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By Jose Perez on 2013-03-15 09:41:16


As noted yesterday on, World Wrestling League revealed four new TNA talents for their 4/21 debut - “Cowboy” James Storm, Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe and the return of the monster Abyss.  They are in addition to Christopher Daniels, who had been previously announced.  

Ticket sales for their first event to take place at “Coliseo de Puerto Rico” in San Juan, PR continue at  Red Carpet and Ring Side tickets include a pre-show autograph and photo op session, Q&A session and two exclusive dark matches.   These ticket holders will be allowed to enter the building starting at 1:00PM for the pre-show amenities.  The actual show will begin at 4:00PM.

During last weekend, Puerto Rican star “Mr. 450” Hammet, became the “Metro Division Champion” for Chicago Style Wrestling (CSW).  He is also scheduled to take part of WWL’s debut show on Sunday April 21st. 

As previously announced, the show will be headlined by the first ever “AAA Mega Championship” title defense to take place outside of Mexico, when “El Mesias” Ricky Banderas will challenge “Texano Jr.” in front of his home crowd.  Also, AAA’s top executive Dorian Roldan, will travel to Puerto Rico to be at this show.  One would think that aside from business conversations, Roldan will be there to witness firsthand the main event since it is the top title of his company the one that will be at stake.

Here is episodes 5 of WWL's Campeones del Ring:



On a last note, the Puerto Rico Department of Sports & Recreation has announced that they will hold a hearing open only to wrestling promoters and company owners to discuss proposed Rules & Regulations that will be used to oversee this form of entertainment.  This meeting will take place at the “Nilmarie Santini Gymnasium” located in Santurce, PR, on Tuesday April 2nd starting at 2:00PM. 

Only the first 20 people to submit their paper with their proposals will be heard at this meeting.  The balance of the submitted papers will be entered as written proposals and taken into consideration, but will not have the opportunity to be heard at that time.  I am in the process of obtaining a copy of the proposed Rules, but have not been able to get them.  As soon as I receive them and I am able review them, I will include a brief recap of what it all entails.  


Last Saturday night the city of Yauco, PR inaugurated their brand new baseball stadium by presenting WWC’s weekly house show/TV taping in front of approximately 500 fans in attendance.  Here are some quick results from the show:

-    Zcion defeated Mr. X
 -   Jay Velez & AJ Castillo defeated Barrabas Jr & Alex Raiden
  -  Nestik defeated “El Cuco”
   - “El Hombre de los Kilates” Abad defeated Steve Joel
   - Universal title match between “Super Fenix” and Ray Gonzalez ended up in a doublé countout.  “Super Fenix” retained the title.
   - Chris Angel defeated Samson Walker w/ Orlando Toledo
   - “El Ilegal-Chicano” defeated “The Bad Man” Andy Levine

During their TV this weekend, they pushed the way that “Super Fenix” won the WWC Universal title last week, which was with the help of Invader #1.  They showed vignettes of Gonzalez looking for Invader #1 all over the arena until he finally found him and the two just started to yell at each other.  They got into a brawl hitting some pretty stiff shots back and forth.  Gonzalez grabbed Invader’s mask and tore it up at the top before they were separated by a group of young wrestlers.  At the end of the show Gonzalez is presented leaving the arena, only to be jumped from behind by Invader #1 who was hiding close by waiting for him to come out.  They again brawled for a few minutes in the parking lot, at one point even going into the back of a pick-up truck before being separated once again by some of the wrestlers.  This gives way to the match scheduled to headline their big event “La Hora de la Verdad” (Moment of Truth) this Saturday in Bayamon, PR.  The full card for the main show of the two night weekend tour will be the following:

-  Grudge Match: Ray Gonzalez vs. Invader # 1
-   Stipulation Match – If T&L lose, they will not be allowed to challenge for the WWC Tag Team titles again:     Thunder y Lightning vs. Carlito Caribbean Cool & Savio Vega
   - WWC Puerto Rico Heavyweight Title Match – with boxing gloves:  “El Ilegal-Chicano” vs. Samson Walker w/ Orlando Toledo
-    Hair vs. Mask:    Chris Angel vs. “Super Fenix”
 -  “El Hombre de los Kilates” Abbad & Sebastian Guerra vs. “Sons of Samoa” (c) w/ Barrabas
   - “Battle of the Egos” – Heel vs Heel:  “El Leon” Apollo vs. “Bad Man” Andy Levine w/ Orlando Toledo
   - Lumberjack Match - With fans surrounding the ring with belts:  Referee - Pelayito Vazquez vs. “El Hombre de la Calle” Barrabas Jr.
-  WWC JR Heavyweight Title Match:  Zion vs. Diabolico (c)

They will kickstart the weekend on Friday night with a show in Yabucoa, PR.  This show will be headlined by a “barbed wire” match between Thunder & Lightning and “Sons of Samoa”.  Also on the show Ray Gonzalez will challenge once again “Super Fenix” for the WWC Universal title; “El Ilegal-Chicano” faces Carlito Caribbean Cool; “El Leon” Apollo facing Samson Walker in a “battle of egos” and 3 more matches announced. 


Another company that is scheduled to have a big show this weekend is PRWA.  Their event “One Night Supertars” will take place on Saturday night in Salinas, PR.  Announced to take part of this show are: Billy Gunn, “X-Pac”, “Hurricane” Helms, “Vampire Warrior” Gangrel, Mini’s from Mexico Octagoncito & “El Pequeno Helloween”;  Damian 666, Homicide, “Adult Star” Trina Michaels, Chicky Star, Hurracan Castillo, “Los Arcangeles” – Tommy Diablo & Cuervo, “El Sensacional” Carlitos, “El Fenomeno” BJ, “Superstar” Ash Rubisky and many more stars.


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