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By Richard Trionfo on 2013-04-07 22:40:57
Welcome to’s continuing coverage of Wrestlemania 29 from MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Make sure to check out the additional coverage on the site including Dave Scherer’s blog. After Wrestlemania, make sure to check out in the Elite Section the Wrestlemania 29 Post Game Show.

We begin with the video from Friday night of Vince McMahon revealing the set of the Wrestlemania 29 set. It is accompanied by the first of many many many many many replays of the song ‘Coming Home’.

Your announcers for the Pre-Show are Josh Mathews and Matt Striker.

Josh wants people to send their Touts of their favorite Wrestlemania Moments.

Scott Stanford is with Jim Ross, Dusty Rhodes, and Kofi Kingston in the ‘studio area’. Scott asks Jim about the anticipation for this Wrestlemania. Jim says that he is just as excited tonight as he was when he debuted at Wrestlemania 9. Scott asks Kofi about the crowd. He says that this is the foundation for WWE so they are back in their home area. Dusty says that Wrestlemania will fulfill dreams tonight. There are issues to be solved, careers and streaks are on the line. Dusty says this will be something big.

We take a look at the World Title Match between Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter with a video package.

Scott asks Jim Ross about Jack Swagger and whether he thinks he is more focused or determined. Jim says that Jack is not the same person he met at the University of Oklahoma. Zeb Colter has influenced Jack and he says that Del Rio will have to wrestle the match of his life to retain.

Kofi says that Alberto is also determined after what Jack and Zeb did to him as well as what Jack did to Ricardo.

Dusty says that the American Dream can be grabbed by Del Rio to show that he is the better man. Dusty thinks that Alberto will win the match.

Scott mentions that Wrestlemania is coming home. We see photos from WWE fans all over the world showing how far they are from New York.

We go back to Josh and Matt at the announce table. Josh reminds us about sending TOUTs about their favorite Wrestlemania moments.

Josh reminds us that if Triple H loses tonight, we will not see him at Wrestlemania 30. We have a video package.

We return to the booth and Scott asks Dusty about Triple H’s chances against Brock. Dusty says that this is nothing more than a fight. We will see who comes out in the end. Anything goes. Dusty says that he has been in this situation before.

Kofi says that this is very personal. We have seen what Brock has done to Vince and Hunter. Now that it is No Holds Barred, he does not know.

Jim Ross says that Paul Heyman has a genetic monster with him and it will be a long night for Triple H.

Scott sends it to Tony Dawson who is tailgating with fans outside the building. They are ready for Wrestlemania.

Snooki is in an office and Miz congratulates her on being a mom. Snooki wants to know if she wants Miz to have her tweet something. Wade interrupts and says that he deserves better than to be slumming with two reality stars.

Snooki mentions that is more than 140 characters.

Miz says that he will take the one thing that makes Wade Barrett relevant.

Barrett says that he will show Miz a different type of reality and that he never liked Miz.

Snooki tells Miz that his spray tan looks awesome.

There will be a colossal collision between Mark Henry and Ryback. We take a look at the Bench Press competition from Smackdown two weeks ago. Then we see what happened on Raw between Mark and Ryback.

Renee Young is with Mark Henry in the interview area. She asks Mark if he has any concerns about Ryback being able to match his strength and power. Mark asks if Ryback matched him in that clip. Ryback was lying on his back and gasping for breath, just like he will tonight. Since this is Ryback’s first Wrestlemania, he thinks it will be his most memorable. Ryback is right because Ryback will be entered into the Hall of Pain.

Scott asks Kofi how to beat the World’s Strongest Man. Kofi says that it will be like moving a mountain. We will find out who the man is.

Dusty says that they are talking about two of the strongest men, but Mark Henry is a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad man. Ryback might be fed more.

Jim Ross says that it is a mastodon matchup and experience will win out with Mark Henry.

We go to footage from the Press Conference at Radio City Music Hall this week.

Will the Undertaker get a chance to go 21-0 or will CM Punk become the 1 in 20-1? We have a video package.

Scott asks Jim Ross about the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Jim says that CM Punk has been the MVP of WWE the last year. It is the Voice of the Voiceless versus the Soul of the Soulless and Taker will go 21-0.

We have less than a half hour until the start of the pay per view and we go to Tony Dawson outside the stadium. Tony asks the fans what they are looking forward to the most.

We take a look at some of the fan’s TOUTs.

What will happen when Randy Orton, Sheamus, and The Big Show face The Shield? We have video.

Scott asks Dusty for his prediction on the match. Dusty says that if the Shield is going to be stopped, this team can do it. Kofi says that there is nothing more dangerous than a team clicking on all cylinders. Jim Ross wonders if there will be any dysfunction with Orton, Sheamus, and Show. Jim thinks that the Shield will win tonight.

Match Number One: Intercontinental Title Match: Wade Barrett versus Miz

They lock up and Miz with a side head lock. Barrett with a kick and elbow to the back of the head followed by a punch. Barrett with a belly-to-back suplex attempt but Miz lands on his feet and he goes to the apron. He slides back in and gets a near fall. Barrett with an Irish whip and Miz tries to float over but Barrett catches him and forces Miz to the mat. Barrett with punches to Miz.

Barrett puts Miz on the top turnbuckle and he connects with forearms to the back followed by a kick to the midsection and Miz falls to the mat. Barrett gets a near fall. Barrett puts Miz in the ropes and connects with knees to the head. Barrett sets for the running boot but Miz knows it is coming and he kicks Barrett. Miz with a running forearm and a knee lift. Miz hits Reality Check and gets a near fall.

Barrett gets Miz on his shoulders for Wasteland but Miz escapes. Miz tries for the Skull Crushing Finale but Barrett with a snap mare. Miz sets for the Awesome Clothesline but Barrett comes out of the corner and meets Miz with the Blackpool Slam and he gets a near fall.

Barrett sets for the Bull Hammer but Miz avoids it and he puts Barrett in the figure four leg lock. Barrett reaches for the ropes and he gets there. Miz has to release the hold. Barrett with a rake of the eyes when the referee was not in position. Barrett hits Wasteland but only gets a two count.

Miz takes Barrett down and applies the figure four again and Barrett taps out.

Winner: Miz

We go back to Scott and the studio team. He asks Jim about the way the show started. Jim says that it is a special week for Miz to win with the Figure Four.

Scott asks Miz about the main event. Is this a must win for John Cena. Kofi says it is a must win. He has thought about that loss every day. With the WWE Title on the line, it is a must win situation.

Dusty says that it isn’t best to think about something for a year. John Cena has lived with it for a year and it ate at him day in and day out. He knows what is going on tonight. Cena has the eye and he will do whatever it takes to win.

Scott asks Jim if the respect will be there when the match starts. Jim says that it better because of the prize they are battling for. Jim says that he recruited and signed both guys. If it is less than 30 minutes, Rock wins. If it goes more than 30 minutes, John Cena wins.

Kofi says that John has to stay focused tonight. It cost him last year.

Dusty says that it is the walk down the aisle and you paint your portrait and you paint your win. The Rock is in the greatest shape of his life. It will be an epic battle.

We have a video package.

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