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By Mike Johnson on 2013-03-23 10:00:00
With Connor O Brian possibly being moved to the main roster and WWE recently profiling Jim Mitchell. ..he seems like the perfect mouthpiece for O Brian, who seems to get mixed results in his promos. Any chance of Jim Mitchell being bought in for that or something else?

One would think that Mitchell would be a consideration as a mouthpiece for someone, anyone in the company. He's one of the best talkers of the last 20 years and there's no valid reason in my mind that he isn't working full-time in the business. His name was brought up last year around the same time as Dutch Mantel's, so there's always a possibility.

Sorry to be nitpicky, but I was noticing something. While watching the Macho Man Anthology on Netflix I noticed his intercontinental title win against Tito Santana occurred on February 9th. But if I go to your "This day in history" for that day, no mention. You have reports from random house shows from Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1983, but no mention of the first major title win of one of the all time greats. Why?

To be honest, here's why. I took over the History feature from someone who departed the site and when he left, the material he culled while working for the site became the skeleton of the feature. It had not been updated in years and in some cases, the first year the site existed. Since then, I have tried to go back in time and add more (my goal is to have something for every year of every date ever) and to add what's happened over the last nine years since the site launched. However, the reality is this: while I love the feature, to do the amount of work I need to do on it daily to get it up to what I think it should be would require a few hours of research and typing every day for years. That's impossible, given my other duties here. So, while I have tried to get everything I can get to add to the site, there are holes from time to time, because I am dealing with a database that had holes when I started. So, short answer: we do miss things from time to time, but it'll be there next year when we hit February 9th!

With the urn being such a big focus and Undertaker unable to give a physical match due do his injuries how do you see the story ending? I think after a short match the urn will begin to smoke, taker does his sit up from the mat, beats on punk who is scared, tombstones, arms crossed and eyes rolled back for a pin.

That's actually not a bad idea. I don't know that it will be the finish, but using that sort of element could be a cool throwback and tribute to Paul Bearer.

So since Rock won the title does that mean Taker is fighting Punk at Mania? Or will they still find a way for Punk to fight for the title?

Rock vs. Cena was pre-ordained and well, that's the match they stuck with, although common sense did say that Punk's inclusion would have made a better, more interesting three way build.

I've seen more of an attempt to cover Puerto Rico and Mexico of late. Are Germany, the UK and Japan far behind?

It's a work in progress. If we have people who are passionate about writing about those places, we will be happy to give them a platform to write! Stay tuned, hopefully! Jose Perez and Kris Zellner do an awesome job on their respective areas.

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