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By Mike Specian on 2013-04-05 22:01:52

I'm live at TNA on Long Island.

Samoa Joe def. Christopher Daniels in 11 minutes.

The crowd was strongly behind Joe. For the first couple minutes Joe just pounded Daniels with his heavy offense, driving him into the crowd. At about the five minutes mark, Daniels turned the table with an arm breaker and slowed the match down with a key lock and other moves to Joe's left arm and shoulder.

Joe recovered with a big back senton, but Daniels locked on the Koji Clutch. His Angel's Wings attempt was reversed and Joe nailed the Muscle Buster for the win. Decent match, but neither man busted out anything spectacular or memorable.

JB promoted the Slammiversary PPV. He mentioned footage from tonight will be on Impact Thursday.

Austin Aries vs. AJ Styles in their first ever TNA match. AJ came out wearing his black hoodie.

Crowd chants for AJ. Referee Earl Hebner is wearing a ref's shirt that says "Damn right I did."

Aries stalls at first. For some reason the crowd started dueling "Let's go Cena," "CM Punk" chants followed and preceded by dueling Aries/Styles chants.

AJ angrily works the wrist, forcing Aries to the floor where he regroups again. Aries is quick, though, taunts AJ, slaps his head and reclines on the ropes. He continues to irritate AJ by jumping out of the ring. He backs into the crowd and yelled at a little kid.

Finally AJ gets ahold of him and hit the big drop kick. AJ, with anger, just beat on Aries. Aries knocked the ropes as AJ was launching and sent him to the floor where he followed with a top rope axe handle. He controlled Styles for the next couple minutes with quick shots, rear chinlock, abdominal stretch.

AJ responds with the moonsault Scorpion Death Drop (which was sorta botched) and faceplant. AJ's Styles Clash attempted was countered with a basement drop kick, but AJ hit the Pele kick.

Bobby Roode ran in to hit AJ with the title belt, but AJ hit the Pele on him too. The distraction was enough for Aries to get the roll-up at the 16:20 mark.

Main event: Anything goes match between Team 3D and Sting & Jeff Hardy.

Bully stared down kids on his way to the ring. Dude is over! He did a slow stalk around the ring. He then slowly ripped up a "I love you Sting" sign.

Devon has the mic. We need to sit down and shut up. No one is bad enough to take on the Aces and Eights. We are all bee-atches.

Sting's music hits and Bully forces it off like an awesome heel. Never again will someone do that to him. Do we know who they are? He asks for a high 5 from a kid then tells him that he'll kick him in the face. The kid tells Bully he sucks and the crowd vocalizes their agreement. If the crowd continues Bully will kick him in the face. He calls three girls ugly. They are going to make some men miserable some day. Have they looked in the mirror lately? They are a whole new level of busted. ECW chant. Wow, Bully is an AMAZING HEEL.

Entire building is standing for Sting's entrance. Hardy comes out and gets into the ring quicker than usual. The crowd wants tables.

Hardy and Devon start with some back and forth. Sting is in but he wants Bully. He spits in his face. They lock up. Eventually, Devon crotches Sting in the ring post behind the ref's back. Devon comes back in to work the advantage. Bully mocks Sting's and Hogan's poses. He punches Sting in the face yelling over and over again "I screwed you!"

Sting ducks a double team, 3D collides and Jeff makes the hot tag. He hits Whisper in the Wind on Devon. His Swanton is cut off by Bully who pulls out the table to the crowd's delight. They set it up in the ring. Stinger Splash on Devon. Sting holds Devon on table while Jeff hits a top rope splash for the pin at 13 minutes.

Wes Briscoe comes out and Bully beats on Jeff with the chain. Angle and Storm make the save and run off the Aces and Eights.

After the match, Jeff was immediately given an ice pack for his pack.

Afterwards, JB says that everyone who wants a photo with Jeff Hardy in the ring can get one for $20. It doesn't matter how many people are in a group. Each photo is $20 and the fans will get a printed copy and a digital download link. I think there's at least 200 people in line, probably closer to 300.

Also, I have to say the Theater at Westbury is a great building to watch wrestling in. It's a circular theater with cushioned seats and they're leveled like a movie theater so there isn't a bad seat in the house.


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