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By David Tees on 2013-04-06 12:46:20

Welcome to the PWinsider live coverage of Shimmer 53, live from WrestleCon in Secaucus, New Jersey.

Match #1 - Singles Match: Amazing Kong vs. Mia Yim

The match begins with Kong easily overpowering Yim as they lock up, Kong then chops Yim before Yim tries to slow her down with a bunch of kicks. Kong drops Yim with a Vader-like clothes line before choking her in the corner, Kong follows Yim around the ring while delivering more chops. Yim tries attacking Kong with forearm strikes before dropping Kong with a bunch of kicks, Yim brings Kong back to her feet and Kong makes her pay with a head butt and running avalanche in the corner. Kong nearly scores the pin after nailing Yim with a splash, Kong focuses on the arm of Yim and Yim still tries to fight back. Kong gets mad and she tosses Yim out to the arena floor, Kong then tosses Yim into the guardrail a few times. Kong brings the battle back to the ring and she nails her with another avalanche, Yim avoids a third avalanche attack and she makes Kong pay with a spinning back fist that is followed by a missile drop kick. Kong quickly gets back up and she levels Yim with a clothesline, Kong goes for the middle rope splash and Yim gets out of the way. Yim then nearly pins Kong with a German splash, Yim then assaults Kong with a kaprada for another two count. Kong avoids Sky Yim and she attacks Yim with a spinning back fist for a two count, Kong then hits Yim with the Awesome Bomb for the three count.

Winner: Amazing Kong

Good match, Yim has improved greatly since going to Japan and Kong was her usual dominant self.

Amber Gertner comes to the ring to conduct an interview with Serena Deeb, who is returning after an eighteen month layoff due to serious head injuries. Serena grabs the microphone to give the fans a “What’s Up Jersey”, Serena then talks about the injuries she suffered. Jessicka Havok comes from out of nowhere to attack Serena, Sassy Stephanie and Navaeh join in on the attack as well. Allison Danger and Leva hit the ring with steel chairs to save their friend, Danger grabs the microphone and challenges them to a six woman tag match today and it is accepted.

Match #2- Tag Team Match: Cherry Bomb & Kimber Lee vs. Veda Scott & Shazza McKenzie

This match begins with Bomb and Lee jumping Scott and McKenzie as the bell rang, McKenzie and Scott recover to hit Bomb with an atomic drop into a chick kick. McKenzie and Lee begin this match officially once the chaos ends, Bomb distracts McKenzie and that gives Lee a chance to attack her from behind. Bomb and Lee take turns chopping McKenzie in the corner, Bomb takes the opportunity to nail McKenzie with a ton of forearm strikes. Lee tags in an she kicks McKenzie right in the back after executing a snap mare, Bomb tags back in and she focuses on the back of McKenzie some more. Lee and Bomb attack McKenzie with a flying knee into a jaw breaker combo, McKenzie finally tags in Scott after hitting Lee with a head scissors. Scott then starts cleaning house on her opponents, Scott jumps off the back of Lee and she nails Bomb with a clothesline. Scott hits Lee with the Mind Trip for the three count.

Winners: Veda Scott & Shazza McKenzie

Good effort from both teams, Kimber Lee makes a good addition to the Shimmer roster.

Match #3 – Five Way Match: Rhia O’Reilly vs. Kalamity vs. Christina Von Eerie vs. Evie vs. Yuu Yamagata

This match starts off with all five wrestlers going at it at the same time, Kalamity and Von Eerie clear the ring before fighting amongst themselves. Von Eerie gets a near fall on Kalamity after a springboard cross body, Yamagata enters the ring and is immediately attacked by Kalamity. Kalamity then pounds on Yamagata with plenty of knee strikes and a clothesline, Yamagata finally gains the edge on Kalamity by kicking her right in the face. Evie comes in the ring and she hits Yamagata with a monkey flip, O’Reilly comes in and she immediately tosses Evie to the ground before connecting with a senton. Evie avoids an O’Reilly avalanche before cracking her with a running boot, O’Reilly then hits Von Eerie with a Rhia-justment. Kalamity then crushes Evie with a Kalamityville Horror, Von Eerie and Yamagata battle and it ends with Von Eerie nailing her with a running boot to the face. Von Eerie hits O’Reilly with the Dead Raising for the three count.

Winner: Christina Von Eerie

There was a lot of action in this match, Von Eerie was the star of the match and the crowd treated her as such.

Match #4 - Kurihara’s US Farewell: Ayumi Kurihara vs. Mercedes Martinez

This bout kicks off with Martinez easily overpowering Kurihara during the initial lock up, Kurihara then tries to score a quick pin on Martinez with a few roll ups. Martinez gets Kurihara to the ground and she mounts her while throwing some punches, Martinez then hits Kurihara with a few chops. Kurihara recovers to hit Martinez with a German suplex and a running double knees in the corner, the battle spills to the arena floor where Martinez gains the upper hand on Kurihara. Martinez even grabs a few chairs from ringside and she assaults Kurihara with it, Martinez then starts tossing Kurihara into the safety rail. Martinez holds Kurihara against the safety rail while nailing her with a ton of forearm strikes, Martinez gets a near fall after nailing Kurihara with a brain buster. Kurihara comes back to life and has a forearm strike exchange with Martinez, Kurihara gains the upper hand on Martinez by hitting her with a lung blower and s dropkick that sends her to the arena floor. Kurihara then dives off the top rope and she lands on Martinez, Kurihara brings Martinez back to the ring to hit her with a couple of missile drop kicks. Martinez grabs a hold of a sliding Kurihara to hit her with a two armed choke slam, Kurihara counters a fisherman buster suplex from Martinez for the near fall. Kurihara then catches Martinez with her patented uranage for a two count, Martinez counters a second attempt from Kurihara into a spine buster. They both get back up at the same time and exchange plenty of blows, Martinez then crushes a charging Kurihara with a big boot. Kurihara kicks out of the pin and then catches Martinez with a drop kick, Kurihara then locks Martinez in a modified cross face to almost force a tap out. Martinez recovers to hit Kurihara with a saito suplex and then a fisherman buster suplex for the three count.

Winner: Mercedes Martinez

This was an absolute war and if this was Kurihara’s final appearance in the USA before retiring, she went out on a great note.

Match #5 - Six Woman Tag Match: Serena Deeb, Leva & Allison Danger w/Daffney vs. Jessicka Havok, Navaeh & Sassy Stephie w/Mademoiselle Rachelle

This bout begins with Serena and Navaeh locking up and nobody gets the edge, Navaeh gains the early edge by working on the arm of Serena. Serena regains control on Navaeh by hitting her with a trio of arm drags, Stephie comes in and she shoulder rams Serena a few times in the corner. Serena gets angry and she starts stomping the life out of Stephie in the corner, Serena then attacks Stephie with a few chops in the corner. Danger tags in and she works over Stephie with a modified stretch plum, Danger and Leva then crack Stephie with a pair of double elbow drops. Bates follows that up by hitting Stephie with a drop kick, Leva and Stephie battle in the corner and it ends with Leva nailing her with a top rope double stomp. Havok gets the blind tag and she crushes Leva with a big boot to the face, Navaeh tags back in as the evil trio triple teams Leva in the corner. Havok tags in next and she just starts choking Leva in the corner, Havok then attacks Leva with a suplex before tagging Navaeh back in. Stephie goes for Kiss My Sass and Leva counter with a bowtie X-factor, Serena gets the hot tag and she cleans house of her evil opponents. Serena then cracks Navaeh with a gut buster for a near fall, Rachelle interferes by grabbing the foot on Serena and Navaeh takes advantage. All six wrestlers then take the chance to nail each other with their finishers, Daffney interferes as well and she then catfights with Rachelle. Serena with a spear to Navaeh for the victory.

Winners: Serena Deeb, Allison Danger & Leva Bates w/Daffney

After the match, Jessicka Havok attacks Serena before hitting her with a sit out power bomb.

This was a good in ring return for Serena, hopefully she can stay healthy because she is a hell of a worker, the match was pretty good as well.

Match #6 - SHIMMER 35 Rematch: Madison Eagles vs. Jessie McKay

This match begins with both women attempting to kick the other and failing, Eagles gets the early advantage by working on the arm of McKay. McKay escapes from Eagles attack with a cartwheel before going for a rollup for a near fall, McKay eats an elbow from Eagles after applying a body lock. McKay finally slows Eagles down after a drop toe hold that plants her into the middle rope, both girls use a lot of reversals in the ring corners before Eagles nails McKay with a bunch of kicks on the ring apron. Eagles then destroys McKay with a curb stomp on the ring apron, Eagles continues to weaken McKay by holding her in the chin lock. Eagles changes holds and decides to lock her in the modified camel clutch, Eagles then clobbers McKay with a yakuza kick while she was tangled in the ropes. The girls battle on the middle rope and McKay knocks Eagles off the ropes before hitting her with a Thesz press, McKay then pops Eagles with a variety of kicks. Eagles recovers by nailing McKay with a pair of kicks to the head, Eagles goes for Hellbound and McKay counters with a roll up before locking her in the octopus stretch. McKay then takes Eagles down with a head scissors that is followed by the big boot, McKay goes for a version of the hurricarana and Eagles destroys her with a pair of power bombs. Eagles goes for the brain buster and McKay escapes after landing a few knee strikes, Eagles connects with the brain buster on attempt number two. McKay goes for another hurricarana and Eagles counters with the Hellbound to get the three count.

Winner: Madison Eagles

This was a good return for Eagles, who returned to the promotion after a long hiatus due to a knee injury. While this was not as good as there title match years back, it was still decent.

Match #7 – Shimmer Tag Team Title Match – Four Way Elimination Match: Canadian Ninjas (Champions) vs. Allyson Kay & Taylor Made vs. Kellie Skater & Tomoko Nakagawa vs. Lufisto & Kana

This bout kicks off with Mde jumping Lufisto from behind after Perez tagged her in, Lufisto gains control on Made after a few karate kicks. Kay comes in the ring and Lufisto quickly crushes her with a senton bomb, Lufisto & Kana then attack Kay with a double team maneuver. Nakagawa tags in and she immediately grapples with Kana, Nakagawa gets the edge on Kana after catching her with a drop kick. Perez comes in and nobody on any team is will to tag her back, Kana eventually tags Kana and she is now forced to fight her own partner. Skater eventually comes in and she clotheslines both ninjas, Skater and Matthews face off until Perez interferes and attacks her from behind. Matthews then hits Skater with a kick to the back that is followed by a dropkick, Kay tags in and she works over Skater. Matthews tags back in and she chokes Skater on the middle rope, Made then comes in and she also chokes Skater. Perez tags in and she shoulder rams Skater a few times, Skater finally hits Kay with a springboard elbow before Kana gets the tag. Kay and Made attack Kana for a short time, Kana then uses her kicks to break up the double team by both girls. Kay then stops the momentum of Kana by hitting her with a clothes line, Matthews tags in and Kana immediately clobbers her with a spin kick. Lufisto tags in and she takes out both ninjas before she nails Perez with a package DDT, Kay comes in and Lufisto quickly takes her out with a cannon ball. The wrestlers start battling outside of the ring and Lufisto takes them out with a top rope moonsault, the brawl continues between all the women on the arena floor. Lufisto hits Made with a burning hammer for the three count.

Allyson Kay & Taylor Made are eliminated.

The bout resumes with both ninjas attacking Lufisto, Skater tags in and Lufisto drops her with a German suplex. Lufisto goes for a burning hammer on Skater, Nakagawa spits water in the eyes of Lufisto and Skater rolls her up for the three count.

Lufisto & Kana are eliminated.

The match continues with Matthews hitting Skater with a German suplex, Nakagawa blocks the ninjas from hitting Funky Cold Medina. That allows Skater to hit Matthews with a brain buster, Perez hits the ring and she nearly pins Skater after a suplex. Nakagawa attacks Perez with a bunch of different moves before Skater nearly pins her, Matthews spits water into the eyes of Skater while the referee was distracted by Nakagawa and Perez rolls her up for the win.

Winners: Canadian Ninjas, still your Shimmer Tag Team Champions

Very good action, Lufisto’s moonsault was scary as hell, odd to see the final two eliminations occur in practically the same exact way.

Match #8 - SHIMMER 52 Rematch: Ayako Hamada vs. Athena

This match kicks off with Hamada quickly grounding Athena by locking her in a knee stretch, the two chain wrestle and it ends with Hamada applying the cross face on Athena. Athena tries to escape and Hamada returns to focusing on her leg, Hamada then kicks Athena right in the head a few times. Athena gets back to her feet and she immediately challenges Hamada to a test of strength, Athena lands on her feet after a Hamada monkey flip and Hamada makes her pay with a super kick. Hamada then sits on Athena while pulling on her arm, Hamada then kicks at the injured arm of Athena. Hamada walks the ropes like The Undertaker does before taking Athena down with an arm drag, both wrestlers have a stalemate after a few trip ups on each other. Hamada fakes her appreciation for Athena by kicking her in the chest after a handshake, the women both exchange a few chops and Athena gets the edge by kicking Hamada in the back after tripping her. Athena then starts working over the arm of Hamada with a submission hold, Athena follows up that attack with a lung blower on Hamada. Hamada fights back by catching Athena with a spin kick, Hamada follows up het attack with a back suplex on Athena. Hamada goes for the moonsault and Athena avoids it, Athena then cracks Hamada with a running kick to the face. Athena then drops Hamada with a bunch of knee strikes and then a double knee stomp, Athena goes for a top rope cross body and Hamada catches her with a drop kick to the midsection. Hamada follows up her attack by nailing Athena with a missile drop kick, Hamada puts Athena on the top turnbuckle so she can hit her with a hurricarana. The action spills to the arena floor and Hamada tosses Athena into the barricade, Hamada then crushes Athena with a moonsault from the top rope to the arena floor. Hamada brings Athena back into the ring for a near fall, Hamada gets a near fall on Athena after a sit out power bomb. Hamada then floors Athena with a running kick, but Athena somehow recovers to hit Hamada with a swinging DDT. Athena follows that up by hitting Hamada with the O Face for the three count.

Winner: Athena

This was a great match, pretty much a longer version of the Kong/Mia Yim bout from earlier, but with the rising star winning instead of the veteran.

Main Event – SHIMMER Title Match: Saraya Knight (Champion) vs. Cheerleader Melissa

This bout begins with both women doing a little chain wrestling, the women exchange a few slaps and Melissa begins to work over the leg of Knight. Knight reverses things on Melissa and catches her in a modified camel clutch, Melissa regains control by smashing Knight into the cage a few times. Knight drags Melissa up the top rope and she smashes her into the cage as well, Knight grabs a hold of Melissa’s leg and that causes her to fall to the mat below. Melissa recovers and she puts Knight back on the top rope, Melissa then kicks the head of Knight into the cage. They battle back to the mat and Knight hits Melissa with a running side slam, Knight works over Melissa in the corner. Melissa finds a way to knock Knight down with a running book to the midsection, Melissa follows that up by locking Knight in a trailer hitch. Melissa uses her free leg to stomp on the back of a downed Knight, Melissa releases the hold to nail Knight with a curb stomp. Melissa teases Knight for a little while before attacking her with another curb stomp, Knight recovers to wrap Melissa’s leg between the ring ropes and the cage. Knight releases the leg of Melissa before kicking her in the women parts, Knight attacks Melissa next with an Alabama slam that is followed by a double leg drop. Knight keeps up her attack by hitting Melissa with an avalanche that is followed by a drop kick to female land, Knight then lands a muscle buster on Melissa for the near fall. Melissa fights back by attacking Knight with a bunch of punches in the corner, Melissa then hits Knight with a big boot that is followed by the Air raid Crash for the near fall. Melissa tries to climb out of the cage and Knight follows her up and goes for a power bomb, Melissa counters that with a hurricarana from the top of the cage. Melissa then hits Knight with a missile drop kick and another Air Raid Crash for the three count.

Winner: Cheerleader Melissa, your new Shimmer Champion

This was a fantastic cage match that built slowly from the beginning to a fantastic ending, Melissa is the first ever two time Shimmer Champion in the promotion.

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