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By Mike Johnson on 2013-04-09 22:29:27
The word making the way around WWE Creative at the Smackdown taping is that Rock will not be undergoing surgery as it would force his Hercules film shoot to be delayed.

As I noted in my Raw post game audio earlier in the PWInsider Elite section:

CM Punk was having a lot of trouble walking the day after Wrestlemania but was still at Raw last night. At one point, there were plans to have him cut a promo but they decided to hold off a week, feeling he would be getting a massive babyface reaction in front of that fan base. They were right. The word at TV was that Punk would be getting his knees examined this week as he really banged up his leg on the table spot at Wrestlemania.

Triple H, beyond the second degree burns on his body from the dry ice, really banged up his arm and was unable to lift it up yesterday.

Brock Lesnar was knocked loopy early on in his match.

There was fear Shawn Michaels may have suffered a broken cheekbone or nose after Brock Lesnar nailed him at Wrestlemania, but all tests were negative and he's fine.

Undertaker was fine after Wrestlemania, given his physical condition, but isn't expected to wrestle anytime soon.

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