says that he wants Tarver to turn his upper lip south and shut his mouth. Sheffield says that he is going to make his pro proud by taking on the Nitwit of Negativity tonight.

CM Punk’s music plays and he comes out with the Straight Edge Society and Darren Young. Punk says that they aren’t the only ones looking for competition. Punk says that Darren Young is looking for competition. Last week, Darren made a lovely demonstration of what competition is when he did what we are about to see on the TitanTron. Punk looks at Luke and he says that he believes in the law of the jungle and survival of the fittest. Punk says that he would not do this just for his own sick kicks. He does it to his rookie and Luke Gallows to keep them sharp and on the edge, where they need to be. Punk says that Darren is also in the finals of the little stick fighting thing. First, he will compete in a Triple Threat Match.

Match Number Two: Michael Tarver with Carlito versus Skip Sheffield versus Darren Young

Tarver and Sheffield look like they are joining forces to go after Young. Sheffield misses a charge and goes to the floor. Tarver hits Young but Young with a kick and then he clotheslines Tarver over the top rope to the floor and we go to commercial.

We are back and Tarver holds Young for Sheffield to kick Darren. Skip with a punch to Young followed by a forearm to the back. Tarver with a boot to Young. Sheffield with shoulders to Young in the corner. Tarver takes his turn with the shoulders. Tarver with an Irish whip to Young and then Tarver sends Sheffield into the corner with a clothesline. He follows that with a forearm and then Tarver with a suplex to Young. Tarver yells at Young and says that he isn’t Luke Gallows. Sheffield with a belly-to-belly suplex to Young but Tarver pulls Sheffield off. Tarver covers Young and Sheffield pulls him off. Sheffield and Tarver argue and Young with a near fall on a rollup. Young is sent into the apron and Tarver with a punch to Sheffield but Sheffield with a punch and a snap mare followed by a chop. Sheffield with a clothesline in the corner followed by a splash but Young makes the save. Young sends Sheffield to the floor. Tarver with a punch but Young with a discus forearm. Young with a flying shoulder tackle and a back body drop and a near fall. Luke Gallows pushes Young off the top turnbuckle and Gallows tells Tarver to finish him. Tarver misses a clothesline and Young gets the win with a full nelson flap jack.
Winner: Darren Young

It is time for a Heath Slater video package. Christian says that he is the one man rock band. He says that he didn’t know how they would get along but they have bonded. Hardy says that Heath is a hard worker who needs to refine his game. Regal says that his persona is a bit mystifying. Carlito says that he doesn’t really like Slater. Miz says that Slater is over the top and maybe too much. Christian says that he doesn’t try to boss him around and he makes suggestions. Chris Jericho says that he can’t stand Slater the more he sees him. When he drops the glad handing, he is going to make people angry and that will put him at a different level. Miz says that Slater has something that could get him into the WWE. Miz suggests that people might think that he is idiotic, but they still want to see what he is going to do. Christian says that he told Slater it is not going to be easy and he is going to have to scrap and claw for it.

We go to commercial.

We are back with the WWE Rewind: Christian defeating Wade Barrett with help from Heath Slater.

It is time for the Rockem Sockem Rookies Finals between Skip Sheffield and Darren Young. They try to get position and they both go down at the same time. The referee declares Skip Sheffield the winner of the competition.

Cole and Mathews look at the video tape.

Matt says that they are going to have a rematch because the replay was inconclusive.

Sheffield gets a clear victory this time when Young goes to the mat and Sheffield stays on the platform.

Matt asks Skip how he feels. Sheffield says that it is about time. Skip says that he is going to show up and do what he does best for everyone in the crowd. Sheffield throws out his catch phrases and leaves.

Match Number Three: Chris Jericho with Wade Barrett versus Heath Slater with Christian

Jericho has a few words for Slater and then he slaps Slater. Slater with punches to Jericho but Jericho with another slap and a forearm. Jericho with a kick to Slater followed by a belly-to-back suplex. Slater punches Jericho but Jericho with a kick. Jericho with a back elbow and he slingshots Slater’s throat into the bottom rope. Jericho with a snap mare and a chin lock but Slater does not give up. Slater gets to his feet and he punches Jericho but Jericho with a drop kick as he continues to work over Slater. Jericho misses a Lionsault and Slater with a clothesline and forearm followed by a running forearm into the corner. Slater punches Jericho but Jericho with a kick. Slater with a neck breaker for a near fall. Jericho uses the referee and he pokes Slater in the eyes. Jericho gets too cocky as he sets for the Walls of Jericho and Slater gets the three count with a rollup.
Winner: Heath Slater

After the match, Jericho freaks out and pleads his case to the referee. Since the referee won’t listen, he tries to plead his case to the announce table, the ring steps and a chair. Jericho then calls the referee stupid as we go to credits.

2011 - TNA released Jay Lethal.

2011 - Juggalo Championship Wrestling held their "Up in Smoke" iPPV.  Mike Johnson filed the following PPV report:

Welcome to's live coverage of Juggalo Championship Wrestling's "Up in Smoke" Internet PPV, which is taking place in Southgate, Michigan. JCW has been doing bi-weekly PPVs for a few weeks, and this will be my first chance to sample the product founded by the Insane Clown Posse.

The JCW PPV opened with the crowd chanting "Family." I have no Juggalo knowledge, so I have no idea why. They held a countdown for the show to begin while showing off the JCW logo.

They announced the DJ for the night and the announce team, which is Kevin Gill and ICP's Shaggy. Gill welcomed everyone watching around the world and said they have a special show tonight. He ran down the lineup for tonight.

They have a ring girl and the ring announcer is dressed like a clown. Makes sense, I guess!

Second in a Three Match Series: Jimmy Jacobs vs. Sal, Man of 1,000 Gimmicks - Loser of Series Leaves JCW

The announcers said that Sal has promised a gimmick that is unbeatable. The announcers are talking about the smell in the room, saying it's something "medical" since it's April 20th.

It was noted that Jacobs won the first match, so if Sal loses, he's gone. Jacobs is doing his Emo gimmick from ROH, right down to the old Lacey song and waving his cell phone in the air.

Sal's gimmick was that he came out as Emo Warrior Jimmy Jacobs, wearing a wig and carrying a cell phone while looking all forlorn. That was pretty cute. They are playing it up like Jacobs is looking in a mirror.

Jacobs took the mic and said, "I'd like to start off tonight...." but Sal took the mic and started saying it instead, saying he wanted to start with a poem. He alleged Jacobs likes an alternative lifestyle.

Jacobs attacks Sal but Sal quickly reversed every attempt and nailed Jacobs. The crowd chanted for Sal who worked over Jacobs. Jacobs responded by grabbing in a testicular claw. Jacobs used a series of double stomps on Sal and covered him but Sal grabbed the ropes at two.

Sal was sent into a corner but came back with several chops. Jacobs cut him off and nailed a tornado DDT off the ropes for a two count. Jacobs started putting eyeliner on. Why, I have no idea. Sal nailed him in the gut with a kick and stuck the eyeliner pencil where the sun doesn't shine. That wasn't a DQ.

Sal slipped out of a powerbomb attempt and suplexed him over for a two count. Sal went to the top but Jacobs took his legs out from under him and nailed a superplex. Jacobs came off the top with a back senton splash and pinned Sal.

Your winner, Jimmy Jacobs!

As a result of the loss, Sal must leave JCW. The announcers wondered how Sal was going to feed his family.

A sad Sal headed to the back.

Decent back and forth match. The announcing is certainly pretty blue so it's taking a little getting used to. They have a multicamera shoot in what looks to be a pretty intimate and full venue.

The DJ is spinning songs between the matches. They are pushing a Wednesday 5/4 return titled "St. Andrew's Brawl" as its taking place at St. Andrews Hall.

Things Gordon Solie never said on a broadcast #1 - "Look at that a**" which was said by the announcers about the ring girl.

Bull Pain & Isabella Smothers vs. Zach Gowen & U-Gene

Isabella Smothers is allegedly the daughter of Tracy Smothers, according to the announcers. It's Mickie Knuckles, who was seen for a second as Moose in TNA. Gowen and U-Gene came out to Bon Jovi. Last band I expected to hear on this was Bon Jovi.

Pain backed Gowen in the corner and began beating him down. Pain missed a charge in the corner. Gowen nailed a missile dropkick off the ropes and tagged Eugene. Eugene and Gowen doubled on Pain for a two count.

Eugene was cut off by Pain, who tagged in Smothers. She locked a side headlock on Eugene and was shoved off into the ropes. They crisscrossed. Eugene got her to stop and grabbed her boobs. He then ended up riding her like a horse and spanked her.

Gowen tagged in with a slingshot splash. The referee was distracted putting Eugene out of the ring, allowing Pain to clothesline Gowen. Smother suplexed Gowen for a two count. She dragged Gowen over to the corner and tagged Pain back in.

Pain continued the beating and nailed an inverted DDT on Gowen for a two count. Smothers tagged back in and locked in a side chinlock. Eugene rallied Gowen, who nailed a jawbreaker. Gowen went for a tag but Smothers speared her and covered him for a two count. She followed up with a back senton splash for another near fall.

Smothers went to the ropes for another back senton splash but missed. The announcers are ripping her apart for being a redneck slut. In deep vulgar description. Wow. Eugene made the hot tag and took out Smothers. Gowen and Eugene double suplexed Pain. Gowen nailed a moonsault from the top, but the referee couldn't make the pin as he was trying to break up Eugene, who had chased Smothers around the ring and kissed her.

Gowen tried to tell Eugene to get with it but was nailed with a DDT by Pain and pinned.

Your winners, Bull Pain & Isabella Smothers!

The storyline is that Tracy Smothers won't be happy his daughter is involved with Pain.

Kevin Gill interviewed U-Gene and Zach Gowen after the match. Eugene said they almost had the win. Gowen said that they had it but the referee was with Eugene. Gowen said that he loves Eugene but he didn't come back to JCW to lose. Eugene said that he was sorry but in his condition, Eugene needs to be there for him to complete him and be his other leg. Gowen said they needed to get it together and come back stronger in two weeks.

Rhino vs. Sexy Slim Goodie

Goodie is doing a Buddy Rose-esque deal as the heavy set guy with long blonde hair claiming to be a slim guy.

Goodie grabbed Rhino in a side headlock but Rhino shoulderblocked him down, worked him over in the corner and backdropped him.

Rhino set up for the Gore but Goodie jumped out to the floor. Rhino followed and worked him over, before sending him back in. Rhono whipped Goodie into the ropes but Goodie stopped and grabbed him in a front facelook. They looked lost for a second.

Rhino clotheslined him over the top to the floor. Rhino and Goodie battled on the floor. Goodie nailed him low and got the better of Rhino. He tossed Rhino back into the ring. Rhino charged him but was kicked down.

Things Gordon Solie never said #2 - "Rhino took that bump viciously."

Goodie choked Rhino against the ropes, then locked on a rear chinlock. Rhino fought his way out but was snapped back down to the mat. Goodie did a cartwheel and dropped an elbow. I have to say, I am entertained by his gimmick.

The fans started to chant for Rhino, who started to make a comeback but was cut off. Goodie went to the top for a legdrop but missed. JCW plays organ music when guys go to the top rope, almost like a baseball game calling for people to yell "Charge!"

Rhino fired up on Goodie and clotheslined him, then nailed a back elbow. He belly to belly suplexed Goodie then set up for the Gore. Rhino nailed it and scored the pin.

Your winner, Rhino!

This was a nice traditional heel vs. face match. Nothing groundbreaking but a lot more entertaining than I would have expected going in.

2 Tuff Tony vs. Sabu

They immediately started brawling and went to the floor. Tony used a chair on Sabu. Sabu was bleeding from the side or back of the head. They returned to the ring, where Tony nailed him with a chair to the gut.

Tony went to suplex Sabu on a chair but just barely nailed it, catching it on the corner. Tony began beating Sabu with headbutts. They had sound effects for the shots. I hated that. Sabu pulled out a spike and drilled Tony with it. The storyline here is that Sabu had tried to take out Tony's eye with it previously.

Sabu started carving up Tony's forehead with it. Tony began bleeding. Tony came back with a series of punches. Sabu kicked him low and threw a chair in Tony's face, He nailed Air Sabu on Tony then kicked him in the head.

Sabu began choking Tony, then flung another chair at his head. Sabu dropped an elbow for a two count. Sabu reversed a whip and ended up sending Tony into the referee. Sabu charged Tony, who moved and Sabu nailed the referee again.

Tony cleaned house on Sabu and nailed a Lionsault. Tony doused his hand with alcohol, let a fan light it on fire and nailed Sabu with it. Sabu's manager, Charlie Brown, attacked Tony. '

Rob Conway came out to theme music and attacked Tony, putting a sleeper on him. The announcers were confused as he had attacked Sabu and Brown previously. Brown pulled out a wad of cash to pay him. Rhino hit the ring and ran off the others, checking on Tony.

The referee ruled the match a no contest.

Rhino took the mic and said if they wanted to try to beat up 2 Tuff Tony, they should get in the ring with them in two weeks at the next show so they can kick their asses "Juggalo style."

Match was OK. This wasn't designed to be pretty and it wasn't. I laughed when the referee said it was no contest. I guess a guy lighting his hand on FIRE and using it isn't a DQ?!!? I always love watching Sabu and wish he was working on a larger, national scale.

They aired a video feature on Kongo Kong.

Superstar Bill Martel vs. Kongo Kong

Martel is a throwback wrestler coming out dressed like Dan Severn with a sweatshirt and a towel around his neck. He said he was beaten worse than he's ever been beaten in his life two weeks ago by Kong. He said to himself that he knew he could beat that guy and he was here tonight to prove he could beat Kongo Kong. The announcers said that if he could, he'd be the first.

Kong is managed by Truth Martini. Kong is a big heavyset guy wearing facepaint.

Martel attacked Kong, sent him into the corner and started using a sleeper to try and put him out. He tried to headbutt Kong but Kong, being from the jungle, no sold it. Martel still went for another sleeper but was run backwards into the corner. Martel tried to shake it off and still went back to the sleeper.

Martel nailed several shots but Kong grabbed him, pressed him and powerslammed Martel. Kong went to the top rope and hit a top rope splash.

Things Gordon Solie never said #3 - "OH SH**!"

Kong scored the pin. He beat Martel with a big chokeslam after.

Your winner, Kongo Kong!

More or less a squash.

Officer Colt Cabana vs. Weedman

Cabana came out dressed like a vice cop. His mannerims were great. Cabana was using a flashlight to inspect the audience. Does anyone do as many personas as Cabana at the same time and pull them off so well? How WWE let this guy go blows my mind.

Cabana pulled a planted fan out of the crowd and frisked him. He took contraband off the fan and cuffed them to the ringpost. Weedman is a masked guy who comes out smoking, well, you know.

Cabana missed a charge in the corner so Weedman blew smoke in his face. Cabana ended up on the floor, where Weedman hit a sliding dropkick. Cabana tossed him into the rail but missed a charge into one. Weedman hit a moonsault press off the railing.

Cabana tried to escape but was stopped by Weedman on the stage. He went for a suplex but Cabana reversed it and Weedman took the bump on a metal bridge between the stage and the ring.

Cabana began working over Weedman. The fans are trying to rally him with a "420" chant. I bet Frank Gotch never got one of those. Cabana choked him against the ropes. Weedman, not Gotch.

Cabana tried to go for Weedman's mask. Weedman fought back with a series of rights but missed a splash in the corner. Cabana jawjacked with the fans as he climbed to the top but was nailed by Weedman and knocked into the ring.

Weedman nailed Cabana with a series of clotheslines and a standing moonsault press. Cabana cut him off and whipped him into the corner. Weedman kicked him off and nailed another kick off the ropes for a two count.

Cabana grabbed Weedman's mask and pulled it off. Weedman ran to the back. The fans chanted, "You f***ed up."

Weedman did not return and the referee counted him out.

Your winner by countout, Officer Colt Cabana!

Cabana put the mask in an evidence bag. That made me laugh.

Things Gordon Solie never said # 4: "What a d***. In all aspects. What a d***head cop."

Cabana took the mic and said he has Weedman's mask and now he knows exactly who the drug dealer is. He promised to put him in a jail and rape him. "I guarantee it." He told the Juggalo that he arrested that he was just one and he was going to arrest all of them eventually.

He challenged Weedman to a rematch on the 5/4 Internet PPV with Weedman's mask vs. Cabana's career as a police officer.

Cabana dragged off the arrested fan and at one point acted like he was going to bend him over and penetrate him. The announcers called it police brutality.

They ran a video for the next Internet PPV.

JCW Tag Team champions Madman Pondo & Necro Butcher vs. The Ring Ryders

The Ryders are two masked guys, one in blue, one in Red. That's how I will refer to them.

Pondo used some wrestling moves but was nailed by a flying headscissors by Red. Necro tagged in and killed blue with a clothesline, then punted him in the face with a kick. Necro tried to toss him over the top to the floor but Blue slipped out and nailed a dropkick, then began working over his arm.

The Ryders worked over Necro with stereo kicks to the head. Blue hit a sliding kick to the outside. Necro grabbed him and tossed him into the crowd. Red hit an Asai Moonsault off the middle rope to the crowd on Necro and Pondo.

Necro returned to the ring. Red came off the top but was nailed with an uppercut. Necro punched and stomped Red. More sound effects. More dislike from me. Pondo tagged in but was nailed with several right hands. Red went for a high cross bodyblock but was caught and nailed with a swinging Uranage.

Necro tagged back in, chair in hand and slammed Red down on the chair. He nailed a sitdown powerbomb on the chair for a two count. Pondo nailed a pumphandle slam on the chair but Blue broke up the pinfall.

Pondo suplexed Red through a chair that was sitting open but he kicked out at the last second. Necro tagged back in and went to the floor but Red caught him and nailed a belly to back suplex. Blue hit a splash on Necro but Pondo nailed him to break up the pinfall.

The Ryders whipped Pondo into the corner and doubled up on him. Red hit a leaping enziguiri and came off with a frog splash for a two count. The Ryders continued hitting double team moves but Necro broke up the pinfall.

Blue hit a sunset flip powerbomb on Necro onto the metal bridge between the ring and apron. The Ryders hit the Spanish Fly on Pondo and scored the pin.

Your winners and new JCW Tag Team champions The Ring Ryders!

Pondo and Necro embraced the Ryders and presented them with the belts, showing them respect.

After a musical performance by one of the Psychopathic acts, the announcers talked about the main event and showed footage from the last Internet PPV.

*JCW champion Cpl. Robinson vs. "Richie Rich Boy" Bryer Wellington - No DQ

They showed a video feature on the last time they were supposed to face off, when Wellington refused to wrestle the hardcore style and Ian Rotten took his place.

Wellington took the mic and promised there would be a new JCW champion tonight. Truth Martini demanded the fans keep their mouth shut or they would leaving.

Robinson dragged in Wellington and beat him with headbutts, then worked him over with shots. Wellington's Butler attacked Robinson but was run off. Robinson nailed a series of running knes in the corner and a neckbreaker for a two count.

Robinson nailed him with a running knee lift in the corner and a bulldog but the Butler broke it up. That allowed Wellington to nail Robinson from behind and kicking and raking at Robinson's back.

Wellington nailed a suplex for a two count. Robinson avoided a clothesline and nailed his own, then nailed a series of backdrop drivers on Wellington. Robinson went after the butler and went to get weapons under the ring, tossing a chair into the ring.

Robinson returned to the ring, tying Wellington to the tree of woe. He placed a chair in front of Wellington, then smashed another chair into it. The Butler went after Robinson but backed away. Wellington was busted open. Robinson nailed him and covered him for a two count.

Robinson nailed a DDT for a two count. Butler tried to interfere again. JCW Commissioner Violent J came out, wielding an axe no less. He said that he warned Butler not to interfere and that this was going to be a fair and square match. He ordered The Butler to return to the match. J announced it would be a Three-Way-Dance.

Robinson clotheslined Wellington and covered him for a two count as the Butler started to undress and prepared to wrestle. Robinson nailed Wellington across the back with a chair, then nailed the Butler, who was wearing tights under his suit, as well.

Robinson nailed Wellington, tossed him to the outside and then out into the crowd. Robinson dropped the Butler, Jeeves, then followed Wellington to the outside. The cameras didn't catch what happened. Butler joined the fray and they worked over Robinson. Robinson fought back.

As they returned over the railing to the ringside area, Wellington nailed Robinson with a series of punches, then slammed him into the railing. He kicked Robinson into the guard rail. Robinson fired back but Butler joined the assault on the champion.

Wellington rolled into the ring to catch his breath as Robinson got the better of the Butler outside. Robinson returned to the ring and superkicked both challengers. Robinson nailed the Boot Camp, a cobra clutch Russian legsweep on the Butler. He went for it on Wellington, who slipped out and nailed a Death Valley Driver. Wellington went to the top but missed a moonsault.

Robinson nailed the Boot Camp. He tossed Wellington onto the stage and suplexed him hard on the stage. That sounded nasty. Robinson followed that up with a piledriver on the stage.

Robinson pulled a table out from undee the ring and set it up at ringside. Robinson returned to the stage and was going to powerbomb him off the stage. Konga Kong emerged from the locker room and nailed Robinson with a chair. Kong chokeslammed him off the stage through the table.

Kong rolled Robinson in the ring but Wellington was out on the stage. The connection died on the stream, the only time that happened the entire broadcast. I refreshed and I am guessing The Butler rolled over onto Robinson and scored the pin.

Your winner and new JCW champion Butler Jeeves!

Butler celebrated as Wellington wondered what the hell happened and was mad. The Butler acted all confused by winning the belt but once Wellington left, The Butler celebrated.

2012 - WWE ran Newcastle, England.  Ian Willis sent the following results:

1) Brodus Clay w/Hornswoggle DEF Jinder Mahal.

2) The Usos & Mason Ryan DEF Kurt Hawkins, Tyler Reks & Drew McIntyre.

3) Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez DEF The Great Khali.

4) Alicia Fox DEF Natalya (Guest Referee Aksana).

5) Big Show DEF Cody Rhodes to retain the Intercontinental Title.


6) Percy Watson & Booker T DEF Christian & Mark Henry.

7) Randy Orton DEF Kane in a No DQ Match.

8) Sheamus DEF Daniel Bryan to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

2012 - WWE broadcast Smackdown.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

We are live on tape from London, England and your announcers are Booker ‘Kevin Costner’s British Accent from Robin Hood was better’ T, Michael ‘Remember when I was knighted’ Cole, and Josh ‘What did I do to deserve this assignment’ Mathews.

Things start off with Daniel Bryan making his way to the ring and yes, the fans are behind him. Daniel is not accompanied by anyone else to the ring at this time.

Daniel looks around the arena and he says yes. That is what he was saying when he walked down the ramp for his first ever Wrestlemania as the World Champion. In eighteen seconds, it was as if his World Title reign never happened. He says that it is hard to talk about what Sheamus did because he did not outwrestle him or outfight him. Sheamus took the coward’s way out. He waited until someone distracted him and waited until he turned his back to him. Just like what Sheamus did to Alberto Del Rio and the defenseless referee Chad Patton, which he got fined $500,000. Sheamus did it again last week.

At Extreme Rules, he will not be distracted. If Sheamus touches the referee, he will be fired. At Extreme Rules, we return to the city where his rise to the top began. We return to the city where the people thought he had no chance in hell of winning. We return to the city where he won the Money in the Bank briefcase. We return to Chicago. He will do the exact same thing he did before. He will shock the world.

They have a two out of three falls match and he will not only beat Sheamus once, he will do it twice. It will not be a disputed victory like Sheamus had. It will be undeniable that he is the World Heavyweight Champion.

As an added treat, he gets to show everyone what he does best and that is wrestle. He says that he will wrestle and outwrestle Sheamus like a real man. All of the questions will be answered. Did Sheamus take the cowardly way out every time he met him . . . yes. Does it being a two out of three falls match give him the advantage. . . Yes. Will he walk out of Extreme Rules as the World Champion . . . YES!!

AJ comes to the ring and Daniel tells her to stop, turn around and go away.

AJ enters the ring and stands face to face with Daniel. Daniel wants to know if she is here to steal his spotlight or is she going to distract him to allow Sheamus to kick him in the face.

AJ says that this is the only way that she can see him. AJ wants to work through their problems. Daniel says that they don’t have a problem. He got rid of his problem and it was AJ.

AJ tells Daniel that she knows they can work this out. She tells Daniel that she wants to wish him good luck in his match against Sheamus.

Daniel says that he wishes that AJ did not come out here. He wishes that he never met her. He wishes that when AJ asked him out, he never said yes. Daniel says that he wishes that AJ was never even born.

AJ looks like she is going to cry and Daniel is smiling from ear to ear. He says that he will answer one more question. Is there any chance or hope that he will take her back . . . NO.

Daniel drops the mic and he leaves the ring.

AJ is left in the ring as we go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for obligatory shots of London.

AJ is still in the ring for her match.


Match Number One: Natalya versus AJ Lee


The bell rings and AJ stares at something outside the ring. Natalya checks on AJ and AJ slaps Natalya in the face and then hits her with a forearm. AJ with punches and kicks but the referee pulls her out of the corner. AJ with more punches and kicks and the referee warns her again. The referee calls for the bell.


Winner: Natalya by disqualification


After the match, the referee checks on Natalya and AJ starts to calm down and realize what she did. AJ leaves the ring and goes up the ramp. She looks confused about what just happened. She runs to the back and we go to commercial.

We are back and Damien Sandow quotes Benjamin Franklin and says that allegiance is the daughter of ignorance. He reminds us who he is. The words of one of our founding fathers rings true today as much as they did more than two hundred years ago. Our reality is one where information is at a premium. Instead of embracing this knowledge, the people are more concerned with hoarding simpletons or which celebrity can garner more votes doing an embarrassing version of the merengue. Damien says that he is going to usher in a new era of enlightenment. An era that will not only shun you from the doldrums of your self imposed ignorance but an era that will take you to new heights of moral and ethical capacity. Damien says that you are welcome.

Brodus Clay comes out and he wants them to cut the music. Brodus says that his little brother was supposed to be here tonight. He wants the Funkettes to bring out his little brother. Brodus introduces his little brother and it is the SwoggleSaurus.


Match Number Two: Hunico with Camacho versus Brodus Clay with the Funkettes


Hunico has something to say to Brodus but Brodus does the Brodus Shimmy. Hornswoggle comes in and he shimmies as well. Hunico pushes Horsnwoggle down and Brodus with a body block and chops in the corner. Clay with a back body drop and then he knocks Camacho off the apron. Clay with the Sheeeeplex and hits it. Brodus with the splash for the three count.


Winner: Brodus Clay


After the match, Hornswoggle goes up top and hits a frog splash onto Hunico.

Now it is time on Smackdown when we dance.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Teddy Long is walking in the back and he is looking for Aksana. Titus O’Neil and Darren Young see Teddy and comment on how Teddy never signed them and how Teddy never saw them as Prime Time Players. Titus and Darren make fun of the fact that Teddy is no longer employed.

John Laurinaitis stops by and he introduces Teddy to Darren and Titus and says that he listens to the people.

Darren says that the people want new young talent like Titus and himself. Titus asks Teddy if he thinks that they are ready to be Prime Time Players. They say that is People Power.

Johnny says that he wears a lot of hats and he is going to give Teddy the opportunity and he gives Teddy the hat for a Queen’s guard and points out that they don’t talk.

We go to the back where Matt Striker is with Randy Orton. Matt asks Randy about what Kane did to him and his father. Matt shows Randy the footage one more time.

Matt asks Randy how his father is. Randy says that his father is the toughest man he knows and he will be fine, in time. He cannot say the same for Kane. At Wrestlemania, Kane says that he became the monster that he has been all along. At Extreme Rules, they are in a match where they can fight backstage or in the stands because Falls Count Anywhere. Kane will find out exactly how sick and twisted he can be.

We go to commercial.


Match Number Three: The Usos versus Darren Young and Titus O’Neil


Darren and Jey start things off and they lock up but Young with a side head lock. Young wih a shoulder tackle but Jey with a spinning flying forearm. Jimmy tags in and hits a clothesline. Young with an Irish whip but Jimmy slides into the corner and comes out with a clothesline and chop. Jey tags back in and they hit a double back elbow and double elbow drop for a near fall.

Jey runs into a boot and then Young kicks Jey. Titus tags in and Young with a reverse atomic drop and Titus sends Jey to the mat and hits a leg drop for a near fall. Titus with kicks to Jey as they continue their assault on the Usos. Titus with a forearm followed by a European uppercut.

Young tags in and he kicks Jey followed by a swinging neck breaker for a near fall. Young with a body scissors and chin lock. Jimmy tries to get the fans to motivate Jey to get out of trouble. Young with a knee but Jey with an uppercut and he tags in Jimmy.

Jimmy with clotheslines followed by a savate kick. Young with a forearm but Jimmy with a Samoan drop. Jimmy sets for the running butt splash into the corner and then he gets a near fall but Titus breaks up the cover. Jey tries to hit a cross body but Titus figures it is coming so he drops down. Titus with the tag and then he holds Titus for a clothesline from the turnbuckles and Titus gets the three count.


Winners: Titus O’Neil and Darren Young


It is time for the Raw Rebound.

We go to commercial.


Match Number Four: Alberto Del Rio with Ricardo Rodriguez versus Big Show in a Non Title Match


Show with a side head lock and punches to send Del Rio to the mat. Show misses a punch in the corner and Del Rio kicks Show in the leg. Show pushes Del Rio away and then he chops Del Rio in the corner. Del Rio backs into the corner and Show chokes Del Rio with his boot.

Show with the shhhh chop to Del Rio and then he slams Alberto. Show with an elbow drop and he gets a near fall. Show chokes Del Rio in the ropes and then he punches Alberto. Show misses a clothesline and Del Rio goes for the knee and Show falls hard into the mat. Del Rio with a series of kicks to Show to keep him on the mat. Del Rio jumps onto Show’s chest and gets a near fall.

Del Rio works on the bicep and shoulder area to set up the cross arm breaker. Del Rio with a key lock on Show but Show holds on to the ropes and Del Rio releases the hold. Del Rio with kicks to the arm. Del Rio returns to the key lock. Show pushes Del Rio off and he returns to his feet. Show tries for a choke slam but Del Rio escapes and he kicks Show in the back of the leg and then the back before getting a near fall.

Del Rio with an arm breaker on the knees and then he sets for the float over into the cross arm breaker but Show does not go over and Show with a single arm suplex and both men are down. Show blocks a kick and he chops Del Rio. Show with a few clotheslines followed by an Irish whip into the corner and a running butt splash and a spear.

Show gets up first and he signals for the choke slam. Ricardo gets on the apron and Cody Rhodes hits Beautiful Disaster and Del Rio gets the three count.


Winner: Alberto Del Rio


After the match, Cody attacks Show and kicks him to the floor. When Show recovers, Cody retreats into the crowd.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Heath Slater is watching the monitor because we have nameless local wrestler making his debut. He brings over Drew McIntyre and Drew wonders who is going to win this one.

Before our next match, Danny Lerman says that his mom is watching this match from home and he is dedicating this match to her.


Match Number Five: Danny Lerman versus Ryback

Lerman with a kick to the leg and Ryback blocks a second kick. Ryback picks Lerman up by the neck and sends him into the mat before picking him up and hitting a fallaway slam. Ryback with a lariat followed by a muscle buster for the three count.


Winner: Ryback


After the match, Slater tells Drew that he is going to tell Ryback that Drew called him an idiot.

We go to commercial.

We are back with the Brock Lesnar video package that aired on Monday night.

We see Bobby Teddy in the back and he is standing still now he is in uniform. William Regal walks by and he sings before trying to get Teddy to move.

The lights go blue and Aksana is walking with Antonio Cesaro. Aksana bumps into Teddy and wants to know why he is wearing funny costume. Aksana introduces Antonio to Teddy and she says that he wants to be a WWE Superstar.

Antonio tells Aksana when he heard from Aksana that her boyfriend had an important job in WWE, he didn’t expect this. Aksana tells Antonio that he was the general manager, but now John Laurinaitis is in charge.

Johnny yells at Teddy but then he hears the saxophones and sees the blue lights so he is not angry to see Aksana. Johnny introduces himself to Antonio and says that he has heard a lot about him. He walks into the office with Aksana.

Johnny asks Teddy for his thoughts on Antonio.


Match Number Six: Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes, and Mark Henry versus Great Khali, Sheamus, and Randy Orton


As Great Khali gets onto the apron to enter the ring, Cody Rhodes attacks Khali’s leg and Khali is on the ground holding his knee. Sheamus and Orton check on Khali and the medical staff checks on him as well.

Cody, Mark, and Daniel celebrate what they have done to Khali and Sheamus looks at his opponents.

The referee checks with Orton and Sheamus to see what is going to happen.

Big Show makes his way to the ring and it looks like Randy and Sheamus have a third.


Match Number Six . . . Redux: Big Show, Randy Orton, and Sheamus versus Mark Henry, Daniel Bryan, and Cody Rhodes


The match is joined in progress and Orton punches Rhodes in the corner. Cody with an Irish whip but you don’t do that to Orton because he clotheslines Rhodes. Bryan tags in and Orton with a hip toss. Sheamus tags in and Bryan tags Cody back in.

They lock up and Sheamus with a clean break. Cody wants to ask Bryan something but Bryan stays on the floor. Rhodes with a waist lock but Sheamus with punches to get free. Sheamus kicks Cody in the corner. Sheamus catches Rhodes when he tries to float over and Sheamus with a rolling fireman’s carry slam for a near fall.

Sheamus works on the wrist but Cody with a knee. Cody with a drop down uppercut but Sheamus responds with a running double sledge followed by a knee drop for a near fall. Cody tries for a swinging neck breaker but Sheamus sends Cody over the top rope. Cody lands on the apron and Sheamus with the forearms from the apron.

Sheamus tries to suplex Bryan back into the ring but Rhodes lands on his feet. Sheamus goes after Bryan and that distraction allows Rhodes to hit a drop kick that sends Sheamus to the floor. Cody with a baseball slide that sends Sheamus into the ringside barrier. While Cody distracts the referee, Bryan hits a running drop kick.

Bryan tags in and he rolls Sheamus back into the ring and hits an elbow to the throat. Bryan kicks Sheamus in the chest. Henry tags in and he kicks Sheamus in the midsection. Henry stands on Sheamus’ chest. Henry chokes Sheamus in the ropes and then he tags Cody back in.

Rhodes with kicks to Sheamus and he backs the World Champion into the corner. Cody punches Sheamus in the head and then he applies a hammer lock using his leg while putting on a reverse chin lock. Cody with a drop toe hold and he gets a near fall.

Rhodes with a front face lock but Sheamus tosses Cody away. Cody tries for Beautiful Disaster but Sheamus with a clothesline. Orton tags in and he hits a few clotheslines. He avoids a clothesline from Cody and hits a power slam. Orton sends Cody to the apron for the IEDDT and he hits it. Orton twists into the RKO push ups but he sees Bryan trying to interfere and Orton with a power slam. Orton does not see Mark Henry come into the ring and he attacks Orton from behind.

Cody gets a near fall because the referee was out of position taking care of Show and Sheamus.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Henry is working on Orton’s neck. Orton with punches but Henry with a head butt to stop Orton. Bryan tags in and he kicks Orton. Bryan with an Irish whip and he hits the running drop kick into the corner but he can only get a two count. Bryan with a slam and then he goes up top for a diving head butt. Orton moves and Bryan lands hard on the mat.

Show and Henry tag in and Show with clotheslines followed by an Irish whip and splash into the corner. Rhodes with a kick to the back when Show tries for the shoulder tackle. Henry with a clothesline and Rhodes tags in. Cody with shots to the arm. Bryan tags in and Bryan with kicks to Show. Henry tags in and he kicks Show in the ribs. Henry with a head butt and he tags in Cody.

Cody with an elbow drop to the knee as he works on the leg. Cody with a figure four leg lock. Henry with a splash after making a tag and he can only get a near fall. Bryan tags in and he hits a DDT for a near fall but Show sends Bryan to the floor when he kicks out.

Sheamus tags in and he hits a few running double sledges. Sheamus with forearms in the corner. Sheamus with a power slam for a near fall when Cody breaks up the cover. Show punches Cody on the floor.

Bryan tries for the LeBell Lock but Sheamus is able to fight out of it. Sheamus misses the Brogue Kick and Henry is tagged in. Sheamus with the Brogue Kick to Henry and Orton tags in. Show with a punch to Henry followed by an RKO for the three count.


Winners: Big Show, Randy Orton, and Sheamus


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