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By Renn O on 2013-04-06 13:49:05

For those who think that John Cena has been around way too long in a top position, here is an interesting note; including this Sunday at WrestleMania XXIX, John Cena has a record setting NINE WrestleMania appearances where he either wrestled in a match that involved the WWE or World Title and/or closed the show. The only time John Cena worked a match at WrestleMania and did NOT do either of those things was at WrestleMania XX. But from XXI through XXIX (nine CONSECUTIVE WrestleManias), he's either wrestled to win or defend either the WWE or World title, and/or closed the show.

For comparison, I thought I might point out who else has done this, and how many times.

Hulk Hogan and Triple H, until Sunday, remain tied with Cena at eight total instances. Hogan did it at WrestleManias I, II, III, V, VI, VII, VIII, and IX; notably he also wrestled (but NOT as a show closer or in a title match) at IV, XVIII, and XIX. Triple H did it at XVI, XVIII, XIX, XX, XXI, XXII, XXIV, and XXV; he wrestled in both a non-closing and non-title role at XII, XIII, XIV, XV, XVII, XXVII, and XXVIII. Unless WWE closes WrestleMania this Sunday with Triple H vs Brock Lesnar, then after WrestleMania XXIX Triple H will have as many non-title/non-closing WrestleMania matches as he does closing or title. If WWE closes the show with Triple H and Brock Lesnar, then Triple H will tie Cena with nine.

Next on the list is Shawn Michaels with six; XI, XII, XIV, XX, XXIII, and XXVI.

The Rock currently has wrestled four matches that either closed WrestleMania and/or involved a title; this WILL change to five on Sunday. Other times include at XV, XVI, XVII, and XXVIII.

The Undertaker is at four, and could have five if his match with CM Punk closes out WrestleMania XXIX; other times include XIII, XXIII, XXIV, and XXVI.

Also tied at four are Edge (XXIV, XXV, XXVI, and XXVII) and Yokozuna (twice each at IX and X).

Tied at three are Randy Savage (IV, V, and VIII), Bret Hart (IX, X, and XII), Steve Austin (XIV, XV, and XVII), Chris Jericho (XVIII, XXVI, and XXVIII), Kurt Angle (XIX, XX, and XXII), Batista (XXI, XXIII, and XXVI), and Randy Orton (XXII, XXIV, and XXV). In the case of Orton or Jericho, either one could have their number changed to four in the unlikely event that either of their matches closes out WrestleMania XXIX.

Tied at two are Sid (VIII and XIII), the Big Show (XVI and XXV), and Alberto Del Rio (XXVII and Sunday at XXIX). The Big Show can go up to three if he closes on Sunday.

Only accomplishing this once are Roddy Piper (at I), Paul Orndorf (at I), Mr. T (at I), King Kong Bundy (II), Andre the Giant (III), Ted DiBiase (IV), the Ultimate Warrior (VI), Sgt. Slaughter (VII), Ric Flair (VIII), Lex Luger (X), Diesel (XI), Bam Bam Bigelow (XI), Lawrence Taylor (XI), Mick Foley (XVI), Booker T (XIX), Brock Lesnar (XIX), Eddie Guerrero (XX), Chris Benoit (XX), JBL (XXI), Rey Mysterio (XXII), The Miz (XXVII), Sheamus (XXVIII), Daniel Bryan (XXVIII), CM Punk (XXVIII), and Jack Swagger (this Sunday at XXIX). CM Punk, Sheamus, Daniel Bryan or Brock Lesnar could have this change to two if their match closes WrestleMania XXIX.

The numbers speak for themselves.


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