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By Mike Johnson on 2013-03-16 10:00:14
I saw a sign on Impact where it said bring back Ivalese. Will they?

Time will tell. She was not offered a contract, but one would think the company would be smart enough to utilize her.

Love the website and have been a follower since day one. What do you feel are the chances of The Undertaker vs. Sting at WWE WrestleMania XXX next year in possibly a 'Career vs. Career' match? With reports of Triple H wanting to sign Sting late last year, could Sting possibly sign with the WWE before WrestleMania XXX? While the reality of The Rock vs. John Cena and even Hulk Hogan vs. The Rock being absolutely awesome, The Undertaker vs. Sting would top them both.

Let's be honest. Sting vs. Undertaker is never going to happen. The first time you see Sting on a WWE program will be the day WWE inducts a retired Sting into their Hall of Fame. I also think if you believe Taker vs. Sting could top the aforementioned matches, you aren't taking their age into consideration. Neither are physically the performers they once were and to expect that sort of classic out of them would be entirely unfair in 2013 or beyond.

On Impact just after Knockout champion Velvet Sky and her partner Mickie James defeated the team of Gail Kim and Tara Velvet Sky had her hand raised in victory but there was no sign of James. I believe she ended up outside the ring. One guy I noticed tried to point that out but to no avail. Was Mickie James injured? Why wasn't she in the ring celebrating along with Sky?

The focus was supposed to be on Velvet.

I haven't been to a WWE live event in years. Are they still piping in pre-recorded crowd noise over the sound system during broadcasts? There've been shows when a dead crowd was stone silent during hot matches, with no effort made to cover it up, but then others where a pretty sleepy-looking audience was doing a suspect amount of cheering.

WWE does sweeten the crowd noise during taped broadcasts. The live broadcasts are pretty much what you get live.

I know WWE likes putting in a celebrity every year into the Hall of Fame. One name I never hear mentioned is Mr.T., a individual who I believe even had his own 7 inch rubber wwf figure back in the 80s like Hulk Hogan and Iron Sheik. Why do you think he has been ignored all this time?

Mr. T has turned down their overtures. He mentioned once in an interview he was offended they put Pete Rose in before him, so he doesn't want to go in.

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